And the survey will say…

The polls are closing at Midnight tonight!


If you sew or quilt or do any kind of stitching – your opinion is requested!

Quilter’s Survey.

The deadline for the survey is tonight – April 4, 2016 – Midnight EST.

If you take the survey, you’re entered to win one of several terrific prizes.  And no, you don’t have to fully complete the survey to be entered.

Happy Monday!

Update: I’m sorry that the survey didn’t include hand-quilting as an option.  Since many of our most favorite people are hand-quilters, we surely would have included that in any survey questions about quilting that we’d written or suggested.


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14 thoughts on “And the survey will say…

  1. I took the survey and unfortunately can not go back to one question to double check something. There is a question that asks about how you have it quilted. Choices were something like – send it out to be machine quilted; machine quilt it on your long arm; send it out to be hand quilted; etc. If memory serves me you DO NOT offer the choice of HAND QUILT IT YOURSELF! In a world filled with instant gratification everything there is nothing nicer than to sit and sew and then present someone with a quilt that you made truly by hand!

    1. Hi Sue – I’m sorry that the folks at Handi-Quilter chose not to include hand-quilting as an option on the questions they wrote. Since many of our favorite people – and fabric designers – are accomplished, passionate hand-quilters, we would have surely included that as an option.

  2. I was unable to open the survey and tried to send them a message but it would go through either….Bev

  3. I had the same problem as I hand quilt & could not continue the survey! Very disappointed – Cynthia Duesing

    1. Hi Cynthia – I’m sorry that the Handi-Quilter survey didn’t include hand-quilting as an option. Since many of our most favorite people are hand-quilters, we surely would have included that. Even with Handi-Quilter as the organizer, it could have been included as a possible answer.

  4. I agree with the other commenters: I am a hand quilter and was surprised and disappointed that the survey did not offer that as an option.

  5. Carrie — you are so sweet to answer everyone’s concerns on this survey! Are you still doing classes?? You need to come back to the Quilted Moose! We so enjoyed your lecture & classes!

  6. LOL – looks like a lot of us agree on the hand quilting – I took the survey too but left a note one area where it said comment or other something like that about hand quilting my own – I guess just not everyone thinks about hand quilting being an option

  7. I didn’t notice the hand quilting part, but there was a question about what kind of fabrics you will buy in the next six months. There are no fabrics I will “definitely buy” but it wouldn’t let me leave it blank, so I just clicked the first option and left a note in the comments at the end.

  8. i also took the survey and forgot to write down this thought (and the survey is too long for me to take again)–i would love for the quilting industry leaders to somehow change the conversation on quilt-making. someone said how we are a “gift industry”–that we quilters give away our quilts and we all know that we can’t usually sell a quilt for what it’s “worth” (the time spent making them as well as the cost of the materials)–but if that could change so that our culture would learn to value quilts. the industry could sell a lot more fabric if we quilters could turn around and sell our quilts! (hope this makes sense)

  9. I took the survey and it did take a long time to fill out as I was double checking the brands and weights of various threads and other things to be accurate.

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