Channeling Willie…

Another Nelson.  No relation.

Willie sang about being “on the road again… like a band of gypsies…”  We’re certainly packing enough stuff.


We’re not packing any of the DoubleShot, though maybe we should.  From the upper left – boxes in my office with Frivols stuff for Schoolhouse, pillows for I don’t recall what, Moda tote bags.  Second row:  Market stuff for the sales reps – one bin for each rep, market materials for the sales reps.  Third row: folded/rolled cap-sets being shipped to distributors , boxes of Fall Market playbooks ready to go to Minneapolis.

Seeing everything does make me feel good though.  One, I didn’t move this much stuff from Phoenix to Dallas.  Close.  But still less.  And second, I’m happy I’m not in charge of figuring out what to ship as my track record for this kind of thing isn’t good.  I always take way too many things nobody needs and I forget some of the important things.  Business cards?  Right.  Make a note.

Am I getting excited?  Mostly.  Am I a bit nervous?  Definitely.

I’ve heard the expression “this isn’t my first rodeo” a few times in the past couple of weeks and while I have been to Market before, this is different.  Some parts are easier – I don’t have to do it all – and some parts are definitely more of a challenge… simply put, the bar is higher.  Or maybe lower as a limbo-bar suddenly popped into mind.


The Moda buttons.  If you’re going to be at Market, come by the booth.  If you won’t be there, I’ll see if I can stash a few in my office before we leave.

For the first time in three or four years, I’m doing a Schoolhouse.  I’m pretty sure it was never discussed during my job interview and I’m equally sure that Lissa is using the “you knew you’d be wearing many hats” loophole exception.  While the prospect of getting up to speak in front of a big room packed-full of people doesn’t worry me – been there, done that, thank you… – I think there will be a few attendees that I’ve not seen before.  That’s a little daunting, even for a chatty girl like me.

There’s still sewing to do – mostly bindings at this point.  But there are still quilts being finished and quilted.  I expect that will continue until the very last minute.  When I wrote a few weeks ago that everybody pitched in, I wasn’t exaggerating.  The following ladies have all made quilts for Quilt Market, in most cases, they’ve made a couple of them:  Tammy.  Holly. Janet.  Erin.  Erin.  Sarah.  Sarah.  (Yes, there are two of each.) Melissa. Mariza.  Chelair.  Yours truly.  Lissa.  Judy.  Thelma.  Alison.

And the quilters – Maggi. Alicia. Maggi. Diane.  Maggi.  Angela.  Maggi.  Natalia.  Maggi.  Janet.  Maggi.

It’s the same Maggi, she just quilted so many quilts so quickly that we all think she’s got a clone or twin stashed away somewhere.

Susan is on the list – while she didn’t make a quilt this time, she did the binding on enough of them that it adds up to a completed quilt, a big one.

Each of the quilts made have been hung in the Sample Room before going off to be quilted – even if for just a few minutes.  It’s tradition.  And it’s a good luck ritual, it bestows good karma on the quilt.

Since I can’t share any of those quilts yet, this Good Karma will have to do.


Good Karma by Stephanie Ryan.

One last thing before the weekend – next week.  Are you ready to go to Market?  Yes, you’re coming with us.  While I’m hoping to do a little blogging from Minneapolis, we’ll definitely be posting to Facebook and Instagram.  We’re Moda Fabrics on both – @modafabrics on Instagram – and we’ll be using the hashtags – #ModaGoesToMarket and @ShowMeTheModa.

If you’re on Facebook, look for the little tab at the top that says Instagram Feed.  Even if you’re not on Instagram, you can still see all the pictures we post.

And there will be more the week after Market.  I promise.

Have a good weekend – get some rest because we’re hitting the road to Minneapolis in just a few days.

It’s going to be a busy week.

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22 thoughts on “Channeling Willie…

  1. Love hearing all the work and planning that goes into making the Moda booth so fabulous. Can’t wait for the after market pictures. And do take time to enjoy our beautiful city while you are here. I work in the North Loop area-great eats over that way: Burrough, Bar LaGrassa, and Bachelor Farmer just to name a few.

  2. All of this market planning must be exhausting but fun at the same time. I think this quilting industry has become an awesome adventure and i’m sure you sometimes feel like you work at Disneyland “the happiest place on earth” 🙂
    Have fun!!!


  3. I truly would LOVE to have a Moda pin and a Moda bag…do you think regular customers of Moda will every be able to purchase? Keep up the good work…and remember…”they” are the lucky ones to have you as an employee.

  4. Okay, so, I love hearing about market, but one thing that has always itched my brain since attending some quilt shows… what do you do with all of the quilts that have been made for market? Do you donate them to charity? Do you give them away to quilt shops? Do you auction them off on ebay? THIS is my million dollar question….

    1. Hi Lauralee! This is a great question – one that doesn’t have just one answer. Most of the quilts made for Market will spend most of the following year traveling for trunk shows in the US and overseas, to distributors for display at their shows, for teaching, etc. So the quilts do have a purpose beyond the first showings at Quilt Market.

      After that, it depends on who made the quilt and what they want to do with it. Most of the quilts are made by people who would like the quilt back when it’s no longer needed so there really aren’t many “left over”. The few that are usually seem to be “spoken for” pretty quickly.

      For my own quilts, I have done almost all of the things you mentioned. I gave quilts to friends and family, and I sold off more than a dozen quilts with the proceeds going to charity. 🙂

      1. Carrie, sort of along these lines about quilts you made— you asked in an earlier post about whether you should rework some of your older patterns. I made “Sweet Tea” several years ago. It’s beautiful and went together well and I got a ribbon on it at my guild’s show. But the directions were a little confusing,specifically because sometimes you referred to light and sometimes background. I used a burgundy background and am experienced so by looking at the picture I figured it out. But a new quilter might have trouble with the directions. Look forward to your class at OK Quiltworks in August!

      2. Thanks for the answer. I was in awe of all of the quilts that I saw at the one quilt show I have been to. So much work and patience and beauty….. 😀

  5. Ohhhhhhh love the button. Have a wonderful time, wish I could be there. Carrie I do have a question; are there any tours offered g here at Moda? I live far away and would love to have a look see if ever in that part of that ‘whole nuther country’. Yhanks.

  6. I love the Buttons, and I know you will do wonderfully at your School house .. I can’t wait to see all the great pics, and goings on. I do wish I could go with you! Have a slow and restful weekend since I am sure you will need that extra energy for next week. Have fun!

  7. Carrie… You were meant for this posting ‘stuff’! It’s all so enjoyable to read. I’m looking forward to being at market ‘with’ you. 🙂 Regarding that last fabric line in this post…. gimme some of dat orange!!
    I must be influenced by all the Baltimore Orioles we have around feeding right at this time. Orange is it!! It’s truly spring in the Northeast! yay!!

  8. Carrie, we, the Franklin Quilt Company, have a solution for you and all the bindings you need to get done by market. We had a similar problem because we not only do market but we vend at shows and always seem to have lots of quilts needing binding several days before a show. We came up with a tool called Shortcut Binding Tool. It has made our life so much easier. Stop by our booth #710 at market and check us out. You can also go on you tube and search Shortcut Binding Tool
    Kay and Kathy

    1. Thank you but of course we already know about your Binding Tool. It’s a very clever tool!

      But here’s my problem… I will always prefer hand-stitched bindings. I love the look of them, and I really enjoy the process of finishing my quilts that way. If I’m in a rush, I’ll glue-baste it to have it look finished until I can get the stitching completed. I know… I’m so behind the times. lol

  9. Please tell me there’ll a youtube video of you doing Schoolhouse. I’d love to see I know you’ll do great:-)

  10. I so wish I could attend next week, but I’m not “allowed” 🙁 I will be driving by the convention center twice a day on the way to my “real” job. Thanks for sharing all you do!

  11. So exciting. Wish I was going too! Have a safe trip and enjoy the Market. Looking forward to see your photos!

  12. As Colleen mentioned, those of us who merely love quilting “aren’t allowed” in the show, so we will be the gals with noses pressed to the glass outside, hoping for glimpses of Moda; sigh. But thanks for all the hype and warm-up, it sounds like great fun. Minneapolis is in my hometown, it is a beautiful city, so be sure to step out once or twice, There are lakes, tree lined boulevards, a lovely creek, parks, more lakes, all within the city, and many great restaurants too. It has been a very green Spring here, so the city is bursting with color. Enjoy your visit to the far Northland!

  13. Thanks for the tip on the FB tab for IG…will be watching every move, lol! To hear all that goes on, it seems like a perpetual quilting retreat, except without maybe the relaxation….have a great time at Market!

  14. Good Luck… you really don’t need it. You’re a pro. Have fun… Enjoy seeing everybody again.
    BTW- how do us Moda lovers get a Moda tote?

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