Quilter. Maker. Sewist.

Have you ever wondered what it is about taking little bits of fabric and sewing it together that appeals to you?


I do – and I thought about it a lot while making these two pincushions.

There wasn’t any intent – I definitely didn’t need another pincushion.  But there were these itty-bitty scraps of fabric, maybe 25 pieces in all, the biggest of which was approx. 1″ wide b y 5″ long.  They were the trimmings from the layouts made to record each collection – in this case, Jen Kingwell‘s Moving On Lawns.  I saw them laying on the table in Eladia’s office and well… I just couldn’t help myself.  They just needed to be made into something.

If you’re curious, the final strike-offs for each collection are cut and arranged in a layout of as many as ten pages.  The original sheets with the fabric swatches are kept as a record.  The pages are then scanned and paper copies showing the collection are sent to the designer, distributors who request them and a few other folks who want or need it.  This work is all done by sweet Eladia – who is quite used to my being distracted by the piles of pretty scraps in her office.  (Squirrel!)

So is this an obsession – or is it a passion?

Why do you “make stuff”?


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23 thoughts on “Quilter. Maker. Sewist.

  1. That’s a good question. . . why do I like to sew little scraps together?!?!?! I really don’t know but it certainly does make me smile.

  2. Definitly a passion for me! Why I’m doing it? Because I like to make unique and beautiful and useful things. And I secretly like the thought that one future day my things will still be used and treasured.

  3. Ha! Reminds me of when, many years ago, my non-quilting friend used to introduce me and say, “she thinks that sewing little pieces of fabric together is fun.” – like it was an affliction that should be addressed by a professional.

  4. I’ve been driven to “make stuff” ever since I was about 11 or 12. The process is my form of relaxation and if I don’t work on anything for over a week, I feel the deprivation. Hey, it’s better for me and probably cheaper than either drugs or therapy.

    1. That’s what I’ve always said, “cheaper than drugs or therapy.” A $150 purchase of fabric is way more bang for the buck in my book and I have something that will last!

  5. My immediate response to your question was because “I can!” Thinking more about it it’s really something I enjoy, truly gives me much pleasure & great joy! Yes! It’s truly my happy place to be in my sewing room auditioning, cutting & sewing fabric back together! What could be better?

  6. You have the BEST job! How fun to be able to just pick up the latest fabrics and sew together something so beautiful. Sometimes I don’t want a whole quilt, but pieces to sew together!! Makes me happy!

  7. I make because I can’t not make and that’s been true for at least 60 years. I do have a question: What does “squirrel” mean, as you used it above. I’ve seen that before, and never been able to figure it out! That and the intent of the “Marco” “Polo” exchanges I hear and see.

    1. Hi there!
      Squirrel is meant to show that we are distracted, as when a dog chases a squirrel. My elder daughter recently said “oh, look…something shiny…” when I brought up a subject she didn’t want to discuss, so I replied ” not ‘squirreling’ me, meaning I wouldn’t be redirected from the topic at hand. It refers to being sidetracked. Hope this helps.
      Marco, Polo is what many of us use to find each other in a public place; instead of using cell phones, we just yell “Marco” and the other person yells “Polo”. Sigh. I remember when my girls and I used this because they didn’t have cell phones!

  8. The best way to explain it is to say , I can’t NOT do it. I know, double negative, but truly it is about who I am, how I function, what I do. It is how I live.

  9. It zones me out. All my troubles and worries vanish when I’m in my sewing room. It’s relaxing and pleasurable kind of like eating chocolate but without the calories!

  10. I can’t say why I cut up perfectly good pieces of fabric and sew them back together. It sounds crazy, it is crazy but I keep doing it- and loving it too!

  11. My Granny, whom I adored, made quilts. And so, that appeals to me. Of course my Granny used old clothing and would be appalled to know what I spend on brand new beautiful fabric that I cut up for quilts!!! But, as has been said, it relaxes me, challenges me, makes me happy and it’s fun to share with others!

  12. I call it wild sewing. After a detailed project, I just use my serger and sew strips together–just to sew–no match, no points, just sew. When I have a piece larger enough, I cut into 6″ blocks. Sew these with another 6″ square of novelty fabric and make a donation quilt. Relieves my stress, it’s fun, and someone gets a quilt that they can throw around and not be afraid of hurting. Win/win!

  13. I make because it makes me happy happy happy… and it keeps my hands occupied so I don’t harm others… which is a good thing… as I don’t think they let you have scissors in prison!

  14. I “make stuff” because I like making quilts (hugs) for those who may be at the lowest point in their lives. They could certainly use a good “hug” from someone they may never meet, just knowing that someone cares.

  15. So funny you should ask today, after four days of rain, and likely two or more still ahead! We have 20 miles of mud before gravel, then 25 more of gravel before pavement! All that to say, I find myself with time on my hands…sew I make stuff 😀

  16. I don’t have to think, I can zone out, it puts me in my happy place – and, its quiet! I also hope it keeps the recipients of my quilts, etc. in a happy place!

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