July. Christmas. Ready.

Okay, maybe not completely.  Probably not at all.  (Someone – walks like a duck… talks like a duck… – has “borrowed” everything I’ve made so far for “other purposes”.)

So I may consider hiding the little bags I made for today.


Bags like this have been around for years and years; there have been patterns and tutorials, and everybody has a little bit  different take on what they like to do.  I’ve made and used this kind of bag for… well, years and years.  I’ve made them with leftover blocks, rectangles pieced with leftover parts, and I’ve even pieced something specifically to use for this purpose.  Because the shape is so terrific, I’ve also used this shape for pincushions – some that look like chickens and others that don’t.

I hadn’t made any bags in a few years but then Peta Peace of Australia showed this picture on Instagram…


The image stayed with me because it reminded me of some of the pictures I’d seen – and pinned – on Pinterest of advent calendar ideas and last-minute-gift ideas.  When I went back to find the picture for this post, it turns out that Peta had made the basketful of bags for gifts using the terrific tutorial by Lisa and Sarah of A Spoonful of Sugar – the wonderful Aussie-based blog where I found the Charm Square tray I shared a few weeks ago.  (Their tutorials – Triangle Pouch and Patchwork Triangle Pouch.)

After seeing their tutorials, I thought about using a picture of the bags I made and linking to them because they’re terrific.  But they’re not very much alike other than the shape.  Next time, right?


Did I mention that the other inspiration for this particular project was a stack of “leftover” pieces of Moda Crossweaves that Chelair left on my desk?  Yes… I was smitten.  (Again.) (Still.)

The first several bags were made with squares from a Layer Cake of Evergreen by Basic Grey.  My intent had been to use a single Layer Cake to make at least 21 bags – one square for the outside and one square for the lining.  Since the size was perfect for my purpose, I stayed with the same size piece after deciding to use – being sidetracked by – the crossweaves.

This is what you’ll need for one bag:

  • 1 piece of fabric – at least 8 1/2″ x 10″ – for the outside of the bag.
    • From the piece, cut 1 rectangle – 6 1/2″ x 10″.  Then from the 2″ strip, cut 2 rectangles – 2″ x 2 1/2″ – and save the remainder.
  • 1 piece of fabric – at least 6 1/2″ x 10″ – for the lining of the bag.
  • 1 piece of batting – 6 1/2″ x 10″.  I used leftover pieces of batting – 100% cotton and 50% cotton/50% bamboo.
  • coordinating or contrasting thread for quilting – in your preferred weight
  • 1 zipper – at least 7″ long
  • 1 zipper pull – optional

Using the fabric and batting rectangles, make a “quilt sandwich” of the two layers of fabric and the batting, and quilt as desired.

Trim the sides of the quilted rectangle so they are straight, even and “clean”.  I trimmed the rectangle to measure 6″ x 9 3/4″.

The zipper.  The first thing I like to do is “remove” the metal parts on the zipper tape.  Start at the bottom of the zipper – about 1″ above the bottom metal cross-bar, zig-zag stitch across the zipper-coil as shown below.

Using one of the 2″ x 2 1/2″ rectangles, fold it in half to find the center – 1 1/4″ in from the ends.  Place the fold approximately 1/4″ inside the zig-zap stitching and stitch across the rectangle.  (The upper left image in the next picture might help.)


Fold the rectangle over and top-stitch along the edge.  Trim the sides even with the zipper.

To repeat this on the other end of the zipper – measure 5″ up from the folded edge and make a mark on the zipper tape.  This is the point for the zig-zag stitching.  Now measure 4 3/4″ up from the folded edge and mark the zipper tape – this is the placement point for the fold on the other end.

Before stitching… Make sure the zipper is open – that the zipper pull is between the two stitching lines.  (Yes, I made that mistake… that’s how I know this.)

Fold back the fabric to expose the bottom of the tape.  Using the tips of a sharp pair of scissors, remove the plastic zipper coil as shown, leaving approximately 1/4″ of the zipper.


When both sides are complete, the zipper should measure 4 3/4″ from fold to fold.

With the wrong-side of the zipper facing the outer fabric, align the edge of the zipper tape with the edge of the fabric.  The ends will extend past the edge as shown.

Using your preferred width and zipper foot, sew the zipper to the quilted rectangle.


Optional:  Overcast or serge the edge of the zipper.

Optional:  Top-stitch along the edge of zipper as shown.  Full disclosure – doing the first side of the top-stitching is easy.  Zip. Done.  The second side… not so much.  The bag is joined so you’re working in the middle of a small cylinder… it gets a little tight.  Going slowly, I could stitch about 3/4 of the length before it became too difficult to manage.  So I “finished” the seam by coming from the other direction and overlapping the stitching.  Once finished, you really have to look to find the join.

Repeat on the other side of the bag.


On the edge of the bag with the bottom of the zipper, fold the cylinder to center the zipper.  Pin to secure.  Using a 3/8″ seam allowance, stitch across the opening.

Optional:  Overcast or serge the seam.

With right sides together, fold the 2″ x 5″ rectangle lengthwise and stitch a generous 1/4″ from the fold.  Trim the seam allowance to approximately 1/8″ and turn right-side-out.

Fold in half to make a little loop – stitch across the  bottom approx. 1 1/4″ from the tip of the loop.  Stitch across the two loops – trim to 1/4″ seam allowance.

Open the zipper about half-way before proceeding.  (Ask me why I’m reminding you of this…)

Fold the remaining edge as shown – zipper on one fold, center of bag on the other.  Insert the loop into the bag and pin in place approx. 1″ away from the zipper-fold.  (It doesn’t need to be exact, but it’s where the pin is in the first picture.)

Using a 3/8″ seam allowance, stitch across the opening.  Go slowly across the zipper – even though there aren’t any metal parts, it’s still thick and it can be a little bulky.  Overcast or serge – if desired.


Turn the bag right side out and poke out the corners.  Add a little zipper pull and presto!  It’s finished.

One other option to mention – I experimented with “binding” the two seams in the bag.  I cut a 1 1/4″ wide strip on the straight grain of the fabric.  The strip was included in the seam stitching closed the opening – 3/8″ seam allowance – with a 1/2″ extending on each end.  The ends were folded in and the strip folded over the seam.  The edge was turned under along the stitching line and pinned.  The edge was then machine-stitched through all the layers.  It worked well and I considered doing it for the crossweave bags.  But over-casting is faster… it was late… I was tired.

The zipper pulls!  Both are sold as “charms” for jewelry-making and I found the charms I used in two different places.  The silver button “pull” is a button charm that I found in the United Notions warehouse – this is it.  The other charms came from one of the “big box” stores known for coupons – look for charms in the jewelry-making section.  And don’t forget to get “O” rings or split-rings to attach the charm to the zipper, and a pair of those little jewelry pliers will help.


Because I’ve established the precedent of telling you how long these things took me to make – the bag with the bound-seams took about 1 1/2 hours to cut, quilt and assemble.  The bags with the over-casting took about an hour – the first one took the longest, the last one took less than 45 minutes.  The time also varied because of the quilting… and what music was playing.

That’s it for the Christmas in July projects… though maybe not.  While looking for the links for A Spoonful of Sugar’s tutorials, I got distracted.  I think I might need to make a basket… or three.

Finally, because I’ve been celebrating Christmas and thinking ahead about gifts… I’ve got a couple of things to share.  Surprises.  Five of them.  Just leave a comment by midnight on Sunday – August 2nd – CST and one of my little packages might find it’s way to your mailbox.

You just have to tell me what you’d like to find in your stocking this December.

And no, one of these little crossweave bags doesn’t count.  Rumor has it there’s a duck coming this direction…

Have a good weekend!

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168 thoughts on “July. Christmas. Ready.

  1. I’ve been seeing those little bags for years and still haven’t made any. I need to remedy that! I would love to find some Farmhouse, Gooseberry and Hello Darling fabric in my stocking. And a new planner to help me schedule my time a bit better so that I can block out good sections of sewing time.

  2. Now I just must make these. How many Lego people can one of these bags hold? We will find out after Christmas. My grandsons will love these! The granddaughters will love them. The neighbor kids will love them. The grown kids will love them. I could go on and on. Now I get to buy more fabric. I need to find a good source for cheaper zippers or a good sale….Thank you for all your good blogs. I look forward to each one because they are just so much fun plus I learn lots of great things besides what I want to buy…

  3. My stocking will have Charm Packs, Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls, etc. Each more delightful than the next. Plus any new fun accessory. I have a really large stocking so no worries about not enough room. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Merry Christmas from very dry Northern CA.

  4. Well, like this will happen – but I’d love one of those sewing room furniture sets designed just for me!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial, I love the little pouches! The hubster has figured out a gift certificate to our local fabric shop is always a hit with me, so I hope to find one in my Christmas stocking. Thanks for the give-a-way!

  6. I keep looking at bags like this and putting them on my to-do list…I really need to do them. My Christmas list included goodies to help organize my sewing room. But there’s no way a stocking could hold everything that I need.

  7. Oh! These are so cute! They will be perfect for the girls for Christmas or whatever! Good way to use up some beloved leftover scraps! Thanks so much!

  8. If I can find a big enough stocking, I’m hoping for a Juki 🙂 Great expectations?? Thank you for the tutorial – these are so cute – I’d love to make some of these. 🙂 And A Spoonful of Sugar’s baskets are awesome! My list just keeps getting longer.

  9. I love your blog posts! Such cute bags! I would love to find a gift card for Fat Quarter Shop in my Christmas stocking, that would be the best!

    1. Hi Cathy – All of the zipper pulls were sold as charms for jewelry-making. I found the little buttons in the United Notions warehouse, they’re an item we carry for quilt shops to order. The others all came from one of the big craft-sewing store chains, unfortunately I don’t remember which one as I think I went to three different ones that day. I do remember that I found them in the jewelry-making section among the charms. Another source is Etsy – a search for sewing charms should turn up several options. 🙂

    2. Hi Cathy! The zipper pulls I used are actually charms I found in the jewelry-making section of the “big box” craft and sewing stores – the ones that advertise with coupons. LOL The button charms were something I found in the United Notions warehouse – they’re also sold as charms. I also recommend Etsy and eBay – just look for “charms”. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the tutorial, the pouches are cute. What I’d love to find in my Christmas stocking is a ticket to any quilt cruise or the Tokyo international quilt show. Might as well wish BIG! Thanks Carrie, I really enjoy reading your blog.

  11. Ok, love the little triangle pouch,then there’s towels you shared & the fabric sq. fabric tray(already made 2 of those)& the gathered round baskets…oh my…to many choices & so little time.
    Would love the cutting table using the white saw horses from Ik..
    Thanks for all your hard work & sharing your amazing ideas….

  12. I would like to find a sewing center in my stocking. I am cleaning a former living room to use as my sewing room and need some special furniture for it. Love the little bags. I have one and use it for my tatting that I take with me.

  13. These bags are so cute…and the fabric is inspiring! Thank you for sharing the tutorial!
    Hmmm, in my stocking this year? I would love to find one of those Splash rotary cutters. I keep reading good things about them. And yes, one of those cute bags would be fun too 🙂

  14. I would like to find some Accuquilt strip dies in my stocking! Love your posts and look forward to reading all of them.

  15. Whats not to love about these little bags! My stocking would be full with a rainbow of color of Aurifil tnread and zippers…to make all colors of those sweet little bags, of course!!!

  16. I always find something I love in your posts and this one is no different! Love your pouches! I’d like a new sewing machine but I think I need to do some more saving. Maybe some beautiful fabric?

  17. Adding these bags to my project list… I’d love to find a nice little portable sewing machine so I could get more accomplished! (But then I’d probably have an even longer project list!)

  18. Why have I never thought of using all those lovely necklace/bracelet charms I see/admire in haberdashery departments as zip pulls? Carrie, you’re a genius! I’d quite like to find a selection of zips in sizes and colours which were useful – whenever I buy some ‘just because’ I never seem to be able to predict which colour/size I’ll need for a project that isn’t yet planned. Maybe I don’t need a selection of zips, maybe an accurate zip-fortune teller would be better, particularly if she could also predict button and ribbon needs…

    P.S. I love these bags and will be making some myself for the bairns!

  19. In my stocking…hmmmm….I guess just a picture of all my children and grandchildren would do it!

  20. I’m hoping for a sew steady table for my new Bernina 350. 😉

    I buy bulk zippers on etsy or eBay. I bought random the first time and now rebuy the colors I used a lot (black, grey, and turquoise). I buy 14″ because that’s long enough for most bag patterns and clothes, and they can always be cut down.

  21. I would love to find an acrylic extension table that is adjustable
    to fit all my machines. I know they exist. I just can’t think of the
    name right now.

  22. Love, love the little bags. Hmmm, will I have time to make some before Christmas… you betcha. And for my stocking, I would like to see a gift card to the LQS near my house. Wording is key here – I used the word “local” last year and must travel to Seattle to redeem it. Looking forward to the trip,

  23. I loved the little bag pattern, I will have to try this. I am always looking for small gifts for friends. I hope to get more gift cards to my favorite quilt store for Christmas. Last year I also got a great quilt book, and my daughter marked in it which project she wanted me to make. I have the material for the tree skirt and will start it soon.

  24. I would love to find —- a gift certificate for a professional organizer to come in, organize my sewing, my yarns, my threads, my fabric, my doll-making supplies, my fiber dyes and paints, and many more things (all my books, for instance) — with a guarantee that I will be unable to create havoc within at least a given period of time. And of course, that would leave room for GCs for fabrics, threads, yarns, and books — and maybe even a Layer Cake or three. Or a fun bag or two.

  25. I am always pleased with gift cards for my favourite on-line fabric shops, but my family has the mistaken notion that I have enough fabric. Imagine that! Maybe I’ll get the new Miss Rosie quilt patterns – I really NEED them.

  26. I’m hoping that Santa brings me novelty fabrics to use for the annual tote bag sewing day. We make about 200 totes for foster children in a one day sewing blitz.

  27. These little bags are just the bomb!! I can’t wait to make them for friends and family to put in their stockings. I have just begun to quilt (after YEARS of collecting fabric and supplies!) and am loving using jelly rolls! It would be peachy to find a few of them in my patchwork 😉 Christmas stocking. Love Moda! Love the pics! Love the tutorials! Love everything!

  28. Well, last year I wanted a Miss Rosie quilt pattern in my stocking and lo-and-behold I got it. (So guess who fills the Christmas stockings in our house.) This year I would like a pair of scissors by Karen Kay Buckley. I wonder if I’ll get them????

  29. These Are so cute, going to have to make some! For me I always love gift cards, especially for coffee! But anything for sewing is ways good too 😉

  30. I love your little bags. In my stocking I would like any kind of precuts or gift cards to a local quilt shop.

  31. I love those little bags. I have made many of them. When my husband has been deployed overseas I have made them for his platoon filled with candy. Most of the guys use them for shaving caddies. I make mine a little bigger of course. Thank you for sharing with us your journey on making them.
    My favorite thing to get in my stocking at Christmas is Carmels.

  32. We have a Secret Sewing Buddy exchange in my quilt guild. This would make an excellent gift for my buddy! Thanks for the ideas…I always have scraps laying around that I can use. In fact I think I will make a “mess” of these bags as stocking stuffers and hostess gifts for the holidays!

  33. I ask for the same thing every year and because my husband spoils me, I usually get it: Moda fabric and Aurifil thread!

  34. I would love to find a Bernina #83 Circular Embroidery Attachment in my Christmas stocking! I think it would be so much fun to quilt with it!

  35. Love getting and your emails!! I learn so much from them. Doesnt hurt that Moda is my favorite favorite fabric line either……….lol. A huge, huge coupon for Moda fabrics would be lovely in my stocking!

  36. Love, Love, Love your blog and MODA!!
    Always great ideas and a great sense of humor. I love making those bags for gifts as well.
    I my stocking I would love anything MODA! All great products..

  37. My Christmas/Birthday wish (my birthday is in Decembers) is to have my Singer Featherweight painted Red! I bought it at a thrift store for $25 but paint job is pretty bad. I am very curious about the duck?? Love your Blog. Carol

    1. Hi Carol ~ The “duck” is Ducky, Debbi Duckworth. She handles everything having to do with samples and displays for the Moda booths at quilt shows and Quilt Market, the Lab Store and the “showroom”, and so on. If it’s made with Moda fabric and it’s even marginally cute, she can use it – and she will. I’d been warned that things tend to “disappear” when Ducky comes round, but I’m assured that they also get returned. Eventually. (It’s all good – I’m not sure where I’d put everything anyway.) 🙂

  38. What darling bags! My first wish is for more sewing time. Second is the new Block of the Month from Primitive Gatherings. Third is a trip to NYC with theatre tickets. Dream Big right?!?

  39. Love the bags, zippers intimidate me though! I do a lot of hand piecing and quilting, so I’d like a new thimble in my stocking! Merry Christmas in July!!

  40. Love those cute little bags! In my Christmas stocking this year I would love to find a whole lot of bits and pieces of this year’s new Moda fabrics to put into my scrap quilts. Heck, any year’s Moda fabrics would make me a happy girl!

  41. I adore your little bags. Thanks for the tutorial. I would love to find pre-cuts in my stocking this year. They’re such a time saver and I love using them for all kinds of projects.

  42. Such a cutie little bag – good for holding so many things. Thank you for sharing. I always love some fabric – so a gift card would always be welcome!

  43. I always enjoy your posts! Thanks for reminding me about the little bag pattern I have… As for my stocking, fun surprises are my favorite thing to look forward to!

  44. Your bags just made me smile! If I can find a zipper, I’m going to make one as soon as I finish commenting! This Christmas I’d like to find a bundle of solids. I love working with solids and would be over the moon to have a set. Thanks for the great Christmas idea!

  45. A Clover thread utter pendant. Can’t find mine and my local big box store doesn’t carry them anymore

  46. Really cute bags! I wouldloveto attend a weeklong retreat so a coupon for that would be awesome! I’ve never really had a stocking stuffer that was memorable.

  47. The bags are darling! I’d love to find all four Moda Frivols in my stocking! (Oh – and a new Baby Lock Aria!)

  48. I would love to find a Zen Chic fat quarter bundle in my stocking this December. Merry Christmas to me!

  49. Oh that’s awesome Carrie, thank you. Happy to report that they were all well received by the special I made them for. Next time I’m definitely adding charms like yours though. That is such a great idea, they look fantastic in those gorgeous cross weaves!

  50. Thank you for your wonderful sense of humor and great writing, Carrie… LOVE reading your posts. It’s been a really busy summer… and since I just finished doing Q2 taxes for three (count em’ THREE!) shops ~ I figured I was entitled to a bit of zone-out time!! I refuse to do anything further today that’s related to numbers… unless it’s quilt related!

    Anyway… in my stocking… hmm… a handful of fun charm packs would be great stocking stuffers! A new seam ripper (one of those awesome wood handled ones) would be good too! A gift card to my LQS would always be appreciated… more “kid” fabric for my NICU Wee Ones Quilts charity project would be good too — how many fat quarters can you stuff into a stocking??!! 🙂

    As always – happy day dreaming about your next project… happy writing… happy sewing!

    Hugs from Idaho!
    … and the new puppies: Gibbs & Gracie, age 5 mos… black lab mix… yes, they’re HUGE!!

  51. I’m wondering if Santa can fit a Bernina in my stocking. Hmmm. Think I had better get sewing myself a new super-sized stocking!!

  52. I want some really cool socks. I like socks. Your picture of sacks have inspired me! I love to make a pile of things to just have for give away, rather than trying to match everyone with the perfect gift. So much more fun!

  53. Love these bags! Especially the bright zippers. I would love gift cards to my favorite quilt shops. Or cash is always good. Ha

  54. I’ve made Lisa’s pattern a couple of times, but yours seems much neater! I need to give them another try following your precise directions! Thanks for sharing!

  55. Can Santa add sewing hours to the day?! I’d love that! If not, maybe some more cute fabric… Cuz you know- I need enough for 5-6 lifetimes! 🙂

  56. I always love it when a really good book is tucked in my stocking. Thanks so much for the great pattern – looks addictive!

  57. Hey, Carrie, I want to say a special thank you for always mentioning how much time each of these projects takes. It helps me in the “look before I leap department” (where I do tend to need some help).

    In my stocking? Under my tree? I’d love one of those extension tables for my sewing machine, now that I’m trying to be a machine quilter. Although, I’ve seen many quilters accomplish great things on their home machines on their kitchen tables. I think Aneela sews on her coffee table. What’s that saying about a poor carpenter…? I’d probably be happy with a chicken pin cushion. 🙂

  58. I’d love to find a cleaning service in my Christmas stocking this year. Maybe then I’d get to squeeze out more sewing time.

  59. Can you believe that we’ve been married 42 years and have only owned store bought stockings!!!! I’ve made lots of stockings for other family members and so this year, in my stocking, I want an actual handmade quilted stocking!!

  60. I want a very large stocking to fit family in, as I don’t like spending holidays alone,although it does give me time for sewing lol

  61. Thanks for sharing the pattern. I would like a fat quarter bundle in my stocking because I love that the fabrics coordinate. I don’t have much time to shop since my elderly mother lives with me, so bundles make a lot of sense for me.

  62. Always enjoy your humor! My stocking should be filled with an airline ticket to somewhere warm. I’m usually done with MI Winter by then.

  63. Some year, I would love to find a Juki stuffed in a stocking……but my machine is still hanging in there, so no need yet! I love the collection of bags….I think they just got added to my list….such a great idea and size for teachers and others that you want to acknowledge in some sort of way!

  64. What adorable little zip bags…must make some for gifts!!! I’d love to find some handmade goodies in my stocking since a long arm will definitely not fit LOL!!!

  65. I’m hoping my daughter will come for a Christmas visit that’s what I’d like! The bags are so cute. I must make some!

  66. I would like some “new fabric fat quarter” bundles, because I love new lines!! Like some of Betsy’s!! Thanks for sharing all your ideas!!

  67. I would love to find fat quarters or thread or a new seam ripper or rotary cutter blades or anything for my addiction, I mean hobby!

  68. I would LOVE to find a fancy-smancy sewing machine under the tree! One that has all the bells and whistles! Your wee bags are adorable!! Thanks for the chance!

  69. I really want my little sewing “studio” all re-organized and de-cluttered – I started two years ago and have ended up working around my piles and have some wonderful quilts/projects finished – but I can’t seem to finish the room! Maybe it’s all just my inspiration? Oh and I want a real vacation with just my sweetie and me -something we just keep putting off. Please Santa?

  70. Would it be unrealistic to ask for an organized sewing room in my stocking? I so look forward to your posts.

  71. Love these little pouches! Thanks for the great tutorial, can’t wait to get started. I’m hoping for a puppy in my stocking.

  72. I look forward to reading your blog. i am really hoping my stocking will be big enough to hold a new lightweight sewing machine for me to use when I sew away from home.

  73. I made more than 50 little zipper pouches like these for a swap several years ago, and they were a hit. I use some of my remaining ones to hold binding clips, safety pins, and spare bobbins. I would love to find charm packs, a Fat Quarter Shop gift card, and extra seam rippers in my Christmas stocking! And a bone or two for my best pal Phoebe.

  74. I would love to find a little quilt fairy who would help me sort and reorganize my totally disorganized fabric room

  75. Fabric! I am collecting chintz fabric for my future farmers wife quilt and love to find a pair of those in my stockings!

    I loved your blog again. Thank you.

  76. Love these little bags! I’d love to find a gift card to a fabric store in my stocking. Thanks!

  77. Thank you for the tutorial. In my stocking this year, I’d love one of those design walls that are mounted on the wall and can be pulled down like a movie screen.

  78. good question- what *would* I like to find in my stocking? Round trip plane tickets to London or Mexico. A couple of extra harnesses for my loom. Some crossweaves fabric. An FQ pack of Color Daze batiks or Bright Mixologie.

  79. Love the bags. Somewhere in my sewing room is a quilted sandwich from whenever I last made any. The last one never got finished. Now I am inspired! In my stocking….some kind of chit that gives me an extra day each week………..for sewing!

  80. Would love a new little sewing machine (to use as an extra one to take along or as a back-up) although, that may not fit… in that case I’d love money for a quilt retreat or a gift card to a quilt shop I like. Those little bags are awful cute – thanks for the chance to win! Great to get ahead start on Christmas gifts – hope I can make one of these (those zippers seem scary).

  81. Love, love, love reading your blog! I need to find Smartneedle Bobbinis and Tulips in my stocking to tame the wild thread forest that my bobbins live in.

  82. So cute! I think I know what my quilting group buddies are getting for Christmas this year! As for me…just fill my stocking with Moda precuts, please!

  83. Oh these bags are adorable. I might just have to sit down and figure them out too. As for my Christmas stocking….I would love to find the Aurifil floss wound on sweet wooden bobbins hiding under some Moda precuts!

  84. Love to read this blog. I would like a coupon for a deep house cleaning. Then I could spend more time at my sewing machine making these cute pouches for lots of chocolate!!

  85. Thanks for the connection to Spoonful of Sugar. These little bags/pouches are so cute!! I love the color combinations you chose. In my Christmas stocking this year, I like to see a coupon/ticket to a quilting class at one of the major sewing events. It would be great to meet a favorite fabric designer in person.

  86. You are just too much…..Your daily blog brightens my day. I just love this idea to complete my Christmas gifts. I keep a basket full of pin cushions in my sewing room to give as gifts but now I think I will add some of these. After all, how many pin cushions can one have? Its another rainy day here in Florida and I am headed to the sewing room to dig through my stash. All I need are zippers……..so now know what to buy at my local quilt shop today at their 5 year Anniversary sale.
    Since retiring 5 years ago we only exchange “hugs” at Christmas so maybe this year I will have to hang that stocking. I love anything MODA!

  87. I love these little bags – I’ll be trying them!!
    I’d like to find a set of Aurifil threads in my Christmas stocking!

  88. Thanks for the tutorial I need to amke these:-) As for my ‘I would wish that’ll be in my stocking xmas gift’ I’d love to have the ‘Moda All-Stars All in a Row’ book … it’s definitly on my (amazon) wishlist:-)

  89. Super cute little bags. I stay away from zippers, but you really do make it look easy. Hmmmm….what would I like in my stocking? Fabric (because I’m almost out…NOT) and chocolate (because I am just too thin…NOT). Thanks for the chance to win and for the great tutorial!

  90. I always enjoy your blog. I am really liking these little bags. They really are fun. I would love to find a trip to the Moda office in my stocking. It would be most fun to spend a day with you and your co-workers. What inspiration! Enjoy your weekend too.

  91. Thank you for the cute bag tutorial. My Christmas stocking might include a random fat quarter, especially from Grunge. Such a weird name for such beautiful fabrics. Big fan of your blog and patterns.

  92. Oh I so hope Santa and his elves are working on a large framed and pretty peg board for my quilt house, so I can hang all my rulers tools etc in the cutting room. Also lots of chocolate After Eights to go with Fat 1/4s and charm squares.

  93. Ducks, Ducks. Did you say ducks. We here in Ducks Country know about ducks. What do you know?? I would love to find two Oregon Duck Football tickets in my stocking this year. Of course they would need to be given now so I could enjoy them this season.

  94. I just love this blog ! In my stocking I hope to find a new stitch plate for my Bernina 350PE. It came with a stitch plate that can do zig-zags. etc, but I need the one for just doing straight stitch.

  95. My stocking can have all of the cute little notions you keep showing…bobbinis and tulips and whatever else you come up with next!

  96. Some time in a bottle to allow for more quilting fun. Chocolate. Fabric and/or Aurifil thread would be nice..

  97. Love those little bags, will be going through my stash to make some. I would love a gift card to a Judy Neimeyer glacier star class.

  98. I love those little bags. Must make some. I would like gift cards in my stocking for my favorite stores.

  99. I’d like a little gift card with even just 1% of CNII (Carrie Nelson Imagination/Inspiration). Thanks for sharing the little bags! Now I’m off to check out my layer cake and zipper supplies.

  100. I would love to find fabric and notions in my stocking. Maybe some First Crush by Sweetwater! Love these little pouches. I may try to conquer my fear of zippers and give them a try.

  101. A happy, healthy family is my wish for Christmas this year. Thanks for the great tutorial and giveaway.

  102. My Christmas stocking “dream-come’true” would be to find a handful of Carrie Nelson quilt patterns (some of the Rosie, and some of your new Moda designs)! I just made my first “scrappy” quilt using “what fabric would Carrie choose?” as my guideline – and, while it is not up to Carrie Nelson standards, it has hooked me on “scrappy” and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Just pulled out my Jersey Girl pattern, and am pulling interesting scraps for it now! Thanks for the great bag tutorial, and for letting us know how long it took… (11-1/2 hours, eeeks. Scary.) That means it would take me 24 hours!

  103. great bags! Attending a quilting retreat sometime during the year would be an awesome Christmas present!

  104. HI Carrie, If Ducky is taking your goodies, can I put in a request for some too??? Of course, the ones I get might accidentally “get lost”!!! Love this bag idea and your post as well! I look forward to reading them!! Please keep them coming!

  105. Oh these are so cute! I will definitely be making some of these! I would like to find a Bloc-Loc ruler and some fabric in my stocking.

  106. These are super cute. Can’t wait to whip a few. I did spot what I believe is a mistake in the directions. You say to put the wrong side of the zipper to the right side of the quilt sandwich. I think you meant the right side of the zipper to the right side of the quilt sandwich, at least that is what the picture is showing. Thanks!

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