What’s Your Favorite Pre-Cut?

 Do you have a favorite pre-cut? Maybe your favorite is the fat-quarter bundle…a quarter yard of every print in a collection is a quilter’s delight…

And those fat quarter bundles are so versatile–you can make a good sized quilt or two and still have left-overs for your stash! If something just a bit smaller is what you’re looking for…the fat-eighth bundle might be just what you need.


Or maybe your favorite pre-cut is the Moda Candy. They are not only cute, but they also can make up into lots of wonderful projects. Pick up a pack or two and you are on your way to a lot of quilting goodness!

Charm packs are always good to have on hand, too. Use a pattern made specifically for charms…or make a mini-quilt using charm squares!

Maybe the Layer Cake is your favorite pre-cut? Those larger squares make quilts go together quickly, and extra layer cake squares can make lots of scrappy sampler blocks.

All of the blocks pictured above, and many of the blocks in the quilt below were pieced from Layer Cake squares! Layer cakes can easily be cut into 1 1/2″ or 2 1/2″ strips or squares. Or cut a couple of charm squares and a variety of pieces from the other half.

Then there is the ever-useful Jelly Roll…width of fabric pre-cut strip goodness! There are so many patterns to choose from…did you know the “Starlight” quilt by Thimbleblossoms below is a jelly roll quilt…it just takes a jelly roll, background, and an accent fabric!

Or how about the Slice…pre-cut 10″ triangles perfect for lots of fun projects or for a whole quilt!

Did you know you can download a handy measurement chart here. This handy chart gives information on how many charm packs or layer cakes you’ll need for a variety of different sized quilts.

So…which pre-cut (or two or three or more) is your favorite? Betcha can’t pick just one!

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56 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Pre-Cut?

  1. First choice is a fat quarter bundle. It goes so far. Second choice is a layer cake, because you get to see so much of the fabric’s pattern in 10 inches. I love jelly rolls and charm packs too, but equally and the Moda candy is a nice little bunch of swatches to see which ones you want yardage of…and then stitch them up into something cute.

  2. My first choice is the fat quarter bundle but I also love jelly rolls and charm packs and I can’t forget I love the Moda candy for my hexi quilts.

  3. You are right, I can’t pick just one lol. I love my Candy packs, my jelly rolls and my layer cakes:) sounds like a recipie for something yummy lol

  4. Jelly rolls for me. They are so versatile, and easy to use. I’ve made quite a few quilts with them. I also like the fat eighth bundles as my quilts tend to be scrappy, and they allow me to use a lot of different fabrics.

  5. I just downloaded the chart after reading this: ” Did you know you can download a handy measurement chart here. This handy chart gives information on how many charm packs or layer cakes you’ll need for a variety of different sized quilts.” Am I missing something? I can’t see where it tells us how many “packs” we will need for the quilts. I’ve looked at it a few times and can’t seem to understand how the data is related to a pre-cut. – It’s only: size of blocks, number of blocks needed for that size of block to give you the resulting overall quilt size. Where’s the number of charms, layers, strips? By the way, I just LOVE the April Showers prints. Can’t wait to get some of them! I just haven’t found the precuts in a local shop… perhaps I’ll have to wait for yardage…

  6. I love fat quarters because I usually have left overs for making scrap quilts. Also love charms and jelly rolls. Haven’t tried any of the others. Yet.

  7. Charm packs are the most budget friendly for me…I can justify much more variety with them. But what I love most about any precut is getting to have a little of EVERY print in a collection…so fun!

  8. I mostly buy fat eighth bundles, they are affordable and have a good amount of fabric. I do love the dessert rolls, though, would you consider making those in more collections?

  9. I seem to buy layer cakes. I love to see that much of a pattern. Fat eighths are my next favorite when I want more but alsowant to stretch my budget.

  10. My problem is that I never met a pre-cut I didn’t LOVE!!!!! I tend to have more Charm packs and Layer Cakes lately so the squares have it.

    One thing I have found missing in all the measurement sheets I found at United Notions and at the Bake shop is total yardage in a pre-cut. I have a pattern I am about to start that has me cut my yardage into 2 1/2″ strips. Of course I decided to use a Jelly Roll but I then needed to calculate how much yardage is in a Jelly Roll to see how many Jelly Rolls I would need for the project – whew! I’m get tired thinking about it.

  11. I love charm packs. A Moda charm pack is the first thing I bought to make my very first quilt. I found it at a little shop in Fredericksburg, TX, and didn’t know what exactly it was, but I bought that, made a quilt by reading the internet and buying a book, and the rest is history. I’m on quilt #9 now and I have learned so much in the past 2-3 years. Not just with quilts, but zipper pouches, pillows, handbags, wallets, and all kinds of other pretty little things. I just sew sew sew. Thanks Moda!!

  12. I love all the precuts, but probably buy more Jelly Rolls and Charm packs along with some yardage to finish a quilt. Love, Love, Love those precuts, you can do so much with them.

  13. My favorite pre-cut for longest time was charm pack, but I am starting to like the layer cakes more, and jelly rolls. I can’t decide they all have un limited possibilities. Thank you for this great opportunity.

  14. can i pick all??? i am such a fan of fabrics, and enjoy your sites! very talented people have put together so many ideas it becomes overwhelming at times but fun none the less and fabrics includes all sizes and shapes!!!

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