Planning ahead…

You know the names.  You probably know most of the faces.


While not all of these talented Moda designers will be in Salt Lake City next month, at least thirty of them will be.  And one of the many things on my “Market to-do list” is to chat with each of them.

To that end, I would love your assistance.  If you could “hang with” one – or more – of the Moda designers for a little while, what would you talk about?

If you have a favorite designer – or designers – what would you like to know about them? What is it about their fabric – or them – that you like?

Is there something quirky or silly you’d love to know?  You know… do they sew with M&Ms or Goldfish crackers?

Happy Monday!


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40 thoughts on “Planning ahead…

  1. Bonnie and Camille! It would be such a dream to meet them! I think that the fabric they create is something that is so classic and traditional, yet bright and fun. I think that is why I like them so much! And their patterns are always great, I would love to know what kind of software they use to make their patterns!

  2. I would like to know from any or all of them how they juggle their busy schedules, find time to quilt and design fabrics plus care for their families. Do they have live-in maids or full-time chefs or are they just superwomen?

  3. Joann from Fig Tree. I love her fabric and her patterns. I’d like to know how she comes up with her pattern designs. They are exquisite!!!!

  4. I know I’m weird but since his picture is there, I’d like to talk to Mr. Dunn. I’d ask about Moda and if he had advice for young people starting out that I could pass along to my daughter.

  5. I want to know if they prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate? And I want to know if each of them has a Most Favorite pattern they’ve designed? I’d like to spend the afternoon with either Joanna or with Bonnie and Camille. I love dark colors but I’m always drawn to their color pallet.

    1. I second this…also some years several designers have similar themes-is that a fluke or do they chat or does Moda suggest??

  6. I would love to tell each of them how much I appreciate all of their hard work! And if they could squeeze it in, would they like to have a sew day with me??

  7. Barbara Brackman, Betsy Chutchian & Primitive Gatherings. I would like to know how they store their fabrics. Are they fabric collectors or can they part with their fabrics? Carrie even if you do not design fabric I would love to spend time with you. I admire all your patterns! I am currently on the hunt for Eventide. Any advise for me?

  8. We all seem to have a favourite fabric designer – I’d be interested to know who’s fabric the designers hoard.

  9. I would like to know what their background is –do they have a degree in art or textiles or design, or are they self taught. Thanks!

  10. I would love to know from Barbara Brackman: “If she had one quilt she has not made yet that would be inspired from a historical quilt from her travels and knowledge base, what would it be? And is there a picture of that quilt that the public could find?

  11. I would love to talk to Kate Spain and ask her how she got the courage to take the leap into designing fabric and patterns. What was her biggest stumbling block? When was the moment she knew she had “made it!”?

  12. Mary and Barb – Me and My Sister, love their fabric, the bright colors are wonderful. Inquiring minds want to know what they thought they would be when they grew up, the question you get in about 3rd or 4th grade? I live in the St Louis area and believe next spring the Market will be here. I hope there is a way for me to sneak into the market and meet several of these inspiring quilters or take a class from some wonderful industry leaders. Carrie want to have dinner one evening next year??

  13. General questions for any/all the designers. My acquisitive side takes over now and then and one result is that I just have to give away or sell off fabric because there is no room for more in my house – I’ve taken over 2 rooms, we have storage sheds and we’ve built on to the house already. I don’t NEED more fabric, but it whispers, it beckons, it downright hollers at me to take it home… Do your designers have similar challenges?

    And secondly – neatness! Even when I’ve seen photos of designer’s work area while there is “work in progress”, those areas always appear so neat! Have they learned to put things away before starting on a new project? Have enough space to separate projects so there is no crossover? Have secret stash boxes/drawers where everything gets shoved out of sight for the picture? What is their secret? (House elves and magic fairies don’t count.)

  14. I’d love to know two things – their favorite go to solid color and second, if they aren’t sewing with their fabric, who are some of their favorite go to designers!

  15. There are at least 16 of them that I love to ‘keep an eye on’ either through blog/videos – or favorite fabrics they have designed. I admire each and every one for their dedication. I would love to know how they juggle their deadlines and commitments with their daily lives in the time frame they have?

  16. When they become Moda designers, do they ever become not Moda designers. How long do they decide to stay in the business? Do they retire or move in a different direction with their talent? Maybe that’s a question for you, Carrie.

  17. I wonder how they get their ideas? Are they directed to use the Pantone “color of the year” which I have found to be usually a color usually is used only by the Better HOmes and Gardens Ouse of the year.

  18. Well …. Joanna from Figs of course. I love all her stuff. I would ask, how does she find time to sew all the things she makes (does she really sew them or does she have staff sewing them?) And if she needs help, I’d love to lend my two hands. How does she keep everything all organized? Blocks of the month, Little Box of Figs, fabric lines, sew-alongs. I’m amazed; she’s, dare I say, magical! How does she do it?

  19. I second comments from Ruthquilts55…fabric DOES speak to you…no other explanation for the need to buy a particular line…

    I’m always curious about the path someone takes to their current job- for lack of a better term. What did you aspire to- what did you go to school/ train for- how did you support yourself 20 years ago? Was the textile industry always a goal or an unplanned happening?

  20. I would like to know how they all became Moda Designers and why they decided to go that direction in their career.

  21. I would love to hear their ideas on helping small quilt shops builld a following in our shops of a their designs … more free pattern handouts with panels an blenders, or whatever they could encourage the fabric company to provide at a discount to offset the rising prices of quilt-quality fabrics.

  22. Favorite candy? Favorite color? Hometown? Favorite sport/team? Favorite line they have designed so far? Favorite place to visit/holiday? What was their first quilt? Or what got them interested in fabric and quilting? Place they would like to visit but have not yet been.

  23. I would love to spend time with Lynne Hagmeier. KT is my very favorite fabric lines. I love that all lines blend together and the richness of the fabrics. I hope Lynne continues to design for a very long time. Thank you Lynne for sharing your talent and keeping us inspired.

  24. I would love to hang with Lisa Bongean. Of course I like her Moda lines, but my hand work goes to the woolie side which Lisa does like no other. Since she goes back and forth between her new CA store and her WI store, I would ask which cuisine she likes best. 🙂 Then meeting any of the designers, I would ask where their design influence comes from.

  25. I would like to know their one favorite experience of a quilt they gave to someone. What pattern was it, how well was it received, and most importantly – how did they feel about giving it?

  26. I would love to ask Lynne from Kansas Troubles…On her choice colors for all of their lines. They are my favorite and every line is beautiful. Warm and inviting. The colors remind me of a warm summer day. What do you like least about your job and how often do you quilt for yourself?

  27. I live just outside Salt Lake. Can the general public come to Quilt Market?

    I want to know how they get through the daily routines of life and still accomplish all the great creative things they do. Pay the bills, do the grocery shopping, cook the food, do the laundry, mop the floors, dust the furniture, all the daily things that take so much time and energy!

    1. Hi Donna –

      For better and for worse, Quilt Market is a trade show that is only open to shopowners and people in industry-related businesses.

      As for the rest, they have clones. I haven’t been able to prove it yet but I know it’s true. It HAS to be true. 🙂

  28. Joanna from Fig Tree speaks to me! I love her colors, relaxed designs and general outlook on quilting, family and just plain everything! and I also love fresh figs!

  29. Oh, I NEED lunch with Jo Morton, and I’d love to ask what her favorite part of designing fabrics is, and her favorite vacation spot, and what her dream vacation would be, and her favorite dessert (not just chocolate – what KIND of chocolate, since having chocolate while working is a given), and what colorways or designs she would like to play with if she could do anything at all, and who HER favorite designer is, and what she would take with her to a desert island, and who her favorite author is, and what her favorite movie is, and would she please be my BFF, because she just might be my favorite designer.

  30. I’d love to hang out with YOU, Ms Carrie! Mainly because your sense of humor is SO wonderful, quirky, fun! Laughter, telling stories, hanging out, sewing, playing with my dog, eating, sewing, laughing, sewing, eating… you get the idea. I’m kinda quirky like you. We’d have fun.

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