Featured Shop: Fabric Shack of Waynesville, Ohio

Three generations at Fabric Shack with Moda rep Mark Pytel (AKA Moda Mark): daughter and current shop owner, Jenny Wyrick; Jenny’s daughter Amanda; and Jenny’s mom Maxine, who opened Fabric Shack with her husband Don in 1984.

Don and Maxine, the original owners of Waynesville, Ohio’s, Fabric Shack had a “marriage-made-in-retail.” Don worked in the luggage department of Rollman’s Department Store in Cincinnati, while Maxine’s mom worked in the fabric department. Every day Maxine would bring her mom lunch, and that’s where she met Don. They married, had four daughters, and Maxine clothed them with her sewn creations. Don, ever interested in new business opportunities, bought a men’s shirting business called Fabric Shack at an antique mall and Maxine adapted her sewing skills to quilting and in 1984 they opened their shop. Just three years later they started carrying Moda fabrics.

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Today, Don and Maxine’s daughter Jenny Wyrick owns Fabric Shack, which employs three generations of family members, including Jenny’s daughter Amanda. “She makes the store sparkle, and can recall virtually every piece of fabric we’ve ever had,” says Jenny. “She’s an indispensible cog in the wheel.” Some days Jenny’s granddaughter Chloe does data entry at Fabric Shack, making it a four-generation affair.

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Waynesville is a small town between Dayton and Cincinnati, and draws lots of visitors from both cities, who appreciate the Fabric Shack’s selection of notions, quilt backings and battings, along with the friendly, knowledgeable staff. The also love the thousands of fabrics available. The shop carries between 10,000 and 12,000 bolts on site, and many thousands more through their active online business. (They pride themselves on offering half-price on their priority mail shipping: orders are typically sent out within a day or two of receiving them.)

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“We buy full lines of nearly everyone’s fabrics and lots of precuts,” says Jenny. “I have never met a fabric I didn’t love.”


Fabric Shack has carried Moda fabrics for most of its 31 years. “My parents started buying Moda in 1987, and my dad and Mr. Dunn were fast friends,” says Jenny. “I cannot speak highly enough of Moda—they’re so interested in us succeeding!” Jenny credits her Moda rep, Mark Pytel (AKA Moda Mark), with doing a great job, but it goes beyond that. “You develop a friendship with your rep after so many years—he’s a great guy.”


Customers appreciate the many samples displayed throughout the store, which are stitched by Fabric Shack staff and by Maxine, who at 82 still challenges herself to improve her piecing. “She’s won ribbons in shows and continues to hone her skills,” says Jenny. “Last week she looked at her seams and said ‘I could deal with being 1/32nd of an inch off, but not 1/16th, and she took out five seams.”

image1-3 (1)Fabric Shop supports local charities, including donating fabric for quilts at local women’s and children’s shelters, and making pillowcase dresses for children in Africa. Jenny loves working with customers, and claims she learns as much from them as they do from her. “Quilters are so sharing,” she says. “It’s wonderful to be able to help supply them with what they need and want to make the quilts of their dreams.”image3 (1)

The family dearly misses Don, who passed away recently, and are grateful for the precedent he and Maxine established at Fabric Shack. “Our shop’s legacy is to offer a quality product at a very fair price, with great customer service,” says Jenny. It’s also to supply quilters with fantastic fabric. “I love cutting it and it’s a pleasure to handle each bolt. We get so many compliments on them—how does Moda keep making such beautiful fabric?”


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31 thoughts on “Featured Shop: Fabric Shack of Waynesville, Ohio

  1. Love this shop and I have purchased fabrics from them in the past – I had no idea they are so huge. Love their story. I always enjoy your posts – thanks!

  2. What a nice looking shop! I hope this is the first of many shop highlights! My husband is joining me in retirement in January so we are hoping to travel more….I’m keeping a list of “quilt related” things to see while we are out and about 🙂

    Peggy in NJ

  3. Fabric Shack is an awesome quilt shop — you can find whatever you’re looking for there. You can also make a day trip there because their location is so fun — lots of antique and other little shops all around them!

  4. Fabric Shack is always my “go to” site when looking for fabric. I am never disappointed in either the fabric or the service. The sale section of their site is wonderful – sorted by price! It is a great place to look for backs for charity quilts- our mailman will attest to the fact that I always seem to find something at Fabric Shack that I just can not resist.

  5. I am lucky enough to live less than 30 minutes away from Fabric Shack and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the store and the people who work there… some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I’ve been shopping here for years and years (almost from the time they opened). I never fail to find what I’m looking for. They always have the best selection and the best prices. I’m so happy to see them featured here on Moda’s blog.

  6. My granddaughter Gianni (she was 7 or 8) and I had the privilege of finding The Fabric Shack several years ago. She chose the fabric for her first big quilt. We are from Arkansas and were there while her Mom was working in Ohio. We still talk about your store. Waynesville is definitely a destination place.

  7. I have bought fabric online from Fabric Shack more than once. Service is excellent. When I am looking for something, its the place to go to.

  8. Love, love, love this shop. It is my “go to” place when I need a refreshing day away and need to add to my stash of fabrics, mostly Mooda. I live an hour and a half away but that does not stop me when I need “more” fabric. Also Waynesville is an adorable little town to visit and have lunch at or just visit the ladies at the Fabric Shop. They are so helpful and their examples of finished quilts will inspire you.

  9. Just realized this shop is only 35 minutes from my house! Adding it to my list of local shops and scheduling a visit.

  10. I love this shop. Every time I visit friends in Xenia, Ohio, I plan a day to go to Fabric Shack. I always make sure I have plenty of room in my luggage for fabric!

  11. I live in Melbourne, Australia & Fabric Shack is my favourite online fabric shop. Great range, great prices & decent international postage! And to top it all off, they do 1/4 yard minimum cuts which so few other online stores do. It all makes for a great customer experience. Go FabricShack!

  12. Yay — my local shop, and I know I am lucky to have it nearby! Thanks for featuring it here on The Cutting Table.

  13. Wow! What a great looking shop. So many notions and precuts. Wish it was close by. Fabric, fabric everywhere.

  14. This is my MOST Favorite quilt shop!!! It is a “day trip” for me but, again, it is my favorite day drive destination. If you have a favorite line of fabric or designer Fabric Shack is THE shop that carries an entire line. It is amazing and I always allow myself a minimum of 3 hours to shop there. So glad to see it recognized.

  15. I live in Wisconsin and buy most of my fabric from them. I was lucky to be able to stop there in person once. They willingly do small cuts and postage is very reasonable. They will e-mail for directions if they have a question about your order. Wish i could visit in person all the time!

  16. I love this shop. It is the place I send my friends to because of the awesome variety. Thanks for having such a great online shop.

  17. I am fortunate to live within driving distance to Fabric Shack and it is my FAVORITE quilt shop! There are several closer to me but none have the selection or customer service you will get from Fabric Shack! You can expect to be greeted with a smile and a cheery hello! The fabric selection is incredible, I have never walked out empty handed! Glad to see them get this recognition, long overdue! Love the Shack and all their workers!

  18. I live in Dallas, but found Fabric Shack online years ago. LOVE IT!!!! Great service and fast delivery. My sister moved 9 miles away so when I visit, it’s a must! I tell her she can just drop me off, I will be occupied for hours!!! And, they have one of the best web pages I have ever seen. It’s so quick and easy to search for what you want.

  19. Fabric Shack is fantastic. I am fortunate enough to live close enough to shop in person but it also great for online shopping. You order and before you know it the package is at your door. Everyone at the shop is friendly and knowledgeable. If you are in the area it is well worth the trip.

  20. I have been to the shop and it is a treasure trove of beautiful fabrics that I wanted to take home. I didn’t know it existed many years ago when my husband and I visited Waynesville. When I saw their sign on their building I told my hubby that I had to go in there. He followed me inside and let me look to my hearts content. I have also ordered fabrics from them many times and receive their email. Congratulations Fabric Shack for being recognized on this site and for your customer service to quilters!

  21. Fabric Shack is a great shop! The people are wonderful and caring…always willing to go above and beyond to provide great service. It is my happy place. I am fortunate enough to live within 30 minutes and visit often, not because I need more fabric, but because I love the people and appreciate the opportunity to pet the great fabric. GO. You will be happy you did!

  22. Thanks for showcasing the Fabric Shack as I found a perfect quilt to make for my son in the photos of the store. I emailed them and they were very helpful in putting together a quilt kit in my son’s colours. My package is in the mail I write! Thanks to Amanda and staff at Fabric Shack!!!

  23. I live in Ireland on the far western corner of Europe.
    I always buy from the Fabric Shack and have never been disappointed.
    I cannot believe how fast they ship.
    Wishing everyone at the Fabric Shack continued success..

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