8 weeks…

I thought it was still eight months away… really.

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with babies though it does have everything to do with gestation – to think of and develop an idea or plan slowly in the mind.  It’s about life-cycles and planning months and months for something that will be over in a few days.  It sounds more like a wedding, doesn’t it?  (Not the actual marriage part… just the ceremony.)

I just started here yesterday and Spring Market was still a long way away.  But it’s been almost two-and-a-half months now, hasn’t it?  As busy as it’s been, the pace is changing.  It’s picking up – noticeably.  I remember that from when I did my own thing, but this is different.  Bigger.  More.  Faster.  There are daily and weekly deadlines getting “stuff” finished and prepared for catalogs, and for sending off to sales reps.  Silly me… I thought we could just send them some fabric swatches and that was all it took.

As big as Spring Market is, there is also a huge release of new collections coming next month.  Though the fabric won’t ship until August and September, shops will begin seeing the fabrics next month.  So while the work readying for Spring Market is in full-swing, this has to be done first.


Some of the prep work involves compiling information.  Lots and lots of information for lots and lots of collections.  Even with all the technological advances that allow us to transfer information digitally and online… some folks still want the paper.

It’s crazy how the timing works – and yes, it makes it all a little hard to keep track of sometimes.  For the collections that will debut in a few weeks, the design work was finished as much as five or six months ago.  Early yardage began arriving in the warehouse a few weeks ago to be rolled onto bolts for the sample room.  The designer yardage is cut from that and shipped to them for samples – for quilts and patterns that were often designed months ago.  Maybe not completely finished, but most of the designers have quilts in mind as they’re working on the collections.  The craziest part is that their next collections are already submitted and in the works – many are actually finished.

This is some of the new fabric arriving…

photo 3

Seriously?!  Did you think I’d be able to show you any more than this?

Did I mention that when these collections start being shown to the shops, the designers be able to start showing them to you and talking about them?

Let it suffice to say that you won’t have to wait long… and you won’t be disappointed.  Are there new patterns coming from the designers of these collections?  Yes.  And they’re good, and yes, you’re going to want them.  (Trust me!)

Yardage is also cut for the cap-sets – headers, flippers, fabric swatch sets, etc. – and those are trimmed, layered and assembled.  That’s what’s going on in the bottom half of the picture below.

The past few weeks have taught me an appreciation for a skill that I’ve yet to master.  Because I’m working with “fabric” that isn’t available yet, I’ve been starting to create quilts entirely on the computer with digital images.  I’ve created them in my head but since I’m still learning InDesign, I need help with much of it.  Folks are being very patient while I adjust to learning to speak in terms of finished sizes and SKUs instead of measured sizes and lights or darks.  I don’t know yet if doing it on the computer is a learned skill or an innate talent but I’ll let you know when my InDesign skills improve.  (Yes, I’m getting a crash course in that… emphasis on the crash part.)

The challenge for me is one that you probably already know – a lot of images don’t look like the quilt and vice versa.  Over the years, I’ve seen digital images that were terrific while the quilt was a little less than that.  The reverse is true too, there are spectacular quilts that don’t photograph well, and that can’t be reproduced digitally with as much success.  One thing is definitely true, some people are really, really good at it.


Just so you know… I still can’t get used to walking past this fabric without wanting to touch it.  I want to pull pieces out and go make something.  I’m still easily distracted by the shelves with pre-cuts and bolts of fabric that are on their way out of the sample room, it’s either being shipped to a designer or going over to the warehouse to make room for the new fabric.  It’s all just so wonderfully deliciously tempting.

Chelair teased that it won’t take long before I’ll finally accept that I can’t sew all of it… that I have to let some of it go.

As if?!

But she’s right.  I’ve got six patterns to finish writing in the next week or so.

Or is it one pattern to finish in the next six weeks?

No.  I didn’t think it was the last one either.  That would have been too easy.

Happy Tuesday!  And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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26 thoughts on “8 weeks…

  1. I don’t know that I could ever just walk past. Like potato chips or chocolate, I would have to be personally involved with it in some way. Bless you heart for resisting that temptation!!

  2. My new sales rep lives about as far away as one can get so if I want to SEE any of the fabrics, I’ll have to go to Market. I sure miss Gene Stewart who retired. He’s Jane Stewart’s hubby and the BEST sales rep there ever was! Love those stacks-n-stacks of fresh cut fabrics!

  3. Reading all about all of what’s happening in your daily routine helps me understand just how involved it is on a daily basis. So glad you get to be a part of my love of Moda Fabric and all it stands for. Looking forward to seeing you at Market. Hugs

  4. Interesting…and enchanted by the new fabrics tease. InDesign. My daily best friend. I love this work-horse of a program…especially the most recent interation which solved many of the first few versions little quirks. You probably already know this…but you can bridge between Photoshop and InDesign to adjust lighting levels, vibrance, etc. in your photos quickly and easily – for printing, you need CMYK for true colour reproduction…for everything digital, use RGB. From a “tailoring the image to perfection” point, RGB images are more flexible. For me personally, the TRULY exciting nugget in your post were those magical three words “six new patterns….!!!!!” Yippeeeeeeee…I can’t wait.

  5. Carrie, I am enjoying reading your blog so very much. Today’s blog could’ve been titled “The Honeymoon Is Over!” New jobs always start out easy and then suddenly ramp up, don’t they? I am sure Moda is very glad they have you on staff now. Reminds me of when I was young, my Father worked for a major cookie and cracker company ( think elves). We ate those scrumptious cookies as fast as he would bring them home. He Never ate cookies! Some day soon you will be able to walk past new fabric without reaching out for a cookie !

  6. Whew.. I am worn out just reading this. I too would want to see and touch each and every piece of fabric.

    Good luck with your deadlines and take time to breathe.

  7. Carrie-I get so much new info from you with each newsletter. Can you tell us why the fabric in your photos are pinked? OH, and why some precuts are pinked and others are straight cut??

  8. I think your favorite part of writing this blog is that you get to be a tease!

    Love it all! You share such interesting things…I learn so much-thanks!

  9. Love this – All of it Carrie!! I’m not sure how you restrain yourself from pulling that fabric but, since you still have a job, I guess you must be controlling yourself… Ha ha ha! Loving the blog posts and the IG and FB feeds too! Thanks for the behind the scenes view of things. I hope we can meet at Market – I’m really excited about going for my first time this year. Take good care!

  10. Love your posts! A lot of work goes on before we ever see the beautiful fabric! I so appreciate it!

  11. this is such interesting “stuff”. who woulda thought? your new job sounds very challenging in this arena. I know you will conquer!

  12. I think the fabric roll in the middle of the top row of the precuts look like Boniie & Camille if I’m not mistaken (looks like Scrumptious). But really, you should have mercy with us and show us all the new beautiful collections which will be shown at Spring market, pretty please:-)
    And good luck with the new patterns I know you’ll rock it!

  13. It looks like it is all fun… just like a real ceremony… stressful but in the happiest of ways. You need to create a little vocabulary book… I have one from when texting started, so I could figure out what ROFLOL meant. (referring to InDesign)

  14. I’ve worked with InDesign since its early days, and there still are features I don’t know about/don’t use in the program. Sounds like you’re doing great!

  15. Love the post…funny, I always have the impression that I can sew it all!!!! I have plastic bags with the magizine pattern and all of the fabric….recently I started to reorganize my fabric stash and I’m up to 18 bags…ha…I think I’m behind….and oh yes, getting two more sets of fabrics this week for two more projects…..no such thing in my mine that I can’t sew it all….I wonder when I’ll be able to get back to the reality of it all!!!!!

  16. Sort of like drooling over a big bowl of fruit and not knowing which one to eat first – or can I eat it all? Such yummy and wishing you could show more peeks! What’s a girl to do?
    Yes, my nest looks like I thought I could sew it all – we bits & pieces of ALL of it!!

  17. I’m so glad MODA hired you! It’s really fun to see a glimpse of behind the SEAMS! Just keep petting that fabric and living the dream!

  18. How appropriate that it’s your St. Paddy’s day post on which I comment to tell you that I turn greener with each of your posts I read!

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