And Heirloom.  Quilts.


Betsy Chutchian’s Classic & Heirloom Quilts.

It’s a wonderful book and we love it – but then we love Betsy.  I wrote about the book in December when we knew it was “coming soon”.  Now that it’s here, Betsy and the lovely folks at It’s Sew Emma and the Fat Quarter Shop are having a Classic & Heirloom sew-along.  I’ve been asked to participate.

While I love all the quilts in the book, I’m on a log-cabin-kick right now… meaning that I think about making some sort of log cabin quilt with every collection I see.  So it isn’t any surprise that I kept turning back to this wonderful Streak of Lightning quilt.


The fabrics at the top of the page are Lizzie’s Legacy – the collection Betsy used to make all the quilts in the book.  I’ll definitely use them but I know I’m going to add some fabrics.  Log Cabin quilts lend themselves well to “super scrappy”, which might explain why I love them.  I’ll also be able to mix collections – another thing I really love doing.  (Yes, I’m rather predictable that way.)  We have several new Reproduction collections “around” that will work beautifully with Lizzie’s – Barbara Brackman’s < * * * >, Betsy’s new < * * * >, the next Collection for a Cause < * * * >, Edyta’s < * * * >…

I’ll have to fill in those blanks in six weeks.

In the meantime, I’ll start cutting strips… but not all of them.  I’m going to use a few pre-cut strips too.

Have you ever used Moda’s Honey Buns?


There are Honey Buns for Lizzie’s Legacy but they seem to have disappeared… I wonder why!

If you’re keeping track – Bramblewood by Betsy ChutchianSundrops by Corey YoderHolly’s Tree Farm by SweetwaterChic Neutrals by Amy Ellis.

Each Bun has 40 strips – 1 1/2″ x 42″ width of fabric.  The edges are pinked so yes, they could also appropriately be called “lint strips”.  But they’re a simple, fast way to get a whole lot of 1 1/2″ strips for any quilt requiring such things.  The lint is a minor inconvenience compared with having to cut about 1 3/4 yards of fabric into 1 1/2″ strips… just saying.

I love using them for Log Cabin blocks and I haven’t had any problems with accuracy because I always square-up my blocks after each round.  With a clean, straight edge, I don’t have to worry about where to line up the pinking – the points work perfectly.  After the round is complete and the block is trimmed, I almost always have a “new” clean, straight edge for the next go-round.

Why square up so often?  If I “shave” off a sliver, it won’t be noticeable.  But if I get to the last round of logs and have to trim 1/8″ or more to square the blocks, that becomes a bit more noticeable.  It also seems less “obvious” when it’s on an inside row.  I’ve no idea why, I just know that it’s true.  (Ask me how I know?)

I’ll also use some Layer Cake squares for my strips.  When I mentioned this before, I was asked about it so I wanted to share a couple things I do when I use 10″ x 10″ squares for blocks like Log Cabins.

First, I cut my strips on the lengthwise grain.  It isn’t required but narrow strips cut on the crosswise grain can get a little stretchy – or a lot stretchy.  So anytime I can cut those strips on the lengthwise grain, that’s what I do.  Not doing so isn’t going to mean disaster, impending doom and other dire consequences.  I just find that it helps me keep my blocks square and flat.

Before you ask how I know which is the lengthwise and crosswise grain of a Layer Cake square – a piece of fabric for which there is no selvage to provide a “cheat sheet”… pull the fabric.  The direction that stretches the most is the crosswise grain – the weft, and conversely, the direction that stretches the least is the lengthwise grain – the warp.


Unless you’ve taken it all apart, the squares – layers – in each “cake” will be going in the same direction.  It’s how they’re cut.

If you need longer strips, or if you just have a lot of medium-short lengths that aren’t long enough for the subsequent logs, I piece them.  I like the quirkiness of it – and it’s my quilt so my preferences, right?  I also like the seam pieced at an angle – but I don’t worry about 45-degrees or anything specific.  Nor do I use an angle measurement – degree – that is consistent.  “At an angle” is enough for me.

Are you shocked?

Here’s how I piece my strips.


I overlap two strips – same print… same color… whatever.  Two strips.  How much overlap depends on how long my strips are and how long a pieced strip I need.  Place a ruler across the overlap – making sure the cut will be through both layers.  Cut.

It’s that simple.


Because the two ends were cut on the same angle, matching up the strips is easily done.  The little “v” at the top and bottom should be right at the scant 1/4″ seam allowance.  Stitch.  Press open.  Presto.

Since this is about Betsy, her wonderful Classic & Heirloom Quilts book from It’s Sew Emma, her glorious fabric collections and a sew-along… of course there is a giveaway.  (You read this far, there should be some sort of reward, right?)

Leave a comment telling me why you love Reproduction fabrics and “classic” quilts and you’re entered to win a $50.00 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop and a couple of Layer Cakes of Betsy Chutchian’s fabrics.

Deadline – Sunday, April 1oth – Midnight.

The winner will be notified via e-mail.

I’m off to build a cabin.  At least 36 of them – 12″ x 12″ square.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Happy Thursday!


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242 thoughts on “Classic…

  1. I am such a traditional quilter. I love the log cabins, the churn dashes, the basket quilts. Give me an old fashioned, cuddly quilt and I’m a happy woman!

  2. I love all fabric but the reproduction prints are my favorite. They do work with any decor and I love the darker rich colors. Classic quilts never go out of style.

  3. I love the history and tradition of Reproduction fabrics – all the people that have touched them in some way. I very much describe myself as a traditional quilter, with a little bit of Modern leaning!

  4. I love reproduction prints because I love things that tie me to the past, the history, the sacrifice, the beauty.

  5. Classic quilts were my first love and you never get over that even though there are many attractions#

  6. I am a traditional quilter in love with the current fabric selections. Tying the two together is amazing

  7. Because I have antique quilts made by my grandmothers, I love using fabrics similar to those they used. I’m interested in the history of quilts and the designs used in the making of the fabrics – so reproductions are perfect for that. *I’m new to your blog and want to say that I really enjoy all the topics you cover and have always loved Moda fabrics!

  8. Love reproduction fabrics! My friend calls me the dark and dirty girl. LOL I do prefer the traditional blocks and the history that goes along with them. Lately I have become hooked on smaller quilts with lots of little pieces. Betsy’s fabrics look lovely and that basket quilt is wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. There is something about the warmth of reproduction fabrics. I am always drawn to the deep colors and immediately try to decorate around them. They are classic and will never go out of style!

  10. I love reproduction fabrics because they work so well in my house. We live in an old farmhouse, building 1868 and the reproduction stuff just belongs there!

  11. My interest and love of classic quilts and reproduction fabrics began circa 1990’s with reproduction fabrics and patterns made for several quilts in the collection of the Smithsonian Institute, and have continued through today. Thank you for the great tip about piecing strips, Carrie!

  12. I especially love 30’s reproduction fabrics. Seems to take me back to a much simpler time.
    The older classic quilts are awesome. Just think those ladies had none of the tools that we have today except
    scissors. Wow

  13. I love classic quilts and reproduction fabrics. They go well with my style of decorating. i wish I had a quilting ancestor whose quilts I inherited, and when I make classic quilts I can pretend I do.

  14. Originally from New England, Cocheco Mills reprints got me hooked. Love the history of these quilts.

  15. I enjoy working with most fabrics but I’m always drawn to traditional patterns and reproduction prints. It reminds me of the quilts my grandmother made and is always the picture I have in my mind when I hear the word “quilt.”

  16. Love working with the reproduction groups. My go-to’s. It’s what I use 99%of the time! They book looks wonderful and I’ve also been cutting strips for a log cabin. Haven’t made one in a log time.

  17. I grew up in New England. I spent alot of time with my aunt and uncle in Massachusetts. We would go to Sturbridge Village, Plymouth, Concord and Lexington, and old Boston. I saw many old quilts and textiles. My aunt was a quilter. Igrew up with trzditional quilts and fabrics. Now in my 60′ s I still like reprobuction fabrics, although now I lean towards 1930’s type prints.

  18. Reproduction fabrics give that ‘homey and warm’ feeling. Just love them and I think they mix extremely well with more modern fabrics as well. And you can never go wrong using them to make classic quilt patterns as well.

  19. I love the homey comfort that reproduction fabrics represent in a quilt. The classic quilt patterns like log cabin are ideal for these repro fabrics.

  20. Carrie, that was a great tip on piecing strips. I hadn’t realized it didn’t need to be a 45 degree angle!
    I like reproduction fabrics because the colours are so warm and inviting.
    Christine from Ontario

  21. I really enjoy playing with all fabric, however, reproduction fabrics are classic. I ‘m also on a log cabin kick right now, too!

  22. I love reproduction fabrics and classic quilts because they have such a warm and comforting feeling about them. They say home to me and make my home home say “welcome” to all who enter.

  23. I love the comfy,homey feel of these fabrics. They also go really well with my decor in my home.

  24. I love the reproduction fabrics, I like the history they bring to mind. Plus the fabrics are just so homey and warm.

  25. Reproduction s to me bring us all back to the heart of quilting and our country. They stand for making do and tradition. That is why I love them.

  26. The link to our quilting foremothers was the hook for my reproduction fascination. And it helps that my husband is a muted color kind of guy. These fabrics are perfect for the common areas in our house.

  27. I love reproduction fabrics and classic quilts. I’ve noticed that a lot of the “modern” quilts are classic patterns using non-reproduction fabrics!

  28. I love making reproduction quilts because I’ll never be able to afford antique quilts of my own so I can make my own and enjoy them all over the house. They are so beautiful they might be the real thing. I just love Betsy’s quilts and want to make every one in her book in both mini and Queen size. I want to make her basket quilt in all three sizes.

  29. Most of the quilts I make are traditional – I just love the old fashioned look of a quilt. Someday soon I will make a log cabin quilt!

  30. I love repro fabrics because they seem to ” go with” everything. I love tiny pieces and they are great to use as a lot of the patterns are small.

    Your tips for the log cabin blocks are great- never thought to piece my strips the way you have shown. I will definitely try trimming mine after each round. Miy blocks tend to bulge in the middle LOL

  31. Reproduction prints and classic quilts are timeless and never go out of style. Thanks for the draw!

  32. I love the reproduction quilts the most because they have a feeling of warmth to them. But I can also flip over to modern and love those too!

  33. I like history. I live with many things that have been passed down to me. There is just something about repro fabrics that have stood the test of time and are still loved that calls to me. As for actually using them, they really do all go together.

  34. Love classic quilts! Reproduction fabrics remind us of our roots. It feels like giving one of my newly off to school children a quilt made with repro fabrics gives them both roots and wings. Thanks for the log cabin inspiration. Perhaps one day I will get brave and try one.

  35. I’m about to start a quilt for a granddaughter getting married and am thinking of the old standby – Log Cabin. After reading the blog I’m even more inclined to do so. These reproduction fabrics would fit nicely into her love of earthy colors so would love to win. Thank you for the opportunity

  36. I love traditional quilts made from beautiful reproduction fabrics. They are so warm and comforting.

  37. I love reproduction fabrics, the colors are classic to me. I just finished my spool quilt and working on a diamond quilt with reproduction fabrics!!!

  38. I love repro fabrics and classic quilts because they bring back memories of simpler times and is what sparked my interest in my quilting hobby that keeps me very busy these days.

  39. i have found that reproduction fabric quilts always make a space homey and inviting. They seem to blend with any decor. I am always drawn to vintage quilt patterns. I do love the modern day shortcuts for making these quilts. I love the scrappy fabrics and the small pieces.

  40. It took me a few years to realize that Reproduction fabric quilts were for my 1st choice. In the past few years it is the only style of quilt I make unless it is a gift for someone I know would prefer something bright and modern. I also like all the old tried and true tradition style patterns. The combination of the two can’t be beat. Please enter me in the drawing. Would love to win. Carol

  41. I have always made traditional quilts and reproductions just “fit” the traditional quilt blocks that I prefer. I have 3 repro quilts in progress right now!

  42. I remember being wrapped in the warmest most loveliest quilts when I was young. My gramma’s family were Italians who didn’t have much. When cotton curtains, dresses, and aprons were worn out and just couldn’t be used any longer, the best parts made it into a scrap pile. This pile turned into lovely scrappy quilts. Reproduction fabric makes my memory rush backwards in time to those lovely days of no worries and carefree days….

  43. I love traditional quilts and the reproduction fabrics go perfectly in my home. Classic colors and patterns just make me smile.

  44. Reproduction fabrics bring my family back, close to my heart. I can almost hear my great grandmothers voice as she would say, “Now Barbara, gently ease that piece of cloth right over onto that one on the bottom.” I’ve been working on an old quilt pattern of hers forever, realizing that I DO NOT really want to finish because I will lose my family’s closeness.

  45. Love old or vintage quilts. The reproduction fabrics give that look and feel so quickly. I live with pieces in my home that have a lot of character and the quilts add a lot to that comfort feel. I love the basket quilt pictured as the colors are lighter. Thankyou G

  46. Repro fabrics have a rich textile history. The colors are rich and warm and the print designs are complex to simple. Good stuff all around.

  47. I love reproduction fabrics. I like to call them “vintagey”. They remind me of what my grandma used to make. I have been collecting scraps for years and someday would love to do a log cabin quilt. Maybe when I finish my other 10 projects!! We miss you here in AZ:)

  48. Reproduction quilts or reproduction fabric make life interesting. It helps me to repair quilts made by my grand parents and it fits into current quilts. What more could you want?

  49. I love the classic quilts and their patterns! I think the modern quilts have a place but I like the traditional quilts. My husband likes quilts made with just square blocks all over. He thinks the many pieces to a block is too complicated as do I. I am a late learning quilter in my 60’s and that may be the reason. I also do not like quilts with lots of white and that is where classics look the best. As far as civil war fabric I like Barbara Brackman. The deep reds, blues, greens, and Browns are my colors of choice. I Love the mountains, the many green trees of the California Sierras but also the beaches of Santa Cruz. I’m learning to make different blocks in my journey and the fabric choices of today makes my heart happy! Thank you

  50. I have always loved reproduction fabrics. I’ve done more modern looking but always go back to my heart and buy more vintage style.

  51. I am a traditional quilter and love reproduction fabrics. My two fav quilts are pictured above; baskets and log cabin…both look great scrappy with repro. fabrics.

  52. Already bought the book, loved the log cabin and several others. Now just have to wait for fabric to appear.

  53. A friend gave me the book! I love the classic look in all parts of my life. Dress, shoes, and def quilts. I love to pop out of my shell every once in awhile though.

  54. I love the “classic” quilts because I’m a sucker for precision. I have a hard time letting go to do modern or improve quilts.

  55. I love reproduction fabrics. It is mostly all I work with. I can give away quilts made with non reproduction fabrics but have a had time giving away quilts made with any of my reproduction collections. This is how I know I am a fabric collector! I look forward to also owning Betsy’s new book.

  56. Classic, heritage quilts have such a sense of history that I relate to. I love the muted colors, the make do style, the hand work and the often utilitarian nature of the quilts. They imbue me with a sense of love. Speaking of love, thanks for the tip on joining strips, that’s a great way to do it!

  57. I am a traditionalist and love making quilts with Civil War themes and reproduction fabrics. I also have been making log cabin design quilts more and more recently.

  58. I love traditional quilts and reproduction fabrics for the history they bring to mind. They make me think of all the quilters that came before me.

  59. I love using repro fabrics like Betsy’s because my quilt has that instant vintage look. I also think they will look less dated in the future.

  60. Repro fabrics seem to make a quilt look warm and cozy and I love the traditional quilt patterns.

  61. I am really drawn to the vintage fabrics & classic, heritage blocks! They ‘sing’ to my heart. I love the designs and colors and patterns. While I admire the newer, fresh modern looks, I still go back to the muted colors and more conservative designs in my own quilts.

  62. I have antique quilts that have been passed down. Use of reproduction fabrics helps me continue the tradition.

  63. You know, I am just starting to collect Reproduction fabrics, with the idea of making a grand and glorious quilt. Recently, I’ve been drawn to this look, probably in part because it appears “homey” to me, but also in part because they make me think of American history, and women who would have made the original quilts that we now call Reproduction. The fabrics themselves have simpler patterns on them, and it seems there are fewer color choices, or maybe it’s just that the colors are more muted, but, in any case, the quilts from this era just sing without the benefit of all the glorious color and pattern of more contemporary fabrics, don’t you think?

  64. I love all the traditional blocks and prints. They seem to speak from the past to me.

  65. History repeats itself time and time again. There will always be reproductions, why because if it worked before it will work again. Comfort in remembering the past. I love the feel and warmth reproductions prints give a project whether its a new design or the traditional patterns. I recently participated in a block of the month from Eleanor Burns – First Lady’s quilt blocks, it turned out beautiful. I would like to do a version of a log cabin in the near future I think reproductions fabric would be great.

  66. Reproduction fabrics and traditional quilt patterns are still my favorite. I love Log Cabins too…especially the Courthouse Steps variation. Thanks for the fun tip of combining fabrics in a strip!

  67. Love a ll tradional blocks. The colors in repro prints seem to blend together so well.

  68. I love the look of traditional quilts. While I admire the work that goes into art quilts/modern quilts, I don’t see myself ever making one. Give me classic, scrappy blocks and I am happy!

  69. I love classic quilt patterns and using reproduction fabrics as I feel like I am partaking in the history they represent and remembering the women who quilted years ago.

  70. The muted colors of reproduction fabrics speak to me. I love making traditional quilt patterns that have the look of long ago.

  71. I have been gathering some reproduction fabrics to make a maple leaf quilt for my husband. I will be happy to see Betsy’s book for more ideas!

  72. A question – I purchased the Collection for a Cause Mill Book Series 1892 table runner kit. The kit is numbered KIT46201 ; unfortunately the pattern was not included Anyone know how I can get the pattern – I really want to make it.

  73. I”ve always loved the reproduction fabric. I love the colors and they make such nice scrappy quilts. I also so enjoy your posts. They are interesting and helpful.

  74. I love the colors and history behind these fabrics. They are so classic they go with everything.

  75. I love reproduction fabrics because they just feel warm and cozy. They are perfect for traditional patterns which I tend to lean towards all the time.

  76. I love the warm colors of all the repro fabrics, and especially Betsy’s she is so talented…

  77. Underground Railroad, one of my favorite quilts, was made with Repro fabrics, and it seems to be my ‘go to’ quilt for displays. I love the darks, but the little pops of pink dirty reds really spice things up. And I loved Betsy’s previous fabric line, so I’m anxious to see this one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  78. Reproduction fabrics have been a favorite from the very beginning of my quilting career (over 40 years ago — so the fabrics I started with are now “antique” 🙂 ). While I hardly ever see a fabric I don’t like, I find myself always going back to the traditional patterns with the repro fabrics.

  79. Log cabin quilts are my all-time favorite, and they look just right when sewn in reproduction fabrics! I have all of Betsy’s earlier books, and I can’t wait to start working with the new one.

  80. Wow! I love the history behind heirloom quilts and reproduction fabrics! It is so fascinating and wonderful.

  81. I just ordered the book and basket kit from FQS. Think it will be here today. I tried to control myself but alas it did not last long. Actually, I would love to win this prize. I am so looking forward to mixing some Jo and Betsy lines together and a layer cake would work perfectly. I am a reproduction fabric fan for sure. bE still my heart when I see them. Thank you for the chance to win. And thanks Carrie for all the great info in this post.

  82. Oh this sounds wonderful. Although I both enjoy working with modern fabrics, I love the heirloom quality and warm tones of reproduction fabrics. I really enjoy working with them for that matter. I love seeing them combined with classical patterns and so that is what I enjoy working on the most. Thank you for the chance to win.

  83. When I look at a quilt made with reproduction fabrics or even a fat quarter bundle of reproduction fabrics it screams “hug me”. The classic/traditional patterns make it all that more familiar “love me look”. Wishing all who read this a “hug a quilt day” because it will hug you back.

  84. I guess I never thought of them as “heirloom quilts”, but the one pattern that I love most is the log cabin. I’ve made it in a full size queen quilt at least six times that I can remember. Maybe even more that I can’t remember… :c) I’ve been quilting a very long time.

  85. I remember the very first log cabin quilt that I made – it was all Christmas fabric. I made this wall hanging about 30 years ago and still bring it out for the holidays. Probably about time to make one again!

  86. I just have always gravitated to the repro fabrics from the beginning of my quilting journey. Yes, I do make quilts for gifts, charities and even just to get me out of my comfort zone with other styles, but the quilts I love best all have that classic look.

  87. Beautiful fabrics. I’s love to win these for a planned Farmers Wives quilt. That would make the sewing all the more interesting.

  88. Reproduction fabrics are timeless and the quilts made from them always draw me in. I am always the person who migrates towards the older generation at weddings and reunions because I am fascinated by their stories. Reproduction fabrics seem to bring that same sense of history and warmth. Thank you for providing this opportunity!

  89. Reproduction fabrics and classic quilts remind us of times long gone – what the women of the past lived through. They like us enjoyed the creative process with a lot less – less fabric choices, less technology, fewer tools and gadgets. And yet with less they still made beautiful and useful art.

  90. I love classical, traditional quilts!! It feels like a connecting to the past when I see an antique quilt! My heart beats a little faster, I take pictures of these quilts and then savour the pictures later! I can picture my great…great… grandmothers quilting years and years ago..I KNOW they were quilters (even if I don’t really know haha)…I swear quilting is in my blood! The quilts that I LOVE to make are the ones using civil war and reproduction fabrics! Makes my heart sing! My favourite blocks…log cabin, churn dash, old school house…nine patch!

  91. Traditional quilts are my favorite, always and forever! Log cabin is my favored traditional block (hubby’s too) and was what I used in the very first quilt I made. I’m somewhat eclectic in fabric choices, but have a very respectable amount of reproduction in my stash. ;-0 Am always looking for new ideas and would luv to have this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  92. Reproduction prints just scream history to me! Nothing better then a classic log cabin done in classic prints.

  93. My quilting obsession began with a desire to make a scrappy log cabin with brown, burgundy and dark green reproduction prints. It’s still a work in progress…..

  94. I’ve always enjoyed the Civil War era history and stories. The colors in the Lizzy’s Legacy fabric are so rich looking. Although I love a log cabin quilt, I think I’d include some stars. A quilt with this combination was recently seen and it was beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway.

  95. I always see such great ideas on your blog. (I can’t keep up.) Definitely need to try the Honey Buns. What a great idea for reducing all the cutting time.

  96. I love the rich colors and history behind reproduction fabrics. My great grandmother had a general store so these fabrics are a connection to her and a time long past. The first quilt I ever made was a king size log cabin. What happy memories!

  97. Bought Betsy’s book and have plans for two of her quilts in the very near future. I personally can’t get enough of the log cabin block and its variations or Irish chain. Betsy’s fabrics are lovely and I think she is a fabulous addition to the Moda team.

  98. Grew up with a Mom that made traditional quilts. As I grew into quilting I was also a reenactor at a local historic site. In researching “period correct” fabrics that I could use for my costuming and hand stitching demos, I fell in love with the warmth and rich history of those fabrics. Traditional quilts are the ones that catch my eye over bright or modern any day!

  99. I think reproduction fabrics lend extra warmth to your quilt. And one of my favorite traditional patterns is a log cabin, it just transports you back in time!

  100. Reproduction fabrics are my favorite and I don’t have any of Betsy’s fabric. I find reproduction fabric fits the traditional style that I prefer and the colors are so rich and comfy. I can appreciate other styles but give me traditional any day!!

  101. I am more of a 30’s repro girl… the colors and sweet patterns are just so happy! These fabrics could be a lovely mothers day gift for my mom!!

  102. I’m pretty new to quilting and just sort of finding my way. Classic quilts are familiar to me because I’ve seen them most so that’s what I want to be making. However, modern quilts are starting to have some appeal…. Still, it’s the lovely prints and soft colors of reproduction fabrics that seem the most desirable to me.

  103. I have to say I love reproductions, especially civil war. It is all about the color. I also an very interested in the history behind the old quilts and the fabric production of the past.

  104. I love history. The reprod fabrics are just more mello & soft . They tell a story of when life wasn’t so complicated as hard as it may have been for them. To me they are very calming. Sometimes they were the only colorful , positive thing they had in their lives & for most brought many happy memories of loved ones that may have been left behind. I also love the designs in reprod fabrics.

  105. The ‘classics’ are the backbone of all quilts. Coming from an area (and family) steeped in heritage, I love the older quilts in design and fabrics.

  106. I love the old-timey, cozy, homey feel of quilts made with reproduction, Civil War, etc. types of fabrics. The kind of quilts in which I want to wrap myself.

  107. I love the old-time feel … that connection with the past. Family is huge to me and the connection through generations that I feel when playing with reproduction fabrics and patterns is what keeps me coming back.

  108. Why do I love reproductions? Let me count the ways!!! 1) I’m appreciative of them being fresh and affordable. No hunting down true vintage fabric and finding out it is too brittle to sew with. 2) Moda always has a designer that is coming out with a line; in addition to, Quilts For a Cause. 3) They connect me to the past in a way that fills my soul. When Betsy’s books first came out, I was delighted to find out her great grandmother Lizzie lived in the same North Texas area as I did. Betsy found Lizzie ‘s journals at my local library. I think I puffed up my chest a little bit and felt like I was carrying on the quilting tradition in the area! As much as I love other fabric styles, reproductions are first for me! Thank you for the the opportunity to enter and possibly win. Take care, Allison C. Bayer, Plano, TX

  109. As a teen I had a quilt my grandmother made on my bed, and I just loved the look of it. I just like the homey, country look.

  110. I love repros and classic block/quilt designs, much more my style. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  111. I love reproduction fabrics because they remind me of my Grandmother’s quilts that I slept under when I was a child. Quilts made with reproductions are warm, cozy and comforting!

  112. There’s something soothing about reproduction fabrics and quilts. Traditional quilts are great the way they are, or they can be used to inspire something different!

  113. Love the look and feel of these reproductions fabrics. The log cabin pattern is a favorite of mine and would like to make a quilt using these wonderful prints.

  114. I love the “classic” style for just that reason…it is timeless. I do dabble in the more modern designs but 20 years from now people will look at it and may wonder what the heck was I thinking using those colors…you know like avocado green and harvest gold. Not so with the classics. I’ve been wanting to do a log cabin also. I have retreat coming up and need a somewhat “mindless” project…log cabin might be quilt.

  115. I guess it’s the colours and the smaller details in the prints since I gravitate toward smaller quilt pieces as well The tie to the past is also a big part of why I quilt. Log cabin is still on my bucket list.

  116. I love repros because you can have a ‘classic’ and vintage print with the benefit of a modern fabric quality. And if you mix these classics with a more modern style fabric the repros give the quilt a clam resting point.
    And classic quilts or patterns are great because most of the time they are simple or at least simpler to piece and yet you can give them an unique and truely ‘you-style’ with mixing some unexpected quirk in it. Win-win and perfect for me:-)

  117. One of the very first quilts I made was a log cabin quilt for my son. I love patchwork blocks and favor traditional ones as well. Reproduction fabrics are just rich in color and feel. All the little designs are so sweet.

  118. I love knowing the history and tradition going with reproduction fabrics and the connection to the past.

  119. The reproductions just have that appeal for me that makes us each individual, I like bright and modern fabrics too but always go back to the repros.

  120. What could be more “classic” than warm, cozy, home, family? I’m a very lucky lady using reproduction fabrics to make my favorite log cabin quilts to put on the beds in my very own log cabin! The fabric designs were classic in the beginning and are even more so now that they are being reproduced. They are a reminder of all the quilters who brought us forward to our love and appreciation of their creations.

  121. I think I love reproduction prints and quilts because I am trying to be literally in touch with my past. I love my ancestors and how hard they worked to give me what I have. Their stories are so precious to me. I’m not saying I’m going to hand sew! No way…still, the I love the old designs and colors.

  122. The log cabin block is always a winner. I think it can be done in many fabrics but my fav is reproduction.

  123. I love the look of the reproduction fabrics. They are so warm and welcoming. Quilts made with these fabrics look good with my antiques and with modern furnishings also.

  124. I get my love of antique quilts from both of my grandmothers. The log cabin is one of my favorites.

  125. I think the reason I like the classics is because from my doll quilts to the quilts that were always on my bed growing up were the traditional, classic patterns & fabrics. Now they just are the comforts of home!

  126. I love the log cabin block. Maybe it’s because it was the first block I made in a quilt – who knows. It’s so versatile. This is a great blog. I love the way you combine the strips. I have lots of jelly rolls, charm squares and layer cakes, but now I need more of the honey buns! Thanks for your blog.

  127. I think that I am drawn to the colors of the reproduction fabrics. They just seem to be the colors I like to decorate with. I am also a traditional quilter so I am drawn to the traditional patterns of log cabins, flying geese, nine patch etc. It would be great to win fabric.

  128. I have always loved the traditional colours — the burgundies, dark greens, etc, and that is what you find in repros and in classic quilts. although I do some things with brights, dark and dreary is my fave love the strip cutting tip

  129. I am currently on a william morris kick – have made quilts and art quilts with those fabrics – I love it all, classic and modern – mainly I like experimenting with them both.

  130. I have always been in love with reproduction fabrics and classic quilts….a few years ago I realized that the reproduction fabrics will always be around….after all we still love them 150 years later!! I don’t look at them years later and wonder what was I thinking!! The fabrics and quilts stand the test of time!! Oh and the scrappiness they bring….well I could go on and on…….thank you for the great tips and insights on building log cabin blocks!!

  131. My go-to fabrics are always reproductions although I buy and use fabrics from all genres. I can’t begin to say how many log cabin quilts I’ve made–I, too, love the scrappiness. Traditional quilts done with reproductions just draw me like a moth to a flame. I would love, love to win some of this fabric.

  132. For whatever reason the reproduction fabrics speak to my soul. It must be in the DNA because my now 17 year old granddaughter has the same reaction to reproduction fabrics and quilts.

  133. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool reproduction fan. While I do occasionally succumb to brights or batiks, I always come back to reproduction fabrics, where my heart lives. I like to think these are quilts I inherited from a long-lost relative — since none of my forebears quilted, I have to invent a little history here! And while I love these fabrics in a log cabin quilt, I have yet to successfully make a log cabin without paper-piecing. Fortunately, a dear friend made me a log cabin last year.

  134. Over 40 years ago when I first learned to quilt, the log cabin was and still is one of my favorite blocks to make. Reproduction prints are great for log cabin quilts. I love Carrie’s idea of adding bits of other lines.

  135. I love the reproduction fabrics because of the deep rich colors & traditional designs. Many years ago when my son went off to college he requested mostly blacks & gray & I used an assortment of these r colors including a few dark repro fabrics for his log cabin quilt. Next I made a mostly blue quilt in a day log cabin for my dad ~ some of the darker blue fabrics were repros. It’s time for me to make another log cabin quilt. I would love to make a log cabin quilt for myself with all reproduction fabrics in many colors.

  136. The colors of reproduction fabrics are always my favorites – I’m drawn to them immediately in any quilt shop. I love to imagine people making the same traditional designs more than a century ago, without any of the modern conveniences and tools we have. Those quilts were truly made with love!

  137. Repros just make my heart happy. They “speak” to me. It doesn’t matter if they are from the civil war or depression eras I love them all. as far as “Classic” quilts? To me, they are all classics, but the traditional patterns make me feel connected to those that came before.

  138. I love traditional quilts and the colors that are in the reproduction fabrics, They can be used in a variety of quilt patterns and still look like they were meant to go together even if they were from different designers

  139. Love, love, love log cabin quilts and traditional fabrics. I am a fan of using as many different fabrics in one quilt as I can. I never have to worry about running out of a particular fabric, because I can always add something new and all the reproductions fabrics work so well together. Love your blog – you have the best job in the world!

  140. I really like all things classic and vintage, so these reproduction fabrics are favorites of mine. My girls prefer things more modern in color and design, but when I am quilting for my own home these are my choices!

  141. I like the colours and prints available with repro fabrics. They are usually softer than contemporary ones. I think the classic quilts just fit better into different surroundings and they don’t scream at you or demand to be the centre of attention like some modern ones I’ve seen.

  142. Repro fabrics don’t date…. I grew up with that sort of traditional look all through the house.

  143. I love reproduction fabrics and classic quilts because they’re so unpretentious but lovely and cozy with a warmth that is sometimes lacking in other collections and quilts. When I want to make a quilt to ‘wrap someone in love’, I choose the classics.

  144. I love the classic quilt patterns. The reproduction fabrics give you the best of old and new. I am also a log cabin lover.
    Love your thoughts on joining fabric. It will make the scrappy look complete.

  145. I don’t know what it is about the reproduction fabrics, but I am just drawn to the colors and prints of them..I love using them with patterns from the late 1890’s and early 1900’s! I am predominately a hand piecer and hand quilter, so I guess I just have a connection with that era. When I go into a local quilt shop, I always head to the reproduction fabrics first!

  146. I love log cabins and the reproduction fabrics. Also, thanks for the info on piecing longer strips for the log cabin. I’ve never thought about doing that and will have to try it.

  147. I just love the colors and prints of reproduction fabrics and the classic blocks of reproduction quilts.

  148. I love log cabins because there are so many possible layouts, and you can vary the center squares or change up the sizes of the logs to get a different look each time you do them. And I like the calmness of reproduction prints and the quilts made from them. And no, not shocked about the angle thing, I do that sometimes too! Whatever works, right? Thanks, Carrie.

  149. Such great information in this post…a book recommendation, how to tell grain direction without selvage and permission to piece bits into usable strips! Thanks!

    I love repros and classic quilts for the timeless quality. It doesn’t hurt that they just make my heart sing.

  150. I love classic quilts and reproduction fabrics because they help preserve the history of those who have come before us. I’m still only piecing squares and nine patches I hope to expand soon and do some churn dash and log cabins. Thanks for the suggestions on how you make and trim your logs. 🙂

  151. I have loved reproduction fabrics since the Sarah Johnson quilt fabrics came out. I love Betsy’s books.

  152. I love the deep rich colors of reproduction fabrics. Also, I love the history that goes along with these.

  153. Reproduction fabrics are so fun because they have a history behind them. I love putting them with modern fabrics and seeing how they can play together. I love classic quilts because they have so many possiblities with color and design. So glad you showed us your tip about piecing two strips together. Love your articles. Always fun they and make me smile! Thanks! K-

  154. Reproduction prints are new to me, as I’ve always thought they were small and pastel colors only. Recently a friend, while at a local quilt show, enlightened me and now I see bright colors and cute, and whimsical prints at times. So I’m hooked now and like Repro’s , as they do come in bright colors, which always catch my eye. Classic quilts I love as they take me down a memory lane trip; thoughts of grandma and mom cooking up sweet treats in their log cab homes, and a log cabin quilt on each bed. it’s a very comforting and warm feeling to know that I’m carrying on the quilting tradition in my family.

  155. I live in a 125 year old farmhouse so reproduction prints work awesomely to make quilts that fit the character of my house. Besides, they are beautiful!

  156. I haven`t seen `Honey Buns` in the shops here yet but maybe cut my own. I love Log cabin quilts and looking forward to making one. Thankyou for showing how to join strips to make longer,so will give that a try. Classic quilts looks a delightful book to have with info to make small or large quilts. I love the antique look of the fabrics. Happy Stitching.

  157. I love the warmth of reproduction prints….especially with more traditional quilt blocks. They just seem very restful to me.

  158. I am a fan of traditional quilts and reproduction fabrics. I would love to use them in a log cabin quilt. It’s on my bucket list. Thanks for the tip on figuring out lengthwise and crosswise grain.

  159. I have always loved older quilt styles, and the one you’ve chosen to make — log cabin — is one of my very favorites. I have an “almost” king sized quilt top pieced with 1 1/4″ strips (3/4″ finished logs) and I have no idea how many fabrics are in it, nor do I plan ever to try to count them! Each block is about 5″ square. I put it together in what I call a trellis design, and I’d like to dig through all of my fabrics in order to find enough of the darks I used (mostly blues) to make a border of all dark blocks around at least three sides of the quilt. It is just telling me that is what it needs. I don’t know if I will succeed in finding enough fabrics, but even if I can piece a rather narrow dark border it will contain the rest of the quilt! Would love to win the gift certificate to FQS — have been following the development of Betsy’s book for some while now.

  160. I love the history of quilting, especially American quilts, because the block names and how and where the quilts were made are so interesting. I have a better understanding of major events in our history because of what I’ve read about the quilts that were made then. Reproduction fabrics are mellow and give a lovely finish. One of my first quilts was a small log cabin wall hanging that I love.

  161. When I think of reproduction fabrics I think of a time I love reading and learning about. I am in awe when think how they made the quilts back…and it reminds me to put my big girl panties on when I complain about any difficulties I have in my quilting!

  162. I love the colors of reproductions–they are just warm and homey; but I think the real reason I love reproduction fabrics and quilts is because they remind me of my great-grandmother’s home and my grandmother’s home–they just take me back to those warm fuzzy days of my early childhood. I remember my Granny giving me old quilts to build a ‘tent’ with and my mother saying its not necessary and my great-grandmother just dismissing my mother’s protests. I have a ratty old log cabin of hers and I would not part with it for anything.

  163. I love the reproduction fabric with the elegant and classic patterns printed on the fabric. I also love reading about history and the history of quilts and quilt blocks. Plus I am always impressed by the myriad of designs they can come up with classic piecing. Oh and did I mention the rich colors? Love them.

  164. Love repro fabrics. I have a whole tub or two of them. I plan to make your “Raise the Roof” pattern from them. I just love the stars and log cabin blocks together. Right now I am planning a scrappy log cabin and I love your idea of piecing the logs.

  165. Classic quilts speak to me of comfort, love, home. And old fabric, whether old or reproduction, suggests permanence and standing the test of time. Thanks for offering the book and for sharing this information.

  166. I love the richness of the fab its and how a quilt done well is timeless – it can love k like a priceless heirloom even if it was only made the week before! Good luck with your log cabins x

  167. The traditional quilts and reproduction fabrics remind me of my grandma. I have made about 5 or six log cabin quilts. Love them.

  168. I am a beginner quilter with no family that quilts, so reproduction fabrics aren’t old to me. I like traditional style quilts.

  169. Reproduction fabrics remind me of my Grandma, I can see her in the kitchen w/ her apron. Traditional patterns & repro fabrics help keep the memories alive and us in .
    touch with our history. They bring history to life

  170. I love the Traditional quilts! (I have an old Dresden quilt, and an ol Lone Star too) Love Reproduction fabrics because they are like the pieces of History found & felt, in antiques & old quilts & clothes from then.

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 🙂

  171. I love a Log Cabin Quilt. I’m old and it takes me back to my Grandmother who I miss so much. You just can’t beat the reproduction fabrics to warm you on a cold day although I do like brights too. We are all full of surprises.

  172. I love reproduction fabrics and traditional patterns because they are so beautiful as well as warm and inviting. They just shout comfort!

  173. I love the look of days gone by with the reproduction fabrics and patterns. The look of old is so comforting.

  174. I love reproduction fabrics and classic blocks because they connect me to my grandmother and our family history of quilting. Plus, they look great in our home, an old farmhouse–filled with generations of furniture and photographs and china and all sorts of doodads. Old-timey quilts are right at home there, whether they were made yesterday or ninety years ago.

  175. I love reproduction fabrics and classics quilts because of the warm nostalgic feeling I get when I see the quilts and fabrics. Thanks!

  176. Reproduction fabrics and Classic quilts remind me of simpler times… so piecing them, while enjoying the “old time” fabrics is simply a classic way to relax and also to cozy up a home… thank you for the chance to win gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop! 🙂

  177. I love reproduction fabrics and classic quilts because they remind me of my grandmother. They are wonderful for decorating with too.

  178. One of my favorite things about reproduction prints is they most often have small scale prints that work well with so many projects, whether it’s quilt blocks with small pieces or lining sewing smalls that I have made. Classic quilts are classic for a reason — they are beautiful and timeless.

  179. My home is a mix of classic and contemporary and I enjoy making contemporary designs with classic fabrics and vice versa x

  180. The classic quilts and reproduction fabrics represent to me a loving, comforting, homey feeling, which you just want to cuddle with.

  181. I love reproduction prints because they look so warm and cozy and I love small prints. Classic quilt blocks are the best. I love anything old fashioned looking.

  182. I love the small prints of reproduction fabrics and the scrappy look they create. The 30s fabrics are my favorite. And, I think with the reproduction fabrics there’s a link to our ancestors. It’s a way to honor them and their creativity in a world that didn’t have all the modern tools we use today.

    And, a special thanks for this opportunity to win a Fat Quarter shop gift certificate and a couple of Layer Cakes of Betsy Chutchian’s fabrics.

  183. I love reproduction fabric and traditional quilts. They both go perfectly with the family pieces I have inherited.
    Thank you so much for the quilt alongs and give aways. They sometime kickstart great ideas for the next quilt.

  184. wonderful give a way. thanks for a chance. i love civil war reproduction fabrics. my son and daughter in law and husband all re-enact. I love to make them quilts, clothes. until my son got married recently we had our own little hobby where we would sew and sell civil war clothes to re-en actors. when he got married i handed over what i did to his new wife.

  185. Well, I’m a classic kind of lady so the classic quilt designs appeal to me; I love the tradition and memories of creators of the past (my grandmother in particular).

  186. I love 30s prints the most. The patterns and colors just make me happy. I am a big fan of classic quilts and hope to add this book to my collection. Add much as I enjoy looking at modern quilts I just can’t seem to make them.
    Thanks for the chance.

  187. I love reproduction fabrics and classic patterns because . . . well, because they are easy on the eye and calming in some way. Maybe it is the connection they hold to the past–calmer times, or so we like to think. Thanks, Carrie, for the great tips for using layer cakes for strips and honey buns.

  188. The warmest, and most comfy quilts are made with Repros– they shout old and loved and when the single block quilt is straight line quilted, it truly becomes a classic.

  189. I love tiny prints and repo colors. I’m just a little old fashion ,I guess. Thank you for the chance to win!

  190. Wrapped in a classic quilt made from repros is as close as I can get to having a hug from my Grandma,

  191. I grew up with quilts and antiques and appreciating my heritage. So reproduction fabrics and classic blocks fit right in with my likes. Also, styles come and go but anything that has been considered pretty for 100 or more years is likely to remain so for many more years to come.
    I sure hope I win!

  192. Reproduction fabric reminds me of my grandmother. She has long gone, but she enjoyed quilting and I’ve just picked up the quilting in the last couple of years. It reminds me of family.

  193. Hiya!!! I love traditional quilt patterns (baskets, log cabins, churn dash, etc), but I prefer more modern fabrics. Gives a whole new look to older favorites. Thanks for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!!

  194. When I was first setting up housekeeping, I loved reading magazines that featured old homes , decorated with quilts – quilts stacked in jelly cupboards, tossed over the backs of sofas, hung on walls, and of course, on beautiful antique beds. I couldn’t afford to buy antique quilts so my alternative was to learn to quilt so I could make reproductions of the quilts I craved. Well, it’s 45 years latter and I’m still at it although it’s much easier now to find gorgeous repro fabrics to achieve the look I’m after. Betsy’s fabrics are just perfect – just finished a top using “Eliza’s indigo” and awaiting an order of “Lizzie’s Legacy”. You can bet I’ll be in line for some “Bramblewood”!

  195. Reproduction fabrics and classic quilts bring back precious memories of a simpler time in my life.

  196. Thanks for your tip on joining the long strips!! And I love the warm colors and the wonderful prints that are in reproduction prints, and classic quilts? Well, classic is just best!!! They remind me of what quilts were like when people first started quilting! Good luck with your construction!! 😉

  197. I am trying to become a quilter. I don’t know anything about modern, traditional or Reproduction quilting but I like them all in different ways. I really like the soft old fashioned feel of reproduction, but I also like the bold of modern/

  198. I love nearlly ALL fabric styles, but I’d say 80% of what I actually buy/work with is repro – it’s just works for me. It’s warm, homey, and comforting. And I bought Classic & Heirloom Quilts the second it was available for pre-order – there’s not one pattern in that book I don’t love!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  199. Anything old is wonderful to me. I love the small prints and bright colors in some older prints from my mom. I’m still learning how to use all the wonderful colors and prints in quilts.

  200. I love reproduction fabric. It is the colors and patterns that draws the eye for me. A preference like puzzles or a painting, they are the ones I go back to time and again. The classic patterns are simply that Classic! No need to change. They blend with everything. The log cabin pattern says ” Come and sit with me awhile. I will keep you warm and comfort you.”

  201. Many years ago, my favorite aunt tried to make me a quilter at the age of seven. That didn’t work but I remember tracing and cutting out many quilt pieces for her that came from the fabrics she had used to make clothing for those she loved. Her quilts were always in traditional blocks and patterns. She never knew that I would one day come to love quilting or that I would name my beloved Featherweight sewing machine after her, but I think my early experiences with her fostered my love of quilting, crocheting, etc. Traditional styles and reproductions fabrics speak to my soul as modern ones do not.

  202. I just like the simplicity and small patterns of reproduction prints. A lot of the modern fabrics are too busy, too colorful to play well with other fabrics, and with prints too big to be cut into useful pieces.

  203. I only make scrappy quilts with reproduction fabrics…I love the way that they combine, and “more is more” is my motto! You just can’t mess up a scrappy quilt…it’s timeless with all those different fabrics in it! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  204. Reproductions prints and classic quilts always make me feel whimsical and soul-ful. Knowing that these designs and fabrics were loved and used so many years ago by those before us, in much different times, gives us a connection that no “modern” quilt can!

  205. They remind me of the older traditional quilting techniques before everyone was in a hurry all the time like today. The are warm and comforting.

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