Size Matters Medallion Layout

Welcome to the last day of the 
Moda Designer’s Size Matters 
blog hop.
I wanted to give you a few extra block 
patterns just for making it all the way to the end. 
Feel free to use any of the following 
quilt blocks interchangeably.

A great block for a border or sashing from Tim & Beck.
American Jane does not have a blog, but she does have a doughnut block.
If you were not able to download Barbara Brackmans block, here is a link.
Last but not least a block from Lauren and Jessi Jung available here.
And here is one more a zig zag block, click here

Now on to the businees at hand.
 I want to introduce you to a new member of the 
marketing team, Tammy Vonderschmitt. 
You may recognize that name from the 
In From the Cold blog post
Tammy will be a columnist on the moda blog 
as well as working behind the scenes to 
help create a myriad of projects.
So, here’s Tammy…..

Now that you have a billion different combinations, 

let me show you one way to put the “size matters” blocks together.
I’m Tammy Vonderschmitt and have been working at 
Moda for a little over a year. 
 Can I just say I love my job.  
When I was handed the task to come up with a quilt using “size matters” blocks, 
the challenge was to take the 28 blocks from all our designers 
and work them into a pleasing quilt. 
Size was not on my mind. 
 As you know our designers are quite different and it would be hard to put the 
bright whimsy of Me and My Sister in with a 
reproduction from Barbara Brackman
or earthy tones of Kansas Troubles.  
Being an over achiever from birth, first born of course.  
I was up for the task.  
First choosing a wonderful paisley border print, 
the other fabrics were just pulled to match or that kind of went together 
and had a vintage look to them.  
I started with Layer Cakes.
Layer Cakes are wonderful for scrappy looking quilts, 
you have several different sizes you can cut 
out of the 10″ square and you have 
40 different prints in each one.
I started making 6” blocks and kept saying these would 
be so cute smaller, 
so I also made them in 3” blocks.  By the way, I love miniatures.
Medallion quilts are beautiful and would be a perfect match 
for the 
different type and sizes of blocks.  
You can use the smaller blocks in borders and focus on a bigger block in the middle. 
 Have I ever made a medallion quilt?  
 No, I’ll just read up on them and start sewing.  
After finding the book Liberated Medallion Quilts by Qwen Marston 
and skimming through Pinterest I was ready.  
How hard could it be, ha!  
Did you know Martha Washington, our first first lady, made medallion quilts? 

Don’t you just love the way the small blocks bordered with the black
 stand out and allow you to fudge at the corners if you have to.  

The four corners needed applique or something 
to soften the black blob.  
My four favorite things came to mind, 
Faith, Family, Friends, and Fabric.  
My life revolves around these things and I need all of them in my life to function.  
Yes I need fabric.
I need to touch it, smell it, organize it, iron it, cut it and sew it to be happy.    
Deadlines are great decision makers, 
if I had all the time in the world this quilt would still be on my 
cutting mat laying there with all kinds of possibilities 
but no commitment to any.  
That sounds very similar to life.    
Anyway,  I would make changes to the quilt now 
that it is done, 
but I am very happy with the way it turned out.  
The angled borders are shown different in 
the pattern than they are in my quilt.  
It was late the night before it was due and I just could not figure 
out the borders on the bias. 
For the center medallion I used one of my 
grandmothers hand crochet doilies adding a touch of my family to this quilt.
Then I added a little bit of applique of a heart and hand 
that a dear friend had drawn from me years ago for a craft business.  
I hope you love this layout and want to do all the different block in the different sizes.  
Size does matter, 
but is all the little things in life that  when you put them together make a
 great quilt, I mean life…..

Here are the directions for the medallion layout.
Click here for pattern instructions.
Visit the Moda Cutting Table to see the entire list of designers
and their quilt blocks.
NOTE: Not all the designers were able to participate in this blog hop. To see the 
entire list of moda designers, please click here. 

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28 thoughts on “Size Matters Medallion Layout

  1. Good morning!
    Oh what fun this has been. I just wanted to convey that this is my first blog hop that I’ve participated in and I truly enjoyed hoping, reading all the stories of the designers and collecting the blocks. I was not sure I was going to be able to “keep up” with the hop, but I did.
    Thank you Lissa and it’s a pleasure to meet you Tammy.
    Also “Thanks” to Moda, et al.
    Thanks for posting the extra blocks, Barbara Brackman’s block and the quilt layout.
    It will be a pleasure to finish this quilt.
    Hope you all have a wonderful day.
    “Many Thanks.”

  2. Tammy…help please! There is a block in your quilt right in between the spool block and I believe churn dash block. It has a white (or cream) square center with blue and white in a diamond around it. Then gold with a bit of red. I did the blog hop and this was not one of the designers blocks. I’ve got to make it! Where can I find instructions for the block?

  3. I love your idea for the centre block. I have some crochet made by my MIL that I would love to use this way. She always worked on a crochet or knitting project whenever she sat down.

  4. I know I have said it before but this was the best Blog Hop. I so enjoyed all the love the laughter the designers shared. A job well done by all. I learned so much from all of you. Thank you. I am looking forward to seeing finished quilts from this project. I am not a piecer but I am willing to give it a try. Lets see how many points I can match. I already heard from one of my sisters. She stated…did you day you were going to try piecing. I just want to make sure I heard you right. I just love my sisters. Wishing all who read this a wonderful fun filled day with lots of love and laughter, The 4 of us.

  5. Thanks for the great blog hop…always enjoy them!

    I do have a question though, how can the EXACT SAME people win on two different blogs??? Kathy Schmidt and Minick and Simpson have the same list of winners…

  6. I made all 6″ size blocks , but I love the idea of setting them with a medallion center and may draft my own. This was lovely and thank you all for hosting.

    It would be nice to have all the winners drawn by each host here on one site – I couldn”t get into some sites and no blocks up – so it would be nice to see the ‘acttual blocks/hosts/winner in one place.

  7. Thank you for all the great blocks and patterns throughout this hop. The center medallion is a wonderful idea for those crocheted items from my grandmother and a great way to pass them on to other family members…Thank you!

  8. “Last but not least a block from Lauren and Jessi Jung available here.”

    I having trouble getting this last block – can someone please help me..
    I click the link and it shows an error..


  9. “Last but not least a block from Lauren and Jessi Jung available here.”

    I having trouble getting this last block – can someone please help me..
    I click the link and it shows an error..


  10. Ian, I can send it you directly…. I just added you to my Google circle. See if you need to ‘add’ me to yours in order to get my address and I yours.

    Moda, thank you for linking the L&J pattern… I was so bummed it couldn’t find instructions for it on their post!

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