Quilt Market Recap

So much to cover about the past 3 days at the largest quilt trade show in the world. so I thought I would start at the beginning.
The booth theme was inspired by  Tim & Beck’s newest line, Bartholo-meow’s Reef 
which will be in stores March 2014.
Description from the designer regarding the collection
The story began with our dear friend Mr. Bartholo-Meow out for an afternoon adventure bobbing along under the beautiful, briney sea.  As he passed by one adorable, friendly sea creature after the next he felt very inspired. “Hmmm how could I bring all of you up to say hello to the land children?” As he bobbed…and thought…and bobbed…and thought, a treasure of an idea popped into his mind.  He knew just the thing.  Just the thing that would make kids giggle as they wrapped themselves up in their cozy new quilts. “I shall create a fantastically fun fabric collection!” declared Mr. Bartholo-Meow to himself, inside his scuba bubble.
First up will be a brief behind the scenes look at the making of the “Make a Splash” with moda booth. The uber-creative booth designer, Holly Hickman set forth making our very own large paper make creatures. See one week of her creations condensed into a one minute video.
Next up is a brief tour of the moda area.
Please follow our youtube channel to see all the quilt market videos.
Special thanks to Gene Stewart for the videos.

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  1. Love the video and all the hard work so many people put into the show. I see three quilts that are a must make for me. Thanks!

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