Layer Cake Lemonade

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Welcome to Moda’s version of 
Layer Cake Lemonade  free pattern from 
Fat Quarter Shop. 
I choose Potluck by American Jane
because of it’s bright primary colors and fun prints.


This pattern was a fun and easy quilt to make,

I separated the layer cake into 2 sets of colors. 
All the reds, oranges and yellows made up my 
larger squares and the greens and blues worked 
nicely for my sashing pieces. 
Play with your layer cake pieces until you are happy with the arrangement. 
There really is no wrong way to layout this quilt top.

This quilt using  a 10” layer cake is a great crib,
 toddler or lap quilt and can be made in a day. 

If you are still needing some holiday gifts this project is perfect.

The quilt finishes at 48” x 60”
and uses all but a couple of the 
squares in the Layer CakeTM.
I thought this quilt would be so warm and cuddly so I used Moda’s
 bright green snuggles on the back. For some tips on machine quilting with snuggles, 
please see our post from Maggi Honeyman.

Oh but wait, 
there’s more,
 or maybe I should say less.
Check out the two mini versions in the picture above. 
I am kind of obsessive about miniatures and moda’s precuts.
I fell in love with how quick and easy this 
pattern went together that I couldn’t stop myself.
One version uses 5” charm pack of Pot Luck 
and the other uses our 2.5” mini charm of 
American Jane‘s future group, Ducks in a Row
** in stores April 2014**
The 5” charm one would be good for a stroller,
 car seat or daycare quilt. 
**finished size is 23”x28″ **

The version using the Moda candy or mini charm
 would make a great tag along quilt or doll quilt.
finished size is 10” x 11.5” 

Or you could make it into a small pillow to match your 
Layer Cake Lemonade quilt. 
The technique is the same for the smaller versions of Layer Cake Lemonade. 
 Just pick the fabrics for the squares and for the half strips. 
 After cutting the half strips I centered them 
in between the square rows, 
trimming after all were rows were sewn together.
The bindings are done all different.
Charm has traditional binding, and the mini charm is sewn like a pillow, 
turned inside out, and top stitched around the edge.
I chose to wrap the snuggles fabric around to the front 
for my Layer Cake version.
Below is a lesson in wrapping the backing fabric 
around the front for a soft quick binding.

Trim the backing and batting 1” from the quilt top.
Then trim the batting even with the top, 
being careful not to cut the backing fabric.
Now fold in the corner of the backing so it touches 
the quilt top and cut on the fold,
 this will help in mitering the corners later.
Next fold the corner in again touching the quilt top.  
 At the same time start folding the backing towards the front. 
 First edges touching the quilt top, 
then fold again to create the binding. 
Wonder clips are the best in helping while you get our miter to look good.

Sew with tread that matches the backing fabric 
so it will disappear after it is sewn.  
 And keep your needle down at the corners when you pivot.
Pivot at the corner with the needle down to catch the miter the corners.

What a nice finish for a soft snugly quilt.
Leave a comment telling us what is your 
favorite moda precut is and why.

One  super duper lucky winner will receive
 all three precuts to make their own

Layer Cake Lemonade and miniatures.
You can down load the pattern here Layer Cake Lemonade
    Click here to see FQS video
Thank you to FQS for sharing this pattern with us.

– Tammy V.

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48 thoughts on “Layer Cake Lemonade

  1. I love all precuts because it takes the pain out of making myself cut into such beautiful fabric yardage.
    Thank you for your site as I love it and learn bunches, and also thank you for the chance at this giveaway.

  2. Adorable quilts! My favorite precut is the layer cake.
    The size is so versatile and there are so many great patterns that use them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. I really like all the precuts, and
    being able to see and use all the
    colors and prints in the line. Layer cakes would be up there on the list
    to be my favorites, to be able to
    cut into the sizes that I need for
    any individual block piece.

  4. I am terrible at naming my favorite anything! I think right now my favorite is the Charm Pack although the Layer Cake is a strong contender for its versatility. Love the giveaway!

  5. That is a really hard question because I love them all. I think layer cakes are probably the most versatile, but then it’s nice to go whole hog and get a fat quarter bundle. Then you can do most anything. I love how you made the pattern up in the two alternate sizes. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. So far, a fat quarter bundle seems to be the most versatile, then a jelly roll. I have purchased a few layer cakes and charms but haven’t had a chance to use them yet. I’ve got a big stack of projects lined up!

  7. I love all precuts! I think charms are my favourites right now as they’re so affordable and there are so many great patterns for them.

  8. My favourite is fat quarters. If I really like a collection, charms, jelly rolls, and layer cakes just don’t last long enough or give me as many options as a fat quarter bundle. I tend to make large quilts so more fabric is always better.

  9. I love all of the precuts but I am obsessed with the mini charms especially the Christmas ones! They look so cute piled in a basket. I keep them downstairs so I can look at them all of the time. My studio is upstairs. 🙂

  10. i bumped up the pattern size to a twin quilt using just 2 layer cakes, 2.5 yards for the border, and 6 yard for backing. Should be really simple and fast to make a quilt with the pre-cuts.

  11. that’s a hard choice, but i buy alot of charms because i like to see the whole line and then choose what i want to buy, or if i want a quick project the possibilities are endless

  12. Being new to quilting I don’t have a lot of experience with different pre-cuts aside from charm packs. I have one layer cake so I will be making this quilt! Thanks.

  13. I love the charm packs, including the mini charms. There are also so wonderful patterns for jelly rolls that I would love to sew. All pre-cuts are amazing, they save us so much time and provide us fabric in the entire line!

  14. I am NOT a pre-cut lover. the only one I truly buy are FQ. When I took a class that required a Layer cake, I just happily cut it out of my stash, lol. Mary Ann

  15. I love layer cakes. You get the complete line of the fabric and layer cakes can be used by themselves to make a quick quilt top or you get lots of charms squares out of layer cake too.

  16. Oh I love how you made 3 different quilts! My fave Moda precut would have to be the charm pack! I love getting the entire line in one little lovely package! I’m also kind of addicted to collecting charm packs! The are perfect to make a quick quilt! I’ve used them for tumbler quilts, hexagon quilts, simply sewing together the 5 inch squares and they are perfect for Schnibbles patterns! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  17. I like ALL the precuts, but I think the layer cake is my favorite. It is so versatile as you can make a large quilt or make anything you would make with the smaller cuts.

  18. Those little quilts are adorable! I think my favorite precut would be a layer cake since I do a lot of scrappy quilts and 10″ squares can be cut to lots of different sizes–the more fabric, the better!!

  19. Love these ideas! It’s hard to pick one favorite precut but I guess it would be charm squares. they are inexpensive so I like picking up a few I like even if I don’t have a specific project in mind for them. They are really versatile so I know I will find a use for them sometime! 🙂

  20. Tough call…I love the versatility of layer cakes, but would probably have to go with charm packs as my favorite, since they make baby quilts so easy to put together. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I like the versatility of the Layer Cakes and have 5 kits to make-cant wait. Just finished a flannel rag quilt using Layer cakes. Such a good nap cover.
    I also have charm packs galore to work up with jelly rolls.
    I love having pieces of the whole line of fabric

  22. Charm squares are my favorite. One pack is perfect for a baby quilt, and the precision cutting is already done so I can get to the fun part: piecing!

  23. This is an awesome version because I love the Potluck collection. Such fun designs and great colors.

    I buy a mixture of precuts, but I think because of the ease of use the Charm Packs are probably my most favorite.

  24. I like charm packs the best, mainly because there are about a billion (or at least it feels like it), HST projects that I want to make, and using charm packs would speed up the piecing considerably.

  25. I love the 5 inch charm packs the best. You can do so much with them – from a small baby quilt to something huge. I have a stash of them just waiting for a project! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. I love jelly rolls and 5 inch charms they are easy to use and very versatile. And best of all little to no cutting required. Thank you for the chance to enter the giveaway.

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