I don’t have any reason for starting with that other than names seem to have been a running theme the past few days.


Everyone here has been very excited that a beautiful quilt using Barbara Brackman’s collection, Union Blues, would be featured in the newest issue of the French quilt magazine, Quiltmania – Issue No. 106.

Isn’t it beautiful? There’s just one problem.  It wasn’t made by Etter Chelair.  It was made by Chelair Etter – the Grand Mistress of the Sample Room here.  Call me crazy but that’s someone whose name I would always get right.

Hmm… Chelair.  That might be a good name for a quilt…  Yes, that’s the other reason “names” have been running through my head today.  I have to decide on the names for three new quilts by today – Friday.  New patterns means new names for quilts… or new quilts means new names for patterns.


You thought it would be more exciting, didn’t you?  This is always the part that takes the most time – figuring out the cutting and calculating the yardage.  I confess that more often than not, I do this part after the quilt has been made.  Nope, I’m not in Kansas anymore… it’s definitely a change.

Another change for me – the quilts are made with <insert name of new collection here>, <insert name of new collection here> and <insert name of new collection here>.  My office is filled with fabric and I can’t show you any of it.  Worse, I can’t even tell you the name of it!

Maybe that’s part of my problem – if I could share the names of the collections, you might be able to help me out with the names.  So far, I’ve come up with 1.  2.  and 3.  I think they’re very catchy.  (Yes, I’m working on alternatives.)


On a completely unrelated note, I had a crazy idea that I might get these trimmed during lunch on Thursday – didn’t happen.  The fabric is Nomad by Urban Chiks and the background is from the Fiesta Wovens collection – coming soon.  I plan to make a small version of Bohemian Rhapsody for a pillow, not quite half-sized… I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Speaking of half-sized quilts, I’ve mentioned that there are quilts hanging throughout the building at Moda and United Notions, right?


This is not what you think it is… it only looks like the Collections for a Cause – Community quilt.  Tammy Vonderschmitt made the original sample quilt – which looks like this one – and she saved all of the leftovers.  Every single piece… every teeny tiny itty bitty piece.  Then she made this half-size quilt – those small diamonds measure 1″ across – the large diamonds are 2″ across.  It’s amazing and I see it every time I walk by Tammy’s office.   (The pattern for the full-size quilt is available here.)

This one is on the inspiration board in her office.


Those little squares measure 1/2″ across.  It was made with little scraps of Honeysweet by Fig Tree Quilts.  It doesn’t have a name and Tammy didn’t like my suggestion – Carrie’s.

I hope to have better luck with the three new quilts/patterns.

Have a terrific weekend and if you’re going to the Dallas Quilt Show this weekend, I might see you there.

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8 thoughts on “Ishmael…

  1. As always, I’m intrigued by the designs you’re working on…but above that, I have one question. How on earth did you learn to write so beautifully? Looks like a architect’s font, the one they use on the super expensive buildings!!!! Beautiful…

  2. I always love to come there to see the people AND the quilts (well…and the stuff to buy, too, I guess! LOL) The quilts are always lovely & inspirational, and sometimes I’ll come across one that I got to quilt for MODA! I’m in love with that Union Blues quilt, too, and would love to make it some day (if I ever get caught up with my obligations at the store! But wait! Getting caught up would be bad for business so maybe I’ll just have to start yet another project!)

  3. I think Carrie’s is a good name;-) Perhaps you should use it for one of your new patterns? Or name it Hildy (lol).
    Kidding aside, I always love the stories behind the names you choose for your patterns it’s the first thing I’m reading whenever I’m working with one of your patterns (and not just because on the front). Can’t wait to see your new ones perhaps you can give us a little sneak peek … pretty please:-)
    Have a wonderful weekend; Hildy

  4. Hi Carrie!
    Just now I am working on my Community quilt and also saving all leftovers, big and small ones, of course! Wondering what will I do with…..
    Don’t really know if I am able enough to work with so tiny measures…
    In fact I was thinking of asking for some help from you for ideas on this subject, just like a pattern or something else…
    Can you tell me the total measure of Tammy’s little quilt?
    The fabric is so wonderful that it must be used and not left aside waiting for eternity…..!
    Ana Maria from Portugal

  5. In France, names are often written surname given name instead of given name surname as is usual in Anglo-Saxon cultures. So that might explain how the publication ended up with Etter Chelair instead of Chelair Etter.

  6. Well, I’m British (although I live in France) and I’m not sure I would have known which way round that name should be written – or even whether it belongs to a woman or a man. You,of course, have the advantage of being introduced to each other! I’m sure that Chelair knows she has an unusual name. The answer,if you want someone French to know which is your surname and which is your first name, is to write it like this – MACDONALD Lynne and if you add M (Monsieur) Mme (Madame)or Mlle (Mademoiselle) at the beginning – that helps with the male/female thing as well!

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