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United Notions and Moda Fabrics are very much about family – immediate, indirect, extended and “just because we like you”.  So when it comes to helping part of the family with something that’s near-and-dear to them, it isn’t a question of “if”, it’s a matter of “what do you need and how can we help?”

Stephanie and Tom Hove are part of the Moda family, and they’re a military family that lived through a deployment overseas.  Their experience inspired a desire to help the families of the men and women who serve our country, and their efforts lead to the creation of the Because of the Brave fabric collection and this Challenge, all with the goal of benefiting USA Cares.

(Read more about Stephanie and Tom here.)
Cutting Table - Welcome Home Tom Hove
The voting for Viewer’s Choice starts today – Thursday, April 30th – and continues until Midnight on Wednesday, May 6th.
To cast your Vote, select your “Viewer’s Choice Winner” on the right hand side of the blog under VOTE PIECE & COMFORT.
Winners will be announced on May 8, 2015
And the contestants are….

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51 thoughts on “Piece & Comfort…

  1. How do you pick one? They are all beautiful; such amazing talented quilters! Our service men, women and their families would be proud to receive any of these quilts.

  2. I agree with Kelley – what an incredible tribute to the men and women who serve us! it’s going to take a wonderfully long time to try and make a choice because each quilt is incredible in its own way. Thank you for letting us see these Moda!

  3. These are ALL wonderful. I don’t know that I can choose just one. What an awesome thing to do for our American heroes!

  4. Not sure I can pick just one but will give it a try. Stephanie. …please thank your husband for his service from my family. Thank you Tammy and Angela for all your work in making it possible for us to vote in this challenge.

  5. Wow! I am overwhelmed by all the beauty and the love and the appreciation.
    I made one for my dad who served in WW2 as an American Japanese in Europe.
    Seeing all of these is inspiring me to make another for another. Thank you to all
    of you who took this challenge. There isn’t one that I would refuse to vote for!!

  6. What an amazing and awe-inspiring “quilt show”. I’ll vote, but they’re all winners in my book! Thanks, Moda!

  7. I don’t understand the voting procedure. Yesterday my percentage was twice as high as it is today after many people voted. What’s the deal? Can you vote more than once?

  8. You can vote more than once. We are checking on what the % is and why it’s showing, will let you know.

  9. How come I cannot vote for the quilt from Honey Bee? It appears, but there is no place to vote?

  10. I am interested in how vote are counted, too. My percentage is going down. My voters want to know that their votes are counting.

    1. At least your quilt can be voted for. The one I like is not even on the list on the right side. There is a picture but no one can vote on it since the store isn’t there.

  11. I haven’t heard back about the % yet, but here is how to vote.
    When you go to our web site, select vote now at the top of the page,
    then along the right hand side is a alphabetical list of the quilts by shop name.
    Select your favorite and then scroll down to the bottom of the list, not the bottom of the page and click on the vote button. That completes your vote.

  12. Where can I vote for Honey Bee Quilt Store, Battlefield, made by Shelley Daley? I do n
    ot see it posted on the right side of the blog where the other quilts are?

  13. These are all wonderful quilts# I cannot just pick one! Congratulations to all of you!

  14. Hi! I’m having trouble casting my vote for “Stars of Honor” by Sew Sweet Quilt Shop–Shelly Pagliai. It’s in the 38th row of pictures, but I can’t find it in the voting list. Can you help me? Thank you!

  15. Congratulations, Everyone, The quilts are amazing…..quilting ladies. you are the best.. You all deserve a medal….but, I did manage to chose my favorite. Thank you.

    Jannette Z

  16. At the top of the page of our blog, click on the vote now. Then select your favorite quilt listed alphabetically by shop name on the right hand side of the page. Scroll down to the “vote” button and then you have completed the voting process. Thank you,

  17. My quilt was entered for online voting but the photo has not appeared. A bit frustrating since the deadline is almost here. I enjoyed the challenge, though, and the beautiful fabrics.

  18. Pingback: Go vote!
  19. I would love to be able to see the voting and also see what state the quilts come from.

  20. Laura Miller with webfabrics created the best quilt in the competition, clearly. How did it not get the votes? Should limit the number of votes to to 1 per IP address next year so the gaggles can only vote from phone iPad computer and work once in the competition.

    Got on here to vote A SINGLE TIME for the best quilt.

  21. I entered a quilt, as well, and it won from the shop and I don’t see my quilt’s picture on here.

    1. Hi Jane ~ We delayed the posting of the list of winners until we had the opportunity to contact everyone directly. Those calls have been made so the post will be up early this afternoon – May 8th.

  22. Hey, it’s 9:43 p .m. May 8th and no winners have been announced. What’s up?????

  23. What I’d like to know is how a quilt that had over 30% of the votes on Saturday May 3rd did even get 3rd place? Something’s not right.

    1. Hi Sharon – No, something wasn’t right. Within days of the voting opening, it became apparent that we were receiving a high number of votes for some quilts from just a few IP addresses. Whether this was the result of a glitch in our system or some other factor, we don’t know. What we do know is that the voting totals were not representative of the overwhelming majority of “unique” voters. When we removed the hundreds of extra votes coming each day from just a few IP addresses, the voting totals changed to the list of winners we announced.

      This has been a learning experience for us and we sincerely apologize for any problems and frustration. The voting totals should never have been visible – another glitch in our system that we will learn from going forward.

      If you still believe that something is amiss that needs to be addressed, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us via Customer Service at – service@unitednotions.com

  24. Sounds like you have your hands full trying to figure out how to count the votes. Best of luck to all, there are some really beautiful quilts.

  25. Do you know when the prizes for the local shop winners will go out? This was a lot of fun!

    1. Hi Loved the contest and the quilts were all amazing. Just a note, I have not received any prize of any kind from Moda, Do we all get one?

  26. I already got my prize. It was a vinyl pouch with Thread, quilt squares, and few other things. Very Nice. Thank You Moda for letting us be apart of this.

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