Friday fete…

It sounded better than potpourri.  Besides, I have an odd potpourri-related experience.


First – and this really is the most important thing.  Thank you! Obrigado! Gracias! Danke! No, really – Thank You!  I asked, you answered.  Your contributions are much appreciated – I’ll do my best to make everybody happy.  Merci!

The pictures?  Those are a few of the recent images posted to #ShowMeTheModa on Instagram – a festive celebration of Moda.

Because it’s Friday – always a good reason to celebrate something – I’ve got a couple of different things to share.  How about I call it a “pot-luck” of random-ish things?

Do you know the folks at Sew4Home?

They’ve been busy making all sorts of gorgeous projects for their “Moda Moms Week”.  There have been four tutorials posted so far…


There is a fifth project today – a set of Mother’s Day Gift Tags.  There is also a giveaway of Moda Layer Cakes.

Let me just say that we love their question – questions! – for entering their drawing – Tell us what it is about Moda Fabrics that “Takes the Cake.” Which Moda designers do you look to again and again for inspiration? Do you have a success story where Moda fabric turned a challenge into an opportunity? What is it about Moda collections that makes you swoon: quality, variety, color?

To enter – Sew4Home

Speaking of prizes – did you see the quilt that won Moda Fabrics Best Wall Quilt at the 2016 American Quilter Society Show in Paducah, Kentucky last week?


It’s titled “It’s the Cowboy Way” by Karlyn Bue Lohrenz of Billings, Montana.  Ducky and Outlaw saw the quilt in person and both agreed that pictures can’t do this quilt justice, it’s truly spectacular in person.

I would ask if you sewed but if you’re reading this, I’m guessing it’s a good bet that you do.

The reason I almost asked is that we’re assisting the nice folks at Sew News in sponsoring a Sewing in America survey.   After finishing the survey, you’ll see a “Thank You” page with a link to enter the Sew News Sweepstakes – and you’ll receive a free digital pattern for this really cute Write-On Journal.  Look for “Enter Here” and click that link.

Update: Thank you to everyone who let me know that the link was working – and to the folks at Sew News for checking too.


It has a zipper!  Did you know that today – April 29 – is Zipper Day?

I think that means I need to make something with a zipper.  Today.  Wish me luck.

To take the survey – Sewing In America Survey

Since I’m sure you’re curious – a few years ago, while at a restaurant for lunch with friends, I asked the server about the Passion Fruit Iced Tea.  He asked if he could be honest.  Uh, yes, please.  He said he thought it tasted like potpourri.  I thought that was really funny and decided to order the tea.  When he asked later what I thought, I told him he was right, it tasted exactly like potpourri.  Over-scented, dollar-store, wood-shaving-filled potpourri.  He laughed and brought me a glass of regular iced tea.  I’ve not felt the same way about potpourri since.

Happy Friday!


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21 thoughts on “Friday fete…

  1. My mother would always call it “poop” purri. She was elderly and it was a new thing in those days. I never see this word that I don’t think of my mother.

  2. What is it about Moda that “Takes the Cake”? It starts at day one of its start and never ends. The words “Moda Fabric” contains the whole meaning of my design world. It’s every designer, every piece of fabric, every staff/family member and every box with that well known Moda tape on it. As they add a new designer to their family, a new inspiration is added to my designs. It never ends. It’s the only Cake I truly love.

  3. Where do we go to participate in the Sew News “Sewing in America” survey? I can’t find a link or find it on Google. Thanks!

  4. My “take” on Moda is that I fell in love with the fabric the 1st time that I touched it. I had to pet it. I went to a quilt guild meeting in 2011 with a friend and have been bitten by the quilt bug since. I have been sewing since I was 12, almost 70 now, lol. This love of Moda has lead to me having a quilt shop since my hubby retired & we moved to the country. I’m still getting up and running and learning a whole new world. And I love it and all it has to offer. Wish I was young again and just starting this adventure.

  5. Okay, I saw the Moms projects from Sew4home the other day and fell for the tote bag. I have been hunting for Mods Barkcloth since and have had no luck finding it. I think it is perfect for totes, any idea where I can get some? I don’t think I am eligible to buy directly from United Notions, and my usual on line stores don’t seem to stock it.
    I love this blog, Carrie. You do a great job, and I feel like I am much more involved and knowledgeable about the quil lting community since you came on board. Thanks!.

    1. Hi Pat – I’m working on it. I’ve gotten a couple of questions about it so I’m trying to find a couple of shops who have it, online and/or brick-and-mortar. I’ll let you know what I find out. 🙂

      And thank you. I appreciate the kind words – truly.

  6. I took the survey and then was sent to a web site to buy the pattern for $4.99 ? Free pattern hogwash

    1. Hi Colleen – I’m so sorry that the information provided me might not be correct. I was told the pattern was free and since I hadn’t taken the survey, I didn’t know. But I have just e-mailed the folks in charge to get this confirmed. (I’m also going to update the blog with a clarification – until it’s confirmed one way or another.)

  7. I love your post. I took the survey and I got the pattern for free. There was a link to the pattern after the survey.

  8. Why Moda takes the cake is that the fabric is always so high quality. New lines come out constantly so one is always wanting more Moda. I love the way Moda designers use the same dye lots so that one can use older lines mixed with newer lines. I always want more Moda. Always. And that is always a problem. It is much faster to buy than to sew. Plus, there is the amount of money one can spend. Oh, to be in such a state of luxury to worry about too much fabric when there are 60 million refugees in the world. How thankful I am for my silly little wants when I have so many great privileges and blessings!

  9. After taking the survey I was unable to download the free pattern. Can you help, please?

  10. Funny about the tea. After what you said at the beginning of the post I was thinking well is she going to share the story?

  11. I also was able to print the pattern for free. You just have to make sure that after you answer all the questions you actually click the “Enter Here” tab to enter the sweepstakes.

  12. I finished the survey and got the link to the free pattern but it would not download. Then I lost the page and have no way to get the free pattern

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