A One-Two Punch: Win a Marianne Fons Quilt and Benefit Libby Lehman

In August we announced that Community, a fabric line from Moda’s Collection for a Cause by Howard Marcus, would benefit quilter and teacher extraordinaire Libby Lehman as she continues to recover from a burst aneurysm and stroke. Another luminary from the quilting world, Marianne Fons, has taken the next logical step and created a quilt from the Community line and is offering you…yes, YOU…a chance to win it, and to benefit Libby at the same time.

Libby's Log Cabin
Libby’s Log Cabin, stitched by Marianne Fons

The quilt is 60″ by 75″ and is featured in the January/February issue of Love of Quilting magazine. (It’s also on display at Creekside Quilting in Clive, Iowa.) Marianne named it Libby’s Log Cabin and says she stitched it in recognition of Libby’s contributions as a quilter and a teacher, roles Marianne understands well.

“Libby made wonderful quilts and taught her skills to so many people,” says Marianne. “She was always ready to help others out, for example being a leader in the switch from 35mm Kodak slides and projectors to digital image projection. She did research on digital projectors and shared the info with a whole bunch of us on the lecture circuit.”

Libby Lehman

Libby is home and learning to speak and write again, and walks with assistance. The proceeds from the Community fabric line will help pay for her ongoing therapy and 24-hour caregivers, costs not covered by insurance. That’s what Marianne hopes her quilt will do, too. She’s offering anyone who makes a contribution in any amount the chance to win Libby’s Log Cabin. The winner’s name will be drawn from a hat by Marianne on Friday, February 13.

If you’d like to enter to win, and help Libby at the same time, send a check made out to LIBBY LEHMAN MEDICAL FUND.

Mail your check to Libby’s sister, Cathy Arnold, at this address:

Libby’s Log Cabin

c/o Cathy Arnold

2220 Stanmore Drive

Houston, TX  77019

Marianne says Libby is a person she is always glad to see coming. “She always has a big smile, always has an intelligent take on just about anything, and has a great sense of humor,” she says. But Marianne also acknowledges that no one is immune from adversity. “My motivation in wanting to help her out is that this kind of thing could happen to anyone. If it happened to me, I’d hope people wouldn’t forget me.”

Libby's Log Cabin Flat
Libby’s Log Cabin



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6 thoughts on “A One-Two Punch: Win a Marianne Fons Quilt and Benefit Libby Lehman

  1. I think Marianne’s words are so important, this could happen to anyone of us and I would hope to be helped and remembered by my friends. This quilt is lovely and the care and live that went into is sure to come along. Thanks for sharing the opportunity to give back to Libby.

  2. What a thoughtful post. I’m glad that Libby continues to improve with each passing day and that she is blessed with friends like Marianne. The ending quote was very powerful. What a generous thing for Marianne and Moda to benefit Libby’s recovery. Thank you for sharing this uplifting story.

  3. Thank you for this … wishes for Libby’s continued improvement. Quilt friends are blessings within our own communities but when we can reach out to help another we surely must. God bless!

  4. It is so true, one never knows what the future holds for us. Beautiful quilt and a grand gesture Marrianne. Sincerely, Paula K.

  5. Thank you, Marianne Fons

    and Moda Fabrics, for honoring and helping my sweet sister, Libby Lehman, in such a kind and thoughtful way. I showed a picture of Marianne’s quilt made with Moda’s “Collection for a Cause” line of fabric, and she grabbed the picture and kissed it. “BEAUTIFUL”, she said. Libby is really on a “recovery roll”, made possible by the generosity of the Quilting Family which has enabled Libby to have much more therapy than would have been possible otherwise. She continues to improve everyday. Bless you all!
    Cathy Arnold
    PS. You can follow Libby’s recovery on CaringBridge.org/visit/libbylehman

  6. I’m thinking I should quit teaching in the public schools and get me a job in the quilting world! #Dreamjob!

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