I’m Missing Market Swag Bag Giveaway

Are you stuck at work or at home, daydreaming about Quilt Market? Have you been liking every image to pop up in the #quiltmarket Instagram feed, and swooning over the new fabric collections, award-winning quilts, and new sewing tools showcased in the various schoolhouse sessions? Well, you may have to miss Market, but you don’t have to miss out on all of the fun!



To enter-to-win, follow the steps below. Entries will be accepted from now through 4pm on October 27th! Good luck, have fun, and happy creating!!

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252 thoughts on “I’m Missing Market Swag Bag Giveaway

  1. Thank you for the chance to win the giveaway…what am I doing this weekend? I cut into one of my Cotton Blossoms (been hoarding two of them) layer cakes to make a log cabin.

  2. Deciding whcih sewing machine to part with between a Singer 500A & Singer 401A. No space for both. Sigh.

  3. I will be watching my oldest son play soccer on Saturday. Hoping to get some sewing in tonight and tomorrow!

  4. I am sewing a Christmas table topper for the dining room table. Gosh, the super gigantic Houston Quilt Show would cause my C.A.D.D.[Creative Attention Deficit Disorder] as people have label it to flair with such panache.

  5. I’d love to be at Quilt Market, but how sweet of you to offer a nice giveaway for those of us who can’t. I’m taking it easy this weekend, gathering lots of quilting ideas while recovering from very recent knee replacement surgery.

  6. Ohhh! All those prizes! Yay! I would just love to go to Quilt Market one day but today I’ll settle for los of pics and giveaways! Thanks!

  7. I will be sewing this weekend and watching quilt market via the Internet. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. I’ll actually be enjoying the crafting genius of others at my church’s third annual Fall Shopping Bonanza! Thanks for this generous opportunity!

  9. I am finishing a quilt using my Moda Scrumptious Layer cake. Wish I was going to Market but I am loving the instagram pics.

  10. Thanks for this fantastic giveaway. This week-end I hope to spend a lot of time in my sewing room working on a quilt a-long that has to be finished by month end. Wish me luck.

  11. Listening to the Nebraska football game, hitting the library, the grocery store, and the pharmacy, and doing some reading (and maybe some laundry).

  12. Thanks for a great giveaway. I am doing laundry, choosing a new carpet for the stairs, and preparing for my nursery class at church.

  13. Today I spent at a local Hall helping sell a late friend’s stash to raise money for charity. Tomorrow I shall try to to do some de-stashing of my ‘stuff’.

  14. We’re waiting on our son and new daughter-in-law to get here from their honeymoon and then we’ll be heading to the mountains to catch some fall color! Thanks for the chance.

  15. not much quilting for me this weekend, my husband and I are remodeling the kitchen and I’m taking a break from the floor to check out things on the computer!

  16. I am going to finish the dishes, get laundry started and then head to the sewing room for some quilting time. Thank you for the chance to win. Take care and God bless, Cory

  17. It is beautiful weather this weekend in Ohio, so I am outside with my kids, doing housework, etc. No sewing though

  18. What fun! I have been watching to see all of the new stuff from market. Sure do wish I could go.

  19. It’s our first snow, so I’m inside snuggling with the dog! Going to work on Christmas sewing later.

  20. Stitching on Christmas gifts…will be here before I am ready! I am SOOOO missing quilt market this year!

  21. Seeing all of the Youtube videos and pictures posted is almost like being at market. Since I can’t be there to experience market in person, I’m glad to have the internet to keep me up to date.

  22. I’m making cookies!! 🙂 I don’t do that much anymore so I decided that I owe a few people a little sweet treat. I’m making Neiman Marcus cookies and regular Toll house.

  23. I had surgery last week on my left Achilles tendon. I am not allowed to put any weight on my foot, so I will be sitting on a chair catching up on blogs on my computer just as I have been all week.

  24. I am still working on switching out my wardrobe and then comes Indian Summer 80+ weather today. I will start another quilting project this weekend, I’m sure.

  25. Thank you for the giveaway! Playing with my grandchildren on a beautiful day – so I win no matter what!

  26. I have to do some boring housework, but I hope to get some sewing time in there, too! Of course, I’m also obsessively following the Instagram feed for quilt market :)Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. Thank you for the giveaway! This weekend I’m organizing fat quarters and sewing a Quilt with Sommerset by Fig Tree and Moda! Love it!

  28. just got a new quilt magazine in the mail so I’m studyng two runners for Christmas and online looking for great fabric sales:)

  29. Machine quilting Pat Sloan’s Globetrotting BOM, doing some hand sewing with friends (we’re going to play with a wool fabric project together -learning new stitches) and cleaning house and doing laundry (yuk).

  30. Organizing/re-organizing my sewing room after a couple of retreats – so I can finish what I started!

  31. Binding a baby quilt and enjoying my son home from college for the weekend. Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. I’m actually working this weekend but I arrive to work early to let me do a little bit of quilting – mainly stitchery. I’m working on Lynette Anderson and Gail Pan patterns

  33. I have been watching my favourite soccer team make it through to the Final of the Asian Champions League last night, so this morning I am exhausted and faced with mountains of washing – boring but true! But hey, we won and today the sun is shining and it’s Sunday, so life is beautiful!

  34. Just go back from antiquing with a friend. Tomorrow I continue prepping the walls in my quilting room for paint.

  35. I’m organizing/clearing out my work space so I can get down to Christmas prep in a more serious fashion. It’s two months from today!!

  36. Sadly, I won’t be at Quilt Market! 🙁 Maybe someday…in the meantime, I am spending my spare time cleaning up my sewing space. I prefer to work in a tidy room, but it isn’t always that way when I’m done!

  37. Going to quilt market would be a dream come true. Winning the swag bag would be a little like winning the quilters lotto. ;->

  38. What am I doing this weekend? Trying to get some sewing done, but I’m drooling over Instagram and all the Market photos!

  39. Had a mommy’s day out today, and church a family time tomorrow. Thank you for the opportunity to win something since there are many of us who cannot attend Quilt Market in Houston! 🙂

  40. We are actually 4 hours from Houston, but will be traveling back to Florida this weekend. One of these days I hope to make it to Quilt market!

  41. This weekend I’m installing an indoor antenna by myself, getting fabric ready for a lap quilt and hopefully starting the quilt. I’m also making pumpkin cranberry bread.

  42. someday I’ll be able to attend a show like this, thank you so very much for offering your fans a chance to win/participate

  43. If the weather holds raking leaves is a priority, if not then a few more blocks to be sewn (using Aurafil thread of course!)

  44. Amazing giveaway! This weekend I am spending time with my son and his girlfriend who are here from Connecticut on vacation.

  45. I’m making my daughters Halloween costumes. A snoopy and little red riding hood. Thank you for the giveaway. I’ve been drooling over quilt market pix on Instagram! Wish I was there.

  46. This weekend I worked our quilt shop…just returned from the Paul McCartney concert in Jacksonville, FL….Sunday it’s the Jacksonville Jaguars game…and of course a bit of stitching in between!

  47. I am working on a quilt,knitting a scarf for my grandmother, and starting to crochet a chevron afghan.

  48. I have a craft show I’m participating in on Saturday and resting from it on Sunday and the back to worl

  49. What a great giveaway! This weekend I am finishing up a baby quilt with lots of straight line quilting and so happy my Janome is back from the repair shop!

  50. I have a big sampler quilt on the long arm frame, made with Civil War fabrics. I will be pushing hard to move the quilting forward on it, won’t be able to finish it. But the quilting will be close to finished by end of day Sunday.

  51. This weekend I attended a local quilt show where my quilt won second place in the mini quilts category!

  52. I’m sewing – of course! Working on the Somerset mini spools quilt that came with the Somerset Aurikit. Can’t wait to see all the new Moda fabrics from Quilt Market!

  53. Having just finished two big quilt projects, I’m sewing on some small projects this weekend, watching the World Series (Go Giants!), and watching blog posts about Market : )

  54. This weekend I drove 31/2 hours to attend a birthday dinner for my 88 year old mother-in-law. She still teaches quilting classes!

  55. Whoops, just realized I was supposed to tell you what I would be doing this weekend 🙂 Well, I’m sewing – getting Christmas gifts made!

  56. We are recovering from hosting a fun fall festival at our house with ball games, hay rides, bon fire, scavenger hunt, cook out, etc. Would love to win this fun package!

  57. Yesterday was spent celebrating a granddaughter’s 3rd birthday. Today was spent sewing Halloween costumes for two grandchildren who will be Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle, along with celebrating my birthday with the family.

  58. I dream of one day attending Quilt Market but since that probably won’t happen I am so happy to be able to see all the pictures from everyone else. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  59. I broke my leg riding a bicyle on Saturday aftgernoon (hint; not a good time to go to Emergency) but I finished six zippy pouches just before I fell…mumbird3atgmail.com

  60. Busy weekend with my Grandson’s soccer game, family lunch, going to a Halloween Open House and attending a fun Dept. 56 Club meeting.! Whew! Plus, watching everythihng I can about Market!

  61. I can’t wait to finish the 5 in-progress projects I have going on now before I start something with all the new stuff!

  62. This weekend was FOOTBALL!!! Peewee football Superbowl for my 7 year old nephew and Sunday night the Packers played the Saints. At least one of the teams I was cheering for won 🙁

  63. I love seeing all the blogger’s updates about Quilt Market but it makes me SO wish that I could be there. All the fabric, quilts, notions and friendships make me wish i could experience that. The swag bag looks awesome!!!

  64. I would love to have gone to Market but alas, my little shop has to be OCCUPIED! I’m glad I was here & got meet new customers but I sure did MISS y’all this year!

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