Little One-Yard Wonders


Single yards of adorable fabric are the main ingredient in 101 projects for everything from dresses to caps to pillows and plushies!

You will find patterns to make irresistible clothes, toys & accessories for babies AND kids! This darling book has it ALL!

It has everything from Dresses and Pillows to Western Shirts and Booster Charis.

All the necessary pattern pieces are included in the front pocket of the book.

“Rebecca and Patricia have the uncanny ability to answer most of life’s sewing dilemmas with one yard of fabric, showing us how even the trials of childhood have single-yard solutions-all in vivid color and jam packed with style.” – Tula Pink (fabric designer)

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  1. I have purchased fabric 32220 by sentimental studios evening mist. I need more fabric. Can you help me find it?

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