Haute couture… Moda

haute couture. [oht koo-too r; French oht koo-tyr] noun


It means “high fashion; the most fashionable and influential designing…”

Badges.  Badges?  Who knew we were so on-trend – ahead of the curve?

These pictures showing the latest hot fashion trends prove that badges – more commonly known as “patches” – are quite popular.  It’s all about the individuality – taking something commonplace and comfortable and turning it into something uniquely yours.

We do that with every quilt we make, right?


Yes, my patches would need to be fabric and quilt related.

Even Google jumped on the bandwagon last week – type in Google.com and this is the picture you’d have seen on August 25th.


They were celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of the National Park Service.  With patches – the souvenir badges representing America’s national parks.  They’re quite collectible.


Fossil, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and J. Crew have had patches and merit badges.  The Girl Scouts love merit badges.  So do the Boy Scouts.  Motorcycle companies and rock bands have patches, so do many companies from the 50s and 60s.  There are collections in museums and many patches are highly collectible.  Type in “patches” on eBay and Etsy and you’ll find them.

We’ve sewn them onto our bags and jackets – for Market and just for fun.


Wouldn’t these make a wonderful gift for a stitchy-friend?


Next – a big tote.  Something with denim.

What would you sew them onto?

Happy Tuesday!


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10 thoughts on “Haute couture… Moda

  1. Bought a set at my LQS – so adorable, and love your idea of using them as a bag embellishment. “Runs with Scissors” will decorate my guild name tag

  2. I have bought a bunch of patches off of ebay for an AC/DC art piece I made. I love patches! I have lost my Girl Scout patches in one of my many moves. I will have to look out for these sewing patches! I took all my son’s baseball and bowling patches and sewed them on the quilt I made out of his t-shirts when he graduated from high school. Patches and I have a long history!

  3. I love patches as well. I put all my pin type badges on a hiking hat. I have some fabric patches with Smokey the Bear, National Wildlife Federation, one from my karate gi that has our Sho Go Tae academy on it and one that came from my work jacket-Illinois Bell. I’m thinking a tote bag would be nice. TIP….I bought several sweat/tee shirts with embroidered Disney characters on them. When the shirt wore out I cut the design off since they hold up for ages, leaving fabric around them. I plan to zig zag around the fabric close to the design, fold it to the back and stitch it on my project just like a patch. They’re too pretty to toss!

  4. I wish we could buy them individually instead of the set of 3. They are not packaged in the sets of 3 I would pick for myself or friends. Otherwise I’d be hunting them down!

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