T-minus 96 hours…

To synchronize your watch, at 9:00 am on Tuesday morning, it will officially be 96 hours until the announcement is made… “Ladies and Gentlemen, Fall International Quilt Market is now officially open.”

Or something like that.

We’ll be there.  And we’ll be celebrating.

Celebrating 40 Years

There will be a couple of Schoolhouses on Friday –

Designer Schoolhouses 2

Brigitte Heitland’s – Zen Chic’s – new collection is Flow – it’s gorgeous.  And it coordinates beautifully, perfectly and gloriously with For You, the collection that shipped in August.

Pat Sloan’s new collection is Hometown Girl and it’s wonderful – red, green, navy, gray and cream.  (I’ve already used it in a scrappy quilt.)

I asked Barb of Me & My Sister Designs if she was ready and her reply was “Heck NO! Are you nuts?”

What’s left to do?  Binding. Binding.  Binding.  And packing. 

CT MMS Binding

What will you be doing on Monday and Tuesday?  Laundry, buying dog food – for Frasier and Bella – getting groceries for the humans in the household and packing.  And some binding.

And when do you fly to Houston?  Thursday!  The schedule is to arrive, set up our space in the Designer Studio, finish bindings and get some Mexican food!

MMS New Collection

Barb and Mary will be walking the aisle for the Moda All-Stars All in a Row Schoolhouse – Friday afternoon.


Coming in December, this book features twenty-four original rows measuring 48″ wide by no more than 10″ high. The rows can be used individually to make table-runners and wall-hangings, or combined with filler-rows to make quilts of any size.

It’s published by Martingale and the “author” is ModaLissa – Lissa Alexander.


There will be a Booth Hop for prizes at Market – to enter, folks have to pick up a “passport” in the Martingale booth, then go around to all the booths of the authors looking for the answer to a single question – “what is your secret talent?”

Rumor has it that there is going to be some kind of pageant involved.

The last thing for today is a sneak-peek of sorts.  Quilt Market means new fabric collections debuting so… here’s a little taste of what’s coming.


And there’s more… fabric coming.

That’s it for today – I have to finish a binding, do some packing and I think I have a hair appointment.

I’d better have a hair appointment.

Rumor has it I might be a blonde at Market… if only for a little while.

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  1. Oh I love hearing about market! And that book looks fantastic! Must figure a way to get one of those! One of these years I shall make my way to join you for all the fun! Have a great market Carrie!
    P.s I love the way you write, you always make me smile!

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