NEW Notions at Quilt Market

If you attended Quilt Market this last week you may have noticed 
the United Notions booth got a bit of a makeover!
Our theme was “Like Campfires & Marshmallows, We’re Better Together”. 
Click on the cover below to see our Market Catalog of Notions and why we are better together 
And now for a PEEK at some of the 
new notions we showed at Quilt Market… 

1. SOAK Quilt Wash. SOAK is modern care for the quilts & laundry you love. This rinse-free formula is perfect for washing your fabric & quilts in. 
2.  Mini Seam Fix. The Seam Fix Seam Ripper and Thread Eraser has become a favorite among quilters & is now available in a MINI size which is great for travelling or taking to classes! The cap fits snuggly on the end now too.  😉 
3. Perfect Thread Bag by Karen Kay BuckleyTruly the Perfect bag for holding your Mettler, YLI and small Aurifil threads for hand applique and any spools of a similar size. 
Each pocket has a strip of ultra suede & a zipper across the top.
4. C&T Gift Pens. These new pens feature a beautiful quilt pattern in 2 different color ways- One more purple and one in more bright colors. Great gift for a quilting friend! 
5. Stella EDGE. The NEWEST addition to the Stella Lighting Family. Clamps tightly to the edge of your sewing table, desk or whatever surface you need taking up much less space. 
6. Clover’s new Perfect Press Collection by Joan Hawley. An innovative new line of products being introduced this season. Clover and Joan have worked together to revolutionize the pressing station bringing you the new basics.
7. Fabric Fanatics Tote. Adorable new tote featuring the phrase, “Powered by Fabric” on the front and, “A UFO in progress” on the back. Stores their new boxes designed to hold Layer Cakes & more. 
8. Gingher Julia Scissors. Beautiful new collection features an 8″ Dressmaker Shear for  righties AND lefties as well as a 5″ pair and a 4″ pair for embroidery. 
9. Jaybird’s Sidekick RulerJulie’s new ruler cuts 3 shapes in 4 sizes. Triangles, Half Triangles and Diamonds. 
10. Sewline Cuticle Oil Pen. This pen-like applicator contains natural rejuvenating oils with a pliable brush that gently coats the cuticles and nails. We love the luscious Bergamot scent. Easy access cap allows you to safely store in your purse and use whenever needed.  
11. Designer Series Swatch Buddies. New Fans are a larger, credit card size allowing you to fit up to 3 standard size swatches on one card. 
12. Mary Ellen’s Mint Splash. Fresh new flavor is available in the popular 16oz spray size as well as 32oz & Gallon sized refills. 
13.  Embroidery Scissors. These cute 3.5″ embroidery scissors come in a variety of designs from dots to animal print to pastel bows. 

14. Perfect Alignment LaserQuickly locate the center of quilt blocks, embroidery hoops, applique and more.
15. EZ-Steam. A pressure sensitive fusible web with paper backing. Available in EZ-Steam, Ez-Seam 2 & EZ-Steam 2 Lite. The adhesive side aides in the placement of the fusible & gives you the versatility of moving the applique into another position until you have permanently fused the fabric. 
16. BasiX Rulers. X-Blocks & BasiX can create hundreds – maybe even thousands of designs! And all with easy-to-piece, straight seam blocks and strips.
17. Sewing Themed USB’s. Fun new designs including a tomato pin cushion, thimble, stocking & dress form. 
18. Jumbo Wonder Clips. Wonder clips have become a necessity to so many and they are now available in a new JUMBO size. 
19. Nancy Zieman’s New Products. Including the No-Hassle Triangles Gauge, 6-in-1 Stick ‘n Stitch Guide, & Trace ‘n Create Quilt Templates Carefree Curves Collection.  
20. Lavishea Lotion Bars. NEW flavors: Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin & Woodland Spice. Moisturizes and heals dry skin. Simply rub the bar on your skin, and the heat of your body will melt the lotion onto your skin where it is quickly absorbed. It is a great way to moisturize dry hands and avoid snagging delicate work without transferring a residue on treasured materials and projects. 

Tell us, 
Which of these notions would you like to try out 
or learn more about?!

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38 thoughts on “NEW Notions at Quilt Market

  1. I have three that I would like to try and know more about.
    # 9 – JayBird’s Sidekick Ruler
    #14 – Perfect Alignment Laser
    #16 – BasiX Rulers

    They all look like they would be an asset to my quilting tools.

  2. I really like the cuticle pen and the fact that I can throw it in my purse. Maybe I would use it then. I’m off to view all the specifics in the catalog.

  3. Wow lots of cool stuff! I’d like to try out the cuticle pen, get some of those pretty Julia scissors, jumbo clips, and USB drives, everything looks so fun!

  4. So many goodies, it’s hard to decide! I have been wanting to try one of Julie Herman’s rulers and the sidekick looks like so much fun! Thanks for the run down on all the “newbies”!

    Sandy A

  5. JJust one? i like the sewing usb so cute! would be great to use and not get lost in the usb crowd. also the lotion soap, keeping our hands clean essential with quilting and sounds like it won’t dry out the skin

  6. I would love the Stella Edge lamp – I really need extra lighting on my work table and the Hex and More rulers would get used so much!

  7. I have been drooling over the Sidekick & Basix rulers and what they can do.

    I really hate binding, but I think with Wonder Clips (any size) I can overcome some of that.

    I LOVE my Seam Fix ripper!

  8. The items that caught my eye were Stella Edge, Jaybird’s Sidekick Ruler, Sewing Themed USBs and the Lavishea Lotion Bars. The lotion bars would be perfect for doing handwork in the winter – my hands are always dry, and snagging stuff is a BIG problem!

  9. Thanks for the rundown on new products. So many of them sound interesting, and I’d like to know more about them. Especially Mini Seam Fix and Jumbo Wonder Clibs

  10. The one that truly intrigues me is #6 Clover’s perfect press collection. My pressing/ironing leaves a lot to be desired and this looks like it would help me to do better.

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