Sew Easy Ruler Cutter

National Sewing Month 2013

Hi Everyone! Some of you may recognize me. I am Jane Stewart, one of  Moda’s proudest Sales Reps. 
I am excited to tell you about this wonderful new ruler that I just love.  
It is called the Sew Easy Ruler Cutter. 
The Sew Easy Ruler Cutter is a combination of a rotary cutter attached to a ruler-
very safe and easy to use- even for young beginners (and klutzes like me!)
People with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome will love how you just place your palm 
flat down on top of the red blade cover and just push it across. 
It easily cuts strips and borders accurately, without hand fatigue or the chance 
for a regular rotary cutter to slip (requiring a trip to the emergency room for stitches). 
At 27.5″ long it quickly cuts across the whole width of the fabric. 
Also, because the ruler has clear markings- including angles- cutting bias strips is a snap! 
The cutter uses a standard 45mm blade- very easy to change out-
and will increase the life of your mat because the blade depth is consistent. 
Here is a quick demo of how the Ruler Cutter works… 
So many of my quilt shops love this ruler/cutter combo and now carry it in their stores,
 so make sure to check your local quilt shop to try it out! 
I will be giving away one of these handy Sew Easy Ruler Cutters to one lucky winner! To enter please leave a comment telling me about your favorite iron and why you love it. 
You will have until September 30th at midnight to comment. All winners will be randomly selected and announced on Moda… The Cutting Table Blog on October 2nd. 
Make sure to visit the blog every day for the opportunity to win each giveaway!

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330 thoughts on “Sew Easy Ruler Cutter

  1. My favorite iron was one my mother had when I was growing up, and the reason that I loved it was because it was reliable. I did all the family ironing (this was in the days before permanent press fabric), so I used that iron a lot. It did not drip or spit or turn off while I was using it, all problems I’ve had with each of the irons I’ve used in the past 5 or 10 years. I will be very interested to read comments from others to see what they recommend.

  2. I’ve cut myself twice in the last month using my rotary cutter. This would be a life saver (or should I say hand saver)! Thanks for the chance!

  3. I don’t really have a favourite iron, all of the ones I have had have only lasted a couple of years. I do like them to have lots of steam though. Thank you for a super giveaway.

  4. I have always had Black & Decker irons – usually they are demised by knocking them on the floor too many times not because of a problem with the iron itself – and a Shark that I love!!

  5. Loved my Mother-in-law’s old dry iron! Was heavy and would starch like a dream! It got lost in a move. Keep looking at thrifts and vintage shops for one like it. Now this cutting system does look like one that maybe I could use with no pain!

  6. My favorite iron is the one I have been using for years. It’s a Black and Decker Extra Long Cord model. The extra long cord is great to help me reach when pressing large quilt tops.

    I like the safety features of this ruler!

  7. I don’t really have a favourite iron, as a general rule, I don’t iron! Until I starting sewing properly last year that is and now I understand why it’s an absolute essential part of my creations (bedding and nightwear for kids!) I do have a craft iron though but I’ve not even got it out of the packaging yet. So for me, any iron is my favourite but it’s got to have ironing water in it and it’s got to be hot!

  8. Black and Decker extra long cord. Over the years I have had to admit: I tend to leave water in their basins that rust and then I have to throw it away and get a new iron, so I do not get too attached…
    but I do love an iron with lots of steam & a LONG cord.

  9. I’ve been through 2 Rowenta irons, that end up spitting and dripping within a year or so. So I’m not a fan of Rowenta. I’ll check back on your replies for a recommendation. The cutter looks like something I could use without fear of cutting myself. I have lymphedema, in my left arm and hand, so I can’t have any breaks in the skin without a problem. Thanks for showing us this I’ve never seen it before.

  10. I have a Sunbeam I got on clearance that works like a dream – just the right weight and plenty of steam when I need it. Love the new cutter/ruler. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Wow – what a ruler! I definitely need one of those!
    My favorite iron is one with LOTS of steam power (I smock and need that for blocking). I have had several Rowentas and loved all the steam they provided. My husband got me an Oreck iron for Christmas a couple of years ago that is really neat for ironing large pieces of fabric. You can flip a switch and the power cord comes off – no creasing your fabric with the cord! Pretty neat.

  12. Cool ruler. I have 2 Rowentas. A big one with the giant water tank and a smaller one I use by my sewing machine. They are fabulous and produce the best steam

  13. Right now I’m using a vintage West Bend cordless iron. I LOVE it! I’ve always wanted a cordless, but didn’t want to cough up for a really nice new one. My dad came through with one of my grandmas old ones, and it works like a champ.

  14. Favorite iron… Well, I have only ever owned two and they weren’t for clothes, just fabric – lol! And the one I have now I really love. It was the cheapest one I could find but it’s lightweight and it produces lots of steam! Something I love for my wools! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I have two irons, a Rowenta and a Reliable. Each has their own benefits and are used accordingly. My favorite iron of all time was the old one I used to iron my dad’s shirt with back in the 50s and early 60s. I learned to appreciate a well ironed shirt and a spritzer made from a pop bottle to fix mistakes.

  16. I have four irons! Right now I’m using a Rowenta which is fine. But my very favorite is an old Betty Crocker iron that my mother bought in the 50s. It gets really hot and doesn’t have auto shut off. Perfect for a quilter.

  17. I just lost my iron. Just stpped working. My husband bought me a $18 sunbeam. (He loves a deal) I was secretly hoping for aa Isio or Rowenta. Darn, why didnt I go to the store. Please pick me for this great ruler. It would really help these old arthritic joints.

  18. My favorite iron is my Rowenta and I love the steam. I would love to win this cutting system. It would certainly cut down on ER visits and partial amputation of left index finger. Thank you for the chance to win

  19. Rowenta iron which I have used this rand for a long time. Although I may break down and try the Iliso . Cutter looks great I need to find one for my Mom.

  20. My favorite iron would my current iron which is an over 12 year old Sunbeam. It’s starting to show its age but still works. Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. Wow, what an amazing cutter! My favorite iron is T-fal Ultraglide Easycord Ceramic Soleplate Steam Iron that I bought at Kmart. It has tons of steam and glides smoothly because of the ceramic bottom. It’s reasonably priced too at $39.99.

  22. I have a Shark professional iron and I do love it. It’s big but lightweight, it turns off and is on standby at all times and heats back up almost instantly. It has a long cord and it’s nice to look at. I like everything about it, but for some reason, I want one of the new irons that raises itself up!

  23. I have an Oliso iron and it is great – great steam, great heat, and eventually shuts off when I forget about it!
    The ruler is fantastic. It is like my mat cutter in the way it cuts. Great idea.

  24. Funny that you should ask about irons as I got a new one last week – a cordless Panasonic. It’s so nice to move around and not have to drag the cord behind! Thanks for the give away!

  25. I have two Rowenta irons and am happy with both. Dependable. Years old. Dragged from pillar to post and never balk. So I guess they are the favorites.

  26. I am still looking for the perfect
    iron, have yet to find one that is
    light weight enough, to hold a good
    press, and gets hot enough to get
    the wrinkles out. Will be watching
    the blog posts. Thanks for the
    chance to win, looks like a great
    system for cutting, especially if
    you have hand and wrist issues.

  27. I just have a Black and Decker generic old iron. It works, but my daughter has a Rowenta that is pretty nice. I love this new cutter you are showing us today. It sure would be great on these old wrists. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I had a Rowenta that lasted for years, despite having jumped from the ironing board many times. No leaking, no rust, and good heat. Sadly, my current Rowenta is nothing like it.

  29. I have two Rowenta irons, one full size, one travel size. They are working fine, but I don’t believe I’ve found my ideal iron yet. I love this ruler/ cutter system. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  30. i have so many over the years expensive, name brands and cheaper ones i have had a bernina that cam e as a combo about 15 yrs ago or so for 900.00 and i love it for not only quilting or sewing but for ironing clothes. thanks for the chance to win

  31. I am still looking for a favorite iron so I am going to have to read all the comments! There are so many irons to choose from that it can become overwhelming…..and expensive to find the right one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. I really like the oliso, but I use a black and decker with a really long cord and a loud auto off. This looks like a tool I could really use since I do have arthritis.

  33. I have been using a Black and Decker iron for the last 10 years. I am waiting for it to die as an excuse to get a more fancy iron, but it seems to be a work horse. The only thing about it the bothers me a bit is the auto shut off that always turns off right when I really need it. It seems to cool off really fast and also heats up fast. I am not nice to this iron and fill it up with tap water, but it doesn’t faze this guy at all it keeps producing wonderful steam. I am actually wearing off the teflon coating on the bottom.

  34. Reading all the comments to find out which irons are favorites. Mine is just an off-brand from the local discount store as until I started quilting a couple months ago I never really used an iron (I mean never!)

    Would love to win this ruler. I tend to either veer away from the ruler with my rotary cutter, or stay too close and shave bits of the ruler off!

  35. I’m currently using the “Shark” (by Black & Decker, I believe) after going through Rowentas and Berninas that ALWAYS leaked. Love this iron although I’ve been flirting with the Oliso … but don’t want to “jinx” myself!! Linda

  36. I have a Black & Decker Digital Advantage, chosen because of the good reviews on Amazon, and it has really worked nicely for me. It has lots of steam and the temperatures are just right.

  37. My favorite iron is a Rowenta that I picked up at a yard sale about 2 years ago. Actually, I have another one a little heavier that I also picked up at a yard sale and I love that one, too! So far no leaks and I love the amount of steam it produces.
    This cutter looks really cool. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  38. I don’t have a favorite iron! I just like the one I use (currently a Rowenta) to be plenty hot! An automatic shut-off is a great feature, but I wish mine stayed on a little longer.

    The ruler/cutter looks like a great product—can’t believe it has taken until now to be offered! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  39. I got a Rowenta for a wedding present that worked well but it disappeared (have no clue what happened to it) so we replaced it with a Shark which has also been working well.

  40. I can honestly say I have yet to find one that I love. I have had a lot of them but somehow they just keep shorting out with the wiring in my house so I hesitate to invest in a good one. Until that day comes when I have custom built mansion and endless money for quilting I’m stuck with Walmart specials!

  41. What a great product. It almost looks too easy! But it sure would come in handy when you have a large quilt to cut out! As for my iron: I have a little Shark travel iron that I use near my machine when quilting. It is only about 7″ big, but it has steam, burst of steam, and most of all, it does not spit.

  42. My favorite iron is the now discontinued Clover craft iron, because it’s narrow enough to iron the parts I want and not the parts I don’t… and it gets twice as hot as my full-size iron. I wish it had a stainless steel soleplate… but aside from that it’s perfect!

  43. My favorite iron is the cordless Panasonic (NI-WL600). I like it because it is compact, light weight, cordless, & heats enough to do the job but not scorch my fabric. I keep it on my sewing table right next to my sewing machine. I press on a small handmade pressing pad an never have to leave my chair.

  44. This ruler cutter is marvelous! I’ve had mine for about a month and recommend it to all my friends. Love Rowenta and Oliso both, it’s not easy to get back into picking up a regular iron after the Oliso spoils me.

  45. Let me know what you find out about favorite irons. Mine seem almost disposable as they don’t seem to last too long. I have had pricier ones and cheap ones and I still don’t have a favorite. Love the ruler/ cutter.

  46. My favorite iron is a small dry iron I’ve had for years. I can spritz my fabrics if I need steam or dampness but this iron is perfect when I don’t because it doesn’t have the dimples that leave those big skips when pressing. When I pre-make berries or grapes for applique, I can press them and not worry about where on the sole plate they end up. I really like this little iron.

  47. I think it is so weird that you ask about our favorite iron because I just picked a new one and am saving my pennies to purchase it! Right now I have some basic iron that I don’t love but am saving to purchase a Panasonic NI-L705R Cordless Iron. I have a few friends that own it and they rave about the great stream and no drips or spitting.

  48. My iron is a cheap Black and Decker one from Walmart. It does the job. I would love the new Oso Iron but it is not in the budget. I used one at a class in Joanns and loved it. Love this ruler. I had already seen a video on it and was amazed on what it does. Thank you for sharing and the chance to win one.

  49. I don’t really have a favorite iron, I’ve tried them all I think and most have never lasted like they should. Currently have a T-Fal that’s about 3 mos old, so we’ll see!
    I haven’t seen this new cutting system but it would be wonderful for new – and old – quilters alike! My daughter is into modern quilting but she still fears the rotary cutter. This would be great for her to use! Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. I don’t have a favorite iron. I have one that I picked up from Target for $20. It is nothing special, but it does the job for the most part. One day I would like something more fancy and customized more towards quilting.

  51. Right now my iron is a Rowenta and it’s pretty good except that I’m not good at cleaning the steam function and sometimes it spits out dirty water. Not a good thing. But I think it’s my fault, as I said.

  52. I can’t say that I have ever had a favorite iron. I always buy the cheapest iron I can find with a non-stick coating. I seem to drop my irons fairly often and don’t want to ruin an expensive one. Thanks for a chance on your wonderful giveaway. I would really like to try this ruler.

  53. I haven’t found a favorite iron yet, but I really want a cordless one because I’m always stepping on the cord and it keeps getting in my way.

  54. My favorite is the little itty bitty one with the triangle front…. so easy to smoothing out all
    the creases I didn’t notice until too late.

    I have to have this cutter/ruler. Have never ever been able to cut anything straight no matter what I have done, or how many times someone has shown me.

  55. I love my Panasonic Cordelss Iron ~
    a light turquoise in color ~ Love it so much because “it is cordless”, what else can I say other than it very much serves it purpose and light weight also! Love it!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this “cutter/ruler”!


  56. My favorite little iron is a Black and Decker . I got this iron for my daughter when she left for college many years ago. It is just the right size to keep next to my sewing machine…perfect for paper piecing.

  57. I wouldn’t have anything but a ROWENTA PROFESSIONAL. I had gone through many different irons until I decided that I was getting what I paid for. Even though some of these were quite pricey. Five years ago I bit the bullet and bought the best iron I have ever used. I have not complaints at all. It even took a hard fall to the floor without a hitch. You will need an upgraded extension card to carry the wattage needed. 1750W But then if you can get close enough to a 3 prong outlet you are good to go.


  58. I’m ashamed to say I have been using the same ol’ Sunbeam iron for 30 years or so. I keep waiting for it to “break” so I can get me one of those fancy kind that jump up when you stop ironing. My old Sunbeam would have to be my favorite, since I don’t remember the other one I had (pre 30 years ago).

  59. Really? I have to name my favorite iron?? I hate irons so I would never have a favorite one. (hate ironing and or pressing too) Let’s see I have a black one and a Blue one. that I use all the time. My favorite is my black one. (but it shocks me so I use the blue one)

  60. I don’t have a lot of experience with irons but I use a Rowenta. It heats up quickly and if I forget to turn it off, it will do so itself. It isn’t too heavy. There may be better ones out there but I like my Rowenta.

  61. I love my little mini Iron I purchased. Its great for taking to quilt classes. Great for pressing seams beside my sewing machine. I do hope I win this cutter, because I have Arthritis and I also broke my right hand as well. Using a rotary cutter is a little difficult for me. thanks for the chance.


  62. i have a Rowenta focus, wonderful iron, i tried multiple brands over the last couple of years, lots of defects and problem, not the Rowenta, its like the Mercedes of irons, lol

  63. Oh…this looks awesome…I need one!!! My favorite iron is my Black and Decker. It gives off so much steam and it isn’t too heavy. I don’t remember the model # but it was rated the highest in all reviews I found. It never leaks like the Rowenta!

  64. Have a Shark atm but I do love the one that rises .. don’t know the name. Not been very successful with good irons over the last few years. I love that new ruler, though. I have arthritis and severe tendonitis so cutting is so painful for me. Love to quilt so suffer through it! LOL Great giveaway.

  65. I’m currently using a Rowenta and it performs well on clothes and such but I’m looking for a light weight iron that I can use beside my sewing machine – especially for when I do paper piecing! If anyone has any suggestions, send them my way!

  66. I didn’t realize I liked my iron so much, until I thought it was broken (i just needed to clean out all the minerals to get it steaming again). I used my back up iron a cheap black and decker, and the holes on the bottom of it would move the fabric around so my quilt picecs weren’t flat anymore. The one I like is my Rowenta 1600.

  67. I have yet to find that perfect iron, seems like every iron I try will leak, spit, or perform some other odd talent, and why must irons be so heavy? Still searching.

  68. I’m actually still looking for the perfect iron! I’ve used Black and Decker irons in the past, which have been fine. Right now I’m using a Shark. I’ve heard good and bad things about Rowenta irons so I haven’t tried those yet.
    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  69. I am using an old heavy all metal GE iron that I recently got at a garage sale & I like it so much better than other light weight irons I have used. This ruler/cutter is such a great idea & I can’t wait to try it.

  70. My favorite iron was a cordless one that I had for years, can’t remember the brand, but it died and I could haven’t been able to find one I like as well. I keep looking at irons, but I can’t decide which one to try. I would love to try this new ruler!!!

  71. I have a Rowenta but I want to get an Oliso Smartiron. I am lured by the yellow color and the little feet that automatically raises the iron off the fabric.

  72. I have an inexpensive T-fal iron. With the hard water we have here in middle Georgia, I don’t want to spend too much on an iron that will only last a couple of years. That said, this one is going on four years and working great. I like it’t light weight and non-stick surface plate.

  73. Our iron is a relatively cheap brand that my husband bought some time before I met him over eleven years ago. It works as well today as it did the first time I used it and I’ll quite happily use it till the day it stops working at which time I’ll replace it with something similar.

  74. So many years I knocked my irons off my ironing board because the sat upright. Well now I have an Oliso iron and love it for the fact it doesn’t fall off the board and because its a great iron for my granddaughters to use. Thank you for the chance to win this ruler cutter. It would save my wrists at 65. jlblvn at gmail dot com

  75. Well, I only have one iron, so I guess that makes it my favourite! I don’t even know what brand it is off the top of my head. But I do also have an antique one that you heat on top of the wood stove…I use it when we’re camping and I absolutely have to press something 🙂

  76. My favorite iron is my mom’s old faithful–heavy metal for sure. I wish I still had it! I will never forget the cord, which was something I used to play with, making patterns and designs as it lay on the ground underneath the ironing board.

  77. My favorite and best iron is a professional Sussman with a gravity feed. It’s 30 yrs. old, and I’ve had it re-conditioned a few times, but it has held up over time.

  78. I love my Rowenta iron because it has some weight to it which I find helpful when pressing seams flat. Would love to win the new ruler/cutting system!

  79. Ok I have want to comment for a chance to win but have to say mine isn’t an iron but any ironing board. It is the one that I still use today that I learned to iron pillowcases on as a young girl. The wood yes wood is slightly curved on and the legs are taped together but I love it so. Thanks for the chance to win.

  80. I have a heavy Rowenta and I like it a lot. Mine has never leaked. I remember those ‘good old irons’…being the oldest girl, I had to iron 15 school blouses and 6 pleated skirts per week…it was HOT work! I’m thankful for the newer irons and enjoy my Rowenta. As for the Sew Easy cutter, I would LOVE it. I am a complete klutz at rotary cutting. I have wasted so much fabric with bad cutting it’s not funny.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  81. I have a Sunbeam. The price is reasonable and it does what I need it to do and a bonus, my cat can’t chew through the electrical cord. She has a bad habit of doing that when I’m not looking.

  82. My Rowenia titan plus has to be my favorite iron, I have had it for almost 20 years and it just keeps workin’ away for me. Or maybe I never do a lot of ironing!
    thelady at

  83. My kids are really wanting to cut with me–this would be great! I haven’t found a favorite iron yet. I’d sure like to though. I’m interested to see what people say.

  84. My favorite iron is my little clover iron (it’s heart shaped). I use it for applique and for quick touch ups next to my sewing machine. I don’t have very good luck with regular irons — they all leak and spit. But I hope someday to find the perfect one.

  85. My neighbors iron is fantastic! I don’t know what it is though. But if it even gets near fabric it’s like they are already ironed! Mine you have to press down, her’s it just glides over the fabric!

  86. My old favorite was a Kenmore iron I bought from Sears…reliable and very affordable. But my new favorite is my yellow Oliso pro-smart iron I won from the Quilters March Madness Shop Hop this year. So cute when it pops up when you take your hands off it.

  87. I had a Rowenta for several years and it steamed beautifully. Recently purchased a new Rowenta which is a real pain—leaks and spits alot. Also the automatic turn-off is very annoying. Hope Santa brings me a new Oliso !

  88. I love the idea of this ruler. I have carpal tunnel in one hand, and a T brace with 10 screws in the other wrist! My favorite iron is the cheap Black and Decker brand. I’ve never had a problem with them leaking, they always heat up properly, and last forever. Thanks for the opportunity!

  89. I use a Rowenta Professional without water. Ever since Ricky Tims said putting water in your iron will eventually make it leak, I’ve just used a spritzer bottle with water in it. Works just as well, and I’ve not had any leaking problems.

  90. I just bought an Oliso iron. I think I am going to love it because of the legs that come down when you leave it setting flat, very handy. Much more expensive than any other iron I have ever had but so far I do like it.

  91. My iron is not fancy, it’s a black and decker I bought at target 11 yrs ago for about $20. It puts out great steam and gives off good heat. Can’t beat that right?! I absolutely love this new ruler!! Cannot wait to have one of my own! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  92. Great ruler by the way. My favorite iron is no longer available. It was a travel iron from clover. I really miss it! Still looking for one (do not like the little red one)to replace it. My new favorite is the yellow Oliso. love it.

  93. I have a Rowenta and it does the job. It’s helpful to read all these posts as my iron is about 13 years old and might have to invest in a new one soon. My Rowenta does not have auto-off, which might be helpful when I have to buy one. This ruler looks interesting. Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. What a nice informative demo video! I’m definitely interested! My favorite iron is currently a small black and decker travel iron that I take to quilt retreats. The “name brand” expensive travel irons I’ve bought were great but they prematurely bit the dust!

  95. I guess I haven’t had a favorite iron. I like any of them that don’t drip and will shut of on their own. Great looking ruler. Great blog

  96. The only iron I have is a Black & Decker so I guess that makes it my favorite. Could use this ruler as I have “shortened ” my finger using a rotary cutter.
    Great video and thanks for the video.

  97. I have a Rowenta that just quit working and have had to use my backup Black and Decker. I really miss my Rowenta and am on the lookout for a new good quality iron. That ruler/cutter system is great.

  98. This looks like such an amazing cutting tool. Since having my wrist surgery, rotary cutting has been limited. My favorite iron is my Rowenta. I’ve had it for about 15 years, and she still works like a dream. I don’t put water in my irons, instead I use a spritzer with water to dampen my fabric.

  99. I like my Rowenta! It drives me crazy that it has the auto shutoff but I have to weigh that against the great steam it produces. Used a Black and Decker at local quilt shop over the weekend and was not impressed with it.

    Wish my quilt shop would get one of these new rulers. As an arthritis sufferer this might get an A+++ from me.

  100. After cutting myself several times with the rotary cutter, I am looking for a great option! This may be the thing. My fav iron was one I got in the 80s as a wedding present. Heavy, steam, turned off when you unplugged it. My new one leaks and most of the time it has turned itself off when I go to use it.

  101. My kids gave me a reconditioned Reliable iron last Christmas. It’s wonderful!!! And so are they! Arthritis, carpal tunnel – have you been sneaking a peak at my medical record? Pick me – I would love to give this a try. kathleen dot lutz at doh dot state dot nj dot us

  102. I don’t have a fancy iron because I usually need a new one when one breaks down and I am desperate for another and settle with whatever is available at the hardware store!

  103. Due to budgetary restraints (basically, poverty!) I make due with a 30 dollar iron from the ‘Mart. I’d love to try something better….. one of my quilty dreams! Thanks for the giveaway.

  104. What a wonderful cutting tool. My older arms need all the help they can get! My favorite iron is an old Sunbeam travel iron that I “bought” with green stamps. It is steam and is small and so great to press the quilting that I love to do.

  105. My favorite iron is one that works! Have tried expensive ones, cheap ones…right now it’s the most expensive one that Walmart had at the time, Black & Decker digital. So far it’s working great.

  106. That is an amazing cutting system! I am always veering off on the ends of the strips I cut so this would sure help!

    I had a Sunbeam iron that I loved. I didn’t use steam with it so I never had any issues with spitting or leaking. And it got hot enough to really press out the wrinkles in the fabric. Unfortunately, it got knocked off the ironing board one time too many and quit working. I haven’t found anything I like as well since.

    Sandy A

  107. I have an iron daughter can’t believe how many I have. I presently use the Rowenta travel iron and love it. Also have the Maytag cordless, a larger Rowenta, and several other travel irons. I prefer the irons that don’t have automatic cut off, very annoying when you’re quilting and don’t use the iron as often. Would love to have this super cutter..also have a rotary cutter fetish!!! it’s sad..

  108. What a fantastic ruler! My favorite iron is a big old heavy GE that I found at a rummage sale. I like it because it gets really hot and it’ heavy. It can take on any wrinkle!

  109. The SEW EASY RULER CUTTER looks like it would solve a lot of my issues/handicaps. I am so hopeful it will find its way to my house. Kristy in Ohio

  110. The best iron ever was the Bernina (made for, it says) with a steam tank that I won on a shop hop years ago. It was perfect. I can’t even bear to dispose of it…I am still dreaming that someone will fix the switch for me and I will be back in steam iron heaven.

  111. That ruler is so cool – haven’t seen it yet at any if the shops in my area (central Indiana). My favorite iron is my big, heavy Rowenta. It presses blocks, irons fabric, and does a great job on my clothes too!

  112. My favorite iron is my curling iron. Oh wait, wrong iron. I do like my little Sunbeam travel iron. It is lightweight yet big enough to handle my quilting projects on the go. Plus it was very inexpensive!

  113. I would love that ruler my hands are getting extremely arthritic with the curved fingers and painful.
    I have an orange Reliable and like it but it sure uses a lot of steam and distilled water.

  114. My favorite iron is my travel size Rowenta. It’s the perfect size for taking to class as well as for using in the sewing room. I have never put a drop of water in it and it works amazingly dry with my best press. I love it!

  115. Great question ~ I’m going to read every single comment! Our Rowenta has “thrown up” one too many times on hubby’s shirts and we need a replacement asap! When piecing, I use and LOVE my Maytag cordless iron. It does a great job and is very light. Even our ten year old granddaughter loves to use it. ♥

    Since I’ve had to get stitches in the past, I’m really interested in your new ruler and cutter! It would be great for our quilting granddaughter, too. Thanks a bunch for the chance to win! ☺

  116. The only iron I use, and therefore my favorite, is the one my hubby purchased 35 years ago. It is heavy, shoots great steam and wrinkles come out with no problem. Everyone tells me it is going to die soon. I really hope not. I thank you for sharing the ruler with the attached cutter. It sounds like a great ruler/cutter combo.

  117. Cool ruler! I have not seen that before. My favorite iron was a heavy Rowenta. Sadly, it has gone to iron heaven and is replacements haven’t been the same.

  118. What a great ruler! I have a cheapie Shark iron and I love it! It heats up fast, steams when I need it, only hing is there is no auto shutoff.

  119. My Rowenta steam iron is awesome. I love all the steam it produces. I would love to win this ruler/cutter. It would be great to use with my granddaughter as she wants to make a quilt really bad. I have been hesitant with cutting the fabric with her because of the possibility of her getting cut. This product would eliminate that possibility. Thank you for the chance to win.

  120. I’ve been using a Rowenta iron for several years. The current one has lasted well over a year. I don’t always use steam & sometimes wish for an iron without steam holes in the plate. Not enough to actually go buy a no steam iron, though!

  121. I have blown through a lot of irons over the years. I now have 2, one an old fashioned no steam that I absolutely love. The other a BD F1038 steam that I love-$30. So far they have both lasted longer then any other expensive iron I have ever had.

  122. I have a Rowenta that has held up longer than any other iron I’ve owned. I like it but am completely in love with the Oliso irons at my local quilt shop. Maybe Santa will be good to me this year!
    Your ruler looks awesome. What a great combination of tools. I’d love to win!

  123. Amazing ruler! I am pleased with my current iron- Kenwood
    Auto Lift- when you set it down horizontally little legs pop out and it automatically rises up!

  124. My current ruler is a Black & Decker. My old iron just stopped working, so I sent my husband out to get me a new one just yesterday. My old one was a General Electric Light ‘n Easy. I’m going to miss it as I’ve had it for almost 20 years. Your ruler is really cool! I would love to have one as I have rheumatoid arthritis an my rotary cutter is hard to use at time. Thanks for the chance to win!

  125. I’ve finally found a really terrific iron that is perfect for my needs – it’s a Philips PowerLife & it has auto cut off, a great steam function & it doesn’t spit or leak. Thanks for the chance to win one of these brilliant rulers.

  126. My favorite iron is the one I have now, a Black & Decker purchased at WalMart for less than $20. Very lightweight, doesn’t clog & doesn’t spit water all over my fabric when using steam. The ruler might be good for my 9-year old granddaughter who is just learning to sew – I won’t let her use my rotary cutter!

  127. Cutting bias does sound like a breeze with this ruler/cutter. My favorite iron is one I’ve had for many years{30-35}. It’s a Black and Decker and still steams well. Sometimes I think it might be time for a new one but ‘if it’s not broken don’t fix it’!!!

  128. My favourite iron was a Rowenta that was over 15 years old until it blew up a month ago.

    I can’t find one that is dry iron only that is of the same quality a the right ‘feel’.

  129. I’ve had a Rowenta for the past few years and I love it. Your ruler is pretty cool. It is not unlike my paper cutter I used for many years as a Kinder and Second grade teacher, now retired! Amazing!

  130. I don’t have a fav iron right now but if I could get a new one it would be the new fangled one with the little feet that come out and lift it up.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  131. TFal aquaspeed 160 is a great iron, steam is blast on that one. Sure would like to try out a Rowenta sometime. That ruler cutter combo is just what I need. Wrist surgery for arthritis and I am so happy this ruler was invented, there is hope to keep quilting.

  132. I have to admit that my irons come from auctions. I use them until they stop working then on to the next. Thanks for the demo on the ruler, I’ve seen it on sewing shows too. Thanks giving me a chance to be in the drawing.

  133. I have a Rowenta Pro Master.It has lots of steam and I love that. The only fault it runs out of water quickly. I guess you cannot have everything.

  134. I am so excited to see this! I was just considering the Accuquilt Cutter. Where has this been, and why didn’t I invent it!?! I cut so much fabric my shoulder needs a break once in a while. Hooray for inventors!
    I love the Rowenta Power Press Iron. It’s strong and hot. If i walk away it will shut off. I can easily be distracted and forget to shut it off. It cleans easy too!

  135. This is a difficult question, as I am searching for a new iron. I am currently using a Rowenta iron, which has served me well. It’s just tired! I am looking at some of the steam irons, but can’t make up my mind which one to choose, or if I should just go with another Rowenta. This cutter/ruler looks amazing!

  136. I have a Continental Plantnum dry iron that I love the weight of, and a Panasonic steam iron that has an awesome little tip for flipping the seams. I also favor Black & Decker Irons…they generally can stand up to the abuse!

    Would love to be able to try out this ruler…looks like a dream (as I am a klutz and likely to cut myself or skip my cutter and have to recut the whole piece *grrr*)

  137. I have a few different irons I use. One is set-up next to my sewing machine. Another is by my ironing board.I, also, have a clover mini iron I use when paper piecing. But I do have another one that I just love. It is a travel iron that I inherited from my mother=in=law. I have tried many portable irons, but this s the best one. It has just enough weight and heat to press out fabric very nicely and set my seams. I think it is a rowenta, but not sure.

  138. My favorite iron was the professional iron that was in my sewing classes at college. With the seprate water holder you could steam forever and it never quit!!!! I’m not so happy with the current ones I’ve had: the steam quits working and I have to resort to a spray bottle!! Thanks for the chance to win that lovely new cutting system!! 🙂

  139. My favorite Iron is one right out of the box. Most seem wonderful for about ten weeks. Then, time for a new one, or many frustrating trys at getting it to work correctly. I’ve spent from $5 to $105 with the same results, give or take.

  140. I love my oliso pro! Heats fast, great steam, big tank
    And you don’t have to sit it up on end and risk it falling over from that unstable position since it auto lifts when you release the handle.

  141. I have several irons, including a small one for pressing paper-pieced projects, but my favorite is my Panasonic cordless which my husband got me several years ago. Easy to go to where the ironing needs to be done. Thanks.

  142. My favorite….a little travel Sunbeam from Target – $10. I take it to class, I use it on a small table next to my machine and tell all my quilting friends it’s a good buy!

    I do not use steam for piecing so it is perfect!

  143. For years, it was my B & D Advantage, but when I couldn’t replace the same model, I took a chance on T-Fal, and I love it! It has two tracks of steam holes and everything comes out so crisp and nice when I press. I thought the little bit lighter weight would be a disadvantage, but it hasn’t been, because it’s still heavy enough. I hate those lightweight irons!

    dezertsuz at gmail

  144. Winning a treasure X block ruler whooot whooot, that would ber terrific 🙂 I sure like the variety of patterns that you have designed using it. I really prefer a ruler that you can use more than once 🙂

  145. I have had lots of problems finding an iron I like , they seem to quit much too early and I have even had one that caught fire , I am currently using a Panasonic that is ok but not great . Thanks for the chance to win this great tool.

  146. I’ve tried expensive irons and cheap irons. They all last just about the same amount of time, so I just get the cheapy ones with steam, and unplug it each time I’m done with it. I’d love to try one of those fancy ones though that spring up for you after you’ve completed your ironing. Don’t even have to stand it upright. Looks like a great tool….someday.

  147. I have an old Sunbeam iron that I love. It’s one of the few that can steam without leaking. I also have a couple of small travel irons – one Rowenta and one Black N Decker. Both work great if I don’t want to go to the big ironing board.

  148. My favorite iron was the very first one I owned. I bought it for about 20.00 from Montgomery Wards back in 1971. It was the best iron with a teflon soleplate and it never leaked water like so many of them do. Unfortunately it got knocked off the ironing board one too many times and was broken. I have never had an iron since that I liked as well or lasted me as long.

  149. I use a Black Decker iron. It works reliably(heat settings, cuts off when not in use. I like to cut my own strips from stash for my projects, but straightness seems to be a problem. I think I would like to try your ruler, the video makes it look awesome.

  150. I don’t really have a favorite iron but I was recently looking at an old fashioned “steamless” iron at the Vermont Country store. I might give it a try since I don’t always want steam and it has a nice smooth ironing plate. Great great idea for a cutter – it makes a lot of sense.

  151. I use a Black & Decker at home with auto shut off and an Oliso pop up at work. I like the sheer heat of the B&D and the sht off because I am ditz. The first time I used the Oliso, it scared me! I didn’t know it automatically dropped and popped! I thought I broke something!

  152. My favorite iron is a Rowena. I love it most of all because it was my mother’s, and she was my quilting buddy from the time we began quilting together until her death. I also love it because it is simply a great iron.

  153. My favorite iron is the one I have now! It’s a Rival I bought at Target for $5.99 and I love it. It’s not too heavy, gets really hot. It’s perfect!

  154. I’ve tried several irons over the years, corded, cordless, Teflon, metal sole. I love the one I’m currently using – a Rowenta with a separate water tank. I’ve had it three years now and have never had a problem with it.

  155. I love that ruler! I’ve a couple of irons that I use. I have a Rowenta which i love. And I’ve got a Rival that I use when I’m using fusible material. I love both of them!

  156. My favourite iron would have to be my Mom’s old Sunbeam iron. I’ve wished I had it so often since I started quilting. Cool ruler! Thanks for the chance to win.

  157. My favorite iron is my mom’s (she’s elderly and lives with us). She has a cheapo sunbeam from walmart! It gets hotter than my lower-end Rowenta! i would really love it if you were giving away a new iron! 🙂

  158. My favorite iron is the one I got to use in the costume shop for costume design class – It had a giant water reservoir and made some great steam! But for home, after a bad Rowenta, enjoying my Black and Decker. I know it won’t last forever, but it does a great job and has lasted a few years so far!

  159. I’ve had two moderately priced Rowentas and the auto-shutoff was schizophrenic, not designed correctly I suppose. Had a Black and Decker in the 90’s with extra long cord. Would love an Oliso. It’s about time the fabric cutters caught up with those for scrapbooking! 🙂

  160. I don’t have a favorite iron, I’m still in search of that illusive creature. I have a Rowenta, but would really like one with a solid plate since I do not use the steam feature and would rather not have the holes.

    Love this ruler, so I hope I get lucky.

  161. Unfortunately I did not find a really good dependable iron. In recent years, I had several of them, and I’m still looking really good .. Now, when I sew quilts is a really important issue for me.

  162. Just went to Fabric Fest and while there purchased a Oliso Pro Iron, I love it because it’s 30 minutes before it shuts off, don’t have to worry about it, gets very hot, and love the bursts of steam.

  163. I have an travel Rowenta that I just love! The cutter is perfect for quilt shops… Can’t wait to give this to my friend Cindy! Woohoo… Thanks for the giveaway!

  164. That cutting ruler looks rad! My favorite iron(s) yes plural is my kenmore- lightwieght, travler, hot and steamer and still kicking after 30 years LOL! My other is my Rowentta professional- talk about a crease! WOW!

  165. Looks like a great ruler!!

    My fave iron is a cheapy from WM – a TURBO Steam Master. I can’t bring myself to pay big bucks for an iron so I just buy cheapy ones every few years.

  166. What a cool ruler!! I don’t have a favorite iron… My previous one was leaking, so I got a new one, a T-fal and it is okay…but keeps turning off.

  167. My favorite iron at the present time is a Black &Decker iron which has served me well. I also liked the old irons my mother used to use. Plenty of heat for easy pressing.

    This is a neat cutting tool which I think would make cutting fabric so much easier and with greater accuracy. Blessings.

  168. I still use my Mom’s heavy ole iron. Don’t know the brand and if it dies, I might too. I just don’t think I could get used to a fancy new one. LOL Thanks for a chance to win an item I really want. 🙂

  169. I don’t have a favorite iron. My mom loves her Rowenta. Mine is finicky and doesn’t seem to get as hot as it used to…I love this ruler/cutter combo though!

  170. I would love to win this. My sister would be so jealous, she cut herself twice with the last quilt she made. She told her daughter ist was made with blood, sweat and tears. I love my iron because it hasn’t broken yet. I got it for my wedding 34 years ago.

  171. I found it for $3.00 at a thrift store. Just heat not steam. Great Bakelite handle, used it for years until I dropped it, electrical tape never made it the same….sigh.

  172. My favorite iron is my Rowenta. I also have a Eurosteam which I also like. This cutting system is such a great idea! In fact, just the other day, I was using a paper cutter that is rotary blade-based, and was thinking that it would be great to have a fabric cutter set up like that, and here it is!

  173. I have a Black and Decker iron with silverstone on stick on the bottom. I love this iron but I want that raises up off the fabric by itself.

  174. I have a rowenta travel iron. It works great!! I have not found a full size iron that I like to use at home. I will have to read these comments to get some ideas 🙂
    Thanks so much !!!

  175. I love my Rowenta. It’s fairly heavy which I love…I want the iron to do the heavy work pressing, not me. It also gets good and hot for pressing cotton. It’s very reliable. I’ve had it for a long time. I love the stainless steel soleplate.

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