No April showers here…

Just sunshine.  Lots and lots of sunshine – Little Miss Sunshine to be specific.

CT LMS June Bug

This isn’t Frivol 9 – it’s one of Vanessa’s quilts featuring her lovely Little Miss Sunshine collection, it’s called June Bug.

This is Olive.

CT Olive

Olive’s Mom is Vanessa Goertzen – Vanessa is Lella Boutique.  Mom made Olive’s adorable dress using her Little Miss Sunshine fabrics.


Olive is also the name of the quilt in Frivol 9.


This is Vanessa’s Little Miss Sunshine collection – isn’t it yummy?


By the way, if you love the yellow, peach and coral colors in this collection, you might want to stash a little bit extra as there is something coming that mixes beautifully with it.  Just saying.


This Frivol is one of my favorites because I love the yellow and aqua combination.  Here’s what’s in the tin:

  • A roll of 42 squares – 7″ x 7″ from the Little Miss Sunshine collection by Vanessa Goertzen for Lella Boutique ~ there are duplicates of several prints.
  • The pattern for the quilt we’ve titled “Olive”
  • A cute little coloring book based on the designs in Vanessa’s collection – a Frivols exclusive
    • The designs could be used for embroidery.
  • 1 Maker block card with a block pattern and a quotation provided by Vanessa

Note:  The pattern and Maker card are located under the printed insert – the tin is inside the riser.

These are the nine exclusive Frivol treats we’ve collected to date.


There are quilt labels from Minick & Simpson, and from Fig Tree & Co.  There are 1-yard pieces of designed by the designer ribbon from French General and Bonnie & Camille.  There are two skeins of Lecien Cosmo floss to match Brenda’s Windermere, a cute little Eliza’s Indigo notebook from Betsy and a Little Miss Sunshine coloring book.  And finally, there is a “Moda” scissor keep for Primitive Gatherings and that cute little tin is from Sandy Klop’s Bread ‘n Butter Frivol.

Maker Blocks. 


This is the Maker Block for Frivol No. 9.

We’re on the homestretch with the sampler quilts – while there are still three more blocks coming, a couple of the little Maker sampler quilts are nearing completion.

There are lots of finished quilt tops popping up on Instagram – #modafrivols.

Frivols Collage

Frivols 1 Flimsy

But before I let you go today, I have to share a picture of Miss Vanessa taken by her friend Vanessa Christenson of V & Co. at the airport in Houston last Fall…

CT Vanessa TSA

I think the folks at TSA were checking to see if Vanessa had any Little Miss Sunshine mini charms left after Market.  Just saying.

Happy Tuesday!

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16 thoughts on “No April showers here…

  1. nice to see what we have to look forward to, I haven’t gotten the April box yet, for some reason I have been saving all of my goodies to play with – I have just been busy with other quilt projects and want to get some finishes but plan on making a lot of small quilts one of these days or combining fabric from some of the tins to make a bigger quilt.

  2. I’ve finished two – frivols 1 and frivols 7 (a gift for my friend who just became a US citizen – it’s the first quilt that I have made a label for!). I am beginning frivols 8 because my daughter thinks it is the most beautiful fabric EVER! Then maybe I can begin Frivol 4 or 6 – they are so pretty. Too many pretty fabrics, not enough time to quilt!!!

  3. Little Miss Sunshine is what my dad used to call me when I was little and I had to laugh when I saw this.

  4. I have spent hours hunting in the blog for information on Frivol No. 3. Where is that information located? In which blog? Please label the blogs with Frivol with their number, which would make it easier to find. There seems to be some corrections in the blog which would be helpful to know before cutting out and making each Frivol and also to print out, since unable to make each month, so want to save for a later date to make them.

    1. Hi Betty – I’m sorry that you weren’t able to find the Frivols post for Eliza’s Indigo.

      The best way to find the posts for the Frivols is to do a Search – it’s the little spyglass in the upper-right corner under the measuring tape – for Frivols or Moda Frivols. You can search by Frivols 3 but it picks up all of the posts with the Frivols tag. If you scroll through and check the “tags” under each post, you’ll find the post tagged Frivols 3.

      To date, the only corrections for errors or discrepancies are to Frivols 1 and Frivols 8. For Frivols 5 and 6, the quilt size given on the tin is a little bit bigger than the actual size. The pattern is correct – it was updated after the information for the production of the actual tin had to be sent off.

      When the last Frivols ships, we have a wrap-up post planned that will include links to all twelve of the Frivols posts for reference purposes. 🙂

      Again, I’m sorry that the posts weren’t more easily found.

      1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I found Frivol 3 and I think the post wrap-up links is a great idea. I look forward to seeing them. Thanks for your response.

      2. I’m trying to find the correction you mention above for Frivols 1. I want to start on this project, but can’t until I know what needs to be fixed. Can you please send me a link for the corrections to Frivols 1 and Frivols 8? Thank you!

          1. Wow! Thanks for the quick reply! I’m new to Frivols, but I’ve managed to already accumulate the first eight! Is number 9 for sale yet? Can you tell me where to find it? Is backing fabric available for each of the kits? Thank you SO much! I love these!

          2. Are 1 and 8 the only ones that have corrections? Loving these, but am bouncing around so don’t want to start cutting if I need to correct something. Thanks

  5. Beautiful fabric collection! I have signed up for a quilt along on Fat Quarter Shop because of this fabric. I love it! **sigh**

  6. Carrie, I have the instructions for the Tiny Town quilt by Schnibbles but cannot find a photo. Do you know where I can get the photo?


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