It’s like a candy shop…

Or an ice cream shop or a bakery… just for quilters.  Yes, I was over in the Notions warehouse again… and I found a few things to share.


I love books and these have been on my “is this book ever going to get here…” list.  From the top –

A Spoonful of Sugar by Lisa Cox.  You might know Lisa and her daughter, Sarah, from their wonderful blog, A Spoonful of Sugar – Make. Bake. Create.  And her Instagram or Pinterest.  If you love the things she makes, you’ll love this book.  As it is with her tutorials and projects, the instructions are well-done and easy to follow.  Lisa has a wonderful style with labels, ribbon, ruffles and all the little touches that make something extra-specially good. Those Aussies… they sure know how to make really cute stuff.

Modern Vintage Gifts by Helen Philipps. This is Helen’s 9th book and while I don’t think I know all of them, I know I loved the last one.  The style of project is similar to Lisa’s but the color palette is a little lighter.  The instructions are well-done and the projects are the sort that will make wonderful gifts for friends – the stitchy-kind and the not-stitchy-kind.

Cabin Fever by Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting.  This book actually came out last year but I kept missing it when it was out-of-stock.  I finally got lucky!  You know I love Log Cabin quilts so it stands to reason that I would love the many variations of it, especially those that are bold, graphic and modern.  Natalia and Kathleen are talented quilters and this book is a great follow-up to their terrific Modern One-Block Quilts.

Natalia is also the author of two excellent books on machine-quilting – Beginner’s Guide to Free-Motion Quilting and Next Steps in Machine Quilting.

Strip Your Stash by Gudrun Erla.  Also not a brand-new book, also one I kept missing out on!  But I’m a big fan of Gudrun and her work so I grabbed it when I saw it. You probably know Gudrun from GE Designs – she’s a nice Minnesota girl… by way of Iceland.  She’s also a runner – have you ever heard of the Ragnar Marathon?  It’s seriously nuts but Gudrun makes awesome quilts so she’s allowed an eccentricity or two. (Okay, we’re really just jealous of what great shape she’s in.) (This picture is from Gudrun’s Instagram


Gudrun Ragnar

Scrap-Basket Strips and Squares by Kim Brackett.  This is the fourth of Kim’s “scrap-basket” books – even though the first three were kind of so-so, she’s so nice that everybody keeps giving her a chance to finally get it right… yeah. Right. Sure.  Kim’s books are awesome! (The first three are Scrap Basket Surprises, Scrap Basket Sensations and Scrap Basket Beauties.)  They’ve all been huge best-sellers and deservedly so – each book is filled with quilts you want to make right. this. minute.  This one is no exception – Wildflowers.  I need to make that quilt.

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting by Angela Walters and Christa Watson.  To say that these ladies are phenomenally talented and skilled machine-quilters would be obvious as I’m sure you’ve seen their work.  It’s everywhere – it’s that good.  Angela is primarily a long-arm quilter and Christa works mostly on a home-sewing machine.  What is so great about this book is that it shows you what – and how – the same quilting can be done on each machine, and which machine might work best for certain types of quilting.  It’s everything you never knew you really should know about “when, where, why and how to finish your quilts.”

That’s it for today… I found a few other things in the warehouse that I’ll share later.

I’d share them now but I have this stack of books work to read do…

Okay, I really have some work to finish for Quilt Market.  And Schoolhouse.  And Market.  We leave for Salt Lake City in two weeks.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I love Cabin Fever. I’ve made several of those quilts. You’ll find a wealth of good ideas!

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