another one bites the dust

All of the world wide web has been a buzz with 
quilt market this 
quilt market that.
 It is a very exciting time for all, as well as a ton of work.

 Months before the show, the staff at quilts, inc have classes,
 lectures and demos planned and  scheduled.
Days before we arrive the market staff begins the prep on the show floor 
waiting for 1000’s of pounds of freight to arrive.
Then as the clock strikes noon, 
2 days before the show opens,
 the production of finely orchestrated booths and displays begins. 
Hours and hours of preparation is choreographed into 2 long days of set-up
 just like it had been rehearsed in our heads over and over. 
Paying attention to the minuet details as if the show was a 
Broadway production opening for the first time 
in front of judges and critics via instagram, twitter, facebook and the like.
However, the shop owners have the toughest job of all. 
Their day starts early with classes at the crack of dawn, 
shopping all day to find the best items for their customers,
 then lectures and events into the evening hours. 
16 hour days was probably not in the plan when some of these
 shop owners opened their store, but I think some of them are accustomed to 
these hours throughout the year.
 In some sort of crazy sick analogy this type of rigorous event 
recharges and invigorates the creative energies. 
So next time you are in your favorite shop, 
please tell them how much you appreciate all they do!
So back to market……
What takes us two days to build takes us 2:28 hours to take down. 
Yes that is a record!
 So we put together our own little production of booth take down. 
Indulge me as I assumed we would also receive a standing ovation, 
hence the need for an encore.

The sounds at the end are giggles and laughter speed up
Yes this all sounds fun and those of us that do it, 
we wouldn’t miss it for a minute. 
There are many behind the scenes players that are involved in making 
our small part of the show happen, 
but I wanted to share a pic of one of our key players.
 Let’s just call him the stage manager. 
Yes, he is always smiling like that.
Thank you, Juan!

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