Spell it with Fabric- Letter R

Hello everyone, Happy Monday.
Are you ready for the letter R for Stephanie Ryan?
“Through the use of simple shapes and thoughtful colors, I found that I could express a piece of myself through my art. Peaceful, serene, and beautiful are the colors that I use to express how I feel, and the simple uncomplicated shapes are the life that I am trying to obtain. It is my dream to reach people and soothe their hectic lives with quiet thoughts of inspiration.”- Stephanie Ryan
Visit her blog and website to see all the additional products featuring her wonderful artwork.
Stephanie sent us in some answers to her questions to help you get to know her a little better.

My favorite quilt block – Ribbon Star
My favorite memory about school – Recess of course!
My favorite book, movie or television show starting with your letter- Raiders of the Lost Ark and a young haRRison foRd

I love quilting because I get to Remake my favorite blocks in new patterns and colors every time.

What if everyday was a holiday? Is Rest Day a holiday? I could use that everyday.
Is there an object, tool or anything that you cannot work without? I always find myself looking for my Ruler. Why can’t I ever find it?
Do you have a quote or motto you live ( or work) by? Reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.– Pamela Vaull Starr


Somewhere I have been- Rocky shores of the North Sea in Scotland
Somewhere I want to go…… Rome!

Someone I know………. Linda Ryan, my mother-in-law that gave me my first quilting sewing machine that belonged to her mother Alice, an amazing quilter.

 Since I am guest posting for Stephanie,  I had a little fun playing with Stephanie’s fabric collections and the ABC’s.
The digital image doesn’t really capture the sheer beauty in this collection. Here are some projects Stephanie made using Modern Roses.
 Modern Roses collection is in stores now.
Fleurologie  is the newest line arrving in stores April 2014.
   Just imagine the possibilities
How about a wall hanging  featuring the panel?
Back to the blog hop.
To download instructions for R, here.
Stephanie wanted to ask you a question. When choosing fabric for a quilt, what colors are your favorite to work with?
Leave a comment with your answer for a chance to win a FQB of Fleurologie.

Santa Barbara Design Studio Stephanie Ryan
All images used with the permission of Stephanie Ryan

(fleurologie prize will be shipped beginning of April, but worth the wait.)
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Winners Announced on each of the Designer Blogs participating.

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589 thoughts on “Spell it with Fabric- Letter R

  1. Beautiful fabric line!! When choosing colours for a new quilt, a lot depend on the ocasion the quilt is for and the season it will be used in. Now that spring is coming, I’d choose colours like fleurologie 😉

  2. That pillow is simply stunning – love, love, love it! My choices for fabric run the gamut from civil war repros to the simple red, white and black. It depends on what my plans are for the quilt – for instance, once granddaughter wants all pink, another purple. I just go with the flow. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  3. What a beautiful fabric line. This may just break my fabric fast! I love yellow. Yellow with blue. Yellow with green. Yellow with grey. Yellow with pink. Well, you get the idea.

  4. Beautiful fabric….so spring like! I pick my colors based on what I’m planning to make… who gets it, that kind of thing. Sometimes I just spot a fabric that attracts me and I plan my project and other fabrics around that first fabric. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. I choose fabric colors depending on the reason for the quilt. If for a holiday I use the colors associated with that holiday. If for a gift, I use colors that I know that person prefers. Lately I have been using grey-the new black. I just love your Fleurologie line.

  6. I seem to work with more subtle colors. I am a big neutral fan and have more choices in that vain than any other. I guess it depends on who the quilt is for as to my fabric selection.

    thanks for a chance.

  7. I love clear, bright, saturated colors–all of them! I do find though, that green is my constant. Although I can’t call it exactly my favorite color, I use it an awful lot. Love the colors in the new fabric line very much.

  8. What a beautiful line! I love that painting at the top of the page too, just gorgeous. Thank you for a fun blog hop. I’ve been creating with purples, grays, oranges and greens lately.

  9. I love Color! What I gravitate to is usually how I am feeling at the time. My color palette seems to change from time to time. But, I have always liked blues, greens and teals.

  10. Lovely fabric! When I choose fabric, it often depends on whom I’m making the quilt for. If I’m thinking of myself, I love bright bold colors…and variety…like a rainbow. Thanks for a chance to win.

  11. I don’t have specific “go to” colors I use for making a quilt. I let the quilt guide the color selection. It is also influenced by where and to whom the quilt is going, and how fast I’m going to get it done. Sometimes, a quilt gets a jumpstart, only to sit ruminating for awhile until I’m ready to go back to it. When that happens, I may have different fabric to add to the previous mix!

  12. Oh man! You made my Monday morning! I am so excited about fleurologie!!! You’ll always see blue in something I make! I love the bottom right blue flowers! Can’t wait to get my hands on this fabric!

  13. I tend to use aquas, turquoise, pinks, greens, and buttery yellows. I love Fleurologie!! So pretty! I hope I win one! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Love these colors and fabrics! My favorite colors change with the seasons—I love working with reproduction and red fabrics in the fall and winter, and bright, fun, happy colors in the spring and summer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I tend to gravitate towards greens. In addition to quilting, I love gardening and watching birds & butterflies & all pieces of Mother Nature’s finest works and green usually provides the backdrop for that. Obviously it’s also the color of money which is another good reason to love the color of GREEN!

  16. I’m a sucker for all things pink, funny though I was a real tomboy growing up. I don’t make many pink quilts, just a few baby girl quilts and my breast cancer quilt (still not finished). Love your watercolor paintings, they’re so beautiful, striking really. What a wonderfully talented person you are. ;-> Toni Anne

  17. Blue, any shade or hue, is my favorite color. I tend to fall in love with muted colors in the red, green, purple and cream range. Anything looks good with Blue!

  18. As I look around me at the folded fabric that is within view, I realize I must be drawn to pink, especially florals. Perhaps it’s a way to cope with long Minnesota winters.

  19. I love primitives, but I cannot resist these bright colors of Fleurology, they are gorgeous. I can see a Mother’s Day quilt made out of these colors. They are as beautiful as her gorgeous prints that she creates. I cannot wait to see these in person. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway.


  20. I’ve been making so many quilts for family that I don’t usually pick fabrics for me but use thier favorite colors. I’m usually drawn to greens (my favorite color) but when something just stands out I’m right there getting some of it too. I’ve wanted to try some Big print fabrics in a quilt too.

  21. My favorite colors are usually saturated. I am trying my best to begin a low volume quilt. It is very out of my comfort zone, but I love the look of them. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  22. Thanks for showing off some gorgeous fabric. At the moment most of my quilts have aqua in them, especially with red and pink, although I am planning an aqua and orange too soon.

  23. Color, color and more color! Collections that incorporate more than one color family are my favorites, as they allow so much more flexibility with the design of the quilt. Thanks for offering such a special giveaway.

  24. Lately I seem to love all greens but especially yellow greens. Maybe it’s the spring in my soul. I plan to make a baby quilt for a new baby girl so the Fleurologie fabric line would be perfect. Stephanie’s water colors are so appealing and happy!

  25. I usually say “blue” when people ask my favorite color, but my last two quilts have been bright colors without much blue. I’m looking forward to the gardening season even though there is at least three feet of snow in our yard right now. Your fabric would be just the thing to tide me over until the real free stuff grows.

  26. Seeing all the gorgeous flowers and colors of Fleurologie made me hope even harder that spring is just around the corner. I’m very fond of the bright yellow daffodils when they poke their heads up.

  27. I don’t have a favorite color combination that I like to work with. My quilts never look the same from quilt to quilt. I will say I love bright, clean colors though.

  28. Wow! I love the alphabet quilt made with Modern Roses…the colors are perfect….I want to copy it 🙂 !
    I love working red, turquoise, and gray!

  29. I’m a primitive color girl but recently have been drawn to the brighter side of color. Love the bright greens, red and aquas. Thanks for the opportunity to win your fabric giveaway.

  30. No favorite color… soft muted color and bright and vibrant- they all work for me so long as they are on fabric! I am definitely putting your new line on my “must get” list!

  31. I am always drawn to turquoise and yellow greens. The beautiful brights in Fleurologie would be EXACTLY the colors I am drawn to.
    Thanks for the giving us a chance to win that lively group.

  32. I cant say i have a favorite color but i gravitate toward all muted colors but when i see your lines of fabric they are very cheery and happy feeling i think of my grandaufhter so i suppose i should get on the stick and get some and make her feel happy as well thanks for the chance to win

  33. I can’t really pick a favorite color – but I seem to be drawn to brights – they make me smile the most. Thanks so much for the give away and I love your art work.

  34. My favorite colors are usually blues, but when it comes to quilting, I find myself drawn to more neutral fabrics – Modern Roses is gorgeoussss! But I’m always open to trying new colors depending on my mood and the quilt! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  35. I love to work with the bright colors but the more neutral colors seem to go better in my house and my daughters houses too so I tend to sew with them more often.

  36. I love all colours…but somehow green ALWAYS manages to find it’s way into my quilts!! Thanks SEW much for a chance to win your very generous give away!

  37. Depends….on what season it is, what I am making the quilt for etc…but, I love bright colors best….against white or white with black polka dots?

  38. Love all your springy colors Stephanie. I’m drawn to pink. It can be soft and pale or hot. Hope things improve for you – you’ve had a rough winter. Your artwork is wonderful so hang in there.

  39. I have rolling favorites! My aqua/red obsession is moving over in favor of orange, but that could change next week! Thank you for the giveaway!

  40. I love red’s with the blue hue but I don’t make many red quilts, don’t know why. I like florals, so blues, greens and pinks get used often.

  41. I love green but a quilt comes from whatever fabric inspires me and this is the most inspirational fabric I have seen yet! It’s beautiful!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. Blues and greys are my favorites but I really love playing with anything that makes me smile and colour, even more than the prints, are what make me fall in love with a line

  43. This fabric is beautiful. just breathtaking. I can’t wait to see it in stores.
    I like working with yellows best but it really depends on who the quilt is for what colors I choose

  44. I love to use reds, pinks and greens in my quilts. Usually I look at fabrics and find one that really inspires me and I take it from there!!

    Thanks for the giveaway – you’re fabric is beautiful!!


  45. What is not to like about any color. Colors, to me, depend on my mood for the day or the time of year. However, I have really never met a color I did not care for and could find inspiration from for a project. Thank you for to opportunity to win some of you beautiful fabric!

  46. So tough to choose colors! Right now the combos I am drawn to don’t even work in our house! LOL I love apple green, red, aqua, pink and yellow.

  47. I seem to lean toward country colors…..reds, blues, greens, golds, and browns. I see others quilts with lighter and brighter colors and they really inspire me so I am now turning direction towards the happier colors and have found that I just adore 30’s colors and prints now.

  48. I’m primarily a Civil War repro kind of gal — so I’m into cheddars and poison greens mostly. But I do like turquoise — which is also my birthstone!

  49. I have loved blue fabrics and reproduction, but I really love your beautiful flowery designs! They sure say spring is in the air! Thank you for sharing and the chance to win something really gorgeous!

  50. I am always drawn to a quilt that uses the turquoise/aqua family. I find that I like gray in quilts too, rather to my surprise since I have never been fond of gray. It does set off other colors well.

  51. Love brights. Love the colors in Fleurology! Used to be more traditional, but the older I get the more I like brights. Started about the time my grandchildren started coming…hmmm….

  52. I love using lots of different cream colored prints and then place fabrics in deeper tones to pop on top of them… these days I’m leaning towards pinks and reds. I think that’s probably because I’m still suffering from a bit of Valentines overload!
    – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

  53. I tend toward greens/pinks and blue/yellow. Blue and yellow are summer and sunshine colors and, of course, pinks and greens are early spring to me. I also like, reds, blacks, purples. LOL I like color.
    Love this new line .. lots of color! 😉

  54. Well, my favorite color is pink but I certainly cannot put that into every quilt I make! I truly love working with blues and my fabric stash proves it. Thank you for the opportunity to win some beautiful fabric.


  55. I really don’t have favorite colors for quilts…each quilt, depending on who/what it is for, leads me to the colors for that particular quilt. I’ve never made the same quilt twice. I almost always have greens and browns in most of the quilts though.

  56. I love color, and usually look for colors that I haven’t used much before, but I find myself amassing grays to use as, not the central color, but as a neutral.

  57. I was blown away by your paintings! So beautiful! I have a bundle of your Modern Roses collection that I can’t wait to cut into – your alphabet quilt was inspiring! Lately, I’ve been looking at grays, corals, pinks, and greens to work with 🙂

  58. Not one color stands out as a “go to” color when I begin a project. The choice is made depending on whether it’s a gift or if it is a “stay at home” project”. Currently, I’m choosing bright colors with red, yellow and green because of gray winter skies. Love the watercolor look of your designs, Stephanie. Thank you for participating in the Moda blog hop and for a chance to win some of the new fabric, fleurologie.

  59. I use to like darker colors. But since i have a grand daughter i’ve gone all girlie with pinks and lilacs. Found out that i really like the brighter colors.

  60. Mostly aqua/blue, red and pink … girl colors you can say. But sometimes I’m trying to leave my comfort zone and work with darker colors.

  61. I love blue, but the quilts I’ve made recently have had many different colors and I’ve enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone. Fleurologie is beautiful! I especially like the large Cloud print.

  62. I don’t have a favourite colour, but I do tend to use lots of Civil War fabrics. However, with so many lovely bright coloured collections available now, I’m thinking of making something with pink and green.

  63. I usually go for the brights, but I am always drawn to purple/lavendar hues, turquoise and pinks that fall more in the magenta range! Love, love, love the fleurology fabric!

  64. I am always drawn to blues, especially really light, or aquas…but I have yet to pull them exclusively for a quilt…but it is in my near future 😉 Fleurologie is gorgeous! Thanks for a chance to win!

  65. It seems like I am all over the place when I pick out fabrics. I tend to have to use reds or browns when I sew…but it always depends on my mood…my quilt project stash reflects my “out of box” status.

  66. I do love a little pop of yellow or gold in quilts, just enough to add a sparkle.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win some of your lovely fabric line.
    I sure feel for what you are going through and can I just say there is much more life on the
    other side of this divorce. I have lived though it and came out on the other side stronger
    and more determined to find happiness and I have :0).
    I wish you continued success and peace in your heart.

  67. It depends on the person I’m working a project for. Love to use whatever their favorite is. I try to stick with soft pastels for myself because of the calming quality. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  68. My favorite colors to work with are blue, green, & yellow, with a touch of pink thrown in. I’m truly in love with you new fabric line. Thank you for all your inspiration and great fabrics

  69. I like clear colors, not the greyed ones. And blue is my top choice for anything…. I have a lot of blue quilts and UFOs. I know I should branch out so lately I have sewn some baby quilts in green and black. They turned out wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win! Louise

  70. it is so hard to choose just one. all of my quilts are donated to charity. you may not have heard about the watson family in depoy kentucky. Last month they had a house fire. the only two survivors were the father and his 11 year old daughter kalie. kalie lost her mom and eight yes 8 brothers and sisters that ranged in age from 15 to a set of twin boys who were four. kalie and her dad were life flighted to vanderbilt hospital in nashville tennessee. both were severly burned and mr. watson was not expected to live.and both had a large amount of smoke in their lungs. when kalie woke up she wrote on a chalk board. are my dad and i the only ones who survived. after getting the tragic news about her family, she wrote that she had to be strong for her dad. they took mr. watson to surgery to get skin grafts on his hands and when the dr. took the bandages off, he was already healing. so they took his breath tube out and sent him home. the next day they took kalie to surgery for skin grafts. and once again, when they took the bandages off, she was healing also so she went home that day. yesterday, mr. watson preached [he is a preacher] and his nor kalie’s faith never faltered. they both have a very storng bond with god. i would loved to win this fabric to make kalie a quilt and maybe some curtains. thank you for such a wonderful giveaway. babscorbitt@gmail.com

  71. I use all colors, right now I am using muted primary colors with polka dots for a baby quilt. Love the new fabric line. Thanks for the giveaway.

  72. I just fell in love with your fabric line coming out soon “Fleurologie” Well my colors are tans of all colors
    bright, bold, like in your new line. But if you ask me next week it my be blues and greens.

  73. I’m more of a bright happy color person. so I always go for anything that has brighter and vibrant colors. Never seen this collection before. Going to add to my list of “needed fabric”

  74. Lately, I have stepped away from the use of primitive colors…burgendy, dark greens, navy and cream and I have been making quilts with more vibrant brighter colours with white backgrounds. Love the new fabric line! Thanks for the chance!

  75. I like most colours but it is dependant on what type of quilt and who it is for. The Fleurologie colours are lovely and fresh and very feminine. Thank you for the giveaway.

  76. I prefer to work with Jewel colours, deep purples & greens, however there are very few colour combinations I would not consider using. I quite fancy a go with yellow & grey.

  77. From the beginning of my headlong dive into quilting, my favorite fabrics have been reproductions especially blues, reds and neutrals. I have always been drawn to vintage quilts and their traditional patterns but after the passing of my father, I noticed that I was using only the lighter “cheery” fabrics (pastels, florals and A. Grace) in my stash. Therapy perhaps?

  78. I work with all sorts of colors, I honestly have not made the same color combinations as most of my quilts are gifts! I do love purples, yellows, and blues!

  79. I almost always start with a yellow for the background. I’m trying to break myself of this habit, but old habits die hard, and I’m not making much progress. After that I tend toward jewel tones. Love those rich, deep colors.

  80. My color preferences differ with each quilt. I like the darker colors when I am making a reproduction quilt. Right now I am looking at brighter, more saturated color for a quilt with a spring feel!

  81. Depends on the recipient and the season. Navy is my favorite color but it actually doesn’t make it’s way into a lot of quilts. Your designs are beautiful!

  82. My quilts always seem to have at least a touch of blue, although I’m finishing one I call citrus colors, pale orange, yellows, pinks. Its turning out very pretty. Thanks.

  83. My favourite colours to work with are black, white, grey and burgundy. My second choice is brown, rust and beige. Depends on my mood. Thanks for the chance to win.


  84. I love pink, pink, pink…..so pretty when it is light and so intense when it is dark. All the other pinks in between just add dimension!!! Love you newest fabric,,,,right up my alley!!! LOL!!

  85. My favorite color is red BUT for quilt making there are so many colors. After the Olympics I am inspired by the colors in the Olympic prints

  86. My favorite color is red, but I like making quilts with all kinds of colors. I love the floral painting at the very top of this blog post. Thanks for sharing.

  87. Love the colors of Spring! I nice pale green and purple are my favorite colors I love iris with the yellow throats those are the so beautiful in the spring time 🙂

  88. You know, I don’t have a favorite color or style, although I’ve notice of late that I am leaning more towards more traditional patterns. And I tend to have some shade of green in most of my work.

  89. My comfort colors are the colors of autumn. They remind me of coming home from school with stew or soup on the stove and warmth of the fireplace welcoming me in.

  90. My favourite colour for quilts is blue- all the different shades of blue yjay can be found in Nature or not.

    Having said that, my latest quilt was in brown, tans. greens and reds to fit a particular spot.

  91. I always gravitate toward blues as my go-to color. I do incorporate other colors and not every quilt as blue. Yet blue is my favorite color.

  92. I enjoy making a quilt with yellow and pink. I just love your Fleurologie fabric line. I can’t wait for it to come out and purchase some.

  93. My colors tend to come from what looks good together from a heap or a pile. I always want to buy golds, reds and oranges (for a long time it was blues, greens and purples. I’m trying to work more neutrals in there.

  94. I loves blues and greens, but after a long winter I love all the beautiful flower colors! Fleurologie is gorgeous! Thank you for the chance to win!

  95. Purple is my favorite color so that’s what I use when making something for myself. When I’m making something for someone else I try to use their favorite color(s). Thanks for the chance to win some of your gorgeous fabric!

  96. Red was always my first choice if I was making a quilt for myself. But lately I’ve been using a lot of pink. Thanks for the chance to win.

  97. I love most pastels. My favorite lately is an aqua color and I see several in the Fleurologie fabric. I especially like that Garden sign made with the fabrics. Will be waiting to check this collection out when it arrives at my LQS. Thanks

  98. I’m drawn to the brighter versions of the classic quilt colors. Not the traditional, darker country quilt yet not the bright, modern color schemes either. Something in between. I love working with reds and blues. And I find I use A LOT of white! 🙂

  99. I always gravitate towards some shade of blue. I like to mix it with greens and white. Fleurologie is beautiful – just the shot of spring color that I need right now. Many thanks!

  100. Blue has always been my favorite color. But my 4 yo granddaughter loves everything PINK, so Gramma is expanding her horizons a bit with new and brighter colors (especially pink). ~Christine

  101. Gorgeous fabrics!!! Love them! & love the pillow!!!

    I love working with fun cheery colors, that scream Sunshine& Warm! lol Greens, Yellows & Blues are used alot here… 🙂

  102. My favorite color is red but I’ve found that I am drawn to a lot of fabric lines that are nicely coordinated, even though it might not have been a color or colors that I like by itself.

  103. I have been following you for awhile now and gravitate towards the spring colors of the flowers, tulip pink and red, green and yellow. I’m always happy to look at your sketches and its been downright dreary lately with the weather and all.

  104. It depends on the project I am doing. I find that I have a bit of everything in my stash, because every quilt pattern tells me what colors it wants me to use – whether it be darks, lights, brights, mono, patels, scrappy….etc. Likewise, I find that the colors tell me what kind of pattern they want to be stitched into.

  105. I try to pick fabrics based on who I’m making a quilt or quilted gift for… But blues, purples, teals are my own personal favorite. Thanks for sharing in the hop… I love the Garden hanging!!!

  106. Red, red, red! I am such a red fanatic and it is such an integral part of my life that there just has to be red in everything! I have children in the military and also love the patriotic colors and stars.

  107. This line is so beautiful! I think of all the lines I’ve seen on the blog hop so far, this is the one I’d most like to win. I like brighter colors in quilts. My favorite colors are blue and teal. Thank you for the chance to win.

  108. Sheesh….it changes so much because I see the potential in all colors. Lately I like blues but I also was attracted to the neutral pillow with the crocheted flower accent. And the colors of Fleurology made me smile and think ahead to late spring/early summer, so I liked that as well.

  109. I am so “all over the place” in fabric choices in the quilts I’ve made. I’m still learning so much, so I’ve been making them mostly from what fabrics I have on hand. But if I was choosing brand new fabrics all the time, I would lean more towards red and black and white. LOVE red 🙂 Thanks

  110. Yellow is my favorite color and I am trying a yellow, grey and white quilt right now. The colors that are most beautiful to me though are the deeper rich tones of the primitive fabrics.

  111. I usually end up making quilts for men between DH the sons and the grands so I usually have to pay close attention to the prints not so much the colors as long as I don’t go over board on pinks or such. When making for my self or DIL It is all about feminine fabrics flowers and prints and prints

  112. Your new fabric line is gorgeous!!!
    I find myself going to the deeper primitive colors, until I see happy fabrics like yours and I make a quick turn and allow myself to be drawn up in them. I make sure that both work in my home. Because they both bring out a certain mood in me.

  113. My favorite color to work with when quilting changes depending on the pattern, the season or maybe even the fabrics available at the time. I’m ready to work with some pretty spring colors after the winter we’ve had.

  114. Still in love with aqua. I am into the softer colors right now — and surprise for me,the aqua and grey Modern Roses. Doing the Make a Wish Fat Quarter shop BOM with it. Would love to win this beautiful fabric bundle.

  115. I love so many different colors. I usually pick my colors depending on who or what season the quilt is for. I love your artwork. Beautiful. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  116. I actually like a lot of colors: primitive reds, olives, purples and the beautiful flowers in your current line remind me of the garden I wish I could grow. I put yellow or gold in everything, although is is not my favorite color, it makes the others pop.

  117. Blues or green are usually favorites, but on the other hand….fall colors are also a tendency I have to lean towards …. Decisions, decisions…
    Thanks for a lovely chance!

  118. I don’t have a “signature” color or look–I see so many quilters who do, and wonder how it feels to have such a coherent vision. There is usually some red or blue in my quilts, which doesn’t make me too unusual.

  119. Stephanie your flower fabrics are SO SO beautiful. I would be thrilled to hear I won a bundle, before they are even in the stores! Favorite colors for quilts: right now I’m working on a Quilt of Valor, so its all red, white & blue, but the next project is a quilt for my daughter in her color choices: aqua/teal, coral and grey. I have had a wonderful time shopping for the fabrics and I may have bought too much, so there is probably another quilt in there for me.

  120. Fleurologie is really pretty. I love the colors you chose. My quilts tend to have a lot of blue, and others have purples. Those are my favorites, but I make lots of different styles and colors, because it’s fun.

  121. I guess it mostly depend on what and who I’m making one for. Lately I’ve been doing quilts my grandkids so I’m using their favorite colors.

  122. I chose whatever fabric is calling to me at the time. I tend to lean towards the bright colors. The colors in your fabric are beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  123. I like bright and bold fabrics when I am making something for my self or my grand daughters. if I am making something for someone else, I make it with colors they like. I never met a green I didn’t like. 🙂

  124. I love bright, cheery colors on white backgrounds. I just purchased some Happy-Go-Lucky fabrics today and I’m thinking about doing something with pinwheels… 🙂

  125. When making fabric choices for a quilt, I find myself looking first at various shades of green, but that is just a starting point. I like to use many colors in all their possible shades. I really like the watercolor feel of your fabrics.

  126. It depends on what the subject quilt is and who it is for. If it’s for me, I pick bright colors. If it’s for others, I try to make it with their preferences. Personally, I prefer lighter and brighter. 🙂

  127. My newest neutral favorite is gray, a very light shade of gray. Then splash in orange, pink, green, yellow!! I love your new fabric Fleurologie! Just my style.

  128. It all depends on who I’m making the quilt for. For “littles” the brighter the better. For someone who might use it in their bedroom, neutrals all the way. For my daughter, black & white. I don’t have a favorite. I try to match the quilt to the person.

  129. I don’t really start with certain colors, it all depends on who the quilt is for. When I make one for myself, I tend to start with red, black, and white. I love that combination.

  130. I love your new fabrics. The watercolor paintings that you paint are the exact colors I love. They are soft and feminine. I just moved into a new home and plan on creating a quilt for my guest bedroom with your new fabrics. I can’t wait till they are available. Thank you for a chance to win.

  131. I am loving Bella Solids Home Town Sky and Night Sky – seems I am into the sky these days! Stephanie’s art and fabric are all beautiful and I am grateful for the chance to win!

  132. I love blues, greens and reds. I love the aqua, emerald, ruby but I also love the colors in the mixture in a spring bundle of flowers. I love the colors that resonate happy, spontaneous, and carefree.

  133. I love your beautiful florals in any colour. I am drawn more to the brighter colours, but also like pastels. My favourite colour has always been green, but I find very little of it in my fabric stash.

  134. I really never look for a certain color to begin a quilt-I let the color and fabric choose me when I walk into a shop. Sometimes it just slaps me up the side of my head and says-“Buy me”. Somehow most of my quilts have ended up having green somewhere.

  135. I usually go right for orange, followed by lime green and then go from there when choosing colors to use. Fleurologie is lovely and I would be very pleased to have some in my hot little hands, er, I mean, I would cherish them…8-)

  136. For a quilt, I like to change the primary colors – but always put in at least touches of black, white, or/and grey. If I could find more yellows then that would be my favorite to use as I do like to look at it and the way it seems to balance most other colors. Thank you for the chance!

  137. One of the things I love about quilting and working with fabrics is I can bring out any side of myself or another for whom I’m making a quilt through the use of different colors or styles. Each quilt has it’s own personality and the chosen colors or tones help reflect that. Thanks for the giveaway.

  138. I think it depends on the mood of the quilt. I have been working with orange and yellow a lot. I love purple and green tends to go with it. But blue and purple are probably my favorites. Gorgeous fabric!

  139. I love traditional “dirty” shades of red, blue and tan or if I’m in the mood for something more modern I like candy pink, lime and sky blue. I loving the current trend of greys and taupes too.

  140. I am always drawn to blues. But it doesn’t have to just be aqua which is so popular, I like navy and darker blues too, and sky blues and bright blues…

  141. lately the heavy reds and rusts and darker colors and in the spring I prefer light airy colors! the fabric with tell how it wants to be sewed into design and purpose.

  142. I totally change with every quilt – each pattern I start seems to call for a different color/story. I love your fabric collection. Very beautiful!

  143. I don’t have a favourite colour. My first two quilts had a lot of green in them, but the next was purple: too purple. If I were making it now I would add very small amounts of lime green and yellow. There are no colours I’m adverse to; even khaki has it’s place.

  144. I have eclectic tastes. I love colours schemes that make others smile. YOURS makes ME smile….:)
    Love the colours and the watercolour-look to the new range. I hope so much that it will be available in Australia, but if not I would love a link to wherever it’ll be available, please. Winning would be so special….thank you for the opportunity.

  145. It depends on the quilt and who the quilt is for. But my favorite color is green, and I really like brighter colors. Thanks for a chance.

  146. I love colorful ones! The ones that are bright like yellow, lime green, aqua. These colors just make me feel happy and excited!

    pramuditahandaristi at gmail dot com

  147. Color…my preference varies with my mood. With the seasons. Whom the project I’m working on is for. But putting that all aside, if you were to just look at my stash you would think most of my quilts include blues and pinks because I’m busting at the seams on those colors!

  148. Wow that fabric is stunning!!! My favorite colors to sew with are bright happy colors. My favorite to live with are neutrals accented in happy colors, but my one true favorite color is aqua.

  149. right now my favorite colors are brights-yellow, orange, lime green, aqua, pink, etc. Maybe that’s because its dreary and cold up here in Seattle!

  150. My favorite color is orange but I have yet to use it in a quilt. My color choices vary depending on the recipient – butter yellow, pale green, lots of navy and deep, almost burgundy reds with a bit of cream mixed in.

  151. I love every single color. All of my quilts end up being scrap quilts even if I choose to use only two colors. Variety is the spice of life!

  152. I enjoy the brighter Spring colors, exactly like her colors in this new collection, which I am waiting on with bated breath!! It’s simply amazing!!!!

  153. My favorite color is blue in all shades. Depending on what project I am working on, I like Civil War, reproductions and brights. Just depends on my mood. Thank for the opportunity to win your fabric.

  154. Oh, how I would LOVE to win this fat quarter bundle! I cannot wait for Fleurologie to hit the shelves! I love shades of pink and blue the most.

  155. I like bright colours and florals. I usually like to work with a layer cake or a jelly roll so I have the whole matching collection.

  156. Blue is my favorite color, however, I like to work with all colors when making a quilt. Since not all of my projects are for me, I have a wide variety of fabrics in my stash.

  157. Most of my quilts have been made as gifts. So the color choices are specific to each recipient rather than based on what I, myself, would like. If I were choosing for myself though, every quilt would probably contain red or black.

  158. Shades of green are my favorite but I find myself working with pinks a lot. I really like your fleurologie. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  159. Green is my favorite color and I try to use it in my projects. Next I love to use shades of pink all the way to rose colored. I absolutely love the vibrancy of Fleurologie, stunning. I love your artwork and this is a perfect compliment to it.

  160. My go to color right now is aqua. It is in 90% of my quilts these days. There are so many beautiful aquas right now!! I love fleurologie and can’t wait to get my hands on those yummy spring colors! Thanks for the chance to win!

  161. I don’t really have a favorite color. Each quilt calls for it’s own colors, hot or cool. Fleurologie would make a very happy summer beach blanket.

  162. It seems to change every day, but my staples for the past few months have been teal and gray. love the combo together and all the other colors that can be added to those two!