The polls are still open…

Fabric8! Fabric8! Fabric8!

If you say that aloud, it really does sound like a chant at a rally – and that’s kind of what this is.

The voting for the Fabric8: Botanical Sketchbook Semi-Finalist Round Design Contest is open – and it ends tomorrow night.

You must be a member of Spoonflower to vote – it doesn’t cost anything to join, just your name, rank and serial number.  Or something like that.  It’s easy – I promise.  (Someone who won’t be named has been a member of Spoonflower for years and years…)

If you really don’t want to join, I hope you’ll still pop over to see some of the beautiful designs that made it through to the second round.  Here are a few randomly selected designs – the name of the artist is included below the image.


So vote!  Voting ends Wednesday night – September 2nd.  The eight Finalists will be announced on Thursday, September 3rd.  (And maybe something about fat quarters.  Membership might have a benefit… just saying.)

Happy Tuesday!


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8 thoughts on “The polls are still open…

  1. I’ve voted but there’re a lot of great designs hard to pick a favorite … but then you can vote for as many you like:-)

  2. I couldn’t believe how many gorgeous beauties there were to choose from! It was hard, very hard. I finally did make a choice based on which I would most likely use in a quilt. I wanted one that had a multi directional look to it since I cut fabric in square, rectangles, and triangles. Pieces of fabric get turned in lots of directions and I didn’t want things looking upside down. So many of the choices were things that would be great in clothing…I was just so very inspired and impressed!

  3. Love them all. I can’t even draw a straight line, much less imagine such gorgeous fabrics. Great job to all.

  4. As a beginner in the quilting world I would love to win the book and really have never won anything in my whole 59 years and it would be super duper.. As for fabrics I love them all too much to choose just one… So sorry…

  5. I am in LOVE with the DOT DOT Dash. the colors are amazing. i have an abundance of MODA fabric in my stash, its just to awesome to resist. Thank you so much.

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