Get along little quilter…

I’m a little late with this part but I’m ready to go.


Okay.  So I’m a little behind on this part too.  Would you believe me if I told you I like deadlines?  That I like doing things at my own pace… so that it might go un-noticed if I make a little change or two?

Here’s the skinny – Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms has designed a terrific pattern to go with the Little Ruby collection she did with her very sweet Mom, Bonnie.  They’re Bonnie & Camille.


Bonnie & Camille took their gorgeous Ruby collection and down-sized the scale of the prints.  The result is a collection of prints that works beautifully on it’s own, or mixes with other collections – both Bonnie & Camille’s and other designer collections.  These prints are ideal little “basics” and blenders.

Camille partnered with Kimberly and the folks at the Fat Quarter Shop for a Little Ruby Quilt-Along.  Since I’ve always loved the “spinner” block in the quilt… and since the quilt can be strip-pieced using Jelly Rolls… and since I love quilts made with 60-degree triangles… of course I was on board with the quilt-along.  Did I mention that the pattern is free?  It is and it’s available on the Jolly Jabber.


You’ll want to check the blog post because there are links to about eighteen other quilters making this quilt.  There are several using Little Ruby for their quilts but there are quilt a few differences with background and setting fabrics.  And I’m pretty sure someone is going to want to make a change or two.  (Someone else.)

I decided to use a Jelly Roll of Jen Kingwell’s Moving On Lawns.


I love these fabrics – I might even be a little obsessed with them.  For my background, I’m using the dark grid print from Jen’s Behind the Scenes.

My inspiration is the Lawn Star quilt on the back wall of Jen’s booth at Quilt Market.


Ignore the rest of the picture – Jen wrote that Richard is enjoying the attention and I should stop writing nice things about him.  (Except how can you not like a man who wears shirts made with his wife’s fabric?  And gets her tickets to Adele?)

So that’s where I am – I’m also adding in some strips cut from Jen’s Lollies  fabrics.  (Yes, it’s okay to mix cotton lawns with regular quilting cottons.)

More next week – Part 2.  Any guesses on how many blocks I get done?

Happy Tuesday!

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15 thoughts on “Get along little quilter…

  1. I like the fabrics you’ve picked and making a change or two is always allowed (I rarely made a pattern without one;-)
    And speaking of changes I’ve made your ‘Village’ pattern for last month parade in a down-sized Schnibbles version. Here’s a link to it on my instagram page:
    As you can see someone ask about sharing my version but I don’t wanna do this without your permission. I would love to send you the pattern but can’t find your email address and the one I have is an old one I think. Could you please send me your email address then I can send you the pattern and you can do with it whatever you want. Thanks so much for your help!

  2. I want to participate but don’t have the cutting rulers needed, is there a way to do this without the specialty rulers? I love the design, and have a jelly roll just waiting to be used.

    1. Hi Margaret – Funny that you should ask. I’m not using that ruler either. I’m using a regular 60-degree triangle ruler – mine is by Creative Grids but I think Marti Michell also does a version.

      Cutting the wedge-piece for the setting will be tricky but it is do-able. I will be using the Hex-n-more ruler by Jaybird Quilts because it’s one I have and like. I have thought about getting the CG Hexagon Trim Tool though because it is quite versatile.

      I’ll show how I’m cutting my triangles next week. Or Friday. 🙂

      1. Carrie, double check, but I don’t think the Tri part of the Tri-Recs is 60 degrees. I remember this coming up on a quiltalong once.

        1. It works but you’re right, it’s not a 60-degree exact ruler and it can create problems. So edit complete – and thank you!

      2. This is such great news!!! I was hoping someone could come up with an alternative and I have the hex-n-more ruler and a 60 degree ruler! 🙂 The ones they are featuring are wonderful….however, the $50 is not happening right now to buy them.
        Look forward to your work-a-round! 🙂

      3. I do have the 60-degree triangle ruler – CG, have used for a couple of other projects.
        I currently do not have a hexi ruler, guess I might have to look into getting one.
        I look for your post on the triangles.
        Love reading this blog. Both you and Linzee do a great job, keep us informed.

  3. Let’s put quilting aside for a moment! HE GOT HIS WIFE TICKETS TO ADELE??? He is a keeper no matter what shirt he chooses to wear!

  4. I love those shirts, the fabric, the quilt pattern, everything! Jen definitely better hold on to him….Adele??!!!!

  5. Can’t we just use the Hex & more ruler since one side cuts 60 degree triangles and the other side cuts hexagons? I have it but never used it yet. I would rather not buy another 1-2 rulers when I could buy more fabric! I am hoping to start cutting so would love some great advice.

  6. Carrie there was a quilt from the fall market I loved but can not find it I think fabric was wordsmith!! So frustrating they show these quilts but can’t find them!!! It was red white and grey

    1. Hi Patty – From your description of Red, White and Grey, I’m betting the collection is JOL by Wenche Wolff Hatling. (The Wordsmith is Slate, Leaf Green, Ink ~ Navy, Cream and a taupe-ish Grey.)

      To see JOL and find the quilt that would have been at Fall Quilt Market, this might help –

  7. This is going to be wonderful!! I am using Jen’s lawns for EPP and it is a dream to sew with! I had never used them before! Can’t wait to see your progress on this quilt!

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