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Happy Tuesday!

One of the oddest things about being a quilter is that while we make quilts all year-round, most of us seem to get the most sewing-quilting done during the summer.  I’ve never quite figured that out because it seems like all of my friends with children are busiest in the summer… when the kids are out of school.

Of course, when I lived in Phoenix, the explanation was easy.  It was too hot to be outside so staying inside – in an air-conditioned sewing room – was better than going on vacation!  It was a vacation!

I have a to-do list of sewing for this summer…


You’ll have to forgive me if it’s a little cryptic but two or three of those things are “in the works” and “not definite” and “subject to change”… by folks other than me.

The BB Star Blocks – Barbara Brackman’s Stars in a Time Warp Quilt-along?  I’ve got 23 made and given that this is the 25th week of the year, I should have 50.  Or at least that was my plan.  Starlight has all the triangles done and now I need to cut background and sew that.  I think I also need to make 5 more triangles… I didn’t plan that well, did I?

Linzee is going to have several posts this summer about “taking it on the road” – she’s chatting with several quilters about taking their projects with them when they travel.  I looking forward to that.

There are lots of quilt-alongs currently underway online – mostly on Instagram.  Jen Kingwell is well represented with sew-alongs for Glitter (pattern available here soon) and It’s A Small World – this quilt published in the Spring 2015 Special Issue of Quiltmania magazine.  (The magazine sold out pretty quickly here so if you want one, grab it when you see it!)


Instagram – #mysmallworldqal

Her wonderful – and obviously very talented – daughter Lucy is the designer of Smitten.  It’s complicated and amazing and super-scrappy and I really, really want to make it but… it’s not on my list.  Yet.  Smitten-QAL#smittenqal and #smittenquilt

In clockwise order, starting in the upper left – Sewlux – Chrissy / Modalissa – Lissa / Cupacake42 – Kimberly / KathrinesQuilteStue – Kathrine.

It can be made by machine using Marti Michell’s template Set H or pieced by hand.  Those templates are pretty awesome!

There’s a Thimbleblossoms Scrappy Sampler Quilt-along – #TBScrappySamplerQAL


In clockwise order from upper left… Etericsson / Aqua_Paisley – Samantha / Sewlux – Chrissy / harthollow – Lisa.

And thanks to Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings, it seems lots of folks are starting to make bowties.  The California location of Primitive Gatherings made a bowtie quilt for their Summer Block of the Week – a very successful program Lisa started several years ago.  This is their quilt…

Primitive Gatherings CA Bowtie Sewalong

The original Primitive Gatherings in Menasha is making this Summer Breeze quilt.

Primitive Gatherings Summer Breeze

I’ll bet just about anything that more than a few people have signed up for both… just saying.

So what are your summer sewing plans?  Do you make a list?  Or do you just wing it?

Have you ever participated in a quilt-along or sew-along?

If you haven’t, I highly recommend it as it’s a lot of fun.  Even if it’s just you and a friend, it’s fun to cheer each other along and share tips.  And you’d be surprised how “inspired” you are to finish your quilt… especially if your sweet friend is really, really fast and always finishes first… just saying.

I’m off to work on my to-do list… and maybe add something to it.

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23 thoughts on “Summer sewing…

  1. Here in So. Carolina summer is hot and a great time to sew…….a lot. I too am lured by every post and pattern I see. It’s hard to stick to my “to do” list. This post just makes it worse! Thanks.

  2. No list ….I am a fairly spontaneous quilter who learned (the hard way) that lists lead to frustration and disappointment for me (plus my handwriting is not artistic like yours so my lists also do not look as pretty…). However, on a happy note, I spent quite a bit of time over the past year studying your stunning scrappy style – and am piecing a sailboat block baby quilt that (almost) looks like you chose the fabrics!!!! And that is very exciting – because I am totally enchanted with the result (so far)…

    I would love to participate in a sew-along or quilt-along – especially if you were to host one with one of your new patterns!!!! Just sign me up….(hint, hint).

    Thanks for another fun post!

    Happy summer sewing!

  3. I made a flowering snowball last summer with Molly Flanders Makerie…and so glad I did…it was spontaneous and a pattern busier than I would have picked for myself…it was so fun…I used a Weeds layer cake with centers of solid colors…..It is one of my favorite quilts ever 🙂

  4. Summer for me is the “non sewing” season; I admire those of you who are able to quilt undisturbed by the heat outside. Will look forward to your creations.

  5. There’s also the Farm Girl Vintage, Snapshots, and A Quilting Life’s Summer Sampler quilt-along…and many more I am sure! I want to do nearly all of them, but am having to participate vicariously for now. I have sewn or quilted along before, and it is rewarding to stay (or try to stay) caught up. I was lucky enough to find a copy of the Spring Quiltmania issue just last week after a LOT of searching, and I audibly squealed in the Barnes & Noble. 🙂

  6. Sounds like it’s going to be an outstanding sewing summer. Enjoy it. I’ll be doing some sew alongs in 2016 for sure. Thank you for sharing some great ones.

  7. Curious as to what Shake it Up looks like that you are going to make. I too am making a bow tie with quilting friend due to Lisa’s blog. Love all on your to do list. Can’t wait to see what you use.

  8. Wow! So many projects in 3 months. You are ambitious. But you have motivated me to go back and look at the list from January and redo it for the next 3 mo. I have been distracted of course by a number of new things that came along…like mysmallworldqal. Not that I have started or anything beyond getting the magazine and pulling the sky fabrics. And just yesterday I got the Moda solids in happy mail from the FQS birthday sale to do “shameless copying Jen” in my case it will be “shamelessly copying Carrie copying Jen”

  9. All I can say is Wow.. So many creative people out there. Thanks for the great pictures. They have inspired me to do at least a block of some sort today.

  10. I do most of my sewing in Spring. I get revved up for the year with the Dallas Quilt Guild retreat in January and that keeps me well fueled until mid April. Then, the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild has a spring retreat that keeps me inspired into July and then it’s down hill from there since Work kicks in around September and that is the kiss of death. My sewing room develops dust bunnies and I get cranky (like no coffee cranky)

    I was lucky to pickup the Quiltmania magazine as soon as it was out. I have been working on getting some low volume pieces to start it. I’ve been closely following that QAL.It’s a great quilt to travel with.
    Other than that one, I have way too many quilts on my To Be Made list (with very limited time to work on them) to get distracted. LOL!

  11. I am working on my collection of schnibbles. Just ready to bind Winter White, have to put the final border on Mon Ami and have prepared a kit for Nice Day! All made very scrappy out of Kansas Trouble Fabric! Easy to take to sew days. I have completed Madeline, Jersey girl and Sweet Spot. Thanks Carrie, for my favorite patterns of all time! I am just sorry it took me so long to start!

  12. I’m sewing more in summer, too, because I’m way more motivatited and the light is better and life generell is better:-)
    I’m follow Sherri’s Summer Quilt-along, doing the ‘Schnibbles’ parade and my Green Tea and Sweet Beans pattern (as part of Sinta’s and Nicole’s Jen-Kingwell-Sewing-Along). That enough for me right now but perhaps I’ll add another thing if you’re doing a quilt along … please:-)

  13. No list,wing it but my goal is to do several Dear jane blocks.

    Yes I do,there are many I`d love to do.Now I`m doing Scraps Dance QAL hosted by Carole.

  14. Loved hearing from you again, our Schnibbles friend!! And I see I need to make a list: right now I’m overwhelmed by UFO’s , so I think a list would help focus me!!! 🙂

  15. I put my list together yesterday… but, it is subject to change! I would have joined in on the Quiltmania Small World project… thank God I didn’t find a copy of the magazine! I am waiting for the Frivols to start showing up… they will be on the end of summer list!

  16. I’m guilty of continually buying more fabric and getting farther and farther behind. I am currently working on another of my granddaughter’s quilts. Plus, working of the big Moda Modern Blocks quilt from a quilt shop BOM class, Pat Sloan’s BOM, the new Primitive Gathering’s BOM from Fat Quarter Shop, etc. I totally love being retired! The grandchildren are in town much more often that summer is here so my sewing time is less but I would much rather play with the grandkids than sew. It will all work out!

  17. I do most of my quilting in the winter…with 5 kids summer is play time! Also, I love snuggling under a quilt while I bind with the snow blowing outside.

    I have completed 6 quilts so far this year and that is a record for me! I am trying so hard to work through my already purchased kits/fabrics/patterns so that I can justify buying lots of the loveliness that is coming out this Fall. 🙂

  18. Lots of summer sewing here (at least for me). Small group of us are doing the Summer Sew-Along with the Temecula Quilt company (4″ finished blocks … 3/4 of them each week for 9 weeks). Trying to keep up with another BOM I signed up with through The Fat Quarter Company … turning out to be a beautiful quilt, too. Rest of it is finishing up UFOs when I can and STRAIGHTENING OUT THE SEWING ROOM!!! That could take most of the summer itself!!

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