There’s still time…

Or is there?

There are less than six weeks until Christmas and Kwanzaa, and less than three weeks until Hanukkah.  So how much sewing time is left?

Enough to make any of these projects?


(All images found on Pinterest.  Clockwise from the upper left –  Flurry Fabric and pattern by Kate Spain/image from Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe.  Feathered Star by Anita Peluso/Pattern by Marsha McCloskey.  Original pillow design by Amy Sinibaldi – NanaCompany.  Trim the Tree – pattern by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill, made by Rita of Pink Polka Dot Creations.  Christmas Dresden Plates by Amber Johnson of Gigi’s Thimble.  Winter Wonderland by Sherri Falls & It’s Sew Emma.)

If you’ve still got some holiday sewing to do – what are you going to make?  Is it for decorating – or are you still making “handmade” gifts?

Or is your list done… right up until you see some of the wonderful projects posted during the 12 Days of Christmas events done by Sweetwater Designs and Fig Tree & Co.?  (The Sweetwater girls started last week and are on Day 3 while Joanna won’t be starting until Saturday, November 28th.)

My “made for Christmas 2015” sewing is done – I think.  I could still get the crazy idea that I can start-and-finish something.  I did get a Christmas quilt made using Kate Spain’s Jingle collection and the Lollies pattern by Thimble BlossomsCamille Roskelley.


While I love the aqua blue mixed in with the red and green, I know that not everybody does.

What are your favorite colors to use for decorating during the holidays?

Blue and silver for Hanukkah?  Red and green for Christmas?  What do you think of adding a little bit of aqua or hot pink – a “Shiny Brite” kind of Mod holiday?  Or do you fancy the Scandinavian palette of red, white, gray and mocha?


Winterrose by Wenche Wolff Hatling using JOL.

What about just “red and white” – or cream?


Okay, Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree & Co. does slip in a little bit of green on occasion.

Have you started decorating?  Or are you like Nordstrom’s – preferring to “deck your halls” with Christmas the day after Thanksgiving?

I think you know that when I have questions, there is a possibility of a little bit of quid pro quo.

It is the season for giving, right?  Or it will be soon.

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37 thoughts on “There’s still time…

  1. Red, green and gold! While I’m a fairly modern quilter, this color combo shows up most often in my quilts (and home decor!) The green is usually neon, and the gold is frequently vivid yellow, and the red has lately tipped toward violet 😉

  2. I am like Nordstrom’s; I don’t like to decorate until after Thanksgiving, however I would sew for Christmas anytime. I LOVE the Feathered star quilt above and would make that quilt tomorrow if I had a pattern and fabric. I am in love with red and white for a Christmas quilt I do decorate with red and green for Christmas though.

  3. Yes to all those! Can we say ‘undecided’? That’s what happens when you love it all! I’m leaning a bit more towards the soft gray, cream, red, and aqua color combo of the Winterberry line. Very Classy!

  4. I’m very much like Nordstrom’s. I love Thanksgiving and don’t want that to get lost in Christmas. I love all the quilts you’ve shown and love sewing for Christmas anytime.

  5. Handmade gifts done! I am a traditional red and green, Xmas person, although I am tempted by the Aqua. I will decorate after Thanksgiving. Love your blog.

  6. That red and white feathered star makes my heart sing, but that will have to wait until after the holidays. My sewing schedule for the rest of the year is already made.

  7. Traditional Christmas colors here, but this year will be the first time decorating for the holidays in over 10 years, so who knows how it will evolve. I’m itching to start a Christmas quilt. It won’t be finished before Christmas, but it would surely put me in “the mood”!

  8. Working on finishing second Christmas gift quilt so i can get it mailed to my sister for her magical quilting. Then they come back to me for binding and gift wrapping. Next week I start a red and green Christmas quilt. Thank you for the inspiration. Great posting.

  9. I did pull out the flannel Grinch quilt made two years ago to get in the mood. Husband likes to have lights on the house ready to turn on Thanksgiving night. We are a little behind this year, might not happen, or we will putting up Thanksgiving day. I’m still working on a couple graduation gifts from the spring. This time of year requires time for baking Christmas cookies, love making my Grandma’s recipe, and taking the time to frost and decorate. My 19 and 20 years still like to help decorate. Love the inspiration.

  10. I don’t do any Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving. I’ve often put up lights on Thanksgiving weekend.

  11. Decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving is our usual ‘modas’ operandi. (Little play on words there obviously hehe). I was fortunate to see the red and white exhibition in NYC several years back and immediately went to work on a red and white bed sized quilt. Finished in a short time and the top has been folded in the closet ever since. I had planned to hand quilt it myself, BUT…
    So many quilts, so little time!

  12. I always wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate. And just red and green for me! I dislike blue at Christmas.

  13. I’ve yet to start two handmade Christmas presents as I’m waiting for knitting needles to arrive! (If I miss Christmas, both recipients have birthdays in early January which may come in handy!) I don’t decorate until the week before Christmas (but will have any Christmas cushions and quilts out from the beginning of December – although I only have two at the moment!) but I love silver, clear glass and a touch of pale blue and aqua for my Christmas decorations. I really must get my Christmas quilt back out and get going (again!) on the hand quilting…

  14. Everything but RED AND GREEN !!! I have never liked that combination, but Red and Aqua, Blue or gray and anything else I can throw in works for me. I don;t decorate until after Thanksgiving . Sometimes a little later since I have a birthday in December and want each to have it own days so to speak. Love all these pictures! especially the Marsh McClosky red and white what a stunner!

  15. We wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate…we need to give thanks first! 🙂 I love red & green and I’m not crazy about the aqua. My kids say the aqua is for snow though so maybe it’ll grow on me (probably by the time the trend has changed)

    Love those projects!!

  16. I’m a traditional girl and love the red and green, but also love, love, love red and white or cream, and I most definitely wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate or turn on the Christmas music. One holiday at a time for me! As for the sewing, I’m always last minute….who knows what I’ll work on for this year!

    Sure enjoyed the eye candy you just provided.

  17. I always wait until after Thanksgiving to start the Christmas decorating. I LOVE Thanksgiving… the food, the smells, and the thoughts behind it and I hate that it gets “glossed” over with merchants pushing Christmas earlier and earlier every year.

    As for Christmas colors, I prefer the traditional red, green, gold , silver.

  18. My DD loves to decorate, so when she is here for Thanksgiving, we will pull out the boxes and decorate like crazy because she will have to leave on Saturday. I love pulling out the stuff we have saved over the years~ and I love the traditional red/green combo, with some gold added for sparkle. 😉

  19. I’m really like green & turquoise or teal & have started incorporating that in a lot of my decorating. I won’t decorate until the week after Thanksgiving.

  20. I have to wait till after december 10 to decorate for Christmas – a certain someone doesn’t like sharing her birthday with Baby Jesus … I won’t mention any names, but her initials are Auntia Melissa

  21. I have not started my holiday decorating yet unless you count the 64 log cabin blocks that are made from Seasonal Little Gatherings that are sitting on a table in my living room – lol! I usually wait until long after Thanksgiving to pull out the wreaths and a few other things. All of the projects you show in this post are wonderful!

  22. Beautiful quilts! I decorate after Thanksgiving. Don’t like to see everything going up too soon.

  23. Every year is a little bit different. But now that I have grandchildren decorating really has to focus around unbreakable but interesting things for them to touch and carry around. So right after Thanksgiving I’ll decorate my tree with stuffed animals with bright red bows and unbreakable shiny and sparkly ornaments in red and green and silver with a little aqua and purple just for interest. Eventually I’ll get back to the lovely elegance of cream and gold but that will be several years away.

  24. Always have a holiday project in the works!! Still hoping to get a few more “small” projects completed….a few placemats, a tablerunner and a project with our granddaughter! I love the traditional red and green, but when I sew for our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter it’s all about the bright pink, green and aqua with purple thrown in – not our son-in-law’s choice, but he married a glitter and sparkle girl! Haven’t started the decorating yet….always wait until after Thanksgiving….love the fall decorations too!

  25. I love making Christmas quilts and dolls (Santa dolls mostly). I always make a few new ornaments for the tree, too. It took me awhile to get into the new “modern” colors like aqua, but now I look for these new combinations and love how they expand the possibilities for color combinations! I am currently trying to finish up a quilt similar to one shown above, the wrapped Christmas presents.

  26. I usually start the day after thanksgiving. but this year I already have trees up. yes, trees. that’s because we are shifting from a huge fat 9′ tree to multiple smaller ones. easier to handle, decorate, and store. but had to test while I could still return them. the verdict? I think it will be okay.

  27. Red, green, loving aqua and pink too.Blue is wonderful and even a bit of royal purple. I like colors! Now to get busy and start making.

  28. I love red and green for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to add a little pink, and of course change the shades of red and green! I’m all about Christmas, and I’ve already decorated my trees this past weekend and have been listening to Christmas tunes for a month. Now I have time to sew, although I have to say my Christmas sewing has been happening all year! 🙂

  29. I wait til after the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone to decorate for Christmas. Red and green are two of my favorite colors so they seem to show up at Christmas but I did buy some fabrics with blue in them to make table runners for this year.

  30. Oddly enough, although I don’t want decorations till at least December 1, I love sewing for Christmas all year round. Whatever doesn’t get finished in time for this year will make a great gift next year 🙂

  31. where can I find the village quilt pattern? I’ve looked at every online shop I normally use and am not finding it. Can you tell me some shops carrying it?

  32. No decorating til after Thanksgiving. We are traveling and won’t be home til Dec 3 but I will move into high gear once that happens. I have done a little pre Christmas sewing…well truth be told it’s been planning for what I need to sew. There will be a flurry of days in the early part of the month and I can’t wait!

  33. That Christmas pillow makes me want to fussy cut some Christmas faves! Decorating will have to come after sewing for the holidays this year! Happy Thanksgiving.

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