Fit to be Quarter 6.5 & Companion

I am so excited to be blogging at Moda…the Cutting Table!  They asked if I would talk about one of my rulers.  I said:  of course, I would LOVE to!  So, I decided to blog about my latest ruler, Fit to be Quarter 6.5 & Companion.  

This is one of my favorite rulers because not only does it square up quarter square triangles, it can be used to square up 1/2 square triangles, combination units and a variety of different flip corners.

So, here we go!  

Quarter Square Triangles:
I actually designed this ruler to trim quarter square triangles but as you will see, it does much more.  

First, line up the diagonal line from top right to bottom left.  Next, line up the other diagonal line that goes from top left to bottom right on the size that you are trimming the piece to.  In this sample, it would be 4″.  


Rotate the piece and line up the cut edge exactly on the 4″ line of the ruler. 


Combination Units:
First, line up the diagonal line that goes from the top left to the bottom right on the size that you want to trim to.  For example, 4 1/2″.  Also, line up the box that the square fits in which is half the size that you are trimming to, in this case 2 1/4″  Trim. 

 Rotate, line up the piece on 4 1/2″ and trim. 

Flip Corners:
This is where the Companion ruler comes in.  You need both rulers to do flip corners.

First, cut the size of piece that you want for your main piece.  For example, 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″.  You also need to cut a triangle cut from a square, diagonally once.  In this example 3 1/4″.  Don’t worry all measurements for all the pieces are included in the instructions.  
Using the Companion, line up the 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ piece on the ruler with the end hanging out, as shown.  Trim the excess piece.

 For the mirror image, do the other side as shown or put wrong sides together and trim two at once.

Sew the triangle cut from a square onto the piece.  Lay your ruler so that the 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ lines on the ruler are on your piece and the 2 1/2″ diagonal line is along the seam.  Trim.

 Do the same for the mirror image. 

You can also do flip corners on a square as follows:
Start with the size of square you need.  In this case 4 1/2″.  Using the Companion ruler, cut off the top two edges.

Sew on the triangles cut from the squares

 On the Fit to be Quarter 6.5 ruler, line up 4 1/2″ on your piece .  Trim the two sides.

 Rotate and trim the last side.

 You can leave it as is or you can repeat this to make a square in a square using flip corners.

 Four different flip corners units. 

The more I work with this ruler, the more uses I can find.  Hope you enjoyed learning about the Fit to be Quarter 6.5 & Companion!

Also, all my rulers come with instructions for piecing the various units, what sizes to cut your pieces and a free pattern.  

I will be giving away one of my set of my rulers to one lucky winner!
To enter please leave a comment about what your favorite notion is.
You will have until September 30th at midnight to comment. All winners will be randomly selected and announced on Moda…The Cutting Table Blog on October 2nd.
Make sure to visit the blog every day for the opportunity to win each giveaway!

Thanks for stopping by!

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376 thoughts on “Fit to be Quarter 6.5 & Companion

  1. I would have to say right now my favorite notion would be my Sew Easy Ruler Cutter. These “Fit to be” rulers are awesome! They sure would make it easier to make my squares for my quilts. Thanks so much for having this giveaway! 🙂

  2. I don’t know if you’d consider my little black Featherweight a notion but, it’s my favorite thing in my sewing room. I love piecing with it, just looking at it makes me HAPPY and the sound it makes when sewing is heaven. I think it reminds me of my Granma’s old Singer shop machine that she sewed on. I spent many days at her feet, she sewed and I played with her BIG box of buttons (I still have some of the buttons). I think your ruler would make, making the Hunter Star block much easier. Thank you for the tutorial and giveaway. ;->

  3. My favorite ruler for squaring up is the 6 inch precision trimmer put out by Marsha McCloskey. I use it to square half square triangles and quarter square “hourglass units” as well as other instances. I have a sheet of vinyl on the back so it is nonslip. Love it! susan

  4. As someone new to quilting, I am in love with the most basic of clear rulers and my rotary cutter…which has taken some time to master. But I love it!
    Thanks for all the tips and tutorials….

  5. I should probably say my seam ripper, I think I use it the most:) I not only use it to fix mistakes but it helps me lay the seams flat when I am sewing. I love my new self healing cutting mat too!

  6. My favorite notion, if one can call it a notion, is Pellon 830 Tracing Material. With today’s multi-size patterns (and my FBA adjustment) having a durable tracing material makes a custom fit fast and easy.

  7. My favorite notion is definitely my rotary cutter. I’m old enough to remember blocking out quilt shapes with cardboard templates and marking with pencil to cut out by hand.
    Love the square up ruler with two, wow 2, diagonal markings. Perfect.

  8. It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but quilting changed dramatically when rotary cutters came along, so that is right up there at the top for me.

  9. I love my rotating tool holder that I keep at my side. It is sold in the kitchen area of most stores and it has 3 heights and dividers on each “level” that are just perfect for:
    row 1: mini scissors, seam rippers, stillettos, marking pens & pencils;
    row 2: scissors of all types, pliers (don’t ask…), 1/4″ & 1/8″ 6″ rulers for paper piecing, paintbrushes for cleaning machine, F&P 1/4″ on either side HST ruler;
    row 3 is actually the center: 1/4″ 12″ ruler, numerous straight edges, and yes… a magic wand!
    Oh and lots more Stuff…!

  10. My favorite notion is my thimble. I can’t seem to do any handwork without it! And it is so pretty that it looks like a piece of jewelry!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. I’m in love with my Clover Clips. They make binding my quilts sooooooo much easier!! My only rulers are two basic ones (6×24 and 5×5) as I am a very new quilter (3 quilts so far). This ruler could definitely expand my horizons!!

  12. Just one favorite? I have to try all the new rulers, and have such a collection of them. IThe porcupine quill that I use as a stiletto, but most of all my rotary cutter and SHARP NEW BLADES. Nothing better than a new blade.

  13. I’d like to be that person who was slicing pizza and said “I wonder if I could use this to cut fabric” and the rotary cutter was born. Genius! By far my favorite notion.

  14. My favorite notion is the rotary cutter. It revolutionized quilting for me. Rulers are great, love them (have the Fit to be Geese ruler) and they make things easier but I am a quilter today because of the rotary cutter.

  15. I think it would have to be the rotary cutter. how did we live without them? These rulers look very interesting and useable. Thanks for the chance to win.


  16. My favorite seam ripper recently broke and I haven’t gotten out to look for a new one and can’t tell you how I miss it (I use it far more than I would like to admit). My absolute favorite notion has to be my rotary cutter though, couldn’t quilt without it. The “fit to be” rulers look real interesting. Thanks for a chance to win.

  17. My favorite notion is my rotary cutter. How did we ever do without them? These rulers look awesome. I’d love to have them on my cutting table.

  18. Today my favourite notion is my needle threader as I am sewing down a binding.

    Yesterday it was my rotary cutter.

    Tomorrow?? I hope it isn’t my seam ripper…

  19. As an “old” quilter, I too have to say rotary cutter. Making a quilt is so much easier than it was 40 years ago. lol I’m a ruler addict too.

  20. I love the Frixon pens because the marks disappear with heat. I use them for everything from corner triangles to half-square triangles to quilting marks.

  21. I love my scissors. I have numerous pairs and also have a retractable holder that I use to keep small ones handy to clip threads when I am machine quilting,. The holders come in packages of six in the office supply department at Wal-Mart and I’m sure lots of other places.

  22. I don’t know if you would call it a notion (maybe a tool) and it’s not intended for sewing, but I am using a wallpaper seam roller in my sewing room. It’s great for pressing while paper piecing and for getting seams to lie open when needed. No burned fingers from the iron!

  23. The rulers look terrific! Anything to help my accuracy… My favorite notion, white stickers! They are great to ID a pile of pieces, block units, or block layout.

  24. If I was totally honest it has to be the rotary cutter as it has certainly surpassed my scissors friend. However it goes without saying the rotary cutter is only as good as its companion rulers! So rulers are right up there as a fave. And your Fit to be Quarter 6.5 & Companion looks like it would love to join my other rulers! Thanks for the demo and giveaway!

  25. My favorite has to be my rotary cutter. That and my tiny scissors which live next to my sewing machine so I can easily clip pesky threads and corners.

  26. Favorite notion? How can I only choose one…LOL! I guess my “oldest” favorite notion is the first rotary cutter I ever purchased….45 Dritz rotary cutter. I have several others now but my old one always feels the most natural in my hand. Thanks for a chance to win a set of your wonderful rulers. Beth in AL

  27. My favorite notion is my 120″ measuring tape. A dear friend gave it to me before moves pulled us apart. I have a great tool and a reminder of fun times sewing together.

  28. Mine is fabric. Without the love of fabric, there is no quilting or sewing. Or a sewing machine. Those are my favorites, with next being the rotary cutter, mat board, ruler, etc.

  29. If we’re not counting our sewing machines as “notions” then I would have to say my stiletto is one of my favorite notions … helps me make accurate seams/blocks. My assortment of rulers is also very important (quite an investment, too) so winning this Fit to be Quarter 6.5 ruler would be fun!

  30. I would probably love this ruler! I hate buying rulers that are only good for one or two things.

    I favorite quilting notion is little wooden thread and needle holder that someone gave me. It’s so handy when I’m hand sewing!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  31. ALL of notions/rulers would have to be my favorite, but this one looks pretty darn cool!
    Would love to win a set and start working with them! This might make my Flying Geese quilt that much easier to make!

  32. I love the Clover binding clips and needle threader. Makes sewing the binding on so much easier when I don’t have to fight to see the eye of the needle.

  33. Oh, sew many to choose from! One of my faves is a rotating cutting mat….sew easy to move it to get the best position for cutting. I love Open Gate rulers, too.

  34. My favorite quilting notion has to be a ruler.That is where it all begins. If you do not measure and cut correctly from the beginning, your quilt will never be right. I cannot live without my rulers and I especially love the ones which serve for other functions as well.

  35. There are so many great notions in the quilting world, it’s difficult to choose a favorite. But the one I use most is my rotary cutter (plus mat and ruler). Your rulers are wonderful; I would love to win a set. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  36. I hate to admit it, but my most used notice is my seam ripper. I have a collection of them spread throughout my house so there is always one nearby when I am sewing.

  37. I love my Omnigrid thread snips. I’m not sure you would consider this a notion but I couldn’t live without my large iron board surface that sits on top of my regular ironing board and my iron caddy that attached to the side of my ironing board. Just love it to press large pieces of fabric.

  38. So many favorites! I do love the 1/4 seam ruler … long skinny little thing that has helped me make perfect little bitty triangles. I love all the rulers (and scissors and … )and I particularly love this one on the giveaway. Thanks so much for sharing.

  39. i love Steady Betty, i have an ironing board cover of it and it holds the fabric so nicely, i also use pieces of it on the backs of my rulers, great for when cutting pieced work.

  40. I have a pair of tiny Gingher scissors that I use to cut out intricate appliqué pieces and I also find them very helpful when I need to remove the backing from fusible appliqué paper.

  41. Right now my favorite notion is fabric stick glue. I have been making lots of little bags with zippers. That stick glue is wonderful to keep the zipper in place while I stitch.

  42. Monique – one of my favorite notions is the “Purple Thang”, that little tool that can be used as a pusher to keep seam allowances down and also to push out points. Of course I LOVE all of your rulers and really like this set, so much that can be done with it. Thanks for the tutorial!

  43. Right now my favorite notion is the 20 1/2″ square ruler. But I change my mind often so tomorrow it may be something else LOL. Love the tutorial. It is so easy to follow. Thank you. Wishing all who read this a great day.

  44. For quilting my favorite notion would have to be my rotary cutter & cutting mat. I also alter every pair of jeans my husband buys and my favorite notion there would be the jean-a-ma-jig! I would put your rulers to great use since I only have a couple of very simple ones. Thanks for the chance to win them!

  45. My rotary cutter is really important but it needs to be paired with a great ruler- and a lot of light. I don’t know that I have ONE favorite notion.

  46. My favorite notion would have to be my snippers. I now have probably 5-6 or more sets of them. I use them all the time, at the machine, doing hand quilting, at the serger, then I lose one and find another lol.

  47. this is exactly something that I would use. I have problems with flip and sew corners. My favorite notion would have to be the rotary cutter. Thanks for all the photos and information.

  48. My favourite notions are rulers. The math geek in me loves a good ruler! I love double checking and squaring my blocks. Accuracy is everything. Thank you for the chance. 🙂

  49. I’m not sure that I have a favorite–if they had a clapper or some other locating device for my seam ripper THAT would be my favorite. I can never find it when I need it!

  50. I don’t own either of these two rulers but I can see that I need to add them to other handy-dandy tools. Squaring up a unit can be tricky and these look like they would make the job much easier.

    My favorite notion right now is the Angler 2 because I’ve been sewing lots of HST.

  51. I love the Fit to Be Quartered Rulers and wish I had purchased them before buying some of the others that I have. They are great and I use them all the time. My favorite notion at the moment is Wonder Clips- I just keep finding more and more uses for them. I use them in my regular sewing as well as quilting and would never do a binding again without them!

  52. nice ruler, squaring up my pieces is probably my least favorite step in quilting. I have a bunch of “can’t do without anymore” tools but other my sewing machine, I love my rotary cutters. Thanks.

  53. I have had a weakness for notions for a good forty years. My little, really sharp and pointed blade, 4″ Gingher scissors are with me all the time. I have several pairs in different locations around the house.

  54. I am amazed at all the tools that you designers come up with each year. I’d have to say that my favorite notion is my rotary cutter and the turntable mats that have become available recently. I don’t have to stand on my head to cut anymore. Thanks for offering the squaring tool.

  55. Gosh, I have so many notions that I love! One of my favorite notions is my 12 & 1/2 inch ruler! Your rulers look amazing!!! Wow! Thank you for the chance!

  56. I am a gadget junkie – love them all – current favorite is a rotating mat which is perfect for squaring up blocks.

    Thanks for the opportunity, hope I win these nifty looking rulers!

  57. It’s very hard to choose just one! I love my rotary cutter, of course, and couldn’t live without my rulers and cutting mat. My Clover Clips (for binding) are certainly high on the list. Okay, just one. . .my Little House pins. They are SO sharp. Love them . . .

  58. Today my favorite notion is my Frixon pens. I used them to mark the top of a table runner for quilting and started making diagonal lines on squares for the next project. Thanks for the chance at your awesome rulers.

  59. My favorite notion is my Bernina and then it is rulers and rotary cutter. I have enjoy the hints that you give a person in additional ways to use the ruler.

  60. I am not a root but I am not a mind reader…..these words are too fuzzy to figure out,but I try.

    My favorite gadget is my stiletto. It’s a great pusher and puller. The perfect tool to move those tricky seams under my presser foot.712

  61. Hi Monique – I LOVE your Fit to be Geese rulers. They’ve changed my quilting! Thanks for the demo of your Fit to be Quarter ruler. I need to add that to my favorite notions!

  62. It surely does depend on what I’m doing at the moment. If handwork, it’s my thimble, can’t sew without it. If cutting lots of fabric, my rulers and cutter. These look really useful, thanks for the chance to win a set!

  63. Awesome set of rulers – they would help my accuracy so much! My favorite notion is probably my adhesive thread cutter that is on the front of my sewing machine table – great to cut apart all those chain pieced blocks!

  64. My favorite notion is my bobbin storage tray. It makes it so easy to see what colors I have wound, how many I have and keeps them from rolling away from me!

    Sandy A

  65. I love my rotary cutter. I wouldn’t be quilting without it. Templates are not my thing. Eben know I love my rotary cutter, I think my clover seam ripper is my favorite notion. It helps me through all things that go wrong.

  66. My favorite notion is my little blue enamel bird scissors. They are small and can come along with me for handwork or hang on the handy hook on my sewing machine to clip threads and such. These rulers look like they would make piecing so accurate! I hope I win!

  67. My favorite notion is my Thimble Pads; I’ve never been able to get the hang of using a full thimble.

    I would love to give these rulers a try…quarter square triangles are my personal demn.

  68. I would have to say my rotary cutter. It would be very difficult to go back to cutting each piece individuallly, after marking out the “squares”! Your ruler looks like something that would be very helpful. Dang those little ears! Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. It’s a tie between my thread snips and rotary cutter. Your ruler is going on my ‘must have’ list. From what I learned on the tutorial I’m sure it will make my life much easier. Thanks for introducing me to it.

  70. My favorite notion is my serger threading tweezers – so handy for so many things. I also love my rotary cutter and rulers… but I think I need to win the set of your rulers!

  71. That is a very clever ruler! My favourite notion is my newish Olfa 60mm ergonomic rotary cutter, it cuts multiple layers of fabric with ease & it makes cutting in general so much less of a chore. Thanks for the chance to win.

  72. I am a tool junkie, and that’s what notions are – our tools! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be a sharp, comfortable, smooth cutting, pair of scissors. My Ginghers are my best friend.

  73. I just finished a quilt using the curve it up ruler and I must say, it was pretty impressive. I could really use a tool to help with triangle and square in a square blocks though.

  74. The ruler looks great and makes for
    really accurate piecing. Thanks for
    sharing the tutorial with us and the
    chance to be the lucky winner.

  75. I love rulers and they make projects so much easier using them. Would be hard to say which is my very best but just got the clover clips for bindings and love how they stay in place. Thanks for the chance

  76. My rotary cutter. Especially the ones that are more “ergonomically correct”. Ole man arthritis is moving into the wrists and thumb and there is no way I would be cutting fabric like my Mom did with scissors!!! Thanks for such a generous giveaway.

  77. No question – a sharp blade!!!!!!! A great new ruler with no “nicks”
    Truly using a new blade and new machine needle make all the difference:)

  78. This might sound stupid but my favorite notion is the rotary cutter. I started quilting making Eleanor Burns log cabin quilts and you had to rip the strips. The rotary cutter just made quilting SO, SO much easier. Where would we be without it.

    I have two of your rulers and love them. Would LOVE to have them all.

  79. I love my rotary cutter and mats but also love my various ruler. Hard to pick just one favorite. Would like to add a new ruler. Thanks for the giveaway.

  80. My favorite quilting notion is my Accu-quilt cutter. It makes strip cutting so much faster than using a rotary cutter and simply cutting strips. I would love to win your rulers!!

  81. The rotary cutter saved my life! In other words, if it wasn’t for that tool, I would have never become a quilter as I’m lousy with scissors (typical of true lefties). 🙂

  82. I find my rotary cutter to be the most helpful, and the seam ripper is handy, but I hate to use it because that means I’ve made a boo-boo— grumble, grumble!!!!!

  83. I love my rotary cutter too but I also LOVE my 1/4″ foot. I keep hearing about these wonderful rulers and would love a chance to try them out. Thanks for showing us how they work.

  84. I wouldn’t get nearly as much done without my rotary cutter, but then my ruler collection is what makes the RC work, so I don’t know which is my favorite! Thanks for the giveaway chance.

    dezertsuz at gmail

  85. I love your rulers and you can never have enough of them (although I don’t have many)!! I think my favorite sewing noting is my rotary cutter and mat. I can remember the days before those were used!!

  86. My favorite notion is the rotary cutter. I can’t imagine making a quilt by hand cutting each piece!

    Carrie Nelson raves about your rulers, so I hope I get to try them out some day soon.

  87. I love notions. So, depending on the day my favorite notion changes. Today it is is my travel iron. I am going to a Quilt Day retreat tomorrow and this little iron comes in so handy.

  88. I only have your “Fit to be Square” ruler that I bought to make a Square-in-a-Square quilt. I’d LOVE to be able to see what beautiful quilts your other rulers can make!
    Ruth in FL

  89. I would love to win your rulers! I have 2 favorite notions right now. One is my Tooltron easy cut spring action thread snippers. The other are my Frixion pens. I use these to trace embroidery patterns. When I’m done, I just iron the marks away. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  90. My favorite notion is a pair of Wiss snips that I keep at the sewing machine to trim threads right at the fabric. QST’s are not my favorite to square up so I could use your ruler.

  91. My favorite notion is my rotary cutter. I have seen the Fit to Be Quarter 6.5 ruler being used on many of the blogs and it would be great to win one. Thanks!

  92. Wow, so much from a ruler! My favourite notion is my spool holder. It’s got a little pincushion on the end of it and I am constantly getting asked where I picked it up. Unfortunately, they don’t make them any more so I feel very lucky to have it.

  93. My favorite notion would have to be my rotary cutter , I would be lost without it . These rulers look awesome and would make cutting so much easier , thanks for the chance .

  94. My favorite notion is my Easy Kut Spring Action scissors. I’d be lost without them! I already have your Fit to be Geese rulers and love them! It’d be great to try out your other rulers as well. Thanks for the chance!

  95. My favorite tool is my rotating cutting mat! Received it as a gift and I love it! Now I need more rulers to help me in the process! P,ease add my name to the draw!

  96. You make this look so easy – and so wonderful. This set could easily be my favorite. As I’m new to quilting my favorite is my CG rectangular ruler. kathleen dot lutz at doh dot state dot nj dot us

  97. Great ruler demos! My favorite notion is my blunt tip seam ripper. It picks seams with ease but doesn’t have a sharp point that pokes holes in the fabric.

  98. I love my new Clover red binding clips…oh my how helpful they are. These rulers are calling my name…over, and over and over again. I must really need them. Kristy soardkgatfusedotnet

  99. It is hard to choose one notion that is my favorite. Probably should be my seam ripper(s)! one on my ironing board, one next to my machine and one next to my chair! One of my favorites is not a sewing notion, but a canning notion. It is a magnet on a stick used for picking up canning lids. I use it to pick up pins I’ve dropped on the floor. Keeps my granddaughter busy of a while.

  100. So many favourites – old essentials – my rotary cutter and mat, clover seam ripper. My newest favourite would have to be my clover wonder clips

    I am intrigued by this ruler and have seen it reviewed on blogs with positive comments. If I don’t win – I’ll have to buy!

  101. I would have to say my rotary cutter. Cutting is my hardest chore, and my slowest for fear of making a mistake. I really like your rulers, because I haven’t found a comfortable way(if there is such a thing) to make QSTs, and square in a square blocks. I avoid patterns that have them, but I hate doing that because they make the quilt so interesting. Oh well, this old dog is finding it hard to learn new tricks.

  102. I have TWO favorite notions…I cannot separate them to make one more favorite than the other…my rotary cutter and the 3″x18″ ruler…they are great! I would love to win these rulers to add to my limited collection, and from there, more accuracy and variety!

  103. My favorite notion has always been a ruler. A rotary cutter is great, but not without a good ruler. They just go together. I love multi-functional rulers like this set.Fun.

  104. My favorite notion changes from project to project. But anything that allows me to piece with precision is high on my list. Sharp machine needles (Organ Titanium), Aurifil thread, and a new rotary cutter blade are all essential to my happiness on any project.

    I use your rulers regularly. They definitely ‘fit’ in the category of enabling precision.



  105. Since I started quilting with cardboard templates, my favorite notion (tool) is my rotary cutter and the rulers and mats that go with it. Love your rulers.


  106. My favorite notion must be rulers because I seem to think I need one of everyone that is available. Sometimes I even buy ruler only to get home and find that I already one or maybe two of the same ruler in my stack already. I need a better way to store them so I know what I have. Thanks for the opportunity to win your fabulous rulers.

  107. I love my seam ripper. As I am quite new to quilting I need to use it more frequently than I would like to..
    Rotary rulers are also really helpful.

    Your rulers look amazing 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!

  108. Loooove your rulers…way cool!! Haven’t seen them before…Thanks for showing how to use them too.

    My favorite notion HAS to be my rotary Cutter…use it soooo much! Yep…even more than the seam ripper! lol

  109. I’m such a love-the-one-you’re-with kind of girl. I love whatever ruler or tool I need and have at hand right now, which tends to be a really good ruler and my cutter and mat. However, lately, I’ve come to appreciate the benefits of a good heavy pincushion – one that won’t scoot across the table when I want to push a pin in. Love your rulers!

  110. My favorite notion? I guess my rotary cutter- I use the Olfa quick change and I cut cut with either hand without having to move the blade. Love that!

  111. My fav is my Famore 4.5″ EZ Snips with Curved Blade. they are very easy to handle w/my arthritic hands and they also come in handy as a seam ripper!

  112. My favorite notion right now is my bias tape maker. So easy for making stems for appliqué. Would love to win your ruler! So many cute patterns to make with it.

  113. My favorite notion is a clover needle with the hole so I can put the thread in by clicking it in. I can’t imagine working on FMQing without it. I am realizing though how a good ruler/template can make cutting and designing process more fun! Thank you for putting my name in the hat for this drawing! Fingers crossed!

  114. Your ruler looks awesome. It could very well turn out to be my favorite notion! But I do have a new rotary cutter that’s pretty sharp and blue so that is a recent favorite of mine.

  115. I’m with the other ladies! My favorite notion is my rotary cutter and mat! Where would we be without them? Thanks for the great tutorial on the use of the rulers!

  116. My favorite notion is my 60 mm rotary cutter. I’m not sure why, but I find my cutting to be more accurate with the larger blade. I’m sure it would work wonderfully with your rulers!

  117. I love my rotary cutter and my Ginghers but there is something about putting on my leather coin thimble that just makes me feel like one seriously cool lady sewist!

  118. I love my rotating mat! I am working on my first quilt so I need a few more notions! I have very few ruler/templates and would love to win this set!!! Thank for the chance at a great giveaway…

    Paige Gonzalez
    Paigegathome (at) yahoo (dot) com

  119. My favorite notion is probably a new rotary cutting blade! I sometimes wonder why I don’t replace them more often because a new blade makes everything go so much faster!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win your rulers!


  120. Thanks for the chance to win and great demo of use here.
    Anyway, fave notion would have to be my Rotary Cutter and then every single ruler I can get my hands on.
    Addicted to rulers. :o)
    Cindy. :o)

  121. With just getting back into sewing seriously after about 30 years – when notions were pins, tracing paper and wheel and a pair of scissors…I am finding notions are like children…I love them all. I want them all.

  122. The rotary cutter is my favorite. Especially the ergonomic one. Who wants to cut with scissors when there is sewing to be done?

    Thanks for the chance to win the rulers! Must have!

  123. Gosh, I don’t know that I have a single favorite notion. I’m a gadget geek and a sucker for any new gadget or ruler. I guess, since I’m currently in the middle of a project that uses a bazillion half square triangles I would have to say that the Easy Angle is my current favorite notion.

  124. My favorite notion is the seam ripper. Next would be the rotary cutter. Notions sure do make our quilting lives easier. Your ruler looks like one I would need. Thanks for the tutorial…

  125. It is a toss up between my seam ripper (unfortunately) and my rotary cutter with it’s mat and rulers. I used cardboard templates to make my first quilt back in 1982, and it was an unholy mess!

  126. My favorite notion is my buttons, the more the merrier, love big and small, plastic, wood, metal, bone, all of them. Thanks for a great tutorial and a chance to win these great rulers. 🙂

  127. My favorite is the one I need most at the moment. A recent favorite is Karen Buckley’s perfect scissors, which are indispensable for appliqué.

  128. My favourite notion would have to be my 36″ x 24″ cutting mat and the 12″ X 12″ rotating mat. I have both of your Fit To Be Geese rulers, they are wonderful. Thank you, Monique.

  129. I love my cutter but having seen the new ones I this blog I am wanting a upgrade. I sure could have used your rulers for my last quilt. My triangles we a little lopsided.

  130. One of my favourite notions are the flat flower pins. I can cut using a ruler over them without any large ‘bumps’. Thanks for the great tutorial! This ruler is going on my wish list 🙂

  131. I definitely need these rulers. They would make my current project more accurate and easier with all the “flip” corners it has. Thanks for the demo.

  132. Thanks for the opportunity to win. These rulers look great. My favorite notion is probably my stiletto – so helpful to keep things straight when sewing.

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