Market Videos: Kansas Troubles and Lauren + Jessi Jung


Take a stroll to Paisley Park and gander at the beautiful Kansas Troubles colors in their new fabric collection. In stores, September 2014.

Plus, check out the hot new Honey Comb Ruler by Kansas Troubles. Become an expert at Hexagon quilts with this handy little tool!

Lauren + Jessi Jung present their lovely new collection, Pedal Pushers. In stores, September 2014.

Moda… something for everyone!

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One thought on “Market Videos: Kansas Troubles and Lauren + Jessi Jung

  1. Hi ,Love Moda fabrics .Was introduced through MSQC.This page has a problem or I am doing something wrong.I have tried several times to click over to different sites but always wind up back on this page no matter what I click on .In fact I’ll be greatly suirprised if this reaches anyone .And it is very frustrating when I am searching for new and different fabrics to quilt with and nothing seems to come from my efforts here.

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