Kickstarting your Sewing: Ideas from Moda Designers’ Blogs

There are rumors in the virtual world that blogging is dead—that Instagram and Facebook are taking over and readers just don’t read blogs like they used to. Sure, blogs are tough to keep up, but many people still enjoy connecting with online friends through their written words and photos.

In addition, blogs can be downright useful. I’m currently away from home, with my sewing machine and a little fabric but without patterns and books. While trying to figure out what to sew it dawned on me that there is a wealth of project ideas and information in blogs. So, courtesy of some of Moda’s designers, here’s “news you can use”—projects and ideas to get you sewing in 2016.

Quilt-Sleeve-683x1024 Amy Ellis

• Amy Ellis has a terrific post on AmysCreativeSide about adding a quilt sleeve to your quilt—just in time for her quilt that’s been accepted at QuiltCon next month. Congrats, Amy!

img_5147-1 Lisa Bongean

• Lisa Bongean had a post in December with a great snowball quilt that uses precuts and would look terrific in just about any fabric (although it’s especially charming in her Snowman Gatherings lines) In the same post, she has a recipe for Mexican Chicken Bake that looks cozy and warming on these cold winter days. Yum!

2015-09-16-16.59.58-copy April Rosenthal

• A recent post on April Rosenthal’s blog is the answer to my dreams—what do I make with my mini-charm squares besides EPP hexagons? She’s got a great tutorial for a mini-charms baby bib and I’m going to make one RIGHT NOW—I needed a baby present.

hydepark4.55.16 Blackbird Designs

• The most recent post by Barb and Alma of Blackbird Designs features a complete quilt design—the Hyde Park Pattern that uses two jelly rolls.

Sherri McConnell A Quilting Life

• Lots of us had New Year’s Resolutions that involved using up our stashes. Sherri McConnell’s offering some great tips and tricks for Quilting Your Stash on her blog. I so admire how much she accomplishes and love the way she’s broken down the steps for getting organized to get it done—she’s posting weekly about how to make stash-sewing happen. Here is week one and week two.

pat sloan on the radio

• Pat Sloan’s blog has links to her podcasts, where you can listen to inspiring quilters, designers, authors, and others while you’re doing your own sewing.

04 Becky Brown 2 Barbara Brackman

• One of Moda’s most active bloggers is Barbara Brackman and in the sidebar of her Civil War Quilts blog is a link to her Material Culture blog and fussy cutting tips and tricks from Becky Brown. (Also very useful for English paper piecing.)

Rice Hand Warmers with lavender Vanessa Christensen V and Co• In a December post, Vanessa Christensen of V&Co listed gifts to make and one of the projects would be great even after the holidays—Homemade Hand Warmers. (She also has a recipe for 3-minute fudge, but that would NOT be helpful with certain resolutions I may or may not have made.)

4_Hand_Written_Note_grande 1Canoe2

• And though it’s not about sewing, I love 1canoe2’s post in praise of handwritten letters. We all love to find them in our mailboxes but aren’t always good at writing them. This blog post includes lovely stories about getting mail and five great pointers for writing your own. Tip number 1: It doesn’t have to be perfect!

So there you have it. Who says you can’t get something for nothing?

Do you have any favorite posts from Moda designers? (And we’ll post with more links to projects, tips, and tricks from Moda designers’ websites, soon!)

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14 thoughts on “Kickstarting your Sewing: Ideas from Moda Designers’ Blogs

  1. I am a blog stalker. First thing I do every morning is get on my computer and check out my favorite blogs. This of course being one of them.

    I loved this post and all the links.

  2. I’m like Jacque, I like to read blogs. I don’t do facebook or Instagram.
    Thank you for blogging.

  3. Truth be told, its a break for me at work, to read a blog or two each morning. Instagram and Facebook aren’t always allow through the firewall, but most blogs come in just fine, some of the links don’t always work. I guess work thinks I should be doing work and not dreaming about quilting.

  4. I don’t do Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or any of the other “social media” groups that are out there, but I do read my favorite blogs every morning while I drink my coffee. I get many quilting tips and much inspiration from these blogs!

  5. I am a blog reader. I always read Cupcakesndaisies and love the way she documents her quilts by also listing the number of pieces and which quilt of hers it was. Many blogs like Jenn’s In Color Order have great tutorials and were invaluable in helping me get my stash in order by teaching the best way to fold fat quarters and other fabric. Obviously anyone commenting here must have taken the time to read this blog and Carrie Nelson is alway just fun to read with her wit and sense of humor. A Quilting Life, Red Pepper Quilts, Pretty by Hand, Color Girl Quilts, Ahhhh Quilting, I could go on and on, but there are many great quilt blogs out there and I find it fun to see what they are up to and have to say.

  6. I totally agree with you. there is a wealth of information in blogs .where can we get the one on one connection,patterns, other connections,etc?

  7. I’m so glad some quilters still blog! I’m not into Facebook, but look at some instagram posts. But have a list of favorite blogs I still check each and every day! Thank you for keeping the Moda blog going!!

  8. Like a lot of others, I don’t do social media, so I hope all you wonderful bloggers keep blogging! Thanks for the time you put into it … it is appreciated!

  9. Your new logo is to kickstart for the New Year. Please kickstart doing some quality control. I have often purchased your jelly rolls and the one I am “trying to put together now” is the pits. They are cut anywhere from less than 2 & 1/2 inches up to 2 & 5/8. with bends (v’s) in nearly everyone of them., I do not like to whine but really. How would you like me to send you phony money in payment. This has been a common compliant and needs to be addressed. Thanks

  10. How have I lived this long without knowing of 1canoe2? I mean I knew they had some fabric coming out with a cool name but the calendars, the handlettering, the letterpress? Helllllllo pretty things! I’ll take my inspiration wherever I can get it, blogs, social media, pbs…it’s all good and it all evolves.

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