Camp Moda ~ Part 1

Welcome to Camp Moda!


Or Spring International Quilt Market 2016 – in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Where the power went out last night sometime after 10:00 pm – and stayed off for I’m not sure how long.  (I fell asleep.)

Yesterday was Schoolhouse – I’ll tell you more about that in a few days – and Quilt Market officially opens today.  (Market is not open to the public, it is a trade show open only to credentialed companies and individuals in the quilt, sewing and textile industries.)

Most everything is done but the carpets in the convention center need to be laid and the last-minute finishing touches done.  But I know you want pictures.  Chairs are still on tables so no full pictures of the booth just yet – but Holly and Lissa decided that we needed to go to Camp this time.

So Holly built a boat.


I’ll be telling you more about this after Market for now, let it suffice to say that the girl built a boat from cardboard in a day… from “blueprints” in her head.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.


You can’t go to camp without a tent – a really cool tent.  With a cot and pillows.


There are quite a few of us and we are expecting company so we added a teepee for additional accommodations.


A macrame cot – I told you Holly was amazing – complete with quilts and a few pillows.

There will be a lot more pictures in the coming days but I know you want to see the designer booths.  After input from all the “creative types”, Lissa and Holly decided to try a different floor-plan and fabrication for the booths.  Cardboard.  Yes, cardboard!

The sheets are 4′ x 8′ and about 2″ thick.  Four sheets of cardboard were attached to each other to form a large “X”, giving each designer almost 8 feet of wall-space.  The “X”s were then positioned so that there is an s-like flow through the booths.  Designers are next to each other – and across from each other – and it’s a really cool change.  And yes, the floors are cardboard too – a thinner sheet that also measures 4′ x 8′.

Quilts can be pinned directly to the cardboard – which can be pained, covered with paper or decorated.  Beth Snyder of OneCanoeTwo is a painter so she painted flowers, the name of her new collection – Hazelwood – and then filled in the wall with quilts, pictures, fabric and such.


Hazelwood by OneCanoeTwo – that spiderweb quilt is gorgeous.  (You should know that while I love all the new collections, this is one of my favorites.) (Yes, I’m sure I will say that a dozen times or more.)


The lovely Sweetwater ladies – Lisa and mom, Karla were in Salt Lake City – covered their walls with a paper that looks like tree-bark.  It’s a perfect backdrop for their The Treehouse Club collection.


These mini blocks were made using Sweetwater’s new Designer Series bundles of 12 Bella Solids – chosen by them in colors that coordinate with their collections.  (More on those soon.)


Sandy Klop – American Jane.  Sandy’s new collection is Hop, Skip and a Jump.


This is Four Grand – and it’s gorgeous, huge (90″ x 90″) and so very much better in person.


Handmade by Bonnie & Camille.  This is Bonnie’s side – Cotton Way.  Camille is around the corner on the right.

The Spool Quilt is one of Bonnie’s new patterns – it’s also going to be a kit from Moda.  As you can see, there is also a variation done with Bella Solids – Bonnie & Camille also have a Designer Series bundle.


I hope those pincushions – and that sewing machine – is nailed down.  Gorilla Glue.  They’re that adorable.


Kansas Troubles – Lynne Hagmeier.  Oak Haven is Lynne’s new collection – it is gloriously Fall.  Acorns, vividly-colored leaves and pumpkins.

That table – Lynne made it from cardboard and the edge of the table is made with spools of Aurifil thread.  How clever is that?


A Quilting Life – Sherri & Chelsi.  The new collection is Desert Bloom and the quilts are all new patterns from A Quilting Life.  The colors in Desert Bloom are beautiful – Navy, Aqua, Citrine, Pumpkin, a gorgeous Coral-Persimmon shade and Cream.

If you see on the left, that’s how the booths are next to each other – that’s Shannon Orr with Acreage.  And that’s tomorrow.


Barb & Mary – Me & My Sister Designs.  (I’m begging forgiveness with the lighting in some of these pictures, not all the interior lights were on yet.). But Barb & Mary will definitely try to Brighten Up! our little Camp with their new collection – Brighten Up!  Me & My Sister – also a Bella Designer Series bundle – coming soon.  It’s there in the picture – top shelf, in front of the framed picture.


Minick & Simpson – Polly & Laurie – with Grand Traverse Bay.  The glorious quilt on the right is Portage Lake.  It’s a Block of the Month that includes pieces from Miss Scarlet – it’s also available as a kit.  Laurie’s is hand-appliquéd, machine-pieced and hand-quilted.  And there is a little bit of embroidery.

Betsy Chutchian is their neighbor on the right – tomorrow.


Corey Yoder – Coriander Quilts – and Sundrops.  Yellow, Coral, Red, two shades of Gray, White and Green – it’s quite wonderful.

Do you see the picture of Corey on the left-side – at the top of her “waterfall” of fabric?  Instead of a sign with just their name on it, this year, all of the designers are identified with their pictures.  The tags on their collections will also use these images so you can get to know the people behind the designer names – the faces of Moda.


This is the Make & Take area – with all the designers’ pictures on the wall.

The entire designer booth space is 20′ wide and 80′ long.  There are thirty designers with booths in the space.


Flight by Janet Clare – inspired by the spirit of adventure that embodies flying.  More about Janet’s beautiful quilts in the coming days – she wasn’t quite finished with her booth but I snagged a picture anyway because I love the colors in this collection.  Do you see the pieces that look almost “peach” colored?  They’re actually red prints on a cream background – perfection!


Olive’s Flower Market – by Lella Boutique.  Vanessa Goertzen’s booth is one of my favorites.  I love the “wood” walls.  And the fabric.  And those pillows.  And the flowers.  And this…


The girl thought of every detail.


Chestnut Street by Fig Tree & Co. – Joanna Figueroa.  This collection is a riff on the hugely popular Farmhouse – tweaked just a bit.  It’s classic Fig Tree but still different – vintage but not old-fashioned.  (Wait for it… one of my favorites.)

The quilts on the right feature Joanna’s Bella Designer Series bundle of 12 fat quarters – she’s made several yummy quilts using the palette that she calls “Sherbets and Creams.”

A new feature in Camp Moda is our Moda Basics Booth – featuring our popular Grunge fabrics, Bella Solids and a few other things.


The quilts on the racks are all made with Bella Designer Series bundles – there are seven different designer assortments.  In addition to Me & My Sister, Fig Tree, Sweetwater and Bonnie & Camille, there are bundles from Zen Chic, Vanessa Christenson – V & Co. – and Kate Spain.

Most of the quilts shown are made with Moda’s 12-Pack patterns.


At the other end of the booth – Katy Perry.


Made by… Holly Hickman.  It’s the first quilt she made entirely by herself – design, layout, sewing and machine quilting.  Boats, booths and quilts.  It’s all about the power-tools, isn’t it?

More tomorrow!

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46 thoughts on “Camp Moda ~ Part 1

  1. The only really dreadful thing about this post is that it is like walking past the bakery window filled with delectable treats, each one better than the next- and it is closed! Oh, how just once I could get to see Quilt Market live and in person. Until then I will relish each and ever post!

  2. Love your sharing of the Quilt Market! It is a small window for us, who can only see and experience it from afar – but a wonderful window into all the excitement of this weekend! Thank You Carrie!!

  3. OMG, I love it all. Wish I could be there to drool in person. I can’t decide what I love best and I know there are even more designers you didn’t show.

  4. Could I just carry your bags next year and do clean up for you? I would just love to be part of the expirence! Thank you for sharing with us who aren’t in the industry, but support our habit through it. :). These displays are killing me!! To beautiful!!

  5. Wow-sure don’t envy the shop owners having to choose! Those are all beautiful-just makes me want to get some of the things I already have started finished so I can start something new when these beauties come along!

  6. I almost feel as if I’m there following right behind you. Thank you for including us out here in the hinterlands in your experience. One request–A picture with you in it!

  7. Cardboard how really imaginative so perfect light weight sturdy recyclable.
    Katy Perry …… While I do “know her” ( I am 65 years old many names in the music world I do not “know”) I am old I saw Elizabeth Tayor’s face when I first looked at this beautiful quilt of course now that I know it’s Katy it looks just like her, the quilt is beautiful as is the woman.

  8. It is also like a bakery and I have a gluten allergy. Alas. I only live 6 miles from all this beauty. Can I get in? No. This is very H. A. R. D. I want to crash in to see this live for myself!! However, I do not wish to be arrested. I will go work out at the gym. Thank you for all these yummy, delicious pictures!

  9. These are beautiful fabrics and patterns! Hmmm…. Which one am I going to start first? Thanks for sharing…

  10. I loved seeing every single booth! So many new projects in store – so little time!!

  11. Your blog post is better than Instagram…it is that good!!! I have been on pins and needles to see what would be next for 1Canoe2..I love Tucker Prairie so much! It looks like another winner! Love SunDrop! And Vanessa Goertzen is starting to always make my list!!! :)The clever, innovative cardboard, all the designer beauty…every Moda setup exceeds the last…don’t know how y’all do it! It is part of why you are waaay at the top of the heap! Well done, both the Camp, the new fabrics and not least of all, this blog post!!! 🙂 THANK you!!!!!

  12. Great post and loved seeing all the beautiful quilts, booths, colors, etc. at the market!! It must be overwhelming and exciting! Thanks for sharing – Moda is truly creative and wonderful!

  13. I love the faces of the designers and hope that continues in other areas of the marketing campaigns. It really reminds us these are very creative artists who have a sewing room and stash—just like us (maybe?)

  14. What a tremendous effort by (I can’t imagine how many?!) so many beautifully talented people! Not just the projects, but the styling of each “mini” booth! My stomach is actually filled with butterflies of excitement viewing these photos!!!
    Well done MOda peeps!

  15. Thanks for summing up the start of quilt market in Salt Lake City. So many designers have slipped away from blogs to Instagram, etc., I lose track of what’s new for my favorites. I’m really not able to sit and look at photographs till my eyes glaze over. I need something to remember the new goodies with when they are available. I am always inspired by quilt markets even if I have to wait months for the goodies. I DO remember the goodies and I DO look for them at the far-away shops or on-line when they are available. I thought I just loved the tassels on the tent, but the early photos of the booths, fabric and quilts have my imagination in overdrive. Thanks Carrie.

  16. The Spool Quilt, OMG, I’m going to need that pattern. And the whirligig one from Fig Tree. Love love the cardboard idea and how each designer filled theirs out! It would be wonderful to go to this camp.

  17. Love, love this post. Can’t wait to get some of the new patterns and fabric. For now, I need to wipe the drool from my face.yeT

    1. Hi Wanda – I’m sorry but Katy is a one-of-a-kind quilt and there won’t be a pattern for it.

      1. Oh well, never hurts to ask. Thanks Carrie! I have been inspired to try making my own portrait quilt!

  18. Someone needs to do one of Madonna. She is after all…the Material Girl. Well, actually she totally despises that label, but whatev. Gorgeous pics! Really loving on Chestnut Street, Hop Skip & Jump, Sundrops & Olive’s Flower Market. Oh heck…love them all!

    1. Hi JoLynn – I’m not sure which quilt-project you’re asking about. Where in the booth was it? And can you describe it?

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