Arrin Turnmire’s Little Things Goes Organic

Arrin Turnmire

 Little Things isn’t Arrin Turnmire’s first line of fabric for Moda. She designed her first line, Happy Go Retro, about ten years ago. But Little Things IS her first line of organic fabric. And that’s because it’s Moda’s first organic line, too.

“I tried to capture simple, nostalgic, and warm images from my childhood, but with a soft, but modern, color palette,” says Arrin. “We all felt it was important to align the green things I’m doing with my business, Little Figs, with the Little Things fabric line. Most of our Little Figs garments are 100% organic cotton, and I hand draw and hand screen-print all of the images in environmentally friendly ink.”

Little Figs “Grown on the Family” Farm one-piece
Arrin (who calls herself “a high school art teacher by day and mother of twins by night”) and her partner started Little Figs about a year ago. “Little Figs is our passion!” she says. “It was established by our creative family, looking to fulfill a dream of crafting quality, handmade children’s clothing. We draw inspiration from our twin boys, Finnigan and Graham, and also from all the wonderful children that make up our great family and group of friends.”
Though Arrin doesn’t sew, many of her friends do. “I think sewing for your own children and children in your network of extended family and friends shows how much you care, because you took time out of your busy schedule to create something unique and beautiful,” says Arrin. “I feel like I put that time and care into each shirt that I print for Little Figs.
Arrin’s design instincts come from a childhood spent in a creative family. Her mom is Moda designer Deb Strain (the two of them, along with Deb’s other daughter and Arrin’s younger sister Katie, designed the recent line Grow with Me) and Arrin says she was always encouraged to explore her artistic side. Now Arrin’s doing the same with her children. “My ideas come from thinking back to my childhood and all of the great memories I had as a kid,” says Arrin. “Now I can watch my own kids grow up and see the things they’re interested in.” 
Arrin’s twin sons Finnigan and Graham wearing bow ties from her fabric
For more about Little Figs, visit their website. “Check us out,” says Arrin, who adds with a laugh, “and Like us on Facebook!”

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