Training the rookie…

For those of who have wondered – and asked – what Lissa has been up to these past few weeks, that’s the line she used this morning.

The time has sure flown by.


It’s like I blinked and four weeks were done. I know! I can’t believe it either… four weeks in and I’m still not entirely sure how the voicemail works. The upside is that I don’t get too many calls, probably because I keep forgetting my phone number and extension when asked. One step at a time, right?

While I still feel like I wish I knew more about everything, I have learned a lot. I have learned to avoid the “flyover” ramp from the toll-way to I-35 in the morning and I know three different ways to work, two of which go by a Starbucks. I have learned that the weather in Dallas can be predicted using a Magic 8 ball – we’ve had a high of 38 one day and a high of 78 a few days later.

I already knew that the people here are smart, crazy-genius-talented, generous, and funny, but now I can add supportive, patient and welcoming to the list. When the list of required elements for a “dream job” is compiled, every one of their names is on that list.


Your names are too.

To everyone who followed me here on this adventure, thank you. And to everyone who is trying to figure out who this very chatty Moda rookie is, thank you too. I read every comment and I’ve been making notes about what you’d like to read about… and learn about, and hear about. And okay, see.

So this is what’s coming…

Fabric. From new fabric and Bella Solids to the idea-to-fabric process, it’s all “in the works”. Because some things here are done so far in advance, I’m taking pictures of things that won’t be ready to show until late this summer. So I’ve haven’t forgotten, some eggs just take longer to hatch.


Notions. And I can add books and patterns to this list. I’ve already started pestering certain people about when some of the new books will be arriving so I can have a look-see. Next week, I’ll have some ideas on where and how to find some of the “cool tools” I love so much. (By the way, those mini scissors were by Sullivan and they’re adorable. They’re about 2 ½” long – the whole scissor, not just the blade.)

Moda. Pictures – I’ll see what I can do. From the notions warehouse to the rows of pre-cuts, they’re all on the list. I’m also taking pictures of how things get prepped for Market, though you won’t see any of that until after. (If you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll see if I can stash some of the upcoming giveaway totes for you.)

There really is a lot coming.

It also won’t be just me. Linzee McCray and Sherri McConnell will continue to write for The Cutting Table. Sherri and I have an idea that will be fun and “challenging” but that probably won’t happen until this summer. Linzee will be here every other week to write about all sorts of things. There are people and subjects that she knows far better than I do – as in, she knows about them and I don’t – and I love the different perspective that she brings.

Now… about the office.


This is the corner where I work.  A couple of people thought I should have the computer put on the other end to enjoy the window but this has worked out perfectly as distractions from the hallway are lessened by the cabinet.  It’s been funny that people actually have to peer in to see if I’m here… it’s been suggested that I get one of those round mirror-things people use in driveways.

The shelves are still empty but I’ve been assured that it won’t be long before I’ll be looking for space to put things.  A file cabinet and some drawers are coming soon, they’ll go under the counter.


But it isn’t bare… Susan donated the three tin storage boxes and the quilt books were on the old bookshelves.  The fabric on the shelves – and in the picture above – was in a big box I found in the corner before the remodel.  Half-yard cuts that I took home and cut into fat quarter bundles.  I’m sure we’ll think of something to do with them…


There has been a steady stream of people through since it was finished last week… lookie-loos. They all say the same thing – it looks so much bigger than it did before.

The balance ball thing under the counter in the corner is what many of the ladies here use for “office chairs”.  Of course, they also do yoga.  The blocks and the big spool are from last Fall’s Market booth, they were “rescued” from storage along with the funky metal stool – thank you, Tammy for the help with that.

While I love it and I’m quite comfortable, thank you… it will always be “Lissa’s office” to me. She laughs when I tell her that but the offer stands – if / when she wants it back, I will happily move everything in both offices.

Except the chairs.  I’m keeping those.

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50 thoughts on “Training the rookie…

  1. Love that big spool on the top of the cabinet too, actually I think all the shelves should be filled with fat quarter bundles, for the sake of having to write about them and show us pictures of the fabric lines of course :), love the chairs! wish I had one in my sewing room…..
    glad your settling in, your a perfect fit for Moda in mho……

  2. What a fabulous office!!! Love the chairs, pillows and little tables. Perfect for you – just need some more fabric around and you are all set. One question for future topic – how does Moda keep past fabric collections – archives? a bolt of each? “family scrapbook”? Thanks – looking forward to more.

  3. Very nice office! Gorgeous window…I could use that in my office…perhaps you could post something to my boss???? Kind of a hint, hint….windows are important thing????? Love those quilt block cubes – very cool! Glad you’re settling in so well, and looking forward to the upcoming ideas, posts, projects and more! And of course, your new book – it’s coming later this year, I believe!!!

  4. Your office is coming together nicely and looks very comfortable……also very creative space for you. Nice to in the midst of what is happening and keep us posted….;)))

  5. Thank you for showing us your office! I love those quilt block cube tables. This is so fun, reading all these posts and teasers of upcoming reveals! You know how to keep us in suspense!

  6. Love your new digs! Love the new column! So glad you are the one to be our eyes and ears at moda. Your posts are fun and informative. You go girl!

  7. I am surprised that I find myself at a point in my life where I can hear myself say I am old and grey and know it is my new reality. Still, I have to say that I am not too old to be delving into the new to me art of quilt making! I had to learn how to sew first LOL:). It’s been an enjoyable journey as my dear daughter who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy is coming along with me. I can say that even with all of our various limitations, we are having the time of our lives! In order for there to be success at a sewing machine for my daughter ( because neither of her arms can be lifted above the waistline) our “mother of invention” juices had to be put into action! Never say never is our motto here:) She has made some lovely quilts!!

    I wanted to take the time to write to tell you that I am very much enjoying your posts! You write in a fun and light-hearted way and I smile when I read what you write. Smiling is always good! You are doing what I did back in 1972 when I packed up and moved to Dallas to begin a new life. The years I spent there until 1987 were some of the best years of my life. Your writings bring back to me tiny nuggets of remembrances I had forgotten about:)

    I think your office looks very nice indeed! Again today, you took me back 43 years as I happen to have one of those cubes I see in your office:) Mine was actually in my very first studio apt. when I moved to Dallas and was the only table I owned for quite some time. That apartment was located somewhere off of Fitzgerald Street. I bet I couldn’t find it now if my life depended on it BUT….no matter, I remember every detail of that apt. I can’t wait to paint quilt motifs on the sides and top of that old white cube table! What a terrific idea! I always wondered why I held on to that thing:)

    Wishing you the best and brightest future!
    Susan Fitts Davis who is living back home again and loving life in Mississippi

    1. Hi Susan… God bless you and your daughter! I loved reading your lovely note to dear awesome funny wonderful Carrie! You sound like a really fun lady! My kind of person! Blessings and joy to you! Happy Quilting… Warmly, Pris Phillips

      1. Hi Pris! How kind of you to take a bit of time to write to my post! I was kinda surprised to see it, I must admit, since I rarely post “in public places”. I am a committed lurker as I can positively testify it is a terrific tool for picking up little valuable nuggets of otherwise missed information. Quilters and folks who delve into the world of fabric are simply some of the kindest and most helpful people my daughter and I have come across. I see you easily follow suit to give kind words of encouragement and blessings to me this day.

        I’m sitting in my chair with my cup of coffee watching the early morning light begin to filter thro the shears that hang over my windows while covered in a utility quilt (that means it’s not pretty- the second one I’ve ever made) as a couple of ancient cats invade my limited space (I have discovered lots of quilters own cats:) so it must be true that I am a real quilter:) I am hand quilting this one for my grand daughter. It’s similar to the first one I made last summer for my daughter when I decided we needed to learn how to make quilts. Surely Sarah could sit and piece quilt by hand in order to continue to be creative and express herself even as MD continues to steal her muscles! Indeed, it is true!

        Dare I share just a tad more? I might get banned but I can’t help myself. I’m on a roll right this minute:) My dad is quite the Southern gentleman and has always worn seer sucker suits in the summer -blue stripe seersucker – and so I naturally love seersucker! Sarah and I ran into a table full of seersucker one day last summer and there were bolts of it in all sorts of colors. I simply had to buy some. I had no clue how much to purchase. Why, I’d never even looked at a quilt book and when I did, it made no ready sense to me but no matter, I purchased fabric and at that point became the quinticential quilter since I now know that’s what quilters do best! We buy fabric for no good reason but for to quilt with it at some point – LOL. I hope it’s okay to call myself a quilter:). I brought the fabric home and designed my squares so they were somehow the same size and figured out how to put them all together with some sashings and boarders of white seersucker and viola! Sarah’s Summer Quilt was created! I hand quilted it and since I had purchased 5 yards of each color of seersucker offered, I had plenty to make a small quilt for my son’s little four year old daughter! LOL. I could probably make another one with what’s left over:-) This one is designed differently than was Sarah’s and I named it “I Heart You” since I’m quilting it with heart motifs. She loves it! It might be finished by the time summer rolls around again:) I only wish there were more hours in the day for sittin’ and quiltin’……

        I love Moda fabric and Carrie’s stories!
        Life is good at Southern Touch Farm in Mississippi!
        Have a wonderful day!

        1. Hi Susan! I think we’re destined to be friends!! I sent you a message on facebook. It’s probably in your “other” folder – top of your Messsges to the right – you’ll see a tab that says “other.” But not if you’re on an iPhone. You can’t view the “other” fb folder unless you’re on a computer (I think). Warmly, Pris Phillips

  8. Such a lovely space to work! And the window brings in such nice light. Very Carrie space I think, or it will be once you had in your own touches on the shelves. And the chairs, well are you sure you room for them? I would be delighted to take one or both off your hands!

  9. What a fun office! Love everything about it – and I agree about where you placed your computer. For 20 years I faced a glass wall in my office overlooking the hallway, and every day the same people would stop and stare in. (Yep, still me, still doing the same thing. I’ll send out a memo if I do something differently.) I chuckled at the thought of my using a ball to sit on. We know my propensity for falling off things ….. looking forward to following your adventure in Month 2! Oh, yes, I agree with the commenter about more info on the archives – fabric, patterns – and also antique fabrics! I think I read somewhere that Mr. Dunn has quite a collection of those. It would be fun to get a peek!

  10. Those blocks are fantastic! I signed up for the Fig Tree version of the Modern Building Blocks but yet to actually make a single one. Oops.
    What is the second and third fabric lines in the rack of charm packs?

  11. Yes, those chairs are wonderful. What I am wondering (and you’ve probably already addressed this before) is the future of your pattern writing. Is it done or changing to Moda or slowing down?? Thanks. I feel like I can hear your absolute joy in your new job in these January posts.

  12. Thanks for the view of your work space. It’s always nice to have a visual.

    Here’s a question that may have been asked already but I may have missed a response.
    Why is the life of a fabric line so short? Has it always been that way?
    For instance….I LOVE the “Redwork Renaissance” line and after starting a large project with what I had in my stash i’m finding I need more. I found it hard to locate some shops that had it online and wondered why a “line” is here and gone so quickly…..

    Glad to see you’re settling in and enjoying your new digs……


  13. Awesome! Very clean and crisp. My office suffers in comparison but then what office would not with cool chairs and a big spool… Congrats on the move and the job and the anniversary.

  14. Love the office, and excited about the future topics, insights into the world of Moda. Maybe my next job can be in the quilting industry somewhere, do you need an accountant? Of course my husband might not agree with me working that close to all that fabric, I would not have any money left in my bank account.

  15. Perfect way to start Fridays. Taking us into your world of Moda Fabrics and sitting us in a beautiful visitor’s chair ( mine is the blue one, but wish it was pink) while you take us on a fantastic journey to a place most of us will never see otherwise. Looking forward to many years of Friday’s With Carrie. Thank you Carrie.

  16. That all came together beautifully. What a change! The little sitting corner by the window is a perfect place for a meeting with someone. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Wishing you all the best.

  17. Your office looks so welcoming and happy, I love it. I’m particularly fond of those cubes! Moda should auction a few of them off as a fund raiser! One to the highest bidder and a drawing for anyone who makes a donation for the other.

  18. Love everything about your new office except that bouncy ball. Don’t make me sit on that when I visit you. Lol. I’m happy you have such a beautiful office and that you are enjoying your new position at Moda.

  19. Your office is bright, cheerful and very modern! I know it takes time to get settled in, but before you know it, it will be a year, and not just four weeks 🙂 Keep those creative juices flowing. We always love your posts, and look forward to shring this new adventure with you!

  20. What a great space! Funny you say that about the curved mirror. I also sit in an out of the way location at work (which I love!) and have often said that I need one of those. Not only so people can see if I am here, but I can also see who is coming before they come around the corner and I jump out of my skin 🙂

  21. Your office looks great! My favorite items in it (beside the fabrics and the books, of course) are the quilt block cubes, great rescue! Can’t wait to see what you’ll show us next. Have a wonderful weekend:-)

  22. I have loved following your journey into your new office on my laptop. What a pretty room; love the colours and the window, so important to have natural light. I have one much like it in my ‘new’ sewing room here in our winter home, albeit not as big an arch. I LOVE those chairs and the blocks–!! Must try to replicate one; where are they from do you know? As for being less visible, there’s something to be said for that, voice of experience here from teaching days, lol! I love the 4 stacks of fabric you ‘dangled’ in front of us, mmm. How I’d love to find some left-behind fabric in a colleague’s former office to take home and cut up into fat quarters; there’s something very meditative about just cutting, no? More Schnibbles quilts percolating?! I’ve made a few from your Another Bite book, love them, especially the two sizes.

  23. {{Hand waving in the air}} If you ever don’t want those chairs …. I’ll be GLAD to pick them up … no questions asked. Oh. My. LOVE your office digs … I can just see your creativity opening up in there and being shared with all of us who love what you do. Thanks for sharing … BTW … I also had one of those “driveway” mirrors in my office when I worked (retired now). I used to jump out of my skin sometimes when people would walk up behind me and because I was concentrating so hard I didn’t see or hear them come into my cube.

  24. Great office! I was thinking of my old office cubicle when looking at your pics. No comparison. How fun it will be to have quilting manuals instead of computer manuals on your shelves! I love it!

  25. What a cheerful happy space to work in! It will be so fun to see what you add to those shelves. And I’ve already loved every post…sneek peaks at fabric and notions are always fun! I love those cubes and chairs by the window, too…just an all-around perfect space!

  26. Yay!!! What a wonderful, cheery, inspiring office! You could get inspiration overload between your office and the warehouse! Looking forward to more of your “chatty” news. C from CA

  27. The sitting area is just great! Possible to give us more details on the painted cubes? Size, type of paint used, where did they get the cubes? Thanks for sharing

  28. Where’s the sewing machine and cutting table? Or is that not part of your job function any longer?

    And that peace sign needs to be prominently displayed again!

    Glad life is working out so well for you – you deserve it and your happiness is evident in your writing.


    Mark (the other Mark)

  29. Carrie, looks like you are in Moda job heaven. What a great office – only thing missing is a sewing machine! Enjoy your new digs… love the quilt block side tables!

  30. I am so happy that you are happy. Life changes take time. I am always excited when I go to your blog and see a new date appear. Yeah, more exciting thing in the life of Carrie and Moda! You make reading blogs so enjoyable. Thanks for everything you do!

  31. You’ve done well, my friend! Good choice in placement of the computer – if you want to get any work done. LOVE the chairs, I may need to rethink covering mine. I have a similar one covered with Minick & Simpson light blue woven, now I’m feeling it’s dull. I chose it though because I also bought the wool rug with the stars on it, and would love if Moda had more “home dec” items available. I tried one of those balls, naaah – wasn’t for me – I had my own deflate-gate and it’s back it the box!! Maybe I’ll try it again tho, who knows!!

  32. Great office, but the chairs and block tables are my favorite! I’m looking forward to seeing what you share.

  33. There would be blood shed if someone tried to take those chairs away from me! 🙂 I love your office and I’m enjoying following your adventures in this move. I’m living vicariously through you! blessings, marlene

  34. That looks like a wonderful creating space. Isn’t it fun to a make a place, in a sense, your own. Question for you Carrie…I noticed that the moda designers are no longer blogging. It appears Moda had requested their designers post a blog once a week. That ended late last year. Could you tell us if blogging is off the table? I’ve already deleted a few like Simplfy that I used to visit weekly. Thought I would check before I delete the rest of the blog sites. This is where I see the new lines coming up. So far Mistletoe Lane is on my list of gotta haves because it was posted on Bunny Hill. Nothing new from Laundry basket quilts. Not so bad, this way I won’t be tempted. They rarely seem to post on Instagram so I don’t see much of what the designers are working on or what their new fabrics are. My budget is happy for it.

  35. Oh Carrie, what a exciting office space. It’s so crisp and welcoming and that window is to die for. As you say it won’t be long until all of your shelves and cupboards will be filled and you will be looking for more storage. It is great to also hear you so happy and seemingly pleased with your “big” shift in life. Thrilled for you.

  36. Love your new office-especially the window! (and the chairs, and the cubes). While I miss you at your old blog, I’m excited to see you in a new adventure. I enjoy that you talk to us like friends. Please show us some of the back-story at Moda. I would love to know things like how colors are chosen and how all those precuts are cut and bundled. And how does Moda seek out and foster new fabric designers?

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