Llamas and lions…

Llamas on the loose are funny. Snow? Ice? Freezing temperatures? Not so much. That March-lion can go away, and he can take that varmint Phil with him.


I’m a weather wimp. It’s not that I lack the fortitude to “tough it out”, it’s just that I’m a much happier person when my feet are warm. And if I’m happier, everyone around me is happier. Who knows – world peace might come down to something as simple as whether everyone has warm feet.  (Photo courtesy of the Dallas News.)

Still… I do like March. March Madness. Spring Training for baseball, and the push for the playoffs in hockey and basketball. Daylight Savings Time – that’s this Sunday and it’ll be new territory for me as Arizona doesn’t partake. And March is National Craft Month.

I think that calls for a cake – a layer cake.


As much as I love the other kind of layer cake – especially Carrot Cake – I’m more in love with these cakes right now.  From left to right – On the Wing by Abi Hall / Nomad by Urban Chiks / Color Theory by V&Co. / Aloha Girl by Fig Tree Quilts.

After a weekend spent writing patterns – don’t ask… but yes, new Rosie patterns are in the works – I’m in the mood to make something. And thanks to Aneela Hoey, I have two places to start.

In addition to designing beautiful fabrics for Moda, Aneela creates wonderful little “stuff” – embroidery and quilts, bags and nesting trays, and other lovely little needful things.

Aneela Hoey Bloom Aurifil

This is Blooms. Because I need a little Spring right now, I’ve downloaded the pattern and I’m trying to decide on colors. The pattern is available as a free download on the Aurifil blog – Auribuzz.

I think I might brighten up the colors of floss a bit…


I’ve already printed out my pattern.  Ready, set, stitch!

Here’s where I got into some trouble… I wanted to read more about Aneela’s Blooms patterns so I followed the link to her blog.  Do you see that cute tray holding Aneela’s embroidery?  She made that – it’s part of a set of nesting trays.  There’s a pattern?  You can see where this is going, can’t you?  It just occurred to me that I forgot to get the pattern for the tray… I bought this one instead.


The Hold It All Pouch. It’s why the word “needful” came to mind; as soon as I saw this, I was full of need for it.  The pattern instructions are terrific and as of right now, I think the pattern is only available on Aneela’s website as a PDF download.

(The fabric is Nomad – the feathers for the outside, the floral print for the inside. )

So it’s March and I’m getting crafty.

Today should be warmer weather which fits right in as today is also National I Want You to Be Happy Day.

It’s also If Pets Had Thumbs Day.

I wonder if that’s how those llamas got loose…

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21 thoughts on “Llamas and lions…

    1. Sisters I saw them on Instagram and thought the same thing. I love everything she does and I’m glad you feel the same way. I’m betting you finish before I do though… I’m slow. 🙂

  1. I ordered Aurifil thread 12wt last night for an embroidery project. I mush have been getting ready for today’s posting. Can’t wait to see your finished project and new patterns. Wishing you and all who read this a spectacular week.

    1. The 12wt is gorgeous – that’s what Jen Kingwell uses for her hand-quilting – and there are so many beautiful colors. Still… I do love the little wooden spools. Sometimes a girl just needs the “cute stuff” to look at… 🙂

  2. I can’t decide between the Hold It All pouch or the nesting trays : ) The llamas are indoors here in AZ as it’s been raining the past two days – but – better than snow in my opinion! I will have to check out the Aurifil floss. And, very excited new Rosie patterns are in the future!!

    1. I went back and got the pattern for the nesting trays so… get both! By the way, when you print them out, it’ll look like the page is a little chopped. That’s because the standard paper-size in Europe is a little longer. So you can scale the page down a bit or not worry about it as I didn’t lose anything when I printed it.

      We have a “snow day” today – but it’s sunny so it’s kind of nice to be home. Working. LOL

  3. I don’t own alot anymore as I had to downsize when I moved. These are beautiful threads and would love to own them

  4. OMG, I agree with Andrea, big attention getter is NEW MISS ROSIE patterns in the works!! Whoot Whoot!!!! Can’t wait to try the thread too!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, for Aneela’s pattern! Love them and I’ve already downloaded her embroidery pattern!
    And yeah, for new Miss Rosie patterns! I’ve bought your Little Bites Sampler pattern today since it’s this month Schnibbles … can’t wait to get started:-)

  6. Try SmartWool socks. Not too heavy, warm, comfy, and washable. And colorful or not, as you please. Good for cold tootsies.

    1. Best. Socks. Ever. I love them – and I had them when I lived in Phoenix! Thank you for making sure I knew about them – I appreciate it. 🙂

  7. I think you should post Nana Nelson’ recipe for carrot cake… don’t hold out on the carrot cake!! I can personally attest to its wonderfulness – pineapple for a touch of (baldly needed in most carrot cakes) moistness and coconut flakes and crushed walnuts(?) for flavor. Your memory is probably better than mine – did Nana pay a quarter, or Heaven forbid, 50 cents, for it back at a church bazaar fund raiser back in 196x?

  8. Love reading your posts, You’re so funny 🙂 so glad to hear you’re writing new patterns, yeah!!

  9. I am right there with you on needing my feet to be warm. If they aren’t, I’m not a happy camper. People are surprised to find out that I wear 2 pairs of socks daily from Oct through April and also typically have slippers on too when I’m home.

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