National Sewing Month 2013 Today we are taking the ruler concept in a different direction. 
How about rulers printed on fabric? 
What two better combinations?
So, let me introduce you to 
Sandy Klop, the queen of cool.
 A while back, Sandy was visiting the moda warehouse. 
Once she heard we were assembling American Jane quilt kits, 
she insisted on rolling up her sleeves and helping.
Not only is she cool but her fabric lines are pretty cool. 
Her current fabric is named, Potluck. 
(arriving in stores October)
 Sandy’s inspiration for this collection:
I have very good memories of potluck picnics at aunt Maggie’s farm!  
Tables were put up by the uncles in the yard with old doors 
and saw horses and the benches were boards on crates.  
The aunts brought out the hot dishes while the watermelons
 cooled in the creek with the soda pop!  
After the pies, cakes and homemade ice cream cones 
were eaten, the adults sat in lawn chairs to drink coffee 
from the thermos while the cousins bounced on the board 
used to cross the creek but more often ended up falling in!
This Potluck line is reminiscent of those summer days.  
There is summer sunshine blended with a cool breeze.
 Sandy also combined some of the most requested fabrics from the past 
and added new designs and colors to round out the collection. 
The fabric we are featuring today is her ruler fabric.
stock # 21646-11
 Rows and rows of running yardsticks,
stock # 21646-13
 in 3 different colorways.
stock # 21646-14
I can imagine all kinds of bags made from this fabric to
 store school supplies, 
sewing gadgets and more.
Sandy has done some patterns that feature this line. 
Pattern #AJ 326 Fun on the Farm
 The ruler/yardstick fabric as borders and sashing.
Pattern #AJ 329 Ready Set Go
To see all of Sandy’s patterns,
 visit her website or check at your local quilt store.
I also wanted to share a few other 
American Jane/ Sandy Klop sightings.
Be on the lookout for this to featured in the 
Make it Yourself/Fall Winter 2013 magazine.
Image from Diary of a Quilter
Read what a self proclaimed Sandy- stalker has to say about these fabrics.
I now, Drumroll please…
 “I will be giving away a 
Potluck Layer Cake
 to one lucky winner! 
To enter please leave a comment with your all-time favorite
 dish to take to a serve at at a potluck dinner.
You will have until September 30th at midnight to comment. 
All winners will be randomly selected 
and announced on 
Moda…The Cutting Table Blog 
on October 2nd. 
 Make sure to visit the blog every day for the 
opportunity to win each giveaway!”
Thank you for stopping by.

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422 thoughts on “Potluck!

  1. Love the yardstick fabrics! I have just the yellow one, but love that brown shade one. Potluck… I usually try and bring the odds and ends like paper plates and plastic silverware…. Hey… somebody has to bring that stuff!

  2. I love making desserts and often try new recipes to take to a potluck. Last weekend I took Oreo Flan Cakes, an old favorite recipe that makes two cakes so it’s great for a crowd.

  3. The line is great and especially Love the measuring tape fabric! Woohoo! Homemade macaroni and cheese is my all time favorite… Along with Texas Sheet Cake! Making me hungry… Cheers! Karen on Keuka

  4. What wonderful fabric! I have school teachers in my family would make for great mug rugs and such! Pasta salads always go well at our gatherings and you can make so many different kinds. I do not use long pastas as in spaghetti noodles though…can be hard to eat standing holding a plate!;-)

  5. I have a great jello salad recipe that was my MIL’s invention and I usually bring it – never take any home after! I LOVE the yardstick fabric…I think I NEED some!

  6. Gorgeous fabric, and so fun too. I nearly always make chocolate caramel squares, they are very decadent but also quick and easy to make.

  7. My favorite dish to take is taco dip. It has layers of guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, red onions, monterey jack cheese and cheddar cheese in it. Mmmm… Yummy and filling with tortilla chips!

  8. I typically bring two things to a family potluck: spinach salad with strawberries, pecans, and blue cheese, and a peach crisp using my mom’s recipe.

    I’m glad to learn there will be more yardstick fabric. I love all three colorways.

  9. What a lovely fabric line and a cute measuring fabric! Thank you for your great give-aways! I have a stuffed shell recipe that I like to take to potlucks. I do remember what awesome fried chicken my dad used to make for church potlucks, though. Delicious, but a little more trouble than I go to these days. lol

  10. Very fun happy fabric. My favorite to take to a potluck is what I call Pink Phoof Salad. I has cottage cheese and cool whip. Jello for flavoring and fruit. It is like eating a picnk cloud.

  11. My favorite potluck dish is that funny jello salad that has cheese on top. No, it’s the green bean casserole. Wait, wait, it’s one of the many potato salads. I forgot about the enchiladas and the turkey spaghetti…No, my favorite is definitely one of the desserts! Maybe the fellowship makes it all delicious!!

  12. I love 3 bean salad for a potluck. It’s so easy and because you usually make it ahead of time, it has time to marinate in the frig and the flavors get all soaked up. Yum! And the fabric is yummy too.

  13. I LOVE this fabric line – cannot wait until it’s available! My favorite potluck dish includes turkey cutlets, combined with stuffing mix and cranberries – Thanksgiving in one dish but so much easier than the BIG holiday meal!

  14. Berry Cobbler. Spray Pam in a 9×12 pan. Pour frozen berries in the pan. Mix white or yellow cake mix with a stick of soft butter and crumble on top of the berries. Bake at 350 or so until lightly browned.

  15. Love Sandy’s fabrics and this line is lovely. I always like to include a dessert when I attend a potluck. One of my favorites to take is white cake, made just using a mix, but adding a bit of almond flavor, with white almond flavored icing and coconut on top. Tastes like wedding cake.

  16. I especially love the ruler fabric….it will be perfect to cover a board we are hanging on the wall in my sewing room to hang my rulers. My favourite potluck dish is meatballs.

  17. My favorite thing to bring to a potluck is “PIzza Bread.” It’s a rolled calzone that cut into slices so everyone can have a piece. Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful fabric!

  18. The Potluck fabric line is fabulous. Hmmm favorite potluck item to share would have to be deviled eggs. The kids say nobody makes them like Mom. soardkgatfusedotnet

  19. LOVE me some Moda!
    My favorite thing to bring to a potluck is Rice Krispie Treats. They’re not very fancy, but people seem to like them. : )

  20. The yardstick fabrics are one of my favorites. They remind me really of my Dad who was a carpenter and always had a rule with him. My favorite pot luck dish to bring would have to be penne pasta with sundried tomatos and peas…eat room temp or heated…tastes great!

  21. I hardly ever take the same thing twice but the last thing I made was athree bean salad but I added redonion and sauerkraut! It got raves. I use ticket stubs in two of my quilts before. The measuring tapes would be fun.

  22. I am the dessert girl…I always bring something sweet, gooey and delish and NO calories of course!! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful fabric!! It also is delish!!

  23. I like to make 5 cup salad: 1 cup each of pineapple tidbits, mandarin oranges, shredded coconut, mini marshmallows and sour cream. Make the night before, so yummy! Thanks for the give away!

  24. I’m not much of a cook, so I usually bring one bite cheesecakes from the store. They always seem to disappear quickly. Love this fabric!

  25. Chocolate bundt cake is the dish I most often take to a potluck. Not many pieces return home!!

    I love the bright, cheerful colors in Sandy’s Potluck fabric. Thanks for the blog hop and a chance to win some fabric.

  26. I love to make my grandma’s chocolate chip chocolate cake to pot lucks. It goes quickly! My mom is famous for her deviled eggs, but I haven’t tried making those yet. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. LOVE this new fabric! My favorite dish to serve at a potluck is a Pumpkin Cobbler. It’s easy and tasty and everyone always wants the recipe.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  28. I just LOVE that Potluck fabric!! My favorite dish to bring to a potluck is spinach salad! Thank you so much for the chance at this generous giveaway!!

  29. Eeeekkkk! This has been on my wish list!!!!!

    My favorite dish for potluck is homemade brownies with icing…someone has to bring dessert 🙂

  30. Ok, you can’t have a potluck without fried chicken!!! I also love 7 layer salad and it is such a great recipe b/c you can make it a day ahead. Love this fabric!

  31. Texas Sheet Cake is why I get invited, it is everyone’s favorite 🙂 Who doesn’t love chocolate? This fabric line is as yummy as chocolate! Would love to win some 🙂

  32. fresh & fun fabrics! It depends on the season/theme or what I AM craving! Borracho Beans, lazy day jello salad, dump cake. it’s been forever since I’ve gone to a potluck!

  33. How totally cool are those sweet memories of yours. Lots of them remind me of the potluck picnics my family had as I was growoing up. Love that ruler fabric – both colorways are wonderful!

  34. I want your “number” I can think of many projects to create with this new fabric. I create a pineapple fluff that can either be a salad or dessert for potluck munchers.

  35. I love the colors of these fabrics! When going to a potluck, I usually take deviled eggs and/or a pina colada cake, both of which are often gone. =)

  36. I love to bake so my favorite dish to take to a potluck always involves dessert! Two of my favorites to take are homemade angel food cake or a fruit cobbler with cherries, apples or blackberries we have picked ourselves. Yum!

  37. My go-to potluck dish is a very easy one. One can of cherry (or other) pie filling, one can of drained pineapple chunks/tidbits, two sliced fresh bananas, and two cups of mini-marshmallows. You can also add shredded coconut. You can mix up the pie filling and fruit, too.

  38. I love those fabrics! I bring either a potato salad or a Quinoa Chocolate Cake (sweetened with a little sugar and stevia – fine for diabetics, and so good!)

  39. Every month I host a free sew day through our Guild. I bring a hot dish in my crock pot. My favorite is lazy enchiladas; for dessert I bring a Texas sheet cake…yum!

  40. Love the blues in the line and, of course, the tape measure fabric.
    I always bring a chocolate cake that is served with whipped cream. Thank you for the giveaway.

  41. I love this fabric line but I love all of her fabrics!

    My favorite pot luck dish is Jello poke cake. Everyone always loves it and there’s never any left to take home – always a good sign!

  42. I love the Potluck collection & the story of her inspiration! Hash brown casserole is always a hit! Thanks for the giveaway offer!

  43. Love me some potato casserole. I could eat the whole thing myself. I must have some of the yellow tape measure fabric. It reminds me of my Dad who worked at a lumber yard for years and always had a yellow metal tape measure on him.cleageF 720

  44. Wow, love the PotLuck fabric – the colors and patterns are fabulous! I usually bring a tamale pie, or a dessert from seasonal fruit to our potlucks.

  45. I have several favourites, but I am always asked to bring an appetizer made with crescent rolls, cream cheese and mayo, toped with lots of fresh chopped veges

  46. Love Potluck! When I go to a potluck dinner I am usually asked if I’ll bring my famous baked beans. Everybody seems to love them. I make them sweet and a little spicy. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  47. I have two. My husband’s apple pie and what we call salmon egg salad (a version of frog eye salad where you color the noodles orange).

  48. I would have to say my grandmother’s recipe for Baked Beans. She added some of her canned tomatoes with pork shoulder. We have a block party every year and it’s the most requested recipe on the block. Love the Potluck line…so bright and cheery!

  49. I cannot get enough American Jane fabrics!! My favorite dish to take to a potluck is a snickers, apple salad. People just can’t get enough.

  50. I love to take Broccoli Cauliflower Salad to a potluck – it has bacon, green onions and cheese with a creamy mayo dressing. It is much better after sitting over night. So, it’s great to have it made ahead and not have a last minute hassle getting something together to take. It is beautiful in a trifle bowl, also. Thanks for a great giveaway. May that lovely fabric find a loving home.

  51. an old time stand-by that everyone requests and is devoured is good old potato salad which my husband makes. I always make something different with fruits-never as popular. thanks for the chance to win-standing by

  52. I love these fabrics! My favorite thing to take to pot luck is Cranberry Upside Down Cake. Not many people have heard of it but I never seem to bring any home and have learned to take a few copies of the recipe with me.

  53. Another fun fabric line!

    I most often take dessert. I like to make a Texas sheet cake with lots of nuts or my chocolate surprise cookies with some marshmallow lurking under the chocolate icing.

  54. We are going to a potluck on Sunday and I am taking potato salad. I find it is about the easiest item for me to make and I am the only one in this little Mexican town that makes it.
    thelady at hotmail.com

  55. Simple adore the brown one also. Thank you for the chance to win.

    Potluck, okay here goes:

    “ONE POT” Dinner

    1 pound ground beef
    3/4 pound bacon, cut in small pieces
    1 cup chopped onion
    2 cans (1 pound, 15-ounce size) pork and beans
    1 can (1 pounds) kidney beans, drained
    1 can (1 pound) butter limas, drained
    1 cup ketchup
    1/4 cup brown sugar
    3 tablespoons white vinegar
    1 teaspoon salt
    dash of pepper

    Brown ground beef in skillet; drain off fat and put beer in beef in CROCKPOT.
    Brown bacon and onions; drain off fat.
    Add bacon, onions and remaining ingredients to CROCKPOT.
    Sir together well. Cover and cook on low 4 -6 hours.

    NOTE: If using the 2-quart CROCKPOT, reduce this recipe in half.

    So Dang Good.

    Sandi Timmons

  56. Does anyone make macaroni salad any more? I LOVE potato salad and usually that’s what I bring to a potluck (mine has no eggs, add bacon) but I haven’t seen macaroni salad in years!

    I love EVERYthing about Sandy Klop!!

  57. I love a good potluck. I have a crescent roll, cabbage, hamburger, cheese and cream soup casserole that if good for potlucks. I also like to try new dessert recipes.

  58. Being a good Methodist (and you know how much we love our food and get togethers), our favorite pot-luck thing to take has to be GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE!!!

    Thanks for the fun giveaways!

  59. Love the new line!! Thanks for opportunity. I usually take something different to each one. Mostly recently I took homemade artisan bread loaves and homemade cactus jelly with jalepenos

  60. I love the new line, Potluck. Potluck always brings back memories of potluck dinners at church. I always like to taste a little bit of everything. I go for seconds and eat more of the ones I liked best. I usually take potato salad or deviled eggs or both.

  61. Potluck collection is great, wonderful! I unfortunately do not have a favorite dish for dinner. I like the variety and eat it, what exactly me want at this moment: pizza, macaroni and cheese, sandwiches ….. depending on my mood and appetite ..

  62. Oh my, the new Potluck fabric line is lovely. Even if I don’t win, I know I will have to have a quilt made from it.
    My favorite dish to bring to a Potluck is Mrs. Sherman’s potato salad. Years ago, my friend made his mother’s potato salad and it was to die for. I finally got the recipe from him and since it makes a big batch, it is perfect for a Potluck. Just thinking about it makes me want to make some before summer ends.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  63. LOOOOVE that Potluck fabric…..how cool is that!?! We don’t really do Potluck dinners in Australia but if we did, I’d probably do something like a cheesy beef lasagne or sticky chicken wingets or for dessert it would have to be a huge dish of tiramisu! Making me hungry just thinking about it!

  64. Potluck Surprize. When I moved to our current house twenty five years ago, I was invited to a potluck at church. I was told you also had to bring copies of the recipe. Well, I don’t cook so I got my dish at the local deli. My recipe is as follows.

    Car of your choice
    Shirt and shoes
    Money or debit card
    Pretty bowl

    Drive to the nearest deli, pick out the best looking salad. Go to register and using money or debit card pay for said salad. Drive home, place salad in pretty bowl. Take to potluck and act like you made it yourself.

    This recipe has been included in the last three church cookbooks at my church.

  65. My favorite Potluck Dish is broccoli salad. Like the Potluck fabric, it is colorful…and tasty. Easy to make, too.
    Head of Broccoli cut into bite-sized pieces (discard the stems).
    Chopped red onion (as much as you like).
    Half cup each mayonnaise and plain yogurt, mixed in.
    Add 1 Cup shredded cheddar cheese. Stir gently to mix.
    Keeps well and goes fast!

  66. Its been years since I attended a country casserole tea (Australian version of pot luck) in the farming community where I grew up. But if I was to attend one now I would take my all time favourite childhood dinner of shepherds pie. Sue SA, Adelaide, South Australia.

  67. Thanks for asking. It has to be meat loaf. I make a pretty darn good meat loaf, if I do say so myself. It always disappears fast. Thanks for the chance to win.

  68. I love these fabrics. Just charming! I like to take my famous old fashioned potato salad – in fact ,I would be in big trouble if I didn’t bring it!

  69. I almost always take my chocolate chip cookies! At a company picnic some years ago someone took my very large tin that still had half the cookies in it! Since then I use a smaller tin! I love potluck meals and enjoy trying all the interesting dishes.

  70. Love the colours in the fabrics. My favourite dish to take is my dad’s Teriyaki Chicken Wings…You have to be first in line or you miss them till next time.

  71. My mother used to make mockloobe (not sure on spelling) when I was little to take to the church potlucks. It is rice with all kinds of veggies thrown in. You toss everything in the same pot and when the rice is done you give it a good stir. We usually used canned veggies, so they just need to be heated up.

  72. My favorite dish to make for a potluck is a rice salad. It is just rice, red bell pepper and black beans with a light dressing. It is supposed to be served cold but the last time I took it to a potluck the host heated it up! It was still good.

  73. I usually bring my Oatmeal Cake for dessert. It is always a big hit and I have been asked for the recipe many times. Potluck is a gorgeous collection! Thank you for sharing! anglanouette at gmail dot com

  74. I love to make “fruit pizza” — chocolate chip cookie dough in an 8″ cake round. When cooled spread with mascarpone cheese and cover with fruit.

  75. Absolutely terrific fabric..the colors just REMIND me of the colors of food served at potlucks-Pistachio salad, Deviled Eggs, blueberries! As for my potluck dish< I always take "CW's Church Chicken".

  76. I would take deviled eggs-if I could keep my family from eating them first! lol Or Peach cobbler. Thanks for the giveaway of such great fabric! vickise at gmail dot com

  77. I love the fabric!!! The possibilities are endless! I usually take a really good & very simple baked bean recipe that is cooked in a crock pot.

  78. I love taking my guacamole to potlucks. Everyone raves about how great it is and I love adding my secret ingredient that makes it so popular.

  79. I love Sandi’s fabrics and have my own little collection of the ruler fabrics. I used to always bring potato salad to a potluck, but now I usually bring peanut butter mousse brownies–a new favorite!

  80. I love to take “company potatoes” as we call them. AKA hash brown casserole. Love it and since there are only two of us in the house, taking it somewhere is the only way I can have some! 😛

    Sandy A

  81. I remember those potlucks from my childhood and as a young married woman. Great times! My fave dish to pass is my lasagna. It must have been a fave of others, because there was never much to take home!

  82. My favorite dish to take is Mexican Cornbread. It is a standard cornbread variation that includes cream corn, green chilies and grated cheese.

  83. I love to make and bring fruit pizza. It takes time to arrange everything but it is always a hit with everyone. I never have to take anything except the pan home!

  84. A Cherry Cheesecake – which is really more like a cake than a cheesecake – is one of my go-to potluck dishes. Would love to win some of Sandy’s fabrics.

  85. I usually make two different desserts – Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake w/Penuche Frosting and 7 ingredient Ambrosia (lots of fruit) and casserole of some kind. That fabric is so fresh looking. I’m especially drawn to those fabulous greens.

  86. My favorite thing to take to potluck dinners is homemade potatoe salad, however, my 11 kids always wanted me to take my yummy homemade chocolate chip cookies and homemade ice cream. I love your new fabric line. It reminds me of the good old days. Life is too busy now for all of us.

  87. My favorite dish to bring is Christmas coleslaw. The addition of broccoli florets and dried cranberries make this dish so good!

  88. Love me some Pot Luck fabrics, so colorful. My favorite dish to take to a pot luck get-together is Chicken Alfredo pasta with broccoli. I never have any leftovers to take home.LOL

  89. I love all things American Jane – and I absolutely adore this new line! My fav potluck recipe is Spinach Artichoke Pasta Salad by Rachel Ray. Look it up online, it’s really good. I make it with cheese tortellini. Seriously good. Thanks for the chance to win.
    – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

  90. Tuna Pasta with Sun Dried tomatos and artichoke hearts, coco-cola cake and Apple-Walnut salad.
    I love Potluck – my kind of fabric.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  91. I love the new fabric. My all time favorite dish to take to a potluck is quiche. It can be served warm, cold or at room temperature so you can easily make it ahead of time and take it. I have never had any leftover to bring home.

  92. We always bring on we named Potluck! Its a chicken, bow tie pasta, spinach and a sesame dressing pasta salad. You serve it cold and its to die for!

  93. I love to bring chocolate chip cookies, as they don’t need to stay warm or cold and are easy and crowd pleasing. Love your Picnic line, Sandy and would love to win some!

  94. I’m the cake lady at pot luck functions — depending on the celebration depends on the cake. We celebrated a coworker’s new job last week and he wanted a chocolate and strawberry cake.

  95. If enough people are coming, I like to bring a seven layer tex-mex dip. Mostly because I love it, and you really can’t make a small portion of it.

  96. Love this collection, especially the chicks! Too cute! I adore potlucks and am always trying to organize one at work. My favorite dish to bring is macaroni and cheese. And something chocolate for dessert.

  97. I love to make desserts and my favorite and the easiest to make is a cream cheese concoction with cherry pie filling on top. It is an old recipe my mom had when I was young. It doesn’t have a name but I think she got it off a Dream Whip…dating myself…box! Thanks for the opportunity to win…

  98. I love the potluck fabric it is so fun! My favorite potluck dish is peach cobbler. It was always good hot or cold! Still like to bring it myself!

  99. Depending on the potluck, I have three favorite dishes. 1. Cherry salad made with cherry pie filling, whip cream, etc. 2. Cornbread Salad – a layered salad of cornbread, beans, bacon,etc. and 3. Chicken dumplings.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  100. I usually take a dessert- a different one each time but have you noticed that a plate of deviled eggs will be gone in a skinny minute??

  101. I just love American Jane fabrics!! My favorite dish to take would have to be cheese potatoes!! These are too yummy and always loved by everyone! Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  102. Love those rulers! My favorite is White Wings. Chicken with jalapeño and cheese wrapped in bacon, then thrown on the grill. It’s a famous dish in my home town (las casas in temple, TX) and its always a crowd pleaser. My hubby always ask for me to make it when his company has a get together. So it’s been shared with soldiers in Fort Hood, Fort Riley, an now Fort Jackson.

  103. I usually take a Lemon Meringue Roulade along but I also take a huge bowl of mixed salad with a simple oil and vinegar dressing as there is never enough ‘plain’ food at these events as everyone tries to outdo each other.

  104. Usually bring a pasta salad, deviled eggs and some kind of dessert, brownies or cookies. I am still hoarding some yardstick fabric, haven’t been able to bring myself to use it. Waiting for the perfect project.

  105. I love to make Taco Dip – basically a base of mayo and cream cheese, a layer of chopped tomatoes, then green pepper, the onions the a jar of taco sauce topped with cheese. A bag of plain tortilla chips and presto – yummy pot luck!

  106. Favorite potluck item….Bacon fried potatoes…small chunks of potatoes soft fried in bacon grease, butter and garlic…add the bacon back in at the end….YUM!!

  107. Absolutely LOVE those fabrics and I’d be beyond thrilled to be the very lucky winner of your giveaway!

    My most requested pot luck favorites are my Chocolate Pie, Peanut Butter Pie, Heavenly Pie, Sweet Potato Crunch, and Baked Macaroni and Cheese. I also always take something that is safe for us vegetarians. There aren’t always a lot of options for us. ☺

  108. Our family always loved it if one of us brought “Chicken Spectacular” and indeed it was that. The recipe made a very large casserole or usually I’d put into 2 bowls and freeze one. Always a hit! Your new line would love to be on my shelves!! thanks!

  109. I always take a watermelon if I don’t have time to make something. If I have time to make something, it’s usually home made baked beans. Boy! That fabric is darling. It brings back chilhood memories of family reunions.

  110. Love the fabric, so fun!! I always try to bring some drinks to a potluck….whether it be soda, juice or wine, beer!! Thank you for the chance to win.


  111. My favorite take for a Potluck is Texas Sheet Cake. Great recipe that has been around since the 1960’s at least, one of the first things my grandma taught me how to bake.
    (and NO, it is NOT the “Pioneer Woman’s recipe”)
    Love this new collection – thanks for the chance to win!!

  112. A favorite of mine to take to a potluck is Broccoli Salad that includes raisins, cashews, bacon, onion. It’s always a hit.
    Great fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  113. I usually take Tortilla Rollups to our guild potlucks. They’re easy to make and can be eaten with your fingers which means you can snag one as you walk past to get to the end of the line.

  114. If it’s summer time I like to make a caprese salad and if it’s winter time I make a yummy cheesy crab casserole that always goes over well.

  115. Love the rulers and the other fabrics in the line. Those daisy are so pretty. My favorite go-to potluck dish is a pasta salad in the summer and in the winter, a corn & wild rice side dish.

  116. If there are going to be lots of kids, I always include a “dirt cake” (chocolate cake crumbled up, a layer of chocolate pudding, cool whip, repeat! top with smashed up skor bar or other toffee like candy).

  117. I love to take my bar-b-que beans to potlucks. It can be served easily and doesn’t get yucky when it sits out for awhile!! Thanks for the chance to win some of Sandy’s fantastic fabric!

  118. It sounds strange, but Funeral Potatoes. So called, because our women take so many to funeral meals. Quick and easy and so yummy! What a wonderful line of prints and colors, and such a terrific helper.

  119. Love the new line! My favorite pot luck dish is called company potatoes from a recipe book that my grandmother used in the 1940’s. This blog hop had been great, THX

  120. What great fabric! I have to admit that I usually go back to the old standard of ‘green bean casserole’. Everyone always seems to eat it up and I don’t have to take anything back home 🙂

  121. Well, I’m not sure about what a Potluck is (from this post it seems to me like some kind of picnic?) Well, If that’s the case, I always love to prepare some Frech veg “quiche”, which still tastes great if eaten cold.


  122. Hello Sandy, My very first real quilt was made with American Jane “Look & Learn” Merry Go Round pattern. I love that quilt so much! I love all your fabrics, they take me back to a happy childhood! Thank you for that! My mom taught me to quilt and cook…her recipe for good old fashioned potato salad is what I take to picnics and summer potluck suppers…it’s always a hit! Happy quilting:)

  123. Hello Sandy, My very first real quilt was made with American Jane “Look & Learn” Merry Go Round pattern. I love that quilt so much! I love all your fabrics, they take me back to a happy childhood! Thank you for that! My mom taught me to quilt and cook…her recipe for good old fashioned potato salad is what I take to picnics and summer potluck suppers…it’s always a hit! Happy quilting:)

  124. Are you kidding me? … Checks, dots, daisies… what could be better!… Love this line!…
    I always take a made from scratch cherry pie because it’s what I like… selfish, I know…

  125. My favorite potluck dish is a trifle – mostly with dark chocolate cake, a can of cherry pie filling and a cream cheese-cool whip-white chocolate pudding mixture to top it all off! I love your new fabric and can’t wait to use it!

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