Bella Bellas!

The fabrics and the designer-types who picked the colors for these delicious bundles.


The most oft-asked question for the designers is which Bella Solids coordinate with their collections.  Which Bella background do they use?  Which red/green/blue/whatever Bella is closest to the shade of red/green/blue/whatever in their collection?

I know what you’re thinking… why did this take so long?

Good things come to those who wait – we finally have enough Bella Solids to make everybody happy with a dozen perfect matches!  So names were put into a hat and a list was compiled for the introduction of the Bella Solids Designer Select Bundles.  (You know that’s not really how they were chosen, right?)

I’m betting picking the designers was still easier than this part… Age before beauty? Alphabetically?  Seniority – with Moda? Which designer sends me the most – and best – chocolate?

Random.  Seven names on little pieces of paper put into a jar and pulled out one-by-one.  Really.

Sweetwater – Lisa, Susan and Karla.  Daughters and Mom.  They’ve got all sorts of solid wonderfulness going on.


This is Sunny – 55″ x 55″.  It doesn’t use the whole bundle of 12 fat quarters – you’ll have plenty left over to make a few of these…


These are their One Block Minis – it’s a new pattern.  Using prints for the binding is genius!

Karla, Lisa and Susan have been having fun with their Bella Solids – these are a few of the things they’ve made for Project Sweetwater on their website.  (Yes, I may need to make a couple of the zipper bags.)


Kate!  Kate Spain – couldn’t you just kiss her for this gorgeous color palette?


Kate took her terrific Geode pattern and re-made it with her Bella Solid bundle.  It measures 60″ x 72″ – perfect for a throw.  (I don’t know if the directions for the binding are in the pattern but it’s definitely copy-worthy.)


Kate also designed Kaleidoscope – it’s a re-do of her Serenade pattern and it’s available as a free download on her website.  It measures 57″ x 69″ and while the pattern calls for 20 fat quarters, this version substitutes a white background for some of the print squares, making it modern and a bit minimalist.  All that negative space as the moderns would say…

Me & My Sister – Barbara Groves & Mary Jacobson.


I’m guessing you would have known that just by looking at the bright, clear colors of this quilt.  This quilt is Easy as 12 from their Simple Quilts book from Martingale/That Patchwork Place.  You’ll need one Me & My Sister Designer Select bundle, some yardage, a copy of the book and these re-worked cutting instructions to make it – but it’s easy!

A 6th Grader could make this one…


Maybe not.  The quilt is 6th Grade from the sisters’ PreCut Primer book from It’s Sew Emma.  But you still need just one Bella Designer Select bundle, a copy of the book and these re-configured cutting instructions.  (If you don’t already have the book, you need it for this quilt anyway. Every version I’ve seen of it is spectacular.)

Now… if this list were in the previously-mentioned chocolate-related order, Bonnie would be first.  (Camille who? Que? Quien?)

If all our Mondays looked like this…


In addition to the gorgeous quilting – the backing on this quilt is Moda Snuggle in Aqua.  It’s beyond yummy fabric so I’m sure this is a much-sought-after quilt in the Cotton Way household.

This is Bonnie’s gorgeous Spool Sampler – re-done in Bonnie & someone’s Bella Designer Select Bundle.


Camille?  That Thimbleblossoms girl.  Did you know that Camille was born on Bonnie’s 24th birthday?

Dwell – from Camille’s terrific book, Simply Retro.


A Bonnie & Camille Bella Designer Select Bundle and the Moda Crossweave in Black.  Perfection!

Camille used the same combination to re-do her Niner pattern.

CT Thimble Niner

You had to know that someone who did six awesome Simply Color books and a collection titled Simply Colorful would know about putting together a fat quarter bundle of Bella Solids.  (Even though she’s got a gift for using Ombres.)

Vanessa Christenson – V & Co.

CT-VCo-Endless-SummerEndless Summer redone with Vanessa’s Bella bundle.

And of course, Rush Hour.  This is one of my favorite quilts ever.  Ever.


Brigitte!  She. Knows. Color. She also has an eye for design, composition and styling.


Brigitte’s patterns for Zen Chic have always been a spectacular mix of prints and solids, and she is known for her use of solids in her quilts.  (Rumor has it she might be sharing her “solid secrets” soon.)


This is So Square – a free pattern designed by Brigitte for the Zen Chic Bella Designer Select bundle.  (If you’ve been stashing For You and/or Flow, this is a perfect match… not that I know anything about that, of course.)

So Square is so cool – it can be made two ways for what I think is a completely different look.


So who have I forgotten?


Right.  Her.  That Figgy girl.  Joanna Figueroa – Fig Tree & Co.

Maybe I should call her Miss Sherbets & Creams.


Joanna really had fun with her Bella Designer Select bundle – she made five quilts and put them in a book – Sherbets & Creams.  Mixing her Bella Solids with low-volume prints created a distinctive look that is very Figgy-esque.



And because she was the last name in the jar…


Popsicles.  (What is Figgy’s obsession with things to eat?)

Now for the best part – whoever sends me the most chocolate will win a set of all seven of the Bella Solids Designer Select bundles!

I’m kidding – about the chocolate.  We are giving away some bella Bellas.  One person will win all seven of the Bella Solids Designer Select bundles.

Leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday – July 24th – telling us how often you use solids in quilts.  Have you ever made a quilt using only solids?

If you’re on Instagram – be sure to check everyone’s feed for more giveaways.

Happy Thursday!







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371 thoughts on “Bella Bellas!

  1. I’ve never made a quilt using only solids, but I try to incorporate them in every quilt I make. Those little bundles are yummy! Thanks for having the giveaway.

  2. I used to just use solids for sashing and background, but I finally took the leap and have now made two quilts with solids only. Using the prints for binding is a great idea…and the low volume prints too. Ahhhh…so many quilts….so little time!!!!

  3. I haven’t used solids much but would love to add them more often to my quilts or make any of the beautiful quilts above. Love the “solids only” look.

  4. When you mention using solids all I can think about is modern. I know a lot of people that don’t like modern quilts but I love them. I definitely am leaning more towards it. I made an all solid quilt with black background and very bright solids. It’s ginormous. And I used double batting. What was I thinking. Anyways, I’d love to win so I can make more:)

  5. I have not made a quilt only using solids. Yet, after viewing and “drooling” over all of these spectacular quilts made with solids, I know that I will be making one for sure. Thank you for the opportunity to win and for sharing all of these inspiring creations! Have a fantastic creative day!

  6. I always use some solids in my quilts. It helps bring it all together. Love all the colors of the bella solids. Really like how they are bundled. Yes, I have made a quilt using just solids.

  7. The only time I’ve used solids has been in Eye Spy quilts for my grandchildren…these quilts are just breath taking…I really need to use them more!

  8. I haven’t used solids. Seeing all these beautiful quilts makes me want to look at patterns in a whole new light. Which is what was intended. Good job.

  9. In the past, I’ve only used solids as backgrounds, but the new solid colors will be the stars in a quilt I just finished cutting. This has been a fun, inspiring read!

  10. Have made 4 all solids quilts and love them. Think Rush Hour just went to the top of my to do list.

  11. I’m a Bella Solids background girl! I love how they play with prints and bring that little something interesting to a project.

  12. I buy Moda white and off white by the bolt and use either one in every quit I make. Now I’m thinkin’ color, wow this is great. Makes me want to open a store and just carry MODA

  13. I use solids for backgrounds. I have made one quilt using solids, it is an Amish Center Diamond and was completely hand quilted. There are several patterns on this post that I would love to try in solids. Thank you for the opportunity to win a bundle of these gorgeous solids.

  14. I have made one quilt with solids. I never think to use solids when picking out my fabric for a quilt, I guess because I like reproduction fabrics. I like the way the solids look so guess I will make another solid quilt.

  15. I have an all-solids quilt in process right now, but usually I simply have to toss in a couple of prints. I love my solids, but have a hard time cutting them up! This win would allow me to splurge.

  16. Loved this posting! I have used solids but have not made a solids only quilt. The bundles would make it fun! Thanks

  17. I love solids! in fact, I am now working on one of V&Co’s patterns (houndstooth) in plain solids and would love to make a pattern by Alison Glass in solids only. I also like combining solids and prints. Love the impact and neutraility that a solid adds. So definitely count me in for the ‘lover-of-solids-club’ (if that ever exists!). Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  18. I use a solid in every quilt. I love using them. Last year I pieced a cheddar and white top. I should get it out and finish it! And I just might use a print for the binding! Thanks for all the inspiration, eye candy, and a chance to win.

  19. Dwell … my favorite of this bunch! Yes, I’ve used solids in several quilts, but it’s high time I create an all solids quilt! Thanks for a fabulous giveaway.

  20. I like using solids in my quilts but have never made one using ALL solids. In my defense, there are not any quilt shops nearby and solids are hard to order online without a color card. The designers all did an awesome job using only solids! I love Kate Spain’s solid quilts using her own patterns. They are so different than the ones done with the print fabrics…..

  21. I’ve used solids in my quilts as backgrounds and as coordinates. I’ve also made quilts with all solids.

  22. I use solids all the time. I recently made a baseball themed quilt using white for the baseballs, red background and outer border with a thin black inner border. The recipient loved it.

  23. I have been mixing in solids with prints and batiks for about 5 years, and next up to make is an all solids quilt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. I’ve only used solids as an accent or small border. I’ve never made a whole quilt using solids, although the ones you’ve shown are beautiful. I guess I’ve never thought of it. I usually start a quilt with a charm pack or piece of fabric from a designer I love and go from there and add fabrics. Someone’s going to be thrilled when they win, good luck everyone. Happy Thursday! ;-> Toni Anne

  25. I think every quilt needs solids. The eye needs someplace to rest. A solid sets off a great print. My dream stash would include every Bella solid.

  26. Made a quilt with solids and a Jaybird pattern, Solids are like salad dressing to a salad, linking all the pieces / parts to bring everything together to complete the dish…I mean quilt…

  27. I only have used solids as borders. But I am a new quilter so I willing to try anything. All of the colors are scrumptious and all of the quilts that they have made are so wonderful! Thank you for the chance to win some of the solids.

  28. Mostly use solids for backgrounds and sashings, BUT I love the Popsicle quilt by Fig Tree! I think her mini of this quilt is a runner. Will be checking these out at my LQS.

  29. I have made one quilt with only solids but I don’t know why I haven’t made more. Maybe if I win this prize. 🙂

  30. I haven’t used solids in forever so this would be a great time to get back to them. I love that Joanna used low-key prints with hers. Perfect!

  31. I have made one quilt with a Bella Solid white and a limey green. I think there is room for a solid or two in just about every quilt.

  32. I have only made one solid quilt, but always have had at least one solid in each quilt. I am due for a win and another quilt in total solids! Yes!

  33. Every other quilt seems to have some sort of a solid from sashing or binding or block backgrounds. Grey is my current favourite solid colour for blocks at the moment followed closely by a fresh crisp white. I’m currently playing with spotty hexies and thought I might applique them onto bella solids to make a summer quilt for picnics

  34. I used solids in every quilt I make. I have never made a quilt of just solids, but I am going to attempt one soon.

  35. I just love these…especially Sweetwater! I have not used solids in my quilts very often but this blog post has me over the moon and so excited to use them a lot more often….please choose me as the winner!!!

  36. I have never made an all solids quilt, but from what I have been seeing lately, I am anxious to make a few!

  37. I have always been so attracted to print fabric that I have only rarely used any sort of solid in my quilts but upon seeing these wonderful examples in the post, I now see their possibilities!

    1. Whoops! I usually use some solids in every quilt but have never made one purely from solids

  38. Haven’t made an all solids quilt yet – but I have an Amish inspired quilt in my stash ready for the day I finish my projects already in progress.

  39. I use solids most of the time. I like their clean, fresh look. They let the overall quilt design shine!

  40. I haven’t used solids yet. After this post, I am really inspired to make a solid quilt.

  41. I use solids mixed in all my scrappy quilts. I did recently make 2 small quilts in all solids, a Trip Around the World and a Bargello. I love how the turned out. After seeing the gorgeous quilts above, I think there are many more solid quilts in my future!

  42. yes I make quilts using just solids and it is really neat to see this give away. I love to combine solids with prints in a lot of my quilts. thanks for the chance to win

  43. I use a lot of solid white! Seriously I am living the solids just learning to incorporate them with my prints. I do have s couple patterns j would like to try in all solids. I love the graphic look!

  44. I use a lot of Bella solids for backgrounds in quilts and I just cut out solids for the Spools Sampler quilt. I’m super excited to make an all solids quilt. Next I may have to make the Rush Hour quilt.

  45. Did lots of quilting back in the 80’s and am now just getting back into it. All the new tools and fabric cuts are so enticing. Have never made an all-solid quilt and I’ve got the itch to try one. Love the new options.

  46. I have used solids in a few quilts but I’ve never made a quilt with only solids. Yet. Aren’t these Bellas fabulous! I’m looking forward to the planning and the sewing and the quilting…fun times ahead!

  47. I have used solids for background but have been gathering solids stash to make a whole solid quilt. I have just ordered rush hour pattern and ombre rolls because I HAVE to make that!!! So glad the bella coordinates are here!!!!!

  48. I have made two solids only quilts. One turned out great. The other not so much. I have enjoyed seeing more quilts made using solids so much that I’m almost ready to try making another one. All these bundles could be just the nudge I need!

  49. Yes, I made a Amish style quilt pattern using solids with a black background. I also use solids for accents and backgrounds in quilts.

  50. There is usually one solid in my quilts….a neutral. And I don’t think I’ve ever made a quilt from solids only. So I’d love to win these solid bundles and have a go at using the colored solids in some quitts. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  51. I haven’t made a quilt out of all solids yet, but after seeing all of these beautiful creations I will. Thank you for the chance to see these and to win some beautiful solids.

  52. Wow! Have the Sherbets and Creams book and love it. Downloading Kate Spain’s pattern . . . I’m supposed to be finishing upUFO’s but this is too inspiring. I want to try them all!

  53. I usually just use solids as backgrounds but I would love to make a quilt out of solids. These bundles are very inspiring. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Love these quilts. Refreshing solids for me. I’ve used them in many quilts in the blocks and borders. Never an entire quilt. Might just have to try one!

  55. I am making the Summer Sampler QAL quilt in solids (Moda Bella Solids to boot), and I have other solid quilts in my queue. I also bought the sherbet solids to work on Joanna’s QAL. 🙂 Plus I am awaiting the arrival of the Project Sweetwater box that uses their group of solids.

  56. Love Bellas! It’s got to be fun grouping those yummy colors together in bundles. How do you not just sit there and play all day?! I’ve made one ‘sorta’ solid quilt in honor of my dad’s service in the Army. It was red, khaki, and navy, but I used the wonderful Moda cottons with just a slight ‘grunge’ effect in them. And I love it. It’s hanging in my living room right now! Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. I usually use at least some solids in my quilts, especially the scrappier ones. Love all the Bella’s!

  58. I’ve never made a quilt from only solids, but wow, am I inspired to try it now! Wonderful post with gorgeous quilts from these designers! I think I might have to scroll back up and stare for a while longer!

  59. I have never made an all solids quilt. These colors are so tempting. More than chocolate. Like a box of chocolates….so hard to pick which one!

  60. Have been using more and more solids over the last few months, and I love it! Thanks for the opportunity.

  61. I have never used only solids on a project, but I do use them a lot, combined with other fabric…..i just love the fact that they make beautiful fabric stand out….

  62. I’ve made quilts with solids and prints but never one with only solids… but it’s my goal to do one this year. I like the way they can calm a frantic bunch of scrappiness in a quilt.

  63. Yes, years ago I made a blue and white Irish chain quilt, an Amish quilt, a blue yellow and muslin sampler and a tiny Sally Collins star quilt. I just dug them out and they look surprisingly modern/retro but in dusty colors. I have not used solids in a long time. I would love to win the bundles, refresh my stash and make a graphic modern quilt or two. New colors are so inspiring.

  64. I do use solids in my quilts – I just started about a year ago adding them to my stash – I have only made one all solid quilt and I loved it. I have a fall quilt with solids on my list to make once summer is over.

  65. I am learning to use solids in my quilts. Generally, I have used solids as the background and just have a small stash. Would love to update and become more modern in my color choices.

  66. I’ve never made a quilt from just solids, but would use them for borders and backing a lot. Now that I’ve gotten the print fabric fever – I keep seeing solids :)! I have the Bella Solid fabric color chart, but wish I could match up a few ‘staples’ to keep on hand.

  67. I am a chocolate lover too…I’ll send chocolates!
    I do try to include solids in every quilt, and I am getting better at choosing which colors to coordinate. I haven’t made a quilt made completely of solids, but some of the photos shown above have me re-thinking that idea! I would be tickled to try my hand at any of them! Now…what’s your address for those chocolates?

  68. Love Solids……especially brights. I have made several all solid quilts with Amish style. I am working on one now. I also like solids to use for sashing on scrap quilts to give the eye a place to rest. Great new bundles. Thankyou Butterfly George

  69. Loving the solids!! Great post featuring all the designer bundles. My first foray into solids was 2011 using a scrap bag of solids from Moda. AQS was having an on-line Modern Mystery with Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle. I used the whole bag and ended up adding a few prints to fill in the gaps. Very pleased with the outcome and have been incorporating solids ever since. So inspired by all the quilts in this post. Thank you for the chance to win. Allison in Plano, Texas

  70. If you consider white backgrounds a solid, then yes I do use them in my quilts. Usually I use a mix of solids and prints. When I think all solids I think Amish 🙂 My sister has made an all solid quilt in the Amish style. I started quilting in the age of polyester. When I was a mere child.

  71. Color , color, color…. They look so “delicious” as solids, these fabric packs. I like the texture of tonal fabrics. The use of the solids by the designers emphasize their wonderful creativity in the patterns. I have preferred tonal fabrics, except for the solids I have used with 30’s prints.

  72. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE these colors! & the Quilts are AWESOME!!! I have used solids in several quilts since last Summer…and using more lately. (didn’t used to choose solids very often…always prints..or blenders)

    Thank you for chance to win some of these super solids!! 😀

  73. I’ve made several Amish-type quilts, but nothing with colors like these. Itching to get my hands of oe or more of these bundles!

  74. I recently finished a quilt top using solid gray as the background. I love solids but have never used them exclusively in a quilt. High time that I did! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  75. I have used a few solids in my quilts, but have never made a totally solid quilt. I think it is time I did. The Bella solids are my favorite. I am using a Bella aqua solid plus Gooseberry Charm pack now to teach my two granddaughters how to quilt. They are 7 and 10 and picked a pinwheel block, but we are not using a pattern. Granddaughter Sarah (7) let out the happiest squeal when she saw her first completed block. Next month I will be flying to Oregon, from MI) to sew with Juliet who is 10.

  76. I have never made an all solid quilt, but after seeing these luscious colors, I think I will have to make one. Mostly I use creams and tan solids in my quilts. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  77. I have one all solids project – I took a class from Freddie Moran last fall and decided to do it all in solids. Yes, I am a crazy person and made a task much harder for myself for sure 🙂 Oh well, I will get it finished somehow. My goal is always to have the top done before the next years class rolls around. I have until September 24th – ha!

  78. Definitely use solids but haven’t made a solid quilt. They all look so beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win some beautiful wonderful fabric!

  79. This post made me want to run up to my sewing room and root through my stash….what inspiration!
    I don’t have any solids in these soft palettes but can imagine the wonderful quilts that will come out of them. I have yet to make a quilt totally out of solids but it’s now on my list!! Love, love, love.

  80. I have never made a solid quilt but your samples a a great motivation. I must admit that I am a little shy about using batiks, too. But it is time for me to branch out and try new things! Thanks for the give away. I always enjoy reading your blogs.

  81. I’ve never made a whole solids quilt, yet. I’ve been waiting for the perfect pattern and to add a few new colors to my collection so here’s hoping.

  82. I use solids usually as background and I’m always searching for the right ones to go with designers’ collections.

  83. I use solids a lot, especially for scrap quilts, and since reading Gwen Marsten’s words that “solids are timeless”.

  84. I have never made an all solid quilt – yet. However, how could I not now with all this inspiration!

  85. I have never made a quilt using only solids and I rarely use them in my quilts ~ maybe because I don’t have any in my stash! I would love to win some and give it a try!

  86. I made an all solids quilt last year from the Row by Row patterns I had picked up–it’s one of my favorite quilts!

  87. Oh I think my obsession with Bella solids began with the Moda Building blocks quilt, but of course I have used them all along. Currently the Robins egg blue is my favorite. But I like to use them all.Sadly I don;t have them all in my stash! Please pick me.

  88. I have not used a lot of solids in my quilts but find I am being more drawn to them and the modern side of quilting. Change is good, right?! This is brilliant to have theses solid bundles that coordinate with the designers.

  89. Isn’t it amazing how beautiful the quilts look using solids! I have never made a quilt using only solids, but I do use them. I love Sunny, the first quilt you showed. All of these quilts are stunning!

  90. I can see solids are making a come back in quilting. Some of these patterns are very tempting. I haven’t used solids much except as backgrounds (mostly white or off white). Clearly, I need to expand my horizons!

  91. I haven’t made a quilt only using solids, but there is always a first time if I had a yummy bundle!

  92. I haven’t made a whole quilt out of solids, or even used many solids in quilts, but I think these examples of using all solids are just gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  93. Yes, I’ve made two quilts from all solids! It took a lot of self-control, since I love busy prints so much. But nothing shows off fancy piecing like solids do; they are a wonderful thing to highlight something special.

  94. I’ve never made a quilt with solids but these Bella bundles certainly are tempting me. Love the Popsicle quilt! WTG Moda. You keep amazing us every day. 🙂

  95. I have cubes full of solids – I really don’t know how to make a quilt without them. I have made the gravity quilt, the moda big block quilt, and a few improv quilts from solids. I love the modern look of solids – even at 71….so fresh.

  96. I’ve only used solids for backgrounds, but with all the new colors available have been anxious to try doing a few (or more) of solid only quilts. Already looking for patterns for some of these shown. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  97. I love the fresh look of solids and have been making solids only quilts a lot lately, I’m a big fan of Brigitte’s color combos!

  98. I love solids but haven’t made anything all solid yet. Wow, this post was very inspiring! Thanks!!!

  99. I have used solids in a retro tulip quilt, but I am intrigued by the idea of using them in more modern quilts. The quilts in this post are lovely. I’m so happy that there are now bundles for some of my favorite designers because it will make matching prints in their lines so much easier.

  100. OMG!!!!!!!!! After seeing those solid bundles and those quilts made with solids I want to run right out and grab some right now. Everyone one of them are an inspiration. I’ve never made a whole quilt from solids but you can bet I will NOW!!!

  101. I absolutely needed the inspiration of all these amazing designers before I plunged into all solids for a quilt. They are FABULOUS!!! Thanks for inspiring me!!

  102. I always use solids in my quilts. I have been doing this for years. I had a shop owner tell me solids are boring, but that was before the modern quilt thing started. Boy was she wrong,,,

  103. I am just getting into sewing with solids. I have collected a few as backgrounds but know I need to make the plunge. The more I see, the more i love them.

  104. I use at least one solid in almost every quilt I make. I do want to make a quilt from all solids as I love how they look.

  105. The only time I’ve used solids was when I bought a scrap bag that included some flannel solids. I made a baby quilt with them. You didn’t ask, but my favorite of these bundles is the Me & My Sister.

  106. I tend to use solids only for backgrounds but lately I’ve been very tempted to try an all-solids quilt!

  107. I don’t use solids enough… I have come to realize it is what I NEED to use more of.. I LOVE what solids bring to a quilt!!

  108. I don’t often use solids, but I think these fabric sets would change that. Some very good ideas!

  109. I love solids and have made several quilts using them. These bundles want me to make a quilt of each of them–oh if I only had more time! Thanks for the inspiration. At least one of these quilts will end up on my wish list.

  110. I sure have used nothing but solids! I started out by taking a quilt class from an Amish woman when I lived in Pennsylvania and then made a bunch of quilts using just solids. They are addicting!

  111. I haven’t really used solids other than as backgrounds, but after seeing the pictures in your post I’m anxious to try a whole quilt with solids!

  112. The shades & colors are gorgeous. Sadly I have never sewn with solids, but I’m ready to try!

  113. I love solids, but have only made one quilt using all solids. I ususally add small amounts of solids to my quilts.

  114. I made a quilt years ago using solids – it was Amish-like. Now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder where it is! Would love to use solids again. Thanks for the giveaway!

  115. Solids used to be old fashioned or strictly for the Amish. But once I started using them – I LOVE them. Versatile, clean and so much fun! I now try to work a few solids in each quilt.

  116. I haven’t made a quilt from all solids… yet!! They have caught my eye – and my heart, so it will be on the “to do for me” list!! I’ve only used solids as background (white or cream of course) and more recently started using greys for backgrounds and sashing. I did a pirates quilt for the NICU and sashed it with a dark grey… loved it!! This was such a helpful post!! I’ve been noticing those solid bundles recently, and loved hearing about their creators!! Thank you for your most excellent post, Ms. Carrie!! ❤️

  117. I’ve used solids in quilts but they have been limited to the background. The Fig Tree solids caught my eye when Joanna announced her new book. Thanks for the review of all the designer bundles. Loved the post! Thanks for the chance in the giveaway.

  118. I have made 1 quilt out of solids. There is definitely some great inspiration in this post and has me wanting to make more.

  119. I love solids and have made a quilt in all solids before – but I bought Joanne’s Sherberts and Creams booklet and intend to make a couple of those quilts…also just love the Niners pattern in all solids…and Vanessa’s quilt is scrumptious too! I want to make them all! LOL!

  120. I don’t use a lot of solids, but these new collections sure will help when I’m planning my next quilt. I have never made a quilt using just solids, that might change real soon. Thanks Carrie

  121. I’ve been using solids before solids were cool. First in my college dorm quilt (um… 1980 vintage…), and then in myriad baby quilts. My last totally solid quilt was our guild’s 2016 challenge, and I love it! Too bad these bundles weren’t available last Fall. I could have used a couple of them in that quilt.

  122. I am adding more solids to quilts all the time. Love having a Moda Bella Solids swatch card. It is such a great “go to” to help find just the right color to add. I just clip the swatch with a wonder clip and narrow down my match. Everyone should own one or have a friend who shares. making an entire quil with only solids is on my list.

  123. I always use a solid…as background. 😉 But recently I have been looking at making The Kittens quilt by Elizabeth Hartman for my 7 year old. He is CRAZY about cats lately. The main thing holding me back is that I don’t have enough variety of solid colors that match my prints. Buying a few of these bundles would sure remedy that!

  124. I’ve seen a couple of the “modern” quilts that have me very intrigued – I may have to step out of my box! Hard to decide on maybe a two-color quilt or using every color under the sun? Keep on inspiring me! Thanks!

  125. I have always mixed solids in but never made a patter in only solids but after looking at all of tis inspiration, I think that it is definately on the agenda. I love the soft less chaotic appearance. I think I will absolutely give it a go.
    Thank you for tha chance and the inspiration !!

  126. These Bella Bundles are just luscious! I have never been a solids girl except for backgrounds, and then almost always white. These color collections are beautiful and would mix so well with all of my Moda layer cakes and jelly rolls. Personally, I’d go for the chocolate donations myself, a little bribery never hurts.

  127. I’m drooling thinking about chocolate and those solids – hmmm – chocolate in those gorgeous colors! Oh wait, lets get back to the material. I’m a relatively new quilter and definitely use solids in my quilts, but have not done a total solid fabric quilt – you have inspired me to plan one. I always use a print for my bindings. Thanks for sharing these and the opportunity to to possibly win those solids.

  128. I have not made a quilt completely from solids, but I’ve used solids to add a little resting spot in scrappy quilts. Love all these beautiful combinations!

  129. A solids quilt is on my list (which is growing ever longer). Now that there are so many wonderful shades of solid fabric available, it’s easier than ever to envision a quilt made with only solids.

  130. I’ve used solids for backgrounds, of course (white and cream) and have recently started using light and dark grey as well. Making a solids quilt is going on my “to do for me!” list!! Love the solids!!

  131. I use mostly white and cream so much I order them by the bolt. I must admit I choose Kona to save money. I am retired so every dollar counts. I so fell in love when I made my Moda Modern Quilt. I still want to remake that quilt in reds and white as Sherri did. I think about her version and smile. Now as soon as I get these four wedding quilts done, I can play again with sewing for fun. I am quilting the third one now, so I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know these darling brides in China will be so surprised when I hand deliver these quilts to them in October! And yes, they have solids in them!!!

  132. I use solids in every quilt, although most frequently as a background. However, I’m cutting two quilts right now that are completely solids. Both my sons requested quilts with no patterned fabric. =) My oldest picked out colors in the Sweetwater bundle; my youngest loves orange and green, but not pink, so I had to piece together my own batch of Bellas to make him happy. I love Bellas and love the huge range of colors to from which to choose.

  133. I will send chocolate if necessary!! I use Bellas as background…..and sometimes for sashing…….I have Joanna’s new book and Bonnie’s spool pattern….have collected some of the Bellas….winning a Bella bundle would get me started right away!! Thank you for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!! Can’t wait to start!!

  134. I use a fair amount of solids in my quilts and have made baby quilts that are completely solid. I love the look.

  135. I haven’t made a quilt with all solids but I’m tempted when I see the beautiful quilts.

  136. I’ve almost finished the Gravity quilt which used all solids and was the first I’ve done in solids. There’s just so many gorgeous prints I can’t resist!

  137. I’ve just recently discovered how great solids are in quilts. I’m excited to make a quilt using only solids!

  138. These bundles are a great idea! I’ve never made an all solid quilt, but I use Bella solids for backgrounds all the time. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  139. I’ve never made a quilt just using solids perhaps a long time solids equal ‘Amish’ quilts for me and while these quilts are totally beautiful they are totally not my style too. But know with the Moda Designer Solid Bundles (especially the Joanna’s and Bonnie & Camille’s bundle) I see some solid quilts in my future.

  140. Only in the last year have I been trying solids. I’ve designed and cut a solid only quilt=WIP.

  141. I’ve only made three quilts from start to finish and none had solids. It is definitely on my “to do” list because I need more practice with FMQ and solids are GREAT for that. I would be thrilled out of my mind to win this giveaway!

  142. It depends on the pattern and what I think it needs. Most times it needs solids and prints. I am currently working on one quilt that is all solids.

  143. I WANT to make a quilt with SOLIDS!!!!! I’ve been noticing a lot of solids in quilts and your blog post clinches it! “I have to make a quilt…with…solids!” I would MODA-Love any of the Designer Bundles! Thanks for the COLORful blog!

  144. I’ve used solids as backgrounds in my quilts, but never made one just from solids. I have a kit I bought on Craftsy that is just solids (Amy’s Stars) and I hope to start on it soon.

  145. I made a small red and white quilt and have a blue and green solids quilt in the works for my grandson. I love the clean look of solids.

  146. the only solids I use are cream or white. I would love to experiment with other colors but my local stores only carry a small selection.

  147. I’ve only used solids occassionally and thought I was in the “no solids fo rme “camp but after seeing these gorgeous bundles I may be having a change of heart… I can see myself making a quilt of just solids… perhaps that free pattern from Zen Chic… thanks fo the giveaway!

  148. I’ve only used solids in small quantities. Obviously, I’ve been missing out on something!! There’s more to solid than sashing!!

  149. In the first quilting class I took the teacher warned us against using solids as they are “unforgiving” and “will show every piecing error..” So, I have never really worked with solids. But I think it is time to put my fears and prejudice aside and give them a go! They are so beautiful.

  150. I use solids in every quilt, but never have made a quilt with all solids, but after reading this post that many change with my next project!

  151. I have several quilts on my to-do list that are all solid. I don’t think any of my quilts so far have been all solid but i have occasionally used some solids with prints. That is slowly changing. Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks?

  152. I’ve never made an all-solids quilt, and usually put few solids in my quilts– up until now! I recently made a table runner with lots of solids. I’m changing my ways!

  153. I Scatter solids amongst prints in all my quilts, but have not made a solid only quilt yet. A good range of solids is not available in NZ, and I doo try to support my LQS, rather than placing too many overseas orders. I save those for Christmas requests! Thanks for the giveaway. Tarnia.hodges at gmail dot com

  154. I use a mixture of solids and prints. I used to use solids quite a bit back in the 90’s. I’m remembering a small quilt I made with all bright solids and a solid grey background around 1992. I guess I was “modern” before I knew that was a thing! 🙂

  155. I have never used all solids. I am still a beginner and haven’t made that many quilts yet. However, in all the ones I have made there are at least two solids. I have a few ideas for an all-solid color quilt. I think I favor solids over prints.

  156. Those solid bundles are yummy. I use solids quite a bit. Right now I am making a pink 16 patch with a lot of solids. I have been using them more and more.

  157. I use solids all the time – love them! When I first started out (35+ years ago) I made mostly Amish-style quilts. Patterned fabric is a newer (relatively) concept for me!

  158. I always use solids in my quilts but think I’m about ready to try an all solid quilt. What fun it would be to try at least. Looking forward to winning!

  159. I love solids. I am collecting the rainbow of solids in order to use them more and more. I love the way solids can really show off the quilting. Thanks for the chance!!

  160. I have always thought of solids as only background fabrics but after seeing all the great quilts out there and love the effects I have changed my selections and now am doing a solid quilt with sherbert colors and loving them…..can’t get enough!!! :)))

  161. Although I use at least one solid in every single quilt I make… I have only made one quilt with nothing but solids… But I have many all-solid ideas on my future quilt list!

  162. I have only used solids for sashing and small accents so far. I haven’t made very many quilts yet, so that will be changing.

  163. I use solids but never have I made a total solid quilt – I have admired many of them though! Thank you!!

  164. I’ve used solids in quilts but have never made a completely solid quilt. Your selections are beautiful.

  165. Love solids-especially the grey tones. Well, and then there are sherbet colors. They add so much to a quilt. Solids make a very bold statement-just look at the Amish quilts. They use solids and their quilts are gorgeous.

  166. I’ve never made a quilt using all solids. But, these are so beautiful, I’ll definitely give it a try.

  167. I use solids all the time! I’m a firm believer in mixing solid with prints. And I have made one all solids quilt. It’s a king size Storm at Sea/Snail Trails mix. It turned out beautifully.

  168. I use solids frequently but haven’t made a large quilt from just solids. There is always a first time though.

  169. I haven’t made an all solids quilt, but I do use solids all the time and not just for the background. I love mixing solids and prints.

  170. Love using solids. I’ve made everything from a king size quilt to a baby quilt with solids.

  171. I recently began “collecting” solid fabrics and finished my first (of hopefully many) solid quilts.

  172. I have used lots of white, snow, etc. to compliment the fabric, especially Christmas fabric. Used black in a Halloween quilt and browns with fall or Kansas Troubles fabric selections. Would love to complete a “color wheel” quilt ..a happy quilt for sure!! Thinking about using Bella lime as a background in a Sweetwater quilt. Love all the Bella solids!!!

  173. My few quilts have been created of both solids and prints together. I do enjoy quilts i have seen that were made from solids only.

  174. I’m using more solids than ever. I love the all solid look, and have made a small star quilt with all solids. Bella solids are so enjoyable to use in quilts!

  175. Many quilts I made years ago had solids. Not sure why I don’t use them much now! Maybe I need a bundle to get me inspired to try again!

  176. I made a houndstooth quilt using 5 different bella solids. They were so wonderful to work with.

  177. I’ve used lots of solids, but not for a whole quilt. With all the modern quilts out there today, they are really appealing! I’ll definitely be on the lookout foe some of the colors you have highlighted here. Thanks! Candy

  178. I rarely use solids for more than a background, but I am intrigued to try a quilt where the majority is comprised of solids. But maybe use a print binding like Sweetwater did one their one block minis.

  179. I’ve been watching (and admiring!) the quilt designs using solids. I have started adding bits of solids to my traditional stash and am abut ready to make my first all solid quil – just need to settle on the perfect pattern out of all the amazing patterns I’ve been observing.

  180. I have not yet ventured into the land of solids, but I’m heading that way . . . real soon! These are gorgeous bundles and delightful quilts. Bye . . . gotta go shoppin’

  181. Using them more and more, but still not for a full quilt – something for the to do list 🙂

  182. I use solids in almost all of my quilts, but mainly as backgrounds and borders. I’ve never made an all solids quilt, but I’d like to.

  183. I haven’t made an entire quilt with only solids but this gives me lots of inspiration to try. Thanks for the great recap and makes the solid world more appealing. Would love to win to start my stash of solids.

  184. I would love to use Bella solids in some mini quilts. I am new to quilting and minis make for good practice.

  185. What pretty eye candy. I don’t use a lot of solids in my quilts but there are many ideas given here that make me want to. Thanks for the inspiration .

  186. I tend to use solids for sashing and backgrounds. I have made one baby quilt with my limited solids stash. It turned out great! Thanks for the chance to add to my solids.

  187. I try to incorporate solids in 98% of my quilts. You guys are selling me on making a 100% solids quilt though! The colors are all so gorgeous!

  188. Love solids! I use them in almost every quilt and have made several all solids quilts. Big fan of solids!

  189. Except for some Amish quilts I made years ago I have never made a quilt using only solids, but after seeing these solids I think it is time! Thanks for the chance to make that possible soon.

  190. I sometimes use solids as secondary or accents in quilts. I haven’t made a quilt of only solids, yet. I’d love to try some of these patterns with these beautiful fabrics!

  191. I always use solids but usually along with prints – I’ve never used only solids but this post has definitely inspired me to!

  192. I actually don’t use many solids (other than neutrals), but these quilts look terrific, and I’d like to try an all-solid quilt!

  193. No, I have never made a quilt of all solids. I am always inspired by visiting Moda website and this one devoted to all solids is something I would like to work with in the future. I like to make children’s quilts and since I have a large family there is always a need. I’m having visions of some quilt pattern in primary colors.
    Thanks, Frankie.

  194. When I started quilting, I avoided solids entirely, using tone-on-tones instead. About a year ago, I became interested in solids, and now I really love the punch they can pack. I made my first quilt top from solids recently, and I’m getting ready to finish it with a favorite print…so opposite from my tradional M.O. and so exciting for me to try!

  195. I use a lot of solids and prints together, but I’ve never made an all solid quilt. But these pictues are certainly inspiring. I would like to do it now!

  196. I usually use solids to balance the batiks I’m using. These solids are delicious and I can see a quilt in solids in my future.

  197. I love solids and have used them in quilts: particularly as backgrounds. I haven’t made an all solid quilt yet, but suspect there will be one in my future!

  198. I was in a virtual bee which used all solids, although I am still quilting my blocks (hand quilting, one block at a time). I do mix in solids–I made an equilateral triangle quilt using 3 or 4 prints and 8 or so coordinating solids that turned out wonderfully–so I don’t just use them for backgrounds.

    ljridge4511 (at) gmail (dot) com

  199. That is on my list is a solid quilt. Love anything Mods. I was unable to download the free pattern from Zen Chic…….I have always try to buy some of each of her collections.

  200. My 10th quilt, a modern Drunkards Path, will be my first all solids quilt. I’m not a young thing, but I love solids and modern quilts!

  201. This would be amazing!! I don’t often use solids in my quilts, though I’m always drawn to quilts made with them!! I did just finish my Modern Building Blocks (except the binding) which was of course in Bella solids, and I’m working on Endless Summer that has solids mixed with prints!

  202. Ii just made my first quilt with just solids (on the top at least… the back was prints)… LOVED IT. I gifted it to my daughter’s teacher and miss it even though I know it went to a good home. Looking forward to using more solids.

  203. I do use solids, but not very often. I need to get braver with them!! They do look wonderful in a quilt though!! Thanks for the chance to win these!!

  204. I use solids in the mix with prints, but have never made an all solid quilt. I have patterns on my bucket list that I want to use with solids only. However, my stash is “solid fabric poor”. I could sure use these pretty bundles. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  205. I was given a lot of solid samples, which made me want to save them for a solid charm quilt. I don’t know if I’ll ever collect enough to actually make the quilt. The last quilt I made was all solids, in a trip around the world pattern in blues and greens, with some purple and maroon. It was very dramatic looking, but spare.

  206. Love these! I haven’t made a full-size solid quilt, but I have a couple of minis and mug rugs. I love to use several different solids to enhance the prints in the quilt.

  207. I love looking at printed fabric, but I feel the best looking at quilts made with all solids, so that’s the plan going forward.

  208. The last few years I’ve started including some solids in all my quilts. They add a nice quiet place for the eye to rest. I’ve never made a quilt out of all solids.

  209. I love Bella Solids and use them all the time. The quality is wonderful and the color is outstanding.

  210. You have the best job! Tempting us with all of these gorgeous quilts! So I have made a quilt back with solids using the Moda Block cards to make the 36 by 36″ blocks which I made 4 of, hoping it would be big enough for the back of my quilt, another Moda Bakeshop pattern from the Trifle along. It was not long enough and just a bit shy on the width! So I made more strips that were prints from the front as well as solids to make it long enough. It is now on my daughter’s bed and she has a reversible quilt. Thanks so much for all of your posts. I love them all! Even though I am green with envy at your job! 🙂 K-

  211. I have yet to make a solid quilt but your post gives us some wonderful examples! I use Bella solids a lot as a background. Thank you!

  212. My quilts are often made with solids. I love the contrast and minimalistic quality if can give. Moda ones have fantastic quality.

  213. I love using solids in quilt for the dimension they add and yes, I’ve made a quilt in just solids. Bella solids are outstanding – thanks for the chance to win some.

  214. I love to make scrappy quilts and have used solids mostly to expand my fabric selection. I discovered that I really like the effect solids lend to my ‘noisy’ designs!

  215. Truth be told…. I’ve NEVER used a solid in a quilt… I thought they were just plain. old. BORING…. zzzz…. BUT, then I made a popsicle (courtesy of Box of Figs)… and now I can appreciate the beauty of simple solid color… thank you for the opportunity to win a generous selection of solids! I sure like to add them to my quilts more often!

  216. I use solids only as contrasts/sashing but would love to to a whole solid quilt soon. Some ideas are already in my mind.

  217. I have not used too many solids in my quilts but I’m not sure what I was thinking. These quilts are beautiful and so inspirational! Now I am very anxious to try and the ideas are swirling. Thank you for the opportunity!

  218. I use solids mainly for binding but I am very inspired by the all the quilts on your blog. I love all of the beautiful bella colors!

  219. I don’t use solids too much, but, honestly, when I planned my day, even before I read this post, I decided to go to my LQS to buy . . . you guessed it. . . a passel of solids. I saw a very cool quilt design over the weekend that I think would be very popular around here, and it is composed completely of solids. Should be very cool.
    I love the idea of having a bundle of solids from Moda designers. There have been many, many times in my quilting lifetime when I could have used them, and I’m sure there will be many more opportunities in the future.

  220. There is a place for solids in every quilt, and when I am making “modern” quilts, solids give the perfect look!

  221. I always used prints in my quilting, until I made a tumbler quilt. I am now incorporating more solids into my quilts and loving them! Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway.

  222. I haven’t used many solids, but when I need one, the bella solids always have the color I need. Would be fun to play with a tower of designer solids!

  223. I use lots of solids, I like the crisp look. I think these designer bundles will be great, it has been a frustration trying to get the perfect match with a collection and the solids you think should complement then in a quilt. I’m really excited about this. Thanks

  224. I have only used solids in one quilt – on the back! After seeing these designs, I want to try it – on the front!

  225. I’ve rarely used solids in quilts since I just started quilting a few years ago. I’ve mostly stuck with precuts, but the release of these bundles definitely make me want to make some!

  226. Solids can be beautiful high notes in a quilt. For ever so long, they were the pause between the notes. Someone very wise once said, ‘the pause between the notes, that is where the art resides’. How true!

  227. I have a whole stack of patterns I want to make with solids but never have! This is the perfect excuse!!

  228. I love each and every one of these quilts using the Designer Bella Bundles. I love taking a pattern and completely changing the look of it by just using solids. I can’t wait to get my hands on these.

  229. When I go to the quilt store my eye goes right to the prints. So this would be a great challenge for me because I have never made a solid quilt before. Thanks for the chance to win this…

  230. I use solids all the time! I’m new to quilting and find the solid colors offer a fantastic way to keep it modern and fresh! Love your designs!

  231. I use solids in all my quilts along with a print. I’ve only made one quilt with all solids. It was different shades of blue!

  232. Solids are usually a part of my quilts. I think I would enjoy trying a quilt with just solids ….picking the correct colors is the key!

  233. I’ve never made a quilt using all solids, but I’m loving the look and feeling the “need” as I view all of the yummy groupings.

  234. I have started using more solids, but haven’t made an all solid quilt yet. I hope to soon. Love these bundles and what these designers have made with them!

  235. I haven’t use solids in my quilts, but am expanding my stash of them and plan to use them in a quilt in the future.

  236. I use solids in almost every quilt I make. Granted, it’s usually white or white-ish. I think an all solids quilt would be fun…OK, I’ve got 3 patterns in mind 😉

  237. I’ve never made a quilt without a solid … because most of the other fabrics are prints … definitely need solids to give the eye a little “rest” and to pull everything together. Moda makes the BEST SOLIDS. EVER. BTW … love the Niner quilt and Rush Hour … just my cuppa tea!

  238. I’m working on my VERY FIRST quilt and it’s all solids. I’m terrified, but I think it’s a super classy look. hopefully it’ll all work out!

  239. I love solids, but need to relearn how to use colors to best advantage. Am planning a rainbow strip quilt.

  240. Love all the color combinations. I already have a paper pieced pattern ready to go if I should win. Thank you for your offer.

  241. Can’t say that I’ve ever used all solids in a quilt, but I’m starting to use it here and there. I LOVE the bundles these talented artists have put together!!! Would love to win even 1 bundle!!

  242. I still love modern pattern best. But under the influence of modern designers such as Brigitte Heitland I begin to fancy delicate solids more and more.

  243. I use solids quite often in my quilts. Once I made a log cabin quilt out of solids. I was pleased with how it turned out.

  244. The first all solids quilt I made was the Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I am slowly collecting more solids. Of course, winning these bundles would certainly speed up the process! Thanks for the awesome give-away — and the totally awesome solids quilt show!

  245. I work with solids a lot and put at least a few in each of my quilts. When I first learned to quilt in 1995 I was afraid the calicos and prints I put together didn’t quite “match” so I stuck with solids. When the trend turned to working with solids a few years ago I felt like I was returning home!

  246. I have never made a quilt completely wit solids, but after seeing all of these beauties, it’s time to change that! All of the solid colors are luscious 🙂

  247. I love solids as visual relief from the prints. I do have a WIP of HST solids that needs quilting right now too!

  248. I’ve never used solids in a quilt, but I’ve been eyeing a simple strip pieced optical illusion quilt, that would really shine in solids…..

  249. I use solids quite often = makes a nice change from the prints and batiks. Love them all!

  250. I have not used all solids in a quilt, but you’ve just convinced me! I’ve only used solids as the background. The hardest thing will be which one do I do first 🙂

  251. HUGE fan of Amish and Mennonite quilts and have made quite a few copies — so of course – I LOVE solids! But OH MY– these desighner groups are the best thing since–sliced bread? precuts?

  252. They look FABULOUS! I have picked out a pattern to try a solids quilt, love the So Square quilt pattern but got caught in an never-ending loop trying to down load it. Seems the site is broken or the pattern isn’t really there. I think this bundles idea is brilliant.

  253. I have a solid sampler quilt in the makings. I have enough blocks I just need to decide on a setting, The background on all the blocks is black, so I confused on what to use for sashing. Other than this quilt I only use solids sparingly in my quilts.

  254. I haven’t made a solid only quilt, yet. Would V and C ombre qualfy? I would love the challenge. Thanks for the chance to play.

  255. I haven’t made a solid only quilt yet. I have always loved Amish quilts and would like to make a quilt in this style.

  256. Sadly, I haven’t made a quilt using all solids, but I would love to experiment with these colors. I’m particularly drawn to Rush Hour and the one block minis.

  257. I haven’t made a quilt of all solids, yet. I’m just trying to buy a variety right now. I made a pillow of solids and it’s my daughters fave.

  258. I’m something of a beginner to quilting. Only been at it a couple of years. I haven’t really used solids yet, but would love to try it. Winning these bundles would sure be a fun way to start!

  259. I usually use a solid as a background, but have an idea in mind for an all solids quilt — I love the look. These bundles are so beautiful! All of them!

  260. I have made my own list of designer solids from almost the same group of designers featured in this post :-). It is great that Moda offers these designers solids to go with their collections.. I love to work with their fabric lines and most often I use one to two solids for sashing, or part of block construction to accentuate the blocks, but I haven’t try to make a quilt yet with just solids only. If I won, I would want to make spool sampler and 6th grader. Thank you so much for the chance to win some yummy yummy bundles.

  261. I try to use some solids in each quilt. I always wondered why there were not nice little bundles of solids to go with each designer’s line, especially when buying online. I’m so excited to order a bundle or two (choosing will not be easy) and to make a quilt using all solids with a print binding. Thanks for the giveaway!

  262. I love solids, and recently made an all-solids quilt for our cat. It is one of my favorite quilts of all time! Now I want to make a larger version for the family–same color scheme, different blocks, maybe, just to shake it up a wee bit. Love those solids.

  263. I have done one all-solid quilt and am starting to try to mix them in with my prints more often.

  264. Loved all the solid colors in the quilts. Try to put some solids in my quilts and planning an all solids with the endless summer pattern. But may have to make more with a bundle or two. thanks for the giveaway.

  265. I haven’t up to this point, but seeing all the great quilts, it would definitely be on my bucket list.

  266. I’ve never completed an all solid quilt, but I have three all solid projects in my stash! The very first quilting class I took was an Amish-style quilt, hand-pieced, and it was almost all solid, but there was one subtle print in the mix. That one is finished, but not quilted…maybe you have inspired me to finish it now! 🙂

  267. Solids rock! I use them all the time. I like how they draw the eye and provide balance in quilts with prints, too. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a magnificent prize!

  268. I started my quilting years ago with mostly solids – I made several Amish-style quilts (and I still love those). And I still use solids mixed in with my prints. The Bella solids are a beautiful range of colors.

  269. I LOVE solids! I use solids in all of my quilts and have made 4 quilts with only solids…love them! I really like how the designers have projects for their bundles too!

  270. I use solids mainly in backgrounds. I have done some small projects with solids. I have made the zipper bags and placemats. The bundles would be perfect to launch a new BIG project.

  271. I always use Bella white 98 for white backgrounds but I’ve never done a completely solid quilt. I LOVE Rush Hour by V and Co. and have added it to my list!

  272. I’ve only made one all solids quilt, it was a small wallhanging. I would love to try a bigger one.

  273. I rarely use solids, and have never made a quilt that was all solids. After seeing these, though, I think that’s about to change. They’re all just beautiful!

  274. I use mostly solids in every quilt I make. The exception is when I am making a Christmas quilt. I love Christmas prints. Thanks!

  275. Yes, I use solids, but confess to a fallback position of white or snow to set off the bright prints I favor. These curated collections are making me itchy to expand my solids horizon, though, lol!!

  276. I’m making a fusion quilt (crochet joined squares) using Little Ruby, and I found a PERFECT Bella solid to match each print, so my quilt will be patterned on one side and solids on the other. Or maybe I will just jumble it all up and enjoy having a totally reversible quilt. The Figtree solids are to die for!!

  277. I haven’t quilted with only solids, but my completed pile is very small. But these solids are gorgeous and make my want to add to my collection!

  278. I don’t use solids often because I haven’t been quilting for long. But I usually ask for solids during gift giving time because it is what I always lack. One of the first quilts I made had quite a bit of solid fabrics and I like the way it looks. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  279. I’ve just recently started appreciating solids in quilts. I find myself wanting to use them much more now that I’ve realized how beautiful they are. Would love to win these bundles!

  280. I often use solids in quilts. I have made one baby quilt of solids only. The quilts made with solids above are an inspiration to use more solids. Beautiful quilts!

  281. I have my eye on a all solids quilt – otherwise I use solids as needed. I have also used solid in the row by row quilts.

  282. Made a few Amish quilts years ago. I have started using Bella solids as backgrounds. I guess a solids quilt will be added to my list.

  283. I alternate between solid color quilts and print quilts. I feel like the solid color quilts keep me in touch with new, modern styles whilst print is for the more traditional designs. These bundles are going to inspire me for a long long time. Thank you so much.

  284. I almost always use some solids in quilts, if the pattern and/or the fabric is ‘busy’, it gives the eyes somewhere to rest.

  285. I’ve not yet used only solids, but I’m really inspired by Your splendid presentation. The quilts are lovely! I never thought only solids would look so interesting.

  286. I love to throw a few solids into many of my quilts but I still want to make a totally “solids” quilt with a modern flavor and one of your bundles would be “just the thing” to get me started. All the bundles are awe inspiring.

  287. I am currently paper piecing a solids quilt but this is the first time I’ve used them exclusively in a project. It’s fun to see what each designer has done with their bundle.

  288. I used lots of solids when I first started quilting….fell in love with Amish quilts! Then got away from them and hardly ever put a solid in a quilt. But I am back….love the look of a solid background and have even done a couple of quilts that use only solids.

  289. I am sewing together the rows in your Village quilt pattern. There are errors in the measurements and I cannot find an errata page online. In the directions, the background rectangles either total 8″ or 7.5″ and this makes it impossible to piece the rows together. Would you please direct me to the corrections for this pattern? Thank you.

  290. I have never made an all solids quilt but maybe this would be a great way to start! So much inspiration and since I just happen to have 4 charm packs of ‘Flow’ who knows. Thanks for the chance.

  291. I’m working with blue and brown now in a Hubter’s Star pattern. Solid really make things ‘pop,’

  292. I haven’t yet made a quilt using solids only, but always look for the coordinating solid bundles supporting major collections to add in for variety. After seeing the Bella solid designer bundles presented today, I’d really love to have one of each bundle! They are all so scrumptious.
    ktsquiltdreams (at)gmail (dot)com

  293. At the moment, I have 2 quilts started using only solids. So glad to have the coordinating options! Thanks for the chance to win!

  294. I have only used solids when doing red work in my quilts.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  295. I’ve made 1 quilt with solids…still waiting to be finished! I LOVE “So Square” from this post, really want to make one for my niece who graduates from high school in the spring.

  296. Please ignore my earlier question about the Village quilt. It was user error. My apologies.

    1. Hi Mary Beth! There’s no need to apologize – this is the kind of goof I would have made. 🙂

      Take care and I hope you love your finished Village quilt!

  297. I have only used solids as accents in quilts, but I did make an Amish inspired pillow top from solids that I really liked!

  298. I love solids! I’ve been wanting to do another all solid quilt (my last was a pinwheel design). I love V and Co’s Rush Hour. Thanks for the chance!

  299. I recently visited the Quilt Museum in Lincoln, NE. I was surprised at how many quilts they had that were made in the 20s and 30s that were made with solids. I thought the ‘solid craze’ was a new, modern take.
    I fell in love with the quilt, “Spool Sampler”. When I clicked on the link you provided I couldn’t do a download of the pattern even though you said it was a free pattern. I also did a Google search and didn’t get far. Can you help me find the link to download the pattern? Thanks.

  300. I’m using Solids more than ever and have loved Bella Solids since they were first released. Naturally would love to win! LOL

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