Now that Fall International Quilt Market is in the books, it’s time to start planning for… the holidays!

Not counting today – November 6 – there are only six more Fridays until December 25th.  Then we’ll start planning for… no, it’s still too soon to actually write it down.  But with “exit meetings”, recaps and reviews… the thinking about “the next one” has quietly started.  (A bit scary, isn’t it?)

Inevitable as it is, Katie Scarlett has the right idea… we’ll think about it tomorrow.

For today, call me Moda Popcorn.  (Moniker adapted – borrowed – from Faith Popcorn, the renowned trend-spotter.)


After three days at Quilt Market, a couple of things really jumped out as being “everywhere”.  English Paper Piecing is still very popular – and there’s more coming.  From templates to papers, books and tools to help achieve better results, it seems like most of us who play with needles and thread are getting back to hand-stitching.  And it’s not just about hexagons – hexies.

Sewing – it’s not just about the quilts.  There were bags, bags and more bags – every size, style, shape, fabrication and configuration.  And embroidery – from patterns to threads, if it had anything to do with embroidery, there was plenty of it at Quilt Market.


From top left – a Sweetpea Pod bag by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs made with Hi-De-Ho by Me & My Sister Designs / a lovely tote made by Amy Sinibaldi using her debut fabric collection for SE / a beautiful panel embroidered with Lecien Cosmo floss – fabric by Kumiko Fujita for AC / a Beatle Bag by Abbey Lane Quilts made with Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell.

(SE – Someone Else.  AC – Another Company.)


Tuffets – the awesome little footstools were were everywhere.  We had three in Modaland – including this one made with Minick & Simpson’s new Miss Scarlet collection.  More bags and more embroidery – these little designs are by Natalie Bird of The Bird House from Australia.  Pillows – every size, shape and design, and all of them were wonderful.

“Regular sewing” was also in evidence – fabric baskets, home decor items and clothing!  For babies, for children, for adults, every fabric manufacturer had clothing made from their newest fabrics adorning their booth.

With Moda’s Anniversary celebration, most of the designers were in attendance.  I can name them all but without lots of little arrows, it would get a little confusing.  Except for Luke Haynes – he’s on the left, royal blue shirt, with the beard.


The gentleman in the front row in Mr. Dunn.  But you know that.


There is so much to see.

French General’s Ville Fleurie with thread cards made with Kaari’s Sizzix dye.  Streamers and tassels in the United Notions booth.  The Open Wide nesting zipper bags from By AnnieAurifil Thread spools in a vintage “carrying case”… that used to be used for hot curlers.  More sewing and clothing items from AC.  The Moda Celebrating 40 Years selvage print.  Some gorgeous clutch bags by Lee Monroe – you probably know her as May Chappell.  The quilt next to the bags is Squiggly Bits, it’s made with Gardenvale.

The first Quilt Market I attended was Fall 2001, I went as a Prospective Vendor.  The following year, I was a Terrified New Exhibitor.  Over the years, aspects of going to Market have gotten easier but one thing never changes.  It is exciting, inspirational, grounding, sometimes humbling and often a bit awe-inspiring.

And the best part about it is always the people.


One of my favorite pictures wasn’t from Quilt Market, it was Thursday, the first day of Quilt Festival.


It was the official opening of the Making of Moda Quilt Exhibit and Mr. Dunn hosted a tour of the exhibit.  The ladies who were in attendance listened to every word, admired every quilt and asked all sorts of questions.  From the expressions on many of the faces, I think it’s safe to say that most couldn’t wait to tell friends that they had met and chatted with Mr. Dunn.

(True story – while at Market, someone asked me if I always called him Mr. Dunn.  Yes.  Always.)

The fabric?


It’s second.

A close second.

Have a terrific weekend!

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8 thoughts on “Rewind…

  1. I can only imagine how awe inspiring Market must be to an Exhibitor, however I can tell you from a prospective buyers point of view…the International Quilt Festival is like paradise…unbelievable. The Moda exhibit was truly fabulous. Loved the part that showed how fabric was “layered” with each round of color and that Moda “wall” of cap sets made me want to cry (because I couldn’t take it home with me). Can’t wait until 2016’s show.

    1. Hi Leota! I think we all felt that way about the Moda fabric color-wall – we all wanted to take it home. 🙂

  2. Great recap! And so much lovely new fabric coming our way. ( ps glad you still noticed AC an SE. Makes me love Moda even more!

  3. Oh if only I could attend some day! Thank you for letting me feel like I was with you!!! Have a great day, I think the weekend will be great for sewing here in North Texas

  4. OK…that’s the best post I have seen on the Quilt Market!
    Why? Because you spoke of the current/ coming trends that you noticed.
    Not about so and so or sew and sew or who and who …. Thank you

  5. Thanks for sharing the new trends with us it’s a great inspiration! What I wonder is there a new must-have color you know like navy or orange a while back? Would love to know if you noticed something and can tell us.

  6. Lovely post. As a consumer I never get to go to Market only to Festival, when I can afford it (live in The Netherlands…. ). And also there , the atmosphere, the people, the fabric, the ideas. The name Festival is so right, it is always so much fun, so inspiring. The memories, the pictures, they always make me smile.
    I could not go this year and I missed it. Just had to write a blogpost about how much I missed it and how much I love it.

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