Eight seconds…

Someone in the office is fond of saying that “this isn’t her first rodeo”.

The phrase has stuck with me the past couple of weeks because while this wasn’t my first Quilt Market, it often felt as though it was.  It was still Quilt Market and I knew what I would see there, but my role and responsibilities would be different.  Bigger, faster, more.

I mean these folks actually have a plan when they set-up the booth – a schematic?  Can you imagine?  Bigger.  Faster.  More.


This little buckeroo was hanging out in the Basic Grey booth, he’s made with their new collection, Mon Ami.  (It was a big hit at Market… just saying.)  And yes, I’m in love with that pincushion too.

So Spring Quilt Market 2015 is done and let it suffice to say that I’ve been advised – for the sake of my health – not to mention anything about something similar happening any time soon.  It’s forbidden.  For at least the foreseeable future.

Everyone is back in the office and the crates have arrived, so there are quilts and Market-paraphernalia everywhere.  Most of the quilts are being gathered and organized for traveling, some won’t be back for months and months.  Folks are still a little tired and the office is quiet, in part because there’s plenty to catch-up on and partly because after the people-overload at Market, a little quiet and alone-time is much-appreciated.


Jen Kingwell‘s quilt, It’s a Small World from the Spring 2015 Special Issue of Quiltmania.  It measures 33″ x 52″ and it’s glorious.

(If you’re wondering about the pictures, these are a few of my favorite things from Quilt Market.)

Like this – this is a postcard size business card from Kathy Cardiff of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms.  It would take too long to explain but basically, with what she’s provided on the back of the card, you could make all of these projects with the diagrams and a little creativity.  Kathy has a lot of that, she does beautiful quilts and wool projects.  And she’s nice!  Her booth is always one of my favorites – she’s got that knack.


I also visited with Heather and Joel Petersen – Heather is the genius-designer-quilter behind Anka’s Treasure books and patterns.  They’re from Minnesota and Heather has skipped the last couple of Markets because she was busy with Carter and Max, their two adorable little boys.  I met Heather many years ago when we were invited to the offices of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine in Des Moines, Iowa to be on the committee to select shops for two issues of the Quilt Sampler.


This quilt and wall-hanging/tablerunner is from Heather’s new book, Angles With Ease 2, and it uses her terrific Triangler ruler.  The fabrics in the big quilt are from Fresh Cut by Basic Grey, and the fabrics in the small quilt are from Vintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille.


While the Triangler ruler is available now, the book will be in stores and at United Notions any day now.

I also caught up with Gudrun Erla of GE Quilt Designs – another one of my favorite people, I’ve known her for many years too.  Gudrun and I once sat next to each other on a flight leaving Market… only because I was willing to go to extreme measures to save a couple of seats for she and her assistant.  (Unless you think “accidentally” dumping out your purse a couple of times, faking coughing fits and removing your suitcase from the overhead bin and unpacking it on the seat sounds like normal behavior.)

This is Gudrun.  (She runs in those Ragnar relay races and is super-fit… but I like her anyway.)


That terrific quilt behind her is a pattern titled Strip Plus.  It’s made with 2 1/2″ strips – Jelly Rolls, anyone?  She cuts strips using her Stripology ruler.  It’s a terrific ruler for cutting and organizing everything from fat quarters and fat eighths to scraps.  With all those strips, you could make something from her two new books using 1 1/2″ strips.


Both books have six different designs in three different sizes… meaning there are 18 projects in each book.  (I used the calculator just to make sure.)

This is my favorite, it’s the 1 1/2″ version of the Strip Plus quilt above.


I think I’m going to need to make this quilt, except I want to make it bigger.  A bigger version of the smaller version… please tell me that makes sense.  (And if it doesn’t, little white lies would be much appreciated.)

There were a couple of “Miss Rosie” quilts in the booth – non-Frivols quilts.


On the ladder on the left, that’s Otis on the top and Full Circle on the bottom.  Otis is made with For You by Zen Chic, and Full Circle is made with Alice’s Scrapbag by Barbara Brackman.  On the right is Viola, it’s made with Farmhouse by Fig Tree & Co.  (The gorgeous quilting is by my sweet friend in Phoenix, Diane Tricka.)

I’m already thinking ahead to “that thing I’m not supposed to mention” and I’d like to know what you’d like to see.  You saw the set-up and take-down, a little bit of the Moda Party and Sample Spree, and the finished Moda booth and the Designer Studio booths, but what else should I take pictures of?  What did I forget?

I confess to being the sort who tries to take pictures of quilts and pretty-stitchy-things and usually winds up forgetting to take pictures of familiar people standing in front of those things so if that’s what you’d prefer seeing, let me know.

That’s it for today.  I hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend; I’m going to sew and start working on some quilts and projects for the next catalog, that deadline is in less than a month.

A nap.  I think I should plan on taking a few of those this weekend.

Long ones as that bull done wore me out.  But it was sure fun.

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20 thoughts on “Eight seconds…

  1. Aaaahhhhh! I am DYING to get the Viola pattern!!!!! It’s (she’s) so gorgeous!!!!! Is the pattern being released for sale anytime soon? I am betting there are thousands of us who can’t wait to know…..

  2. Carrie you are amazing. Thank you for my morning diversion. Can’t wait to sew, maybe this weekend.

  3. Carrie, you are just a joy. Creativity and an entertaining writing ability tempts me to name you Super Q lady. You have more than your share of talent plus an overachiever. Does any of that rub off? Don’t go leaping any tall buildings, you have enough super powers for one person. I’d like to know more about the Moda reps and a video on how you make the precuts (unless that’s a trade secret)

  4. I second everything that Shatzimom said. I was so… interested in the market pictures and forwarded them on to a special friend who needs a little pick up just now. She found them interesting also. It is great to see things that the normal Joe or should I say Jane does not often get to experience. I found your blog following links from Barbara Brackman so I should thank her also.

  5. Carrie-thank you so much for all your detail on this market! I can’t go to these but so enjoy reading your blog. I too was very impresssed with the Viola quilt. lovely.Mary

  6. Fantastic posting. It’s seems like if you want to see it, we want to see it. I enjoyed reading about the new ruler and that United Notions will be carring it. It was great seeing you at Market and hearing how happy you are In your postings. Hugs

  7. I have really enjoyed Market from your Moda perspective. I love seeing full pictures of the quilts, but I also like to see the artists standing in front of them. But we didn’t see nearly enough pictures of you!! That needs to be remedied the next time something similar happens! Have a relaxing weekend. You’ve earned it!

  8. Ditto!! What everybody said. When will the Viola pattern be released? I can’t wait to get started on it. I’ve always loved Fig Tree Fabric. I’d love to know how you come up with ideas for designing patterns. What comes first the fabric or the pattern idea? Kind of like the chicken or the egg…

    1. Carrie: You make the show look fabulous! Maybe I can go someday, but until then I will take your word for its greatness.

  9. I love seeing all the projects and fabrics. It’s fun to see the people too but it’s fabric and projects for me! And thanks for showing us Heather and Gudrun’s new books and quilts, there is so much work in a book nice to see they aren’t over looked!

  10. Love all the pictures you’re showing us, thanks for sharing! And yes, I would love to see more people, the designers but also the crowd because I just can’t imagine how many people are there. Oh, and some food/treats pictures because there’re need to be some gorgous food, right!?!

    1. Actually the food at most quilt markets is mundane…similar to fast food. Exhibitors really need to get out of the convention center and out into the community to experience the food aailable in the area which is usually far superior!!

  11. Oh how amazing these quilts are! Full Circle is my favorite, and Voila is a close second! I am buying those as soon as I can. Thank you for these wonderful posts of market!!

  12. I very much enjoyed your photos from Market and commentary, especially the info on how much work goes into the Moda booth. Some ideas for next time: any observations on trends (like use of the color purple or text prints suddenly showing up everywhere), new desigers with a unique aesthetic (Jen Kingwell would be an example from this year – at least, she is new to me), and the concerns of quilt shop owners (as a business owner myself but not of a quilt shop, I’m curious about what they are, how different or similar to my own).

  13. Carrie, Thank you so much for the posts on the Market prep and Show. For those of us who don’t get to go, it’s always a mystery as to why Moda Lissa and our favorite designers disappear for weeks before and after market. It’s great to have an insider sharing the news, the views and the stories.

    I love the projects and quilts, and I think it would be nice to share a couple of people photos too. Especially if you have a photo of that nice man from Aurifil. Yes, gotta keep the male in the photos, it’s only fair — to him, I mean, to share the limelight with all the lovely, talented Moda ladies!

  14. While I loved the photos of the booth set up/take down – been there, done that. I was more interested in trends – like the preponderance of wool – that you saw at Market. Also, the quilting on the display quilts is always interesting and very helpful, along with color trends noticed. Esample: the aqua-red color so popular a year or two ago. Thanks for askig for our interests!

  15. I love seeing all the market pictures from those of you who go. One thing that I don’t see much of is the new products that are out, you know, rulers and other paraphanelia. I do love seeing all the new fabric of course, and hearing everyone’s stories.

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