Cabin Fever…

This isn’t about being restless or bored from a prolonged stay in a remote or confined space… this is about being excited about cabins.  Specifically – Log Cabins.


Not that kind.  I’ll be more specific – Log Cabin quilts!


That’s better.

Clockwise from upper left: Four-Patch Log Cabin by Susan Ache / Blaze by Amy Smart – Diary of a Quilter / Very Berry by Brigitte Heitland – Zen Chic / Hourglass Courthouse Steps by Audrie Bidwell – BleuIsBlue

I love log cabins.  Make that – I Love Log Cabins.


Published by Martingale/That Patchwork Place, this terrific new book features sixteen different Log Cabin quilts from sixteen contributors.

(Pssst… a little birdie told me that the nice folks at Martingale are blogging about the book today and giving away a few e-book copies of I Love Log Cabins.)

The variety of designs is rather astonishing – so many options all related to the same basic concept of strips sewn around a square to create a pattern.


Clockwise from upper left: Seeing Stars by Kimberly Jolly – It’s Sew Emma / Blocked In by Melissa Corry – Happy Quilting / Rockin’ the Rainbow by Jackie White – Jackie’s Art Quilts / Framed by Lynne Hagemeir – Kansas Troubles

I love that several quilts have a diagonal setting.  While it’s easy to create some really cool diagonal designs with log cabin blocks, most log cabin quilts seem to use straight settings.

The other contributors to I Love Log Cabins are – Amy Ellis – AmysCreativeSide, Rebecca Silbaugh – RubyBlue Quilts, Jocelyn Ueng – It’s Sew Emma, Heather Andrus – QuiltStory , Jill Finley – Jillily Studio, Penny Barnes – PB&J Quilt Studio and our very own ModaLissaLissa Alexander.

And that Rosie-person.


This is Mi Casa.

It’s made with Layer Cake squares from several different collections including: Collections for a Cause – Mill Book 1892, Barbara Brackman’s Metropolitan Fair ~ one of my all-time favorites, Sticks & Stones by Laundry Basket, Atelier by 3 Sisters, Rue Indienne by French General and a few others.

Mi Casa finishes at 77″ x 77″ and it uses a diagonal setting to make a “sun and shadow” or checkerboard of lights and darks.  The strips finish at 3/4″ wide so there are a few tips included about cutting and sewing log cabin strips, especially those that are a bit narrower.

But if you want to know more… you’ll need the book.  I Love Log Cabins.

To help you get a copy, I’m going to give away three (3) copies.

Just leave a comment telling us if you’ve ever made a Log Cabin quilt.  You have until midnight on Thursday – February 11th.  Winners will be notified via e-mail.

So if that prolonged stay in a confined space means you’re spending a day or more in your sewing room making a log cabin quilt… here’s to “cabin fever”.


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361 thoughts on “Cabin Fever…

  1. I Love Log Cabins too – my little dream business was once to be called ‘The Little Log Cabin’ because I loved the Log Cabin blocks (and still do) so much. This book sounds like a treasure – thank you for the giveaway chance and for a sneak peek into it.

  2. I have made two uneven log cabins which I love, and am starting another. Would love to win this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I have made only one Log Cabin and I did enjoy making it but after seeing all of these I want to try another one or may be more..I have not made a court step one yet.
    I would love to get the book, “I Love Log Cabins”….

  4. I have made 1 log cabin and I thought I had done a good job until I started putting squares together & one was totally the wrong size. I would try another. It was just a table runner.

  5. My first finished quilt was a log cabin baby quilt. I used a picture from a magazine as a general guide and foundation pieced onto a piece of muslin. I fell hard for quilting after that. I haven’t made one since but one is definitely in the queue this year. I’d love to try a quilt from this new book (yours is beautiful!) so would be thrilled to win this giveaway. Thanks!

  6. I love log cabins. Timeless look that works in ANY color scheme. They don’t even have to contrast! A new book would surely inspire me to make one finally!

  7. I have never made a log cabin, but after seeing these I am looking up the fabric right now and will be making one! I love a couple of the fabric lines that were used in them.

  8. My favorite! There are so many ways to put the “same” block together with so many different results. I love log cabins! Both quilts and my house! I’m a lucky lady.

  9. My favorite log cabin quilt is a streak of lightening layout. It is flannel and is our go to quilt to nap under during the winter. Love the patterns in the new book!

  10. Yes I have made log cabin quilts and they are always fun to make and look great! These variations look fabulous and I would love to try some. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win.

  11. The very first full size quilt I ever made was a log cabin. All self taught I kind of figured things out as I went along. Many years ( decades) since I finished that quilt. Finally I have been able to get back into quilting, love the creativity.

  12. I have never made a log cabin quilt. But would love to have cabin fever if it meant I got to stay home and sew.

  13. There is something so appealing about a log cabin quilt, a timelessness. Is that a word? Anyway, my favorite pattern and the best way to use those treasured scraps from quilts made and given away.
    The variations are endless, truly. Can’t wait to see the new book!

  14. No, never made a log cabin quilt. I loved your quilt when I saw it on your blog and still love it. …. my kind of fabrics.

  15. I actually think I started a long cabin when I first started quilting but maybe didn’t finish. I do know I have had one in a kit to do for a long time now but just haven’t had time for it yet … so many quilts to make with so little time. Love your column. Thanks for chance giveaway!

  16. I have not made a log cabin, but after seeing these patterns I am ready to roll ! I like that the book shows has great examples of both traditional and modern styles.

  17. I made a blue and yellow log cabin quilt a number of years ago. It is now on the bed in my spare room. I called it sunshine and shadows. I still love it. I hand quilted that one. It took forever as it was queen size.

  18. I have made several small log cabin quilts and I love them. Looking at your Mi Casa quilt has inspired me to start another.

  19. I’ve made small log cabin quilts and am just about to go for a larger one. I like the varied patterns that can be produced from the same basic idea.

  20. Although, I have made several log cabin blocks to go in sampler quilts, I have never made a log cabin quilt. I absolutely love MiCasa. As I sit here in the snowy mountains of western NC in my cozy cabin, I will dream of being wrapped in a log cabin quilt. I would love to win one of your books.

  21. I have never made a log cabin. When I think about it, that is really weird because I love working with rectangles and I love the look of log cabin quilts…

  22. I’ve made one simple Christmas log cabin-loved the process. I keep wanting to make another; I would love this book!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  23. I love log cabin quilts! Having a large reproduction stash the Mia Casa Pattern is drawing me in! Beautiful pattern! I have made several mini log cabins but haven’t made a full size quilt. Lots of different patterns in this book to choose for any age and favorite fabric!!!

  24. I have not made a log cabin quilt. I have the Sticks & Stones Laundry Basket layer cake squares in my stash waiting for the right project.

  25. I’ve made several log cabins. I love the color combinations of the quilts you’ve shown. Usually I’ve done them with strips but I think I will give my layer cakes a shot.

  26. I’ve never made a log cabin quilt but I have made a few blocks for a row quilt. And I’ve made some individual blocks to frame. I would love to have this book—my favorite quilts in it are the ones by Susan Ache and that Rosie-person!

  27. I’ve made one log cabin table topper and have several on my ‘someday’ list. How I wish I could suffer from cabin fever every day! Looks like a lovely book that I may need to add to my collection.

  28. I have never made a log cabin quilt but would love to some day, it is one of those ‘bucket list’ items!

  29. I’ve made a couple of log cabin blocks but have never made a log cabin quilt. This book looks like it has great quilt designs!

  30. I have made several log cabins…..especially love scrappy ones as a way to use those never ending scraps.

  31. I completed my first log cabin quilt just before Christmas. I had a hard time deciding which log cabin layout to use once I had my blocks made, but I finally picked barn raising. Thanks for the opportunity to win a new book!

  32. I have never made a log cabin quilt, but some may make it on to my list from this book. MI Casa and Seeing Stars particularly appeal

  33. My first quilt was a log cabin baby quilt size. I made it at night from our adult education classes in our school district because I really wanted to learn to quilt. It is hand tied so it looks really, really old. I still love it a lot and would love the new book to learn more. Thanks.

  34. Log cabin is my favorite quilt block. I’ve made several, my first was in 2004 and was a combination of t-shirt and traditionally pieced blocks. This year my guild’s challenge is the log cabin and I’m excited to choice a pattern for that project. I would love to have this book to add to my quilting library!

  35. My very first quilt was a log cabin using Eleanor Burns’ book. Since then I have made several more. The last one had 1/4″ finished strips. Love log cabins. Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. The first quilt I made was a log cabin. I have made several more since the first quilt. There is so much that can be done with a log cabin block!

  37. Wow-definitely need the book. I have wanted to make a log cabin forever. I need to get busy and do it. So many ways to have fun with a log cabin and give a quilt an old-fashioned or modern look. Definitely need to get busy.

  38. Love, love ,love log cabin quilts! My favorite are the minis. Have made several different ones, Jo Mortons & one where it looks like circles using Marti Mitchell rulers. Have one cut out from a Quiltmania book, ready to sew!

  39. I’ve never made a log cabin quilt, but it’s on my quilting bucket list. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get the book!

  40. I’ve never made a log cabin quilt; but, I would love to. I think the log cabin book looks really great and I would love to win it. I enjoy your blog very much and look forward to reading it!

  41. I made one about 20 years ago from my stash at the time! I started cutting strips for another one a few months ago.

  42. My very first quilt was a Log Cabin! Since then I have made several more using different settings. Also, a great stash buster! Thanks for the peek at the book!

  43. I too have not made a Log Cabin quilt, but it is definetely one that interests me! I would also love to live in a log cabin one day.

  44. I would love to have a log cabin fever day! I’ve made a few blocks for a border and such but not an entire quilt.

  45. In the past I made log cabin placemats & now have a red, white and blue log cabin quilt in progress.

  46. Love log cabin quilts – especially when it is time to layout the blocks to see the pattern come together. Made 1, will make more!

  47. The very first pattern I made in my beginner quilt class was a log cabin. That was back in 1979! I have made one since. I love the versatility of the log cabin pattern.

  48. I have made many log cabin quilts and love Marti Mitchell’s Log Cabin Rulers. Love the 1 1/8th strip size to make it look really antique! Would love to have a copy of that book.

  49. I made a black and white log cabin wall hanging many years ago when I first started quilting. It’s still not quilted… I should get on that.

  50. I haven’t made a log cabin quilt as yet, but just bought a pattern and a layer cake in January. A book would be wonderful help for this newbie!

  51. I love log cabin quilts, but I’ve never made one. This looks like a great book. Your Mi Casa quilt
    is beautiful!

  52. I have only made one log cabin quilt. It is covered with applique, is beautiful, and is currently on my bed.

  53. I have made 2 log cabin quilts. The first one was planned out using specific colors and was a wedding gift for our son and daughter-in-law. The second one is totally scrappy and is still a flimsy. This book looks like it would give me some alternatives to the traditional log cabin. Thanks for the chance.

  54. I love log cabin quilts too! I have made a curved log cabin where the small strips were cut at 1 1/2″. It looks like a book I need and want.

  55. My wedding quilt was a log cabin, 35 years ago. I did not know what I was doing, the poor thing fell apart. I have been thinking it is time to make another, in blue, for a good friend. Perfect timing on the book, thanks for the give away!

  56. What a lovely pattern! I just finished one in cheddars and shirtings. It’s at the quilter waiting to be quilted. I think it’s my all time favorite!

  57. Log cabin quilts are one of my favorites. I have a miniature log cabin quilt that i bought at a guild auction. It has been my inspiration to keep doing what i love–quilting! I made a log cabin tree skirt and just bought fabric for a summer bed quilt!

  58. I have made a log cabin quilt – it was my first quilt ever (HaHaHa – naivete at work!) – and it was 84 x 84 in coastal blues. Surprisingly, perhaps shockingly, it turned out pretty well!!!! I think it was a case of ignorance being bliss because I was not a sew-er, and definitely not a quilter – but I wanted to try, so I just went ahead and did it!!!

  59. I am fascinated by the variety of quilts that can be made from the same log cabin block. I have made some as gifts and for a quilt raffle at my daughter’s school. Unfortunately, I have never gotten around to making one for myself!

  60. I’ve never made a traditional log cabin, although a small improv quilt I made recently was made with a log cabin/courthouse square combination.

  61. Id love to make a log cabin once. It is on my wishlist for a very long time. I love that it is such a versatile block. Thank you for introducing me to this book and thank you for the chance to win. (am a great fan of your blog posts :))

  62. I have made log cabin blocks as part of a quilt but never an entire quilt with just log cabin blocks. I love your design and will be on the lookout for the book.

  63. I have to say that the log cabin block is my favourite block. PERIOD! It was the first quilt that I made and I have made several since! LOVE them all! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful book!

  64. My first quilt was a log cabin. I, also make a log cabin quilt for my grandchildren when they marry. That’s 4 so far.

  65. I have made many log cabin quilts – but never a large one! I need to get busy with this beautiful book and give it a go!! The cover just makes me want to sew! Thanks for the opportunity!

  66. The pictures of the log cabin quilts you posted are so inspiring. I am now thinking seriously about making one of them. Thanks for sharing.

  67. I’ve never done a full quilt of log cabins, but I made a few blocks for pages in a fabric baby book– so fun. I would love to try one with the optical illusions.

  68. My first quilt was a log cabin! I still have it- in a closet. I have done a few since then over 20 years ago! I LOVE log cabin quilts. Thanks for this giveaway!

  69. Years ago, my first quilt was a log cabin. I have been seeing so many use their scraps for log cabin blocks and want to start my own.

  70. My very first “real” quilt was a log cabin, and so the love affair began 15 years ago. I still love them in any shape or size!

  71. Log cabin quilts are probably my very favorite. The first quilt I ever made was a king size (I didn’t know any better!) log cabin in the barn raising setting. I absolutely love yours in the picture above. Perfect!

  72. My friends and I made a scrappy brights and black log cabin quilt for a friend who was moving away… we set up our sewing machines around the dining room table and sewed and laughed all day… oh and had birthday cake (for me!)

  73. I have never made a log cabin quilt, but it is on my bucket list. Would love to win this wonderful book, so I could blast off on the project. Thanks for the offering.

  74. I’ve never made a whole quilt with log cabin, only a few blocks. It’s one of my top 2 favorite blocks, though, so I’d love to win!

  75. I recently made a log cabin wall table topper-just four blocks. I’m hand quilting it, using the big stitch style, and I love it.

  76. Oh, yes of course I have made a log cabin quilt! It was my first quilt, my second quilt, and I think my third and fourth! HA! I made a log cabin set with stars that gave me the confidence to move on to other things… 🙂 I still love those log cabins! One of the charms of them is that you can just start on one and make a sweet little block without a lot of thought or confusing measuring. Love the warmth of the log cabin story, too. What’s not to love?!

  77. My first quilt was a log cabin out of western prints. Our teacher had us make one to get practice for our quarter inch seams. 7 years later, I am still taking classes with that teacher. Still one of m y favorite quilts.

  78. I LOVE Log Cabin quilts. I have made about four of them. Love the smaller logs, but never had make one. I’ll just have to add that to my to do list. That’s the great thing about quilting the list never ends.

  79. My second quilt was a log cabin quilt from the Eleanor Burns book. Think I could use an update. Thanks for the chance to win Carrie. Your quilt is gorgeous!

  80. I made one many years ago when I was first learning to quilt. It’s the same design and same color as your beautiful quilt but it is only one fourth the size with strips twice as wide. I do still like that quilt quilt.
    My second attempt taught me the importance of a consistent quarter inch seam. The blocks are still in a box.
    This book could inspire me to revisit a log cabin. Thanks for the info and the giveaway.

  81. I have only made a few log cabin blocks for a community quilt our guild made for a Habit raffle. Mi Casa is Stunning! It would be a lovely addition to my home. Now to find the fabric!

  82. Hi from snowy New Jersey! I could use a log cabin quilt about now to keep me warm!
    I have made a log cabin quilt……actually, i’ve made 2. I love making them !
    Hope you are staying warm!

  83. I LOVE log cabin quilts….my go to for a scrappy quilt and i am planning one right now cutting all my scraps into 1-1/2″ strips. Thanks for the post and additional inspiration.

  84. I have never made a log cabin quilt yet, but have always wanted to.
    Maybe my next project with this new book?

  85. My very first real quilt was a log cabin from a Quilt in a Day class that never got quilted. Thereafter I really got the quilt bug and have made many, many log cabins, from pastels to Christmas quilts. I love them dearly. I really liked your version. I like my cabins to have strips of every fabric I can lay my hands on. They turn out so beautiful. A twist on log cabins is Monterrey Medallion by Teri Atkinson. I have made six at least and love, love, love every one. Several have been gifts for very special people.

  86. I am constantly amazed how the log cabin block evolves through time from the classic, still beautiful and relevant, to the modern versions that dazzles the eye with a new freshness.

  87. I have made a few log cabins and love them! Don’t know why I haven’t made more!!! Esp love the modern looking ones:)

  88. I am currently working on a log cabin quilt in Christmas fabric. I love log cabin quilts and this book looks like it has many lovely examples!

  89. I made a log cabin as one of my first quilts. It got me started collecting a stash before I even knew what stash was. But you had to have at least 16 different fabrics. To this day, it is my favorite quilt. It was a wedding gift to my only son.

  90. I have made so many log cabin quilts it is hard to count them. I love them all. I even sew borders on like a log cabin quilt. Leaving for a quilt retreat today– I am one of the committee– the game– a log cabin race- they should never leave me in charge of entertainment. And I think at least 3 of my projects are log cabins.

  91. I have made several traditional ones, a crazy log cabin or two, courthouse steps and other modifications. Traditional and modern.

  92. I have made several log cabins including your “Raising the Roof” as a wedding quilt for a daughter who loves stars and log cabins. Perfect combination!

  93. I love the versatility of the log cabin block, the possibilities seem endless…and that, is why I LOVE QUILTING!!

  94. I have made one log cabin quilt and it is on my to do list for 2016! Definitely need this book! Thanks!!

  95. Made baby print and holiday print log cabins but haven’t made a large one, guess that needs to go on my bucket list.

  96. I love log cabin quilts, but I’ve managed to finish just three blocks for one. I love several of the quilts in this book though and maybe a log cabin quilt finish is in my future…

  97. I haven’t made any log cabin quilts, but after seeing the pictures in your post I think I need to try one!

  98. My first quilt was a quilt as you go log cabin. It had a navy sheet on the back. Would love to make the scrappy version with the small logs. Thanks

  99. Have never made a log cabin quilt…never inspired to make one….until now! Love the different interpretations of this traditional quilt pattern! I am feeling very inspired now to hit my stash and pull fabrics I would have left alone before seeing other possibilities. Looks like a great book to add to the library!

  100. I have never made a log cabin quilt, even after all these years! I find the narrow strips daunting and could use some pointers!!

  101. My very first quilt was a log cabin! Actually, it was two matching quilts using Eleanor Burns’ Quilt in a Day book. I made them for me and my roommate, our senior year in college. The quilt I kept of the pair no longer exists. My son adopted it as his “cover,” and literally loved it to pieces. I made him a new log cabin “Cover” when he went to college. And there have been a few other cabins in my past, and at least a couple more in my future!

  102. One of my first quilts was a log cabin. My sister and I took a class -Eleanor Burns “Quilt in a Day”. We each made one and then we sewed together to make one for our Mother’s birthday. We loved getting together for a class!

  103. The log cabin was the first quilt I ever made. And I just realized that was 40 YEARS ago. Still have it – still love it.

  104. I’ve made 6 log cabin quilts (5 traditional and 1 courthouse steps) and have given them all for gifts. Several of the quilts in this books has caught my attention and would love to make them for my house. Thank you for the chance to win!

  105. I love log cabin quilts! I have made one very scrappy one, and gave it away as a charity quilt, and have another one started. Would love to win this book!

  106. About 6 yrs ago I bought a kit and book to make a log cabin quilt, but have never made itself. I would love to win this book and get some much needed inspiration!

  107. I’ve never made a log cabin quilt–Mi Casa is amazing–love it. I’m not sure I would have the patience for all that piecing, but it obviously was worth it!

  108. Sawtooth stars and log cabins are my favorites. I’m always looking for new ways to make these patterns. Congratulations to the designers that have contributed to this book, I look forward to owning this book!!!

  109. I’m working on my very first log cabin – it’s a group of us who make a quilt every year as a fund raiser for our ministries camp. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. Would love a copy of this book.

  110. Many years ago my local quilt guild had a challenge–using only stripes and plaids and 1 solid–and I made a log cabin quilt in the barn raising design. Now that I remember, I only made the top and never finished it . . . excuse me, but I’ve got to find it and finish it!! LOL!!

  111. I planned to make a log cabin for my daughter, but my sweet mom took over the project so it would be completed before my daughter grew up 🙂

  112. I love the log cabin designs and was told once they should traditionally heave a RED heart. I would make a log cabin quilt if I won the book! I have been intrigued by the “quilt as you go” method for log cabin squares.

  113. One of my first quilt was s log cabin. Red square center and then surrounded by multi- colored logs. Unfortunately it was lost in a house fire long ago. Perhaps it is time to make another.

  114. I’ve never made one, but that is the block my mother in law first showed me how to make and whetted my appetite for quilting. Would love a copy of the book. Thanks.

  115. Log Cabin is my favorite block. The first quilt I ever made was 1978 as a wedding gift for my sister. I chose Log Cabin using the pattern in a woman’s magazine with the quilt-as-you-go directions. She still has the quilt but no longer has it on her bed.

  116. I’m a new quilter and making a log cabin quilt is on my wish list. This book would move that quilt from the wish list to the to-do list.

  117. Two of my favorite quilts I have made were log cabin quilts. I love the process of making the blocks and the finished quilt

  118. My first log cabin was a small wallhanging made from scraps that I hand quilted. I loved everything about making it…using scraps and handwork. I’ve made a few other log cabins since, but that first one gave me the most pleasure. They’re all lovely!

  119. I just finished one using my scraps for a couple of years – it felt like a free quilt. I love it!

  120. My first quilt was a log cabin. I didn’t realize there was so many different ways to do a log cabin. Thank you for showing us different ways to make them.

  121. I love all things log cabin and would have a lot of fun with the book. I am have been enjoying your blog for years, especially since you made the move to Texas.

  122. My first quilt was a log cabin. The seams were completely uneven and I “quilted” it by putting buttons in the corners of the blocks! I gave it to my boyfriend (now husband) and we still have it 15 years later 🙂

  123. I found your blog last year and really looked you try to daily blog. Really looked about new line and product log cabin are cool so far have only done small table runners would like to try a large quilt

  124. Oh sweet! A chance to win a copy of this book 🙂 I love log cabins. My favorite for a long time has been the courthouse steps. My second quilt was a courthouse steps that I made for my nephew in homespuns and flannels. I have a picture of it draped on a table with my beautiful golden retriever, Buffer modeling underneath it. A treasured picture from years ago.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. I made a log cabin of rich golds on dark blue and made the golds take on a moon shape, then appliqued a cow jumping through it. Looks like a great new book.

  126. Love making Log Cabin quilts – they are where I have the most fun letting go and going with the flow!

  127. I have made many log cabins I have done block swaps with log cabins also my last one was a memory quilt log cabin and the center squares were photos it was beautiful for a grandmother dealing with an illness the photos were of her and each of her grands

  128. Our Guild challenge last year was to make a quilt with blocks from The Underground Railroad. Of course, these blocks include the Log Cabin. It’s one of my most favorite blocks. With this book, I can see many log cabins in my future. I have many layer cakes just begging to become log cabins.

  129. Log cabins are one of my favorites ways to use up scraps. When my mom learned to quilt, she made me a log cabin. Unfortunately, those were the days when we couldn’t get a lot of 100% cottons, so she used some blends; and it eventually shredded. Good memories, though!

  130. My first quilt was an Eleanor Burns pattern. I went on to make several more and have taught several friends the method. Absolutely love the new patterns.

  131. I have never made a log cabin quilt, but the variety is so beautiful. Definitely something I think I would like to try. I guess I need to check out that book! 😉

  132. The Jamestown Block of the Month by Marti Michell I made used log cabin blocks and sampler blocks. The quilt was my introduction to using her templates. It was fun to do the log cabins–just sort the pieces by size, place in order to use and sew each round in production mode. Beautiful! Thanks for the chance in the giveaway.

  133. Yes, I have made 2 log cabins and I love them. One I made as a “no need to think” project with a friend. I ALWAYS remember the wonderful time we had making then every time I put it on the bed. Because of the border. Nothing I would have picked but she did. It wasn’t even something you would imagine she would have liked…LOL

  134. I have made log cabin blocks for a sampler quilt but I have never made a full log cabin quilt. Would love to win this book. By the way, I grew up on Long Idland and there was a log cabin just like in the picture that was deep in the woods all by itself. What a great memory…

  135. The very first quilt I made was a log cabin for my husband for father’s day. I have always loved that quilt! I love the different designs the book offers and would love a copy. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!!

  136. I made the BOM called Stonehenge meets Jamestown (or vice versa) and it called for log cabin blocks – I loved making them and have always planned on doing so again. Just need the inspiration to do so.

  137. A Log Cabin is definitely on my bucket list. This book looks like a great inspiration. I did once help build a real log cabin in North Alabama. That was fun too!

  138. I love the antique log cabins, especially the silk ones, but now the modern ones are great, like Luke Haynes'(@entropies on instagram) beautiful versions. I have only made one, and that was the Modern Crosses quilt, from Susan Beal’s Modern Log Cabin Quilting. I loved how it turned out!!

  139. I haven’t made a log cabin quilt. But I have made log cabin blocks. Thank you for this chance to win this lovely book! Jackie Hale

  140. I’ve never sewn a log cabin quilt but have made table runners and single blocks for sampler quilts. This book is the inspiration I need to get started on a log cabin quilt! Thanks for the giveaway.

  141. I have made one–using Me & My Sister jellyrolls. It was for my oldest daughters’ bed about 5 years ago. I would love to make another. Thanks for the chance!

  142. I have made many log cabin quilts and have many more I would like to make. There is no such thing as having too many log cabin books either. This one looks spectacular.

  143. Lovely book! My next quilt on my to do list has a log cabin medallion. It is one of my favorite quilt styles. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  144. I made one years ago…. was a pre-cut fabrics (long before pre-cuts where done) and it was an epic failure.. there was NO contract in colors… I love log cabins and WILL try again…maybe now is the time. Thanks for the chance!

  145. I made a tied log cabin (queen size) as my first quilt ever. I’m currently saving up scraps and FQs to make a sun and shadow log cabin. Thanks for the chance to win this great book!

  146. Would you believe, NO! I haven’t!! And, seriously, I want to just get this book just because that Rosie person contributed!! Because she’s a fab pattern writer and my favourite, funniest blog writer! Love it, Carrie! Xx

  147. My very first quilt was a log cabin. I gave it away to a friend. Wish I could have gotten it back after she passed away. I also did one as a wedding gift to a very special niece. Would love the book!

  148. I have made some small log cabins, 1 or 2 squares worth, part of sampler quilt of sorts. I always think its such a challenge to pick fabric for a log cabin. I do not have scraps enough yet for a scrap version. I need to reorganize my fabric stash so all my scraps are together. Love the log cabin with the star centers. Thanks for the inspiration to see beyond my little world.

  149. My first quilt was a Log Cabin for our king sized Shaker-style bed, about 1987. Still use it in the guest room. These log cabins are all different and all beautiful!

  150. I have only made a couple sampler blocks but would love to make some quilts! There are some great inspirations here!

  151. I’ve made several log cabins, including a curved log cabin. It is my favorite block because there are so many variations and different looks so I’ll be making more.

  152. One of my first quilts was a log cabin. Things have sure changed since then. I Love Log Cabins looks like a great source for an updated, more modern log cabin quilt. Can’t wait to get a copy!

  153. I’ve never made a log cabin quilt because the layouts are a bit too boring for me. But I already fall in love with your ‘Mi Casa’ and the Herringbone setting … and Amy’s layout is amazing too:-)

  154. I love log cabin quilts. So much variety from a simple block, I find it endlessly fascinating! One of my very first quilts was this method. Would love to have a copy of this book!

  155. What a timely post not to mention the release of this book! I have been gathering fabrics for my first ever attempt at a log cabin quilt. I have not allowed myself to cut not one strip until I finish the two projects I’m currently working on so am chomping at the bit after seeing the examples you posted of beautiful log cabin quilt designs!

  156. Making a log cabin quilt is very high on my list of projects. I just can’t decide which layout to use, but I am just about ready to begin! Would love to win a copy of the book.

  157. Log cabins are my go-to block. Just love ’em. Have made several quilts using various formats of the log cabin and have several books, too.

  158. The first quilt I ever made was a log cabin. I’ve made at least one other since then, with a very different layout. Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful book.

  159. I made a king-sized log cabin for a friend years ago. Even hand-quilted it. And she ended up using it as a cover on her couch. The couch her German shepherds “lived” on. I’d love to make another one….for myself!

  160. I have never made a log cabin quilt! I am sorry to say this for its one of my favorite quilts! I have lived in a log cabin, a beautiful
    3,000 sq foot home with ceilings 14 ft high in the main room! My husband helped finish the inside! Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win the book and finally make the quilt!

  161. I love making Log Cabin quilts. My first quilting experience in 1974 was with a Sampler that included a log cabin block. I have a log cabin quilt I made in 1996 that I splurged on and had it hand quilted by a wonderful group of ladies in Colorado. The possibilities are endless. Looks like a great book.

    1. I have some very pretty log cabin blocks in a box right now. I could never make up my mind about how I wanted to arrange them! The off set triangle arrangement is one of my favorites. I will have to get them out and try it again! I did do a modern red and white curved log cabin that I really like.
      Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  162. The very first quilt I made (about 25 years ago) was a log cabin. Now all of my small scraps get cut into 1 1/2″ segments to get sewed into log cabin blocks. I love to put them together.

  163. My very girst quilt was a small log cabin and I recently did all the blocks for another one, just need to put it together now. So many quilts Im dying to make

  164. Made a “Lightning McQueen” log cabin for first grandson. Fussy cut centers to hold the image and used red and black fabrics. Arranged so the red made diagonal lightning streaks across the front. The back was done with fabric that had winding roads printed on it so he could play with his toy cars. Also made Christmas placemats set on a diagonal so the log cabins looked like Christmas trees. Fun!

  165. I have made a few log cabin quilts and love including them in sampler quilts too. Love the multiple designs one can get from such a great block.

  166. I’ve made several log cabin quilts since I started quilting 14 years ago. My first quilt was a twisted log cabin using 2.5″ homespun logs. I made a queen size quilt with a variety of purple and cream 1.5″ logs. It had hand appliqués flowers on the cream logs. I took a fun class with Edyta Sitar and made her scrappy Broken Star quilt using 1″ logs. These three quilts are some of my favorite log cabin quilts I’ve made. Happy stitching!!

  167. I have made a few log cabin quilts over the years. The log cabin is my favorite go to quilt. I made my Dad one for his 8th birthday and he loved it!

  168. Hi Carrie,
    I enjoyed reading about log cabin quilts today. Yours is gorgeous. I have been working on a log cabin quilt. I think I could use some tips, as mine isn’t turning out quite how I imagined.
    I appreciate your blogging! Thank you.

  169. I made a crazy log cabin quilt for my husband a few years ago but want to make another. The book looks like just what I could use.

  170. I have made one log cabin quilt in the shape of a heart and it hangs in my living room. They are all so beautiful. I think it is time to make another.

  171. Made one log cabin quilt using foundation papers, love it, hangs over my fire place. Book shows many new ways to do a log cabin quilt.

  172. I have made a pineapple log cabin table runner and a simple courthouse squares quilt. I really want to make a traditional log cabin quilt. I have strips cut. Now to begin…

  173. I made an improv log cabin, in rainbow colors! It was such a hit, that I will be making another one. My Mom made one that is “shared” by her 3 grandchildren from NYC to Sweden to Japan…

  174. I love log cabin quilts. I have made two. My first quilt was a log cabin made in Browns and oranges many years ago. Later I made a colorful half log cabin quilt which today is still one of my all time favorites.

  175. I have never done an entire quilt only a few blocks that went in sampler projects. I am sure some day I might!

  176. I’ve made a couple log cabin quilts. I am also currently working on another log cabin using Halloween fabrics.

  177. I began a log cabin quilt a while ago but it took a long time to make a single block and then life got in the way…. and it is still in a box. It is a shame, too, because the fabrics and colors were going to be really cool together. I need to get back to it! Maybe if I had a copy of the book it would inspire me. :o)

  178. I have only made one log cabin quilt and my sister made me one that my mom and aunt handquilted. Needless to say that is one I treasure. I love the look of the quilts in the book, I think that is a book I will be needing!

  179. Absolutely LOVE the log cabin! I have never made one but now that I have seen this one, I am seriously considering it! Maybe I will just have to have the book!

  180. I love log cabin quilts! It was the first quilt block I ever made and have made three log cabins quilts. I like the look with the narrower strips and plan to make one in the future.

  181. The first quilt I made was a log cabin. I have wanted to do another. This book would be just the push I need to jump into a new adventure.

  182. I have made log cabin blocks and used then in some quilts but have not made a quilt entirely with log cabins

  183. My first log cabin quilt was made with Moda’s Northwoods Flannel, center was the mountain cabin scene surrounded by the log cabin block…..about a full size quilt………Love this quilt.

  184. These quilts look fabulous, especially Mi Casa! Yes, I have made many versions. Most recently, I just finished a quilt from Judy Martin’s Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts. Lots of pieces and lots of fun. Thanks for the chance to win!

  185. I have not made a log cabin quilt yet. I love the looks of them and have one on my bucket list, but I can’t decide which version I want to do!

  186. My house is filled with log cabins! The most recent is a block exchange log cabin that I hand quilted. It hangs on the quilt ladder in my living room. Love them!

  187. Log Cabin is my FAVORITE block. When I first learned to quilt there was a log cabin block in the sampler of blocks we were making. It was the one that I had the most trouble with. Most people would have made it, finished the sampler and never made another one of those blocks. I was intrigued by the many ways you can put them together and come up with tons of variations. I like splitting them in half, making them traditionally and using up scraps to see what you come up with. I like them because they look really hard and they are NOT! There is always room for another log cabin quilt (or book about them) in my life. Yep … the Log Cabin is my favorite block. Ever.

  188. The very first quilt I ever made years ago was a log cabin quilt for my mom. It was a Christmas gift. As soon as i saw how beautiful it was, i immediately started one for my sister knowing that she’d love one, too. So I’ve made two and gifted them.

  189. I’m in the middle of a log cabin quilt for my sister. Blocks are completed and trimmed-just need to decide on a layout. And it’s cold enough this week in Minnesota to give me cabin fever!

  190. How can you NOT love Log Cabin quilts — so many ways to do them. I’ve done several – my very first was a king size log cabin (talk about ambitious!0. I’ve done several versions with embroideries at the center of the each block — lots of fun wiht the stitching and fabric selections. Made a Christmas Log Cabin in muted red and green flannels but still need another Christmas version – maybe in brighter colors this time….and then Edyta;s newest line is just screaming at me to make a blue and cream version!

  191. Making a log cabin quilt or project is on my to do list, but as of yet, I’ve never made one. My Aunt- the first person who introduced me to log cabins, is a prolific log cabin maker. My mother-in-love, the other person to teach me quilting doesn’t do log cabins. My excuse? I’m a bit scared, but also haven’t really come across a log cabin pattern that grabs me and says- Make me!! Maybe I need to stop making excuses and jump in.

  192. I have never made a log cabin quilt, although I’ve always admired them. I guess it’s another one to add to my quilt bucket list!

  193. I have never made a true log cabin quilt. Someday I will make a quilt using courthouse steps blocks and designed/arranged so that adjacent blocks have matching fabrics and form what looks like a ball – sorry, I don’t know what this pattern layout is called.

  194. I love log cabin quilts I and started one for my oldest son about 25 years ago. For some reason it is still languishing in it’s box. Barely begun….maybe in the future….with a book to inspire.

  195. Looks like a wonderful book! Log cabin patterns are some of my favorite. Yes, I have made several log cabin quilts.

  196. I have never made a whole log cabin quilt only a block in my first quilting class, it is on my to do some day lisy

  197. The log cabin pattern is one of my favorites! You can get so many looks just by changing the colors or layout of the blocks.

  198. I made a queen size log cabin and a wall hanging size. One on my favorite blocks. Thanks for a chance at the book.

  199. Log cabin pattern was one of the first ones I made when I learned to quilt. I love making small log cabin patterns. I paper piece blocks with logs that finish 1/4″ wide.

  200. One of the first quilts I made 30 years ago was a Log Cabin quilt with lots of calicos! I still love it and enjoy using it. I think it’s about time to make another one!

  201. I have never made a log cabin although it is on my bucket list (have made a double wedding ring – how’s that for backwards!) After seeing that my 12 year old granddaughters had made a pillow with a log cabin block in school and wanted to make a full quilt, I decided that it is time. We will make them together!

  202. I’ve only made a block or two for a sampler, but I’m itching to make a log cabin quilt now.

  203. I have made one log cabin quilt. Broken Star by Edyta. Next I want to try the log cabin trim ruler. Then maybe a new book log cabin?

  204. I have made a Log Cabin quilt for each of first 2 grandsons – ‘when you have one month not wet bed, Grandma will start a quilt in colours you pick’ – worked like a charm. Their mom really appreciated. One was usual side by side setting. Other was hole in barn door setting. Also made king size one with blocks on diagonal – alternating solid with log cabins. Then 3 baby quilts. It is an easy ‘go to’ pattern for leftover strips and for a quick quilt for a baby.
    Even after all these, most leftover strips will go towards other Log Cabin quilts.

  205. I’ve never made a log cabin block but have experimented with a paper pieced log cabin block. I can’t wait to try some of these new versions!

  206. Yes I love making log cabin quilts. I love the scrappy look of them when using a huge amount of different fabrics. Oh the book looks awesome!

  207. Log cabins are my favorite! An article on them is what got me sewing in the first place, I had to see them! I made a rainbow log cabin quilt for my daughter and another for a coudin’s baby. Would love to make a scrappy version.

  208. Hi Carrie! I do love log cabins! They are a great alternate block, as well as being the one block quilt option. I’ve made several quilts using them!

  209. I’ve made several log cabin quilts, but I have at least a couple more planned. They are really wonderful.

  210. My first quilt ever was a log cabin. I remember taking forever to choose just the right fabric. That year we were having a homemade Christmas and I finished the quilt on Christmas Eve to give to my Mother the next morning. As she has passed away, it is now it is one of my prized possessions. I would love to make another one.

  211. Log Cabins are my favorite quilts! I made my husband one with his College Alma Mater and shipped it to Afghanistan to him during one of his deployments. The Soldiers he served with said they had never seen him smile so big.

  212. the first quilt I ever made was a log cabin. made so many after that. I have ventured into other patterns but my favorite is the log cabin. it is vintage and I love its history and its interpretation of it. in fact, I am under one now :).

  213. My very first quilt was a log cabin. It was a little Christmas quilt with the blocks forming a tree. I still hang it up every year. It has puffy batting, embroidery floss ties and uneven logs but I love it just the same.

  214. One of my first quilts is a mini log cabin I made in a class at an rv rally. All the teachers are volunteers. The students were to swap fabrics but many did not want to disrupt their color scheme so mine is a bit odd, but I have had it hung in my sewing room for years. Traditional, scrappy are my favorite quilts so log cabin fits right in.

  215. One of my first quilts was a log cabin…back in the days when cottons were scarce (the 70’s). It was a quilt using blocks of every color. I loved it, but had to search far and wide for fabric! This book looks awesome and I love “Your Casa”.

  216. The first quilt block I made was a log cabin block, I turned it into a pillow and gave it to my mother in law. She loved it, I then made my son a log cabin flannel quilt….I just love the log cabin …I think I should make another, I think it’s time.

  217. I love log cabins and have made many. Just finished one, well, it needs to be quilted, based on a sample I saw at the Stitching Post in Sisters, Oregon. Love them in brights, dark and dreary, and all other combos

  218. Just started quilting a year ago, utilizing my intuition and youtube tutorials. My first was a Turning Twenty. Numbers 2 thru 4, I drew up my design based on what I wanted my fabrics to show. After I had finished, I was told they were log cabin squares! LOL I would love to when a book to help me learn more!!!

  219. I made a baby-quilt-size log cabin 20 years ago for one of my children, and then cut the strips in half lengthwise to make a tiny doll quilt of the same colors — the second one is much cuter and was much more fun to make! This was before Mini Quilts were so popular : )

  220. I have made several log cabin items – a table runner, a framed piece and a lap quilt. The lap quilt was made from all my scraps and was a “sew” down memory lane of all the fabrics that were included.
    Thanks for the chance to win.


  221. I made one eons ago – from Eleanor Burns’ directions. It was blue and pink – so that dates it for you! I’d love to win this book. The 3/4″ finished logs are right up my alley!

  222. My great great grandmother made a log cabin quilt in the 1880’s for one of her daughters and it is now housed in the North Otago Museum in Oamaru, New Zealand. We are very lucky to have another one of her quilts still in the family also.

  223. I have – it was one of the first quilts I ever made, or rather started! It was a class and I didn’t like the fabrics once I started it so I put it aside for 12 years (!!). I finally finished it last year and, after adding some other fabrics that weren’t original to the class, it has become one of my favorite quilts. I’m so happy I never gave up on it!

  224. A few years ago a friend of mine turned 60 years old and my bee made her a map full of recipes, because she likes to cook. I made the cover of the map, in a wonky logcabin in blue, her favourite colour. Much longer ago I made some cushions for my dining chairs, also in logcabin pattern. I really love a logcabin. Lia

  225. My first quilt was a log cabin quilt some 30 years ago as a wedding present to my husband. It is time to make a second log cabin quilt now that I know a little something about piecing!

  226. My first log cabin was started back in 1994 when I bought a house. I used Red Wagon homespuns and got bored after making 25 blocks. I ‘found’ it again a couple years ago, put the blocks together and a wide black border. Then started appliquing around the border. I have yet to finish it because I’ve lost it in my last move. Need to find it!!

  227. A log cabin was what I chose to teach a friend who wanted to make a queen-size pink and green quilt many years ago. And, I like them so much that I was able to rescue two that had been made in the 1940s from being tossed when a different friend was downsizing to a smaller home.

  228. I have made two log cabin quilts, one in 30’s repros and one in batiks. I love them both! I would love to win this book, looks like great ideas!
    Kathy B
    Yolo, CA

  229. Nope, I’ve never sewed a log cabin quilt. It’s time I do. And the book would sure come in handy. Thank you for the opportunity.

  230. My very first quilt was a log cabin baby quilt. Then soon after that I made two or three following Eleanor Burns’ Quilt in a Day book. That was many years ago. You’ve given me the fever for log cabins again!

  231. I really do love log cabins! I have made several half log cabin throw quilts and a pretty blue log cabin wallhanging.

  232. I have always admired Log Cabin Quilts, but have never made one. The new I Love Log Cabin Quilts book would be helpful in getting one started. Thanks.

  233. I’ve only made a mini log cabin quilt, but have a nice kit of civil war repros to make a Big one.
    Maybe this is the year!

  234. I’ve made 4 or 5 log cabins, and have another one ready to start! That, along with Irish Chains and 9 patches are my favorites! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  235. Wow! A few responses to your give away. I have three king size log cabin quilts, one is brown/pink scrap and two were red/green. Log cabin has always been my favorite pattern. It’s great to read your blog. Love it!

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