Got Moda Candy…Make Gifts!

 If it seems to be “crunch time” for finishing those last-minute hand-made gifts…there is a perfect solution…Moda candy packs. In fact, if you have Moda candy you still have time to make some great gifts. What could be better than beautifully coordinated collections of pre-cut 2 1/2″ squares to make sewing and quilting go fast?!

At my house it seems nearly every spare minute I have right now is spent sewing, and for all of the reasons listed above I’ve been sewing a lot with Moda candy packs. I’m making table runners and notebook covers, mini-quilts, pot-holders and trivets.

 Next on my list are some zipper bags made with 2 1/2″ Moda candy squares.

 I will admit, however, that you might have to make two of every project…because you just might not be able to give everything away! (True confession…there are two of these Kate Spain runners for just that reason).

And I’m pretty sure I’ll be making several more Winter Wonderland pot holder sets because these are just calling out to stay in my kitchen this season! And though this Winter’s Lane table runner has already been wrapped, I’m planning another with my remaining 2 1/2″ squares!

What gifts are you making right now with the Moda candy squares?

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