Open open open…

Maybe that title ought to be “Whirlwind”.

That’s about how Day 1 went – at least that’s how it felt to me.


This might sound very odd but this is my favorite time to be in the convention center. I love the quiet of it, the anticipation. Once it opens, Quilt Market is noisy and busy and hectic and it all flies by too fast. You see people you know and there isn’t a chance to do much more than say “Hi”.

And okay, there are too many people standing in front of the pretty quilts and fabric.


This is the United Notions booth and that piece of tape was picked up on Thursday night.  I didn’t notice it until just now and my Photoshop Express skills (it’s okay to laugh) do not extend to editing it out of the picture.

This is the domain of Debbie Outlaw – Outlaw – Debbi Duckworth – Ducky – and Kelli Trimble… uh, Kelli.  If she has a nom de plume, it’s being kept a secret.  With as much as there is for them to do in the booth, you’d think there would be more than three of them… but they’re that good at what they do.  And yes, all three have a thousand other duties at United Notions back in Dallas.

One of the items featured in the United Notions booth is the Frivols program – here are the first four quilts and the tin mock-ups.  We made a couple of samples of each quilt to test the pattern.



The label got a little turned around and I think the Moda ribbon will be different but this is a preview of what the tins will look like.  Are you in yet?

Early on Friday morning, the sales reps organize their stations – tables – and go over their list of appointments.  There is a “color of the day” – clothing, not quilts.  The idea is to create a cohesive-looking group that fits in with the booth theme.  This year it was neutral – white, linen, oatmeal, etc.  (And yes, I wore a white shirt.  As if I was going to wear anything else?)  There aren’t any early appointments on Friday – appointments before Market officially opens at 9:30.  Then they break into two groups and do a tour of the designer booths.

The designers are there and they give a quick rundown of their collection, new patterns and books, and any other products or information the reps need to know.  More often than not, it’s a case of providing a visual reference for something the reps have only seen in pictures or on paper up until that point.

Minick & Simpson – Polly & Laurie – and their new collection, Polka Dots & Paisleys.


That quilt in the middle is Circle Garden.  It’s mine.  No, I didn’t make it but Laurie knows it’s mine.  Just ask her.  Okay, don’t… she might not remember giving it to me.  She’ll remember giving me a pattern to make my own.

After the tour, everyone gathers for a group picture.  Or a couple.

Then BAM!  There is an announcement that Spring International Quilt Market has officially opened.  And within minutes, there is a crowd of people in the aisles and the hum of voices.


This is Sparkle by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.  I love this quilt – small blocks, lots and lots of different fabrics and a timeless look.  It’s the best kind of quilt design.

This is the Primitive Gatherings booth – Lisa’s wool and gorgeous patterns.



These are some of Lisa’s spectacular new mini-quilts – Minis in Minneapolis!  Minis in Minnesota!  (Both work.)  If you have her terrific new rulers for small piecing, the only other thing you need is her beautiful new collection, Miniature Gatherings.


Kathy Schmitz – one of my favorite people in the business.  She’s nice, funny and crazy mad talented!  This is her gorgeous collection Sturbridge – the black, tan and cream tones are beautiful, elegant and Kathy’s designs are perfect for it.  (But I’ll be stashing some of this collection because it also mixes well with so many other fabrics.)


Like maybe some of the fabrics in this collection… just saying.  I overheard a Figgy lady saying that she’s planning to mix some of the loveliness above with some of the gorgeousness below.


Farmhouse.  Fig Tree Quilts.  The quilts are vintage and fresh, retro and modern.  And so much less complicated than you might think looking at them – that’s the Figgy-specialty.  I guess you can say the design has been Figgified.

Do you see the stack of beautiful wools in the basket on top of the green step-ladder?  Check out the Fig-channel for more news on that “coming soon” event.


Friday is also the Moda Customer Appreciation Party.


The best description of the attitude of this party is – ’round here we party with the radio up and the tailgate down.  Cowboy boots, lots of lace, the more glitz the better… actually, the more of anything and everything was the goal.


Ducky and Outlaw.  They thought they might be just a little under-dressed.

As for the rest of the party… uh, what happens at the Moda Party stays at the Moda Party.  ‘Nuff said on that.

And that’s it for today.  That’s what happened yesterday… I’ll see what I can do about finding more to share about today.

Is that as confusing as it sounds in my head?


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10 thoughts on “Open open open…

  1. I so wish I was there sharing it all with you! I would even do my share of the hard work. Just to be around all that creative air…………. Have fun! You sure deserve it, all of you!

    1. It’s Laurie at her best – gorgeous applique, a spectacular sense of color and design, and different. Her work is gloriously unique – it doesn’t look like anyone else’s, and even when folks try to copy her, they can’t. In an industry where there is so much “more of the same old, same old…”, Laurie’s work always stands out – and above. 🙂

  2. I know you are so glad it is over. This is one of your biggest events and i think you got it just right! Glad you are back home again. After all there is No Place like HOME! Enjoyed all the pictures of everything going on and especially the construction and the take down. That is very interesting,Hope you have a restful day, after your long weekend!

    1. Thank you Diana! I’m glad you enjoyed the Market-logue. It might sound odd but I always enjoy doing take-down, it’s the final act of the play, a little bit like finishing the binding on a quilt. Fortunately next weekend really is a long one. 🙂

  3. Hello !!! I live in Russia can not come to this grand celebration !!! YOU ALL JUST FABULOUS PEOPLE !!!!! THANK YOU !!!! In previous years you placed reports from the market !!! Why now you can not tell in detail and show the new collection ???I am waiting for you to youtube !! Galina Russia.

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