Quilt-alongs & diversions…

Little RubyA quilt-along.


Melissa Corry – Happy Quilting – Juniper Berry by Basic Grey / Peta Peace – She Quilts AlotLittle Ruby by Bonnie & Camille, solids and lots of other pretty fabric.

Jemima Flendt – Tied With A Ribbon – Little Ruby / Sherri Falls – This ‘n That – fabrics from Me & My Sister.

The Little Ruby Quilt-Along quilt is really, really good – it was designed by Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms using the Little Ruby collection she designed with her Mom, Bonnie.  Wanting to have a little bit of quilty-fun, Kimberly and the folks at the Fat Quarter Shop organized a terrific Little Ruby quilt-along.

All three parts of the pattern are free:

Beautiful finished quilts are popping up in Instagram and I expect there will be a few on the Jolly Jabber later today.

Me?  I finished this – a Drawstring Bag using a pattern by Svetlana of s.o.t.a.k. handmade.


I love Svetlana’s design and pattern – it was first published in 2013.  I made a few, gave them as gifts and then forgot all about them until a few months ago.  If you’re interested, there is a terrific tutorial on her blog telling you everything you need to know about making the bags.

I improvised a bit with the outer pieces.

The rest of the pieces for my quilt sit in a box waiting for an upcoming retreat – a couple days of mostly uninterrupted sewing and… I’ll let you know how that goes.

Do you know Amanda Jean Nyberg?  Crazy Mom Quilts.  Her book, Sunday Morning Quilts, with Cheryl Arkison is one of my favorites.

Amanda has given herself a challenge for the month of July – one pincushion a day.  She doesn’t use a pattern, she just uses her scraps and has a little bit of fun.  Every day.


No pattern.  Just scraps.  Make it up as you go along.

Amanda Jean – rhymes with Amanda Genius!


Leftovers and scraps.  Three days.

I’ll keep a few and give most away… at least that’s the plan.

One last thing – I’ve got a $50.00 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop that’s just itching to be used for something.  Leave a  comment by Midnight on Wednesday – July 13th – and it could be yours.

Just tell us about your summer sewing – what are you making?  Do you make a list?  Do you like little diversions like pincushions and drawstring bags?

Thank you to Kimberly and the Fat Quarter Shop for inviting me to quilt-along even though I mostly came-along for the fun and camaraderie.

Happy Monday!





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182 thoughts on “Quilt-alongs & diversions…

  1. I am surprisingly finishing up projects that are years old this summer. It is funny how they seem to go together quicker after years on the shelf half finished. I do make a list of projects to do only so I won’t get too distracted and start even more projects!

  2. Well, as always, I have about 50 projects in the works and am always adding to those with the wonderful ideas I find on all of these blogs!! But the one project that is taking priority is a queen sized quilt fory nephew’s wedding at the end of the month. I’m at the point of putting blocks together in rows, so the put the rows together, borders on, quilt it and bind it. I can do this!!!!!

  3. I am working on the pattern called Mochi with grays and colorful Cherrywood fabrics. This weekend at a retreat, the vendor had new fabric by Laundry Basket: Blue Barn. I would love to win the $50 certificate so I could buy a tower of it in cottons and batiks. Beautiful just like the designer!

  4. My favorite summer time sewing is handwork of just about any kind. Right now my latest craze is wool applique. I also work on Christmas gifts over the summer months.

  5. Quilt A Long’s are fabulous, but yes, I get distracted and usually end up making items that I think will make a great gift for someone. It can range from pincushions, pillow cases, tote bags and my all time favorite are Table Runners! Right now I am working on a Double Wedding Ring (queen) and LOL there are diversions all of the time!

  6. Just finished a king sized quilt for my granddaughters wedding on the 23rd. Just need to add the label and I’m done. Always have something “big” in the works but like the “little” diversions!

  7. For my summer sewing I’m trying to get a few quilts finished. I’ve got two to bind and three to quilt and bind. And I’ve started two new quilts this last week. I usually don’t do smaller projects unless one really calls my name.

  8. I am making a quilt with Strawberry Fields Revisited this summer. Also, I do like diversion sewing. It is quick and usual easy. I am currently making placemats ala the Jolly Jabber using a charm pack and some extra fabric. Easy peasy!

  9. I’m finally going to make a red and white quilt that has been on my bucket list for a very long time!

  10. I am making a quilt for my new granddaughter, Halloween and Christmas pillowcases for three of my grandchildren and three Christmas stockings for the newest grandchildren. Oh, and I keep seeing the cute things you post – many of them are on my “want to try” list.

  11. I am heading to a quilting retreat tomorrow and have been busy cutting fabric and also assembling some blocks. My Little Ruby triangles (using Kate Spain’s Serenade and Bella Amelia Apricot) are ready to go up on the design wall as soon as I get there. I also have Melissa Corry’s Summer Solstice QAL fabric cut and will start making my flying geese once I’m there. Those are only two of the 10 or 12 projects I am taking along. Can’t wait! (Oh, I am also taking some pincushion projects for some hand work. Summer storms have knocked out the power before…)

  12. I’m finishing up a green scrap quilt! I just dug into my green shelf and went for it, cutting hundreds of triangles. Amazing how the scraps never seem to deplete, though…even though the quilt is queen-sized, it didn’t even make a dent in my green supply.

  13. i’m spending my summer sewing twice a week with a group of ladies at the local vacuum/sewing machine store. 3 months of “dresses for Africa” popcorn,ice water. and sweet treats. did I mention the laughs? lots of laughs and great conversations. best fun I’ve had in a long time


  14. I am working with my grandaughter on her T-shirt quilt and on my friend’s birthday gift quilt and on another friend’s birthday quilt and on some 4 patches for another quilt. It’s a busy summer!

  15. I quilt all year round, but I think little quick and easy projects are terrific for a sense of accomplishment. Small yet challenging projects are wonderful for inspiration! Right now I am fitting in several 10″ heart blocks for the Pulse quilts.

  16. Just returned from vacation in England and must get ready to start Christmas gifts. I love the bag you made. This may be the inspiration for some of the gifts. Taking care of grandson this week and going to the quilt shop as soon as it opens while he is at a summer fun school. Thanks for the great bag idea!

  17. I’m trying to quilt my UFOs, but in between each I like to do small project (placemats, runners, etc.). The pincushion idea is inspiring. Thanks!

  18. I am working on two different cotton and wool applique wall hangings. One is for Christmas and one is for fun. Plus a UFO for my son-in-law is waiting for some borders, and table topper for Christmas that’s waiting for its binding to be finished.

  19. Busy making lots of zipper pouches using fabrics from my stash and many different patterns. My sister requested zipper bags for her birthday, she’ll be surprised. ;>) Not sure how many she’ll end up with.

  20. I am working on a wedding/Christmas quilt. She always wanted a green and red quilt to use at Christmas. Also trying to get started on a Lucy Boston, but mostly working on getting my 81 year old husband through a broken thigh bone. Six to eight weeks with no weight on that leg, and we live in a post WWII two story house.

  21. I’m working on quilts for Christmas gifts – last year I made one for all of my brother’s family – this year they are for my youngest sister and her family. I have 2 made so only one more to go – quilting them will take longer than making them!

  22. I have a master prioritized list I’m working away at, regardless of season. Next up is an anniversary quilt, then an I-Spy for a December birthday. But quick & easy runners and such always sneak in there too!

  23. I’m working on several small quilts using the Splendid Sampler patterns and The Village pattern. I like your diversion pin cushions and will make some os those. Like the idea of making different sizes.

  24. I am working on a Farm Girl Vintage challenge — using a twelve inch block and surrounding it with six inch blocks (Lori has a sample in her book). Also, I hope to start a paper pieced star quilt and finish up some UFOs. The list is never-ending. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Just finished Camille Roskelly’s Flag quilt now on to Christmas. My mom is having knee surgery in August so I am making a bunch of your candy canes from last week to put together while I take care of her.

  26. My Mom passed away in May at the age of 93 and I am making a quilt from her many blue tee shirts for her sister.

  27. A wedding quilt has been a focus for a couple of weeks. It is still in the planning stages–I’m collecting red and white prints. These colors are the request of the bride. The Little Ruby quilt-along is on my list. Thanks for the connection to Svetlana’s blog.

  28. I have a my vacation in July and do a quilting retreat…so I need to make a list of what I am going to work on and get the projects cut as much as I can before hand. Usually take easy projects due to all the laughing and eating going on. Diversions happen as we see what others are making and just have to have one too ;o)
    I try to sew every day and have been using scraps to try to get them under control…like that will ever happen!

  29. I’m finishing up projects that I’ve started in the last year, and for some reason or other never finished. It’s making me feel so productive!

  30. I am trying to finish things that have been started. I keep a list of finishes and it was bare until June of this year. So far a few table runners and one larger quilt. Hope to get quite a bit more done. Too many shiny things distract me, though…

  31. I have been working on the blanket stitching from Lori Holt’s Bloom quilt flower blocks. I am getting ready to make a quilt for my husband with maple leaves. He is picking the fabrics but it is slow process! Hopefully I can get him to pick the leaves fabrics so I can start! I need to prep something to hand sew for vacation. Love your pin keeps! They are really cute. Keep up all your wonderful work. K-

  32. I’m mostly a modern girl but I hankered for a reproduction quilt so that’s what I’m working on…all warm colors and traditional blocks. I don’t do too many small items except for occasional gifts; I still work full time and want to see bigger results

  33. My niece is expecting a baby boy so i am of course making a baby quilt in shades of seaglass.

  34. Oh my, I have been all over the board with my summer sewing. I finished up 2 bags that were surprises for family members and cut out a bag for me. Next up was the cutest PJ pants for grandsons. Loved working on those. Right now I am working on a quilt that has been giving me fits. Finally this weekend we (the quilt and I) made up and are at piece with each other and the sewing is moving along. I joined a Noodlehead swap and it has been so fun meting sewing friends on IG. Next up is a Christmas quilt that has been waiting for me for the last 18 months. This one is for me and I can’t wait.

  35. I have the fabric and rulers to do the Little Ruby Quilt-Along, but I haven’t had time to get started! I’m also working on a birthday quilt for my daughter-in-law.

  36. I am renting a cottage far away from home for a few weeks so away from my sewing room but having a wonderful time making little stuffed felt animals with my 8 yr old granddaughter (or “stuffies” as she calls them. I also hope maybe I can teach her to make her first quilt, maybe doll sized.

  37. I am in between projects right now, but I think I’m going to start Labyrinth in greys and oranges for my oldest son. Typically, I am a one project at a time kind of girl with no in between distractions, and yes, I love to make lists and cross projects off of it. Last time I counted, I was at 31 projects and I’ve bought more since!! Yikes, I’d better get sewing!! LOL Thanks for this chance.

  38. I am finishing up my Stars and Stripes quilt by Camille with coordinating pillow (I cut out one too many flag strips.) I am also working on my Minecraft QAL quilt from Seriously…I think It Needs Stitches, and I am working on quilting my individual blocks from FQS’ Snapshots quilt before sewing them all together and attaching the backing. I also need to quilt several flimsies that have been waiting patiently for over a year. I would also like to sew up my Frivols #1 and start on my When Life is Scrappy quilt from Moda Bake Shop. I have 6 weeks until school starts again. No problem, right? LOL

  39. I’m working on several quilts i.e. black & white cats for a table topper at my Mom’s 90th Birthday on Sunday. A small baby quilt/table topper with Sweetwater’s The Boat House, another small quilt with Sweetwater’s Wishes. I do like diversions, I see fabric stacked on my table and think maybe I’ll start a new quilt using Farmhouse (Fig Tree) or Hello Darling (B&C). Never enough hours in the day to sew and create.

  40. Thanks for the giveaway. And I love that drawstring bag. I am working on a black, white and grey version of Anita’s Arrowhead quilt but mostly getting ready for a garage sale here that will have tons of quilting fabric that I need to destash. My tastes have gotten so much more modern. I’m not a big one for little projects. Only for gifts and I tend to batch make them. I went to Italy to visit family a few years ago and brought 40 little snap bags (I think it’s a Valorie Wells pattern) to give to my girl cousins.

  41. I am making sukies hello kitty quilt along. I have many many tiny pixelated squares to go bit having a blast

  42. I love your bag and your pincushion … one can never have too many of those:-)
    I don’t have any summer sewing plans yet but a few (or a lot) WIPs and UFOs and hope to get at least one finished soon. Oh, and there’re the birthdays of my mum and dad and my brother’s grilfriend and I always include something handmade in my gift bags. No ideas yet but my dad’s birthday is in 2 weeks … perhaps a bag?

  43. I love the ideas I find here. Unfortunately I also love a lot of other things I see so I end up with more things than I could possibly do……….in my lifetime….lol. As a senior on a limited income I have both time and money constraints but I do so love to go in my sewing room and just do……………………making things is my therapy.

  44. I have several things in the works — a quilt to choose binding for and bind; a quilt to finish making blocks for; a quilt to sew a border for; a dress for my granddaughter to make; and I really need to get a either a hand quilting project or an applique project in the works (soon)! Thank for your this post and for your great offer of a gift certificate.

  45. I love those pincushions by Amanda jean. she is a clever one. Some of the designs would make great pillows. So I’m working on finishing up a quilt and two pillows that have been hanging around for. ever. I’ve told myself I have to finish these two projects before starting the red and white double Irish chain quilt I want tod have for Christmas.

  46. Happy Monday all,
    I just finished my “color my world” quilt for the 2016 Wa Shonaji quilt guild August exhibit. It is a woman painting her world with “peace”. Members chose a crayon, and our quilts had to be made using that color. What a fun challenge! My color is “denim”. I am also completing comfort quilts and gifts for Christmas.

    Happy Quilting!

  47. HI, I got into making those sweet little zipper pouches+couldn’t stop! Also working on 2 baby charity quilts this summer! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  48. Love scrap projects and quilts. I always like the challenge of using them for a new quilt project. Like also not knowing what it will look like until finished, just the picture in my mind rather than seeing the picture before I make it.

  49. I am just n a quest to use some of my scraps! I have enough to make several quilts! I am making another go for it with leftover strips and doing some secret sewing for the grands for Christmas.

  50. I am frantically sewing a Sunflower quilt for my mom as she is dying from liver cancer. I have 125 different sunflower fabrics. Hope to quilt it next month. I DO love the little projects.

  51. I just got my “round and round” quilt back from being quilted, need to bind it and start on 2 baby quilts! And a Christmas quilt!

  52. Ijust finished the top of a snippets quilt pattern by thimbleblossoms – needs borders. It’s made from charm packs of 5 Bonnie and Camille collections. Also working on little Ruby QAL. Those inspired me to pull out some RUby blocks which are now on my design wall ready to be sewn together. Snapshots and Cheerio are back from my quilter and need bindings. It’s a Bonnie and Camille summer!! Looking forward to beginning CozyChristmas QAL with Lori Holt soon…

  53. I’m making a patriotic tabletopper that is based on 8 45 degree triangles. And I’ve ripped it out repeatedly because there is a dark blue line on the fabric that catches the eye and it must line up properly. This last go around I sewed the triangles in the wrong order. My DH is desperately hoping I will decide this one will do because I keep asking him if I should rip it out again. I’d really like to finish this so I can get back to my Cool Yule quilt and have that for Christmas this year.

  54. I am trying to finish an old project as I start a new one. Maybe I will slow down on starting new projects this way! Well… Probably not!

  55. I am working on unfinished projects to get my list down of “need to finish”. In between I do a few quick projects like pincushions or zipper pouches to keep the momentum going ; )

  56. Working on two memory t-shirt quilts, but each block is pieced and different. Quite a bit of work thinking of the design and sewing plan, but fun! Thanks for the give away!

  57. This summer is for finishing quilts that I started on a quilt cruise. It’s so easy when we have concentrated qullting time! I need to finish so I can plan another quilt cruise and buy new fabric!

  58. This summer has been baby quilts and Dear Daughter Quilt along with Rebecca Mae Designs and lots of shopping at Fat Quarter shop!!!

  59. Working on the splendid sampler blocks, finishing a Bonnie Hunter Talking Turkey queen quilt and still find myself making little things found on blogs as well as my craftsy class projects.

  60. I love your little bag! Svetlana’s style is the best. This summer….. finishing up some baby quilts, pattern testing which is great fun & making a bunch of pillows for my daughter’s new apartment! lots of fun stuff.

  61. Unfortunately, I am out of work and looking for a new job. But it has given me plenty of time to sew. I’ve almost finished Stars and Stripes and have three other quilts that just need borders. I am resisting the urge to start something else until I finish this pile.

  62. I am working on my farmers wife quilt this summer. I just cut the first 10 blocks.I am very excited about the project because I am planning to use all my Carolyn Friedlander fabrics in one quilt. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. FQS is the best!

  63. Planning a challenge quilt for our show next spring. Also trying to find some time to do machine quilting on a regular basis to improve my skills. Thanks for the giveaway.

  64. I am making swimsuits and drink coasters right now. And giving serious consideration to a better storage system for the stash!

  65. I love July sewing, when it stays light so late that I can keep on sewing and forget all about the clock. Right now I’m still working on my quilt for Pulse. Loving that.

  66. I just finished 2 cosmetic bags for myself and I have new fabric that I want to use for a “summer” quilt. I want to use flannel as the batting so it is light weight. I know it will be next year (maybe the year after) before it is done.

  67. I just finished a twin-size quilt. I have four more projects lined up and am debating which to do next.

  68. I like smaller projects in the summer, when I don’t have as much time to sew. I feel I’m getting things done, rather than work on a large quilt all summer.

  69. I am finishing up a UFO from last year, and working on a quilt along….I am primarily a hand piecer, and hand quilter, so I don’t crank out finished projects as quickly as some quilters, but I enjoy every part of quilting…from idea, to that last stitch in the binding!!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

  70. I’m finishing up a bag, have a quilt that is waiting for setting triangles, and will be starting another quilt very soon.

  71. Wah! I’m not working on anything for a few weeks now. I can’t seen to get motivated. Sigh.

  72. I just finished up a baby quilt and now I’m starting my first lap quilt! I’d love making the little pincushions and other cute things with scraps, too.

  73. I typically work on three to five different projects every day – some because they have boring steps, some because its like a squirrel got loose in my sewing room and I jump around from project to project. Yesterday I worked on an Olaf pillow for my granddaughter, made some units of a big scrap quilt, sewed some units for a small wallhanging that will have wool applique, cut pieces for a dreaded y-seam project started in a workshop and finished quilting a lap quilt for a friend. Who know what will happen when I go in there today!

  74. I’m working on a red, white and blue quilt from my never ending list, but I’m stuck right now and needed a little quilty inspiration. I came to the right place! Although I really wanted to participate in the Little Ruby quilt along, I need to finish a couple of things before adding to the list but I did add a triangle bag and I think I’ll try a pincushion a day in August. Inspiration may be the death of me! Now back to my project……

  75. I’m working very hard to finish a few of those diversions from the past! Checking them off my list before I start my next big project. Trying to keep blinders on…….of wait – another diversion – gotta go!

  76. I’m joining in with the summer solstice quit along from happy quilting and trying to make my first ever piece of clothing.

  77. I am working on a mystery quilt from my guild. Diversions can be fun , but they can get me in lots of trouble too!

  78. I’m working on a hopefully wearable toile for a tunic/dress and then I’ve got a ridiculously long Finish-Along list to tackle. First up (after the dress and while knitting socks and a shawl) are two cushions and a table runner for Mam and then two Lola pouches. Oh, and a collar for Archie – he wants a yellow one!

  79. I am making a patriotic quilt this summer. I have a list of projects to work on but I get diverted from it. I like little projects like the drawstring purse/tote.

  80. My summer sewing project is an I spy picnic blanket, and it’s almost done! And summer isn’t even half over! Yay! On another subject, as I looked at all the Little Ruby projects, I had a thought. Wouldn’t they look cute if, instead of using a white or neutral fabric, the background fabric was used? The pinwheels would float. I think that would be very attractive.

  81. I am working on Jen Kingwell’s “My Small World” (or, as I like to call it, “My Small Insane Asylum”) I am doing it as a BoM from Homestead Hearth and I am very proud of myself for staying current. I am about 2/3 done and am really enjoying it,

  82. I started a feather block quilt but have now been distracted by the wicker weaver pattern and have started planning my colors and fabrics for that.

  83. I am always (not just this summer) continually distracted by the latest cute thing to cross my path. I have started quilting my latest frivol, but then I signed up for a class in September and started cutting the fabric for that class project. I should get back to machine quilting but then you show those darn pincushions and now I have a need to make some tiny pinwheels instead.

  84. I’m just about to start on a Christmas quilt. Hopefully it will be completed by Christmas. That’s the plan anyway!

  85. I’ve been working on donation quilts for seniors in assisted living/ Alzheimer’s centers. They enjoy the quilts and I am using up some stash. I am blessed to be able to provide these quilts for them.

  86. My current project is a king (yes, king!!) sized quilt for my daughter Amy and her Todd’s wedding gift. August 23rd. In Whistler, BC! Awesome! I’d actually like to finish it sooner and give it to her at the shower, so they don’t have to figure out where to safely store it while on their honeymoon.

    I’m using a layer cake and yardage I hoarded (uh… saved?) from several years back… Comma, by Zen Chic. I got two rows done and was working on a third when I realized I didn’t have enough fabric! Yikes! And it’s out of print!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!! So ebay and etsy to the rescue!! I found one (ONE!!) lone charm pack – priced at 3x the original normal charm pack price – on ebay… and yardage and scraps (aren’t quilters wondeful – willing to share their scraps!!) on etsy. Then I had to take apart my carefully constructed strips and cut them down to 5″ squares and resew the strips. Sigh.

    I discovered the pattern I’m using called for a jelly roll – not a charm pack like I thought. Thus my idea of just making it bigger by using a layer cake (cut at 7″ squares) wouldn’t be enough. ☹️ The jelly roll (sewn together) provides more 5″ squares than a charm pack. So… not enough fabric – and my scramble to find more!!

    I’ve now got 4 rows done. Will have to add more squares to the ends to make the rows longer… and a big wide modern border. It may not get to king size – but it’ll make a pretty queen sz quilt folded at the end of their bed!

    I’m itching to get back to sewing baby quilts for the NICU tho!!


  87. Darling pincushions! I have been working on some gift items for my daughter to take back to Russia with her. She’s been here visiting for 6 weeks with her two little children and she’s about to rip them out of my arms and take them home with her. Gift items include aprons and zipper bags and pillow cases. Then I’m off to make some quilts for refugees. I’ve also got lots of projects waiting to be sewn up!

  88. I’m making a quilt for my sister’s 50th bday. She’s 14 yrs younger than me and when she came along as a caboose baby I wanted a lil sister so bad. Had three brothers. So I’m making 49 hearts from Allison Harris’s pattern for the front and will make a larger one on the back for number 50❣❣. It’s a surprise and she doesn’t think I will be there for her bday, but I will. Then my bday is the very next day. She missed my bday by one hour and ten minutes. Mother what was you thinking!! Lol.

  89. I am working on a bitty basket quilt with BEtsy C’s new book and fabric. They are so dang cute but boy are they tiny. Then of course there is my Panama Pyramid obsession. Too much good stuff to do in quilt land, not enough time! Thanks for the chance to win.

  90. I just finished a sew along from The Painted Quilt and am now working on mending an antique quilt. Then I hope to work on UFO’s that are yelling at me to finish them! They seem to get louder every day!

  91. I just finished a small Bargello quilt. I love to see the different quilts people make from a sew along.

  92. I’m a fairly new quilter so I don’t have a large fabric stash. I have been doing quilts for grandchildren, just finished one for my husband for our 55th year anniversary and have 3 quilts calling out to me. However I fell in love with zipper pouches and am making them for all the women in our family for Christmas, along with pillows with pockets for the grandchildren. I am always interested in simple and sweet projects to give to elderly ladies I visit and friends.

  93. I’ve already started Christmas gift sewing. I know, some kind of over-achiever! I just thought it might be fun to avoid that last minute race-against-the-clock sewing this year

  94. i just finished a quilt using Town Square by Holly Taylor and then finishing up binding on a Halloween scrap quilt. So many quilts to make…so little time.

  95. I just finished piecing a quilt top using Lori Holt’s Great Granny Squared pattern and Little Ruby fabrics. Now to tackle some unfinished projects!

  96. I am trying to finish some UFO’s this summer. I just made a design wall, so that is helping. I am also helping my sister-in-law finish a quilt – she is very new to quilting. I love diversions….and I need a new pincushion!

  97. I’ve been just going with the flow this summer – no lists or deadlines. As it turns out, my flow has been to work on UFO’s. Of course if I had told myself to work on UFO’s, I wouldn’t have done it! So far I’ve been keeping up with the FQS Crossroads quilt along. I’m also working on assembling the blocks of my Farm Girl Vintage quilt – the blocks are all done, just need to sash and put together. I also have fabrics pulled to finally put a border on a QOV that’s been sitting for a couple of years. No big projects, just moving things along. It feels good!

  98. I’ve been focusing on finishing projects – I finished my La Passacaglia quilt top and sent it for quilting, made another top (out for quilting) and am working on a simple top for a throw for our family room (might quilt it myself), but am about to start a zippy bag to use to hold my EPP when I travel. This is a new frontier for me; I am not a bag maker.

  99. I am working on some Christmas samples for my lqs. I’m about ready to start a new leader ender project for some scrappy goodness. Thanks for your give away.

  100. My summer sewing plans – a quilt for my Granddaughter who will be a freshman in college this fall and 2 quilts – one each for two of my niece’s kids who recently died (heart attack age 52 found my her youngest son and daughter – 15) using their mothers shirts. I need to see faster.

  101. Summer Sewing? What is that?! Busiest time of year for me. 🙁 I’d love to get a chance to work on the Christmas quilt I started in March. And the EPP projects I have planned. And the Waldoff Dolls I have the stuffing and patterns for. And the DWR quilts Ive been asked to make. And… You get the idea!

  102. Just yesterday, I finished a quilt I started last summer. (All applique, embroidery, and quilting done by hand. That’s new for me.). Now I have so many ideas for a next project, I don’t know where to begin!

  103. I’m finishing up UFO’s this summer. Have two finished, one just needs binding put on, the last needs quilting and binding. Can’t wait to have them done … then I’ll let myself start something new! Candy

  104. Wow! Am I ever glad a friend shared the Christmas in July project with our quilt group. There are so many ideas on this site. Looks like I’ll be spending a bit of time exploring (and using the patterns and ideas). Have lots of Moda fabric in my stash.

  105. I’m plodding away on a melon quilt, trying to keep up with Pat Sloan’s Splendid Samoler and being inspired by mini projects 🙂

  106. I finished up 2 UFOs and I’m itching to start something new… just can’t decide what new thing… got lots of choices… aren’t I lucky??

  107. Of to pick up three quilts from long arm quilter and drop three more off. Completing UFOs is my goal for 2016 but that hasnt stopped me from buying fabric and planning my next quilts.

  108. I just finished two baby quilts and am finishing up a Frivol – Bread & Butter by American Jane. Love it!

  109. I’m working on catching up on a couple block of the months! I try to resist the little distractions….

  110. Trying two block of the month/week series this year, so that’s been keeping me pretty busy.

  111. I’m finishing a Swoon for our youngest daughter to use at college. Then my granddaughter came to visit and needed a quilt for her big girl bed so that got thrown in the mix. I love a good distraction….

  112. Working on two charity quilts now, then looking forward to playing with some Christmas fabrics 🙂

    LOVE your blog – thank you so much for all the fabulous ideas!

  113. Working on some quiltalongs, also learning paper piecing, trying to do a few holiday items also. There’s never enough time to do it all.

  114. I’m making a rail road crossing quilt. I think i’m crazy, almost 400 tiny flying geese, and lots of paper pieced arcs. But, it sure is fun.

  115. I am working on UFO’s and I am determined not to start anything new until I finish them.

  116. I wish I had joined in on this quilt along! All the quilts are gorgeous! I just finished a baby quilt using a Moda Bake shop pattern called easy pezzy crib quilt. I modified it to make it smaller and didn’t use some of the appliques on it. I also have cur some fabrics for a leader/ender project so I will be working on that in between other things. I need to finish two BOMs from last year before I start on anything else, but we’ll see if that happens! 🙂

  117. I just started a Sparkle quilt by the Missouri Star Quilt Co. and I am using several lines from Bonnie & Camille. I only have two blocks done and I already love it! It will take the summer to finish it.

  118. I’m making a flannel lap quilt. It’s a warm 104 degrees in AZ but I wanted to use some of my stash.

  119. Right now, I’m creating a quilt using blocks hand pieced by my Aunt Mary. She’s in an Alzheimer unit now, and I’d like to gift this one to her devoted friend and former care giver.

  120. I just finished a pin cushion and scrap bag combo, two chevron quilts for a set of twins first birthday, six monogrammed pocket t-shirts for a bridal shower girls weekend with matching key fobs and two Itty Bitty bags for my little nieces. I’m in the middle of a baby quilt in beautiful French General fabric. Itching to start something new!

  121. Seem to have a few projects going……no, I don’t make a list…….but I probably should!! Working on doll quilts and the doll from Coral Queen of the Sea with our granddaughter. Trying to get some tops made for donating to church and also have an EPP hexagon project in the works. …..hmmmmm……..maybe I do need a list!! Thanks for the chance to win such a great gift!! And as always……thank you for so much inspiration and wonderful fabric!! Better get sewing!!

  122. I am working on a backlog of projects: a few dresses for my daughter, bags for me, and even a queen quilt WIP. All have been on my to do list for far too long!

  123. I’m doing a quilt along with Melissa at Happy Quilting, some other piecing, and a couple of garment projects for variety. I’ve been tidying my sewing area and almost done, so I’m feeling inspired! Ljridge4511 (at) Gmail (dot) com

  124. This summer I’m doing a local BOM, along with my own projects: finishing a baby quilt, pillowcases for a friends kiddos, decorator pillows for my daughter in law, and a Noodle-head makers tote for me!

  125. I’m making curtains from batik fabric for my sewing room and trying to finish Allietare from Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt-along.

  126. I’m working on two quilts to give my mother- and sister-in-law for Hanukkah. I’m digging Amanda’s pin cushions right now, though I already distracted myself with a small cross stitch project…

  127. I am working on my Fat Quarter Shop Crossroads quilt. I wish I could sew faster because I have
    a ton of UFO’s to finish too. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  128. I’m finishing quilting a modern solids quilt for a friend that graduated and then moving onto a Canyon HST quilt for my cousin. I do need a larger pincushion, so I might do that.

  129. I’m finishing up some UFOs I recently found! including a baby quilt for a child who is now 7 years old!!

  130. I’m trying to finish up a couple of charity quilts, but all the outdoor summer activities keep luring me away.

  131. I am working on finishing up some UFOs, a Christmas quilt and a red and white quilt. I do love the little projects. Its nice to have something that can be finished quickly.

  132. I am making blocks for 4BOMs this summer: Figtree Christmas, Figtree mystery sampler, Crossroads quilt along and still working on my Austin Bluebeard Sampler. I love the Fatquartershop!

  133. I’ve made some spell it with Moda letters in my daughter’s name that will be hung above her crib. I also just finished a top, the Cakewalk pattern in Cookie Exchange. Next I’m planning to make a rag quilt out of Little Ruby flannel for my daughter’s first birthday.

  134. I’m trying to finish up some projects too. I recently completed two tops that were started, well, let’s just say a while ago and leave it at that! My latest project is a New York Beauty, I took a class, completed all the blocks and now have to decide on a layout.

  135. Just got back to work on a birthday quilt for a dear friend after breaking for a baby quilt gifted to a first-time grandmother. I think my “Want-To-Make List” is already a mile long . . . and getting longer!

  136. I am doing lots of catch up this summer, finishing all of my “Bonnie Hunter” quilts I’ve started. Don’t make a list, just have it in my head! I also love the small projects, especially bags.

  137. I am working on my oldest grandson’s quilt and a quilt for his mother. He is 30 and designed the “back”, picked out the fabrics and helped me unsew a part of it. I have a list in a journal and one in my head…prioritizing is not my strong suite.

  138. Great blog post! This pattern has been on my to-do list for awhile. I’ll go to the videos during lunch today. Yes, I like little projects as a diversion too. I’m busy finishing up a bunch of my Bonnie K. Hunter quilts that I started this year and the year before and the year before that. Love doing little bags and our retreat group is focused on making draw string bags called Bead of Love. Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX USA

  139. This summer I am trying to finish up projects that I already have. I do love a good diversion though and have already made a couple-Joanna Figuero’s Popsicle runner being one of my favorites!

  140. I’m working on UFO’s. Trying to finish something so I won’t feel so guilty buying more. Lol.

  141. I’m taking a little break from quilts this summer–they are too hot–and making runners. It’s a great way to try out some ideas that could become quilts when the weather cools off! Sorry but the pincushion trend hasn’t piqued my interest and I have so many bags already that I don’t need to make any more!! But I love seeing what people are making. Aprons, too, although I don’t wear them and I don’t know anyone who does.

  142. I have a flannel quilt cut out and ready to sew. It will be a Christmas gift (this Christmas I hope).
    I would like to start putting my scraps to use in throws and baby quilts. I enjoy seeing how other
    people are using their scraps. It is always fun to see different ways to use fabric leftovers.

  143. I pieced a baby quilt for my new granddaughter, Rosalie, who lives in England. Now I am planning a quilt using fabrics portraying the flowers that grow in my daughter’s “garden” – a.k.a. back yard – in England.

  144. I have two quilts in mind and I am starting them today. One will be a 16 patch with Anna Marie Horner fabrics and the second one is another scrappy fabric quilt with a zillion pieces from Tim Holtz’s fabrics, I’ve been hoarding these fabrics long enough – they have finally ‘ripened’.

  145. I am making a “too cool” double-sided tshirt quilt for my daughter for Christmas, and a baseball themed quilt for my umpire son, so have been trying to get as much as I can done on those…I do not want to be stitching the binding on Christmas Eve!

  146. I am supposed to be working on a quilt for the bed but got distracted by a 16 patch pink quilt and a wool applique sew along. I need to stay away from the computer. Love your pincushions.

  147. Summer sewing . . . oh my, so many sewing distractions. I have two quilts on the design wall (a Schnibble and a Zen Chic), and several other “piles” of little projects to squeeze in. Or not. Because there’s baseball to watch 🙂

  148. I’ve been binding, binding, binding, but I got a Canyon layer cake for my birthday on Sunday so I’m contemplating a new project!

  149. The pincushions are so cute! What a great idea – to make one a day. I have so many projects started, I will never be able to finish all of them. (Mainly because I keep starting more all the time.) Would love to win the $50 gift certificate!

  150. I have been doing a lot of cutting then placing the components of my quilt, tote, pillow, etc. into a plastic container. I call it my “grab & sew” method. When I get some uninterrupted time I just grab a container and start sewing away! By fall I will have a lot of projects just waiting for me to complete when I have more time at the machine.

  151. Just started piecing a quilt for a Christmas gift and sketching out two more, one a birthday milestone gift and one for me!

  152. I’m newly obsessed with quilts. I’m quilting my first, piecing a second and cutting out a 3rd!

  153. I have a few BOMs in the works – both wool applique, and am just starting A Primitive Garden by Lisa Bongean. We started a group on Facebook which I think is really going to help keep us all motivated. Fun!

  154. I have a Christmas quilt top that has been on the top of my list since January; however, weddings and babies seem to take top priority. But, hopefully, I’ll get to that before Christmas this year.

  155. Hmm, I am sewing the blocks for a couple of quilts, For the Boys, Jen Kingwell and a Plus quilt. Cutting out a Broken Dishes quilt and putting a postage stamp and flying geese tops together. Those are the projects I will admit to.

  156. I’m hosting a table for our guild’s Christmas party. Each table hostess provides a small gift for the guests at their table so I’m working on those. I really want to get them finished so I’m not panicking in November!

  157. I am working on a Christmas quilt from last year!! The only one I did not get done on time. It is a “Virginia Reel” pattern and is almost done.

  158. I just returned from a week long quilting retreat with a satellite group from my local guild. This is about the 10th year of sewing, laughing Nd eating together. Several of us were working on a Feathered Star. The support, suggestions, and pressure to complete it were a treasure!

  159. I work on multiple projects all year long, but sometimes I like a smaller project to have that feeling of completion. I’m already planning the Christmas projects waiting for the new Christmas fabrics and Christmas in July sales to begin. My usual quick projects are table toppers. I can use exercise blocks and/or scraps in them.

  160. I sewed 5 bags for friends and myself for a retreat, trying to finish up a king size Night Sky, Crossroads is in process and just started Little Ruby with Christmas prints.

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