It’s Sew Emma has come up with the cutest new way to organize your fabrics after cutting them! These Specialty Marking Tools are called Alphabitties. 

Alphabitties come in a package containing 26 letters and 10 numbers.


It can get confusing when your pattern calls for fabrics A-Z.

With Alphabitties you can simply label each of your piles of fabric with the corresponding letter or number in the pattern.

Alphabitties Pam Kitty Morning

It’s Sew Emma also suggests using Clover Wonder Clips to keep the Alphabitties attached to your fabric stacks.



This is especially helpful if you will be travelling to a class or workshop!

Alphabitties in use

Watch this video to see how it works…


How do you currently organize your fabrics??


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8 thoughts on “ALPHABITTIES

  1. Right now I’m using tiny alphabet beads on safety pins to mark my fabrics. The Alphabitties look like a great alternative (easier to see). Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I get a post it note and mark it with a number then pin it to the fabric. Quick and inexpensive!

  3. oh you’ve got to be kidding. it’s called paper and a pen people.
    personally I prefer to use zip locks with the number/letter written on the front – so wait for the alphabaggies next huh.

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