Ode to Joy

Hello! Thanks for stopping by the Moda Cutting Table today. I’m Kate Spain and am so happy to have been invited to share my thoughts on joy. It’s amazing that the word “joy” is so small when it’s made up of countless moments, actions and people. I truly believe that the more of those moments you can create the happier life will be. But it’s the sharing of happiness with others that’s at the very core of my own joy and I try to do it as often as possible. The best thing? You get back much more than you could ever give.

I feel very grateful to have grown up in a family where love, laughter, creativity and human connection were (and continue to be) so important.
These are things I’ve managed to carry throughout my life and that have guided me through stormy times when personal struggles and challenges seemed overwhelming.
To me, having joy is also about having perspective. Sometimes it’s important to step back and look beyond our daily lives and to let the “bigger picture” come into focus.
And then to realize how fortunate we are to wake each day and to have a chance to experience all the beauty around us. I’ve come to learn that finding joy is really very simple because at the heart of joy is the willingness to love. I find it each day with my husband Pete …
… and in loving these two furry creatures with all my heart …
… in leaves and petals …
…and in looking carefully at little things with wonder and curiosity …
…in hugs with sweet friends …
… and in reaching out to spend time with friends whose stories you love to hear (and that seem to get better no matter how many times you’ve heard them).
There are too many things to list. Working with Moda is also part of my joy. So many thanks to them for giving me a chance to do something I love — with the hope of spreading creative happiness to you as well. I’m so grateful for that.
“There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.”
~Khalil Gibran
I love this quote and couldn’t agree more. Giving to others makes me happiest of all. Even if it’s a simple smile or saying “thank you” — you have no idea how much a small thing like that can turn someone’s day around. I know because someone did it for me and it worked. Try it…and then do it as often as you can! How about we all band together and try to change the world one smile at a time.
Lisa Bongean will be guest posting tomorrow, so please be sure to stop by again!
I hope you find many things to be joyful about this holiday season…and every season.
With love and joy,
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