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So, it’s not too often that I go this crazy over a RULER. But let me tell you, I am in LOVE with the Quick Curve Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful.

This 7″ x 12″ ruler is used to cut curve shapes out and square the blocks up after piecing.

It is made from quality acrylic with a curve cut out where your rotary blade of any size will fit into it. Comes with a free pattern called “Urban Runner”.

SKW QCR blog

Jenny Pedigo has a Mod Olives Quilt-A-Long going on that you have to check out!

Just take a look at all the design possibilities…

Photo from Sew Kind of Wonderful website.
Photo from Sew Kind of Wonderful website.
Photo from Sew Kind of Wonderful website.
Photo from Sew Kind of Wonderful website.

See how you can use it to square your block up after piecing.

quick curve square up 1

She has FANTASTIC video tutorials as well…

And I LOVE the gorgeous coordinating patterns that use this ruler.

SKW 102 SKW 103 SKW 108 SKW 109 SKW 201 SKW 401 SKW 402 SKW 403

Find this awesome ruler and patterns at your favorite local quilt shop!

Which pattern is your favorite?!

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9 thoughts on “Quick Curve Ruler

  1. I’ve been eyeing this ruler for a while now. Maybe I need to bite the bullet and get one. My favorite patterns are Metro Rings and Metro Hoops!

  2. I bought the ruler as I didn’t think there was a way to sew curves without using pins and boy was I wrong. Cutting curves with this ruler and sewing them together is a breeze and no pins. The video along with the enclosed pattern sold me on using this ruler and my table runner came together so easy. I am going to make the Metro waves and Metro Rings next as I really love how you can make so many beautiful patterns with this ruler.

  3. I have this in my to eyeing because I run when I see curves!!
    My favorite patterns are Metro Rings and Metro Hoops so fabulous.

  4. I have a thing going on for the QCR also! A Metro Rings quilt is in the works right now. The videos are brilliant and helped me through my first QCR quilt. Very helpful you-tubes. Such a creative juices stimulator!

  5. I love my Quick Curve Ruler. It makes curves so easy and the patterns are beautiful. Jenny has such great videos that make the learning curve a snap. My favorite patterns are Metro Rings and Urban Holiday.

  6. I absolutely love this ruler and Jenny & Helen do an awesome job in writing the patterns. The instructions are so perfect that you have nothing to change.
    I am kind of person who always had to simplify a pattern before I made the quilt. They have just thought about every single step and made it easy for any one do. Love it!

  7. I really think this is so cool. I would love to get the ruler and try the Urban Pods pattern. My teenage daughter would totally dig that quilt in reds, blacks and whites! Thanks for inspiring me!

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