Fall Quilt Market 2015 ~ Part 2


This was the group at Sample Spree last night.  I’m not sure who took the picture but I appreciate their sending it to me.

I was down in the convention center taking pictures of quilts and booths… though it appears that I missed a few.  I’ll remedy that – more pictures tomorrow.

Across the aisle from Fig Tree are the booths of Luke Haynes, Zen Chic, Janet Clare and Wenche Wolff Hatling.


LUKE Haynes’s debut collection is Dapper.  It includes 30 wovens that have the quirky fell of a well-loved vintage shirt.  Stripes, plaids, herringbones and a houndstooth, the colors and textures are really good.

And yes, I love the improv-make it do piecing in some of the half-triangle squares and blocks of this quilt.  (I also love that it’s quilted with red thread!)

Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic is next to Luke but her quilts had been taken down for a sales meeting – I’ll have pictures of her quilts and her gorgeous collection, Flow, tomorrow.

Janet Clare and her adorable, sweet Tony are next.

This is one of the quilts made with Janet’s beautiful Wordsmith collection – it’s titled Felicity.


She’s also done a beautiful book titled The Wordsmith.


This is Jaunty.  Wordsmith is beautiful on it’s own – and mixed with Nocturne, her most recent collection.


Wenche Wolff Hatling – pronounced Ven-ka.  (The quilt is Winterrose.)

This is JOL – pronounced “yule”.  Done in the traditional style and colors of a Nordic Christmas, this collection features a print reproduced from a Norwegian wedding dress dating to 1700.


This is Sweetheart.  Wenche has also done a wonderful Calendar Tree – an advent calendar.


Volume II by Sweetwater Designs – this is a gorgeous follow-up to Mama Said Sew.


What I like best about this collection is the text prints – the Sweetwater ladies to the Best. Text. Prints. EVER.

Polly Minick & Laurie Simpson – Polly is the renowned rug hooker and Laurie is the equally renowned quilter.


This is Miss Scarlet – a gorgeous array of neutrals and red.  The glorious applique quilt in the center of the picture – Patty’s Posies – was pieced, hand-appliqued and hand-quilted in less than two weeks.  She was aided by lots of espresso, carrot cake and baseball.

The quilts below it are Polly’s Stars & Stripes on the left and Glad Tidings on the right.


Another pair of sisters – Barb Groves and Mary Jacobsen.  Me & My Sister Designs – their new collection is Grow.  Cute flowers?  Check.  Clear fresh color?  Check.  An assortment of great blender prints – polka dots, stripes, etc.?  Check.

Admit it.  You want it.  (The quilts are Wild Jelly Rolls 3, Slice of Cake 3 and Slice of Cake 4.)


Just in time for Halloween… though this Spooky Delight fabric collection won’t be around until next Spring.

It’s from Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs.  You’ll want to look for Anne’s new six-month Row of the Month quilt – it’s wonderful.  It’s titled Spooky Halloween.  The quilts shown are Postcard Cuties for Halloween and Monster Madness.


(You already know I love Halloween quilts, right?)


Pat Sloan’s Hometown Girl – this wonderful quilt is Hometown Charm.  It combines applique, piecing and some embroidery – batiks and/or prints.  (And Pat’s got all sorts of things in the works so stay tuned.)

Little Miss Sunshine!


Literally and figuratively.  Little Miss Sunshine is by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella’s Boutique.  The quilt in the background is Bright Side and the flowers is Cottage Blossoms.


Just in time for the Black & White theme of tonight’s Moda Party… Basic Grey’s Black Tie Affair – the awesome follow-up to Little Black Dress and Little Black Dress II.

(Don’t forget, these collections are perfect for Halloween-theme quilts… just add a little bit of orange.)

Bias alert – Vanessa Christensen of V & Co.’s Ombres just might be my favorite collection this time.  If I had a favorite… which I don’t.


But if I did…


Criss Cross Applesauce is in the background, Rising Star is in the middle below, and the gloriously gorgeous Ombre Hexie quilt is by Nicole of Modern Handcraft.


Best Tuffet Ever.  (I might need to make one of these really, really soon.)


Valley by A Quilting Life – Sherri McConnell and Chelsi Stratton.  The colors are beautiful – cream, a soft taupe-bisque, rich gold, a gorgeous vibrant tomato red, teal and navy.

At the end of this side of Designer Studio is Bonnie & Camille.  They’re showing their new quilts made with Vintage Picnic.


Bonnie – Cotton Way.  Vintage Baskets is hanging – it’s the one with the cute cherries and Playful is the quilt under the “Cotton Way” sign.

(Don’t you want to get some little embroidery hoops and start “hooping” your fabrics?  Or embroidering.)


Thimbleblossoms – Thimble Blossoms.  Apparently Camille Roskelley goes by both names.

Swoon Sixteen.  Flower Patch.  Summerville.  Clambake.

That runner is Camille’s row from the upcoming All-in-a-Row book from Martingale, compiled and maybe even corraled by Lissa Alexander.

Across the main aisle is Laundry Basket – Edyta Sitar.  Despite moving across the country from Michigan to California, Edyta found time to design two new collections, Southern Exposure and Silver Livings, a collection of shirtings and background prints.


Many many beautiful quilts… with many, many pieces.

This is one of my favorites – it’s Driftwood.  (Edyta may or may not be missing a pattern already… just saying.)


Edyta is next to Primitive Gatherings – Lisa Bongean.  Lisa’s new collection is Songbird Gatherings.

I’ll have a picture of the front of Lisa’s booth tomorrow but for now… just contemplate these two beautiful quilts on the side of the booth.

Summer Breeze – this is a super-scrappy quilt that was the Primitive Gatherings Block of the Week this past summer.  The really little “granny squares” is Hope Chest – a scrap quilt done in pinks, reds and browns.


United Notions is next-door to Lisa – and between Lisa and Jen Kingwell.


Jen has three collections debuting this Market.  This is Behind the Scenes, a “range” of backgrounds and neutrals in shades of cream, gray, taupe and silver.

Then there is the color…


In the front – Jen’s signature stripe print in five gorgeous new colorations.  They’re called Lollies.  In the back – Just a Speck is a collection of Jen’s little specks – dots.  Each color is done twice – once with white specks and again with black specks.

Across the aisle from Jen is… Sandy Gervais.  You remember her from earlier, right?  Full circle – once around the block.

I’ve missed Sandy Klop – American Jane and Brigitte of Zen Chic so yes, I will be back tomorrow with more pictures.

Hopefully things will start settling down and I can get some pictures of the designers with their quilts.


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  1. Loved your pics. Brings a taste of quilt market to those of us at home. Thanks for giving us insight as to what we have to plan and look forward to in 2016. Keep up the good work.

  2. Carrie, Thank you for taking precious time out of your day to post on this blog!! I love seeing your pictures and reading your commentary. Keep dry, saw on the news that some very wet weather is coming your way.

  3. And the wonderful continues. Loved Luke Haynes “Dapper” and quilting with red thread. So many with my favorite shades, cream, grey, taupe and silver. Thank ou again for all the great pictures and descriptions.

  4. So fun to live vicariously through. Not quite like being there, but close. Thanks for your commentary and pics.

  5. Very nice coverage of the ‘block’. I’m looking forward to seeing the ‘neighborhood’. Thanks for thinking of us here at home!

  6. Thanks again for posting and so glad it was earlier in the day…. not sure how many 1:10 AM’s you can do. lol

  7. I’m late at catching up with your Market posts so I’m bingeing on them now. Thanks for taking us along with you all these wonderful quilts and fabric.

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