A Camp Moda House Party…

It’s that time again – time for the Annual Moda Warehouse Open House.


The decorating has started… but it’s not anywhere near finished.  Though I expect that by the time you’re reading this, Ducky will have it all much closer to being ready – finished.  Her troops have been mobilized and it’s all coming together.

Yes, quilts have been hung from the rafters of the warehouse.


Because we had so much fun in Salt Lake City, it was decided that we should bring Camp Moda to Dallas.  Holly’s boat is moored in Building 3 – pictures next week.

We’re expecting a full contingent of campers – shop-owners from all over the country make the trip to shop the warehouse, meet some of Moda’s designers and favorite vendors, see product demos and okay, have a little bit of fun.

These ladies will all be here.


They’ll be joined by:

And somewhere in one of the buildings, attendees will get to see this stack of quilts.


The quilts all belong to Moda – they were made for samples for one purpose or another.  What is of note is that every designer who has ever had a collection manufactured by Moda Fabrics is represented here.  There is at least one quilt made using one of their collections.  How cool is that?

Happy Friday!

(Someone always asks – we’re very sorry but Open House is not open to the public.  It is for Wholesale Customers of Moda Fabrics and United Notions.  Maybe someday, right?)




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14 thoughts on “A Camp Moda House Party…

    1. Many of the sample quilts are returned to the quilt-maker. It might sound like a funny arrangement but most of us are happy to make a quilt that we’ll get back “eventually”, when Moda doesn’t need it for shows or display any longer. Quilts that belong to Moda may wind up hanging in the Moda offices or being donated to a fund-raising auction. And as there are a few people at Moda and United Notions who don’t sew, there is always a long list of people who will happily take a quilt home to use, enjoy and love. 🙂

  1. That stack of quilts is wonderful! It must be so much fun to see those beautiful older collections that way! Are they ever displayed later again (by theme? year? designer?)? That would be so awesome! I would definitely visit such an exhibition! Wishing you much fun with the House Party.

  2. How sad to see all those quilts in a stack, not being used. Seems like there are lots of charitable causes that could make better use of them.

    1. But they are being used! These quilts were originally used for samples and were donated by the quilt-makers to Moda for the purpose of documenting the history of Moda. More importantly, this stack of quilts is tiny when compared to the mountain of finished quilts Moda has donated to charities of every manner. 🙂

  3. Marvelous! Looking forward to shopping among all the decorations next Wednesday. Love that Camp Moda will make an appearance. I have my “Scrap Happy” badge on my work apron today. Allison Bayer in Plano, Texas

  4. Well, if the Open House is not open to the public, isn’t that a perfect opportunity to have a give away for the uninvited? You mentioned Ducky nabbed all those fabulous red and white pillows from an earlier post, so no give away. I spy Moda badges in this post. Lots of Moda badges. Just sayin….. Thanks for considering. P.S. Have fun.

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